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Homosensual is a term used when one is unsure whether a man is a homosexual or a metrosexual. However, the term has broadened over the years and is often interchanged with either homosexual or metrosexual, OTI.


The word homosensual has an origin that fascinates scholars. The Greek root word "homo" stands for "same", however "sensual" comes from the Japanese term "senshi" which roughly translates to "sword fighter". For years, the general consensus believed that the term came from some crazy half-Mexican/half-Asian kid, who probably ate sushi stuffed burritos. This was proven false, however, by a Wikipedophile. The term homosensual is from at least 100 years ago and was originated by a communist hippie. Again, popular belief was that the term was used to describe Adolf Hitler, but again, this was false. The term actually was first coined to describe another emo named Harry Potter.

Who Is A Homosensual?

Due to the broadness of the term, there are homosensuals everywhere. You probably see several everyday, that is if you're not a basement dweller who never goes outside. A typical homosensual usually tries to have perfect hair, or perfectly "messy" hair. He may frequent Hot Topic or American Eagle. He might listen to Panic! At The Disco or Coldplay. Homosensuals can be tricky to spot if you don't have gaydar. Although, with every rule there is an exception. That being that there are some homosensuals that have been known to avoid gaydar like those stealth planes used by the Navy. If you think someone is a homosensual, they almost definitely are. One sure way to discover homosensuals if they are engaging in a circle jerk. ([email protected]) is a homosensual, but he only listens to Linkin Park and Maroon 5.

Am I A Homosensual?

Here are a few tell tales signs to discover if you're a homosensual.

  • Do you kiss girls and think about boys? If so, then you're a homosensual.
  • Do you like engaging in buttsecks with either men or women? If so, you're a homosensual.
  • Have you watched Brokeback Mountain? If so, you're a homosensual.
  • Do you play soccer? If so, you're a homosensual. Or British, which is the same thing.
  • Do you cry after sex? If so, you're definitely a homosensual.

If you've honestly thought about any of these questions for more than five seconds, you're a homosensual. If you even bothered to read this then YOU ARE A HOMOSENSUAL. Also, whoever bothered to edit this is a homosensual.

The other principal of a homosensual

Jamie Foxx, a known proud self proclaimed homosensual.

Although there is much debate about homosensuals, there are other concepts and principals of homosensuality. This being that the homosensual isn't a faggot per sé, but will commence the buttsecks with a heterosexual man, namely you when you are drunk or stoned out of your mind. This is where Jamie Foxx comes in, quite literally.

Jamie Foxx is a well known homosensual, and he will fuck you up the ass but not before romancing you. Unknown if he knows that you are a man and not a woman Jamie Foxx will make you his bitch. He will walk up to you, a heterosexual, in a café, bar or hotel and talk to you as if you where a beautiful woman. Whether you or him are drunk or stoned out of your minds is irrelevant, he will talk to you smoothly and lure you in to his hotelroom. Then he will get you wine and little pieces of cheese, wearing a bathrobe and tell you a story from whatever part of the world the piece of cheese is from in a smooth type of voice. Playing Barry White in the back ground. He will tell you "Don't worry baby, I have done this before, I will go gently." And before you know it he will be tearing the ass out of you and never call again. Leaving you (perhaps even gender) confused and alone.

This is the soul method of any homosensual.

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