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Note the lack of any authentic Nigras.
The most original band evar

Hollywood Undead is a wigger band from Hollywood, California. This band thought it would be cool to fuse the shittiest music ever created together with that Jiggaboo stuff and attempt to promote the abomination on MySpace. While under different circumstances, this would have made them the butt of the biggest joke in the music industry since its inception, they caught the attention of a bunch of wigger faggots and other MySpace idiots, and theoretically created the Crunkcore genre. This band later developed a cult following of some of the dumbest retards to ever walk the face of the earth since Juggalos and Goths. The worst part is that their fans are raised in the suburbs - black person are from the ghetto, and metalheads hate Emo-and-Scenefags, thereby inciting riots during their first concerts in Hollywood. Still, faggots liked their music, and they seem to actually think their music is fresh and exciting, disregarding the fact that it (and the gimmicky mask wearing bullshit) would've been cliche at least 100 years ago.

The most ironic part of all of this being that they "started" as a band trolling their emo fanbase with the aptly-titled, "I Must Be Emo", but their fanbase denies it because they wouldn't want to think of their favorite bands trolling them. They would claim it was made by some group called "Adam and Andrew" or some-such, but the massive butthurt instigated by continuing to call it a Hollywood Undead classic on lyrics websites and YouTube makes the validity irrelevant anyway - though yes, Hollywood Undead totally made the fucking song.

Lyrical Content

It gets annoying to a point because if I want to listen to Eminem I’ll just listen to Eminem.


—The Great White Buffalo, here

Hollywood Undead's lyrical content rivals Paris Hilton, containing some of the most materialistic and superficial (typical Americunt) bullshit basement dwellers the world over wish they were out participating in, such as fornicating with a bunch of sluts who probably have AIDS, gettin' drunk in da club, fake ID's, and other similar shit we've already heard 100 times from other bands and rappers who at least had a modicum of talent.

It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife.

This strife it dies, this life and these lies.
These lungs have sung this song for too long, and its true
I hurt to remember I loved you



Black Dahlia

'Cause I feel real deep when I’m dressing in drag

I call it freedom of expression, you’ll just call me a fag
Cause our dudes look like chicks and our chicks look like dikes
Cause emo is one step below transvestite



I Must Be Emo

And all the kids in the hood come and wave and shake your hands

Hollywood we're never going down.
When you're drunk shake that ass like you know how to dance
Hollywood we're never going down.



No. 5

Come on down to the city of L.A.

Where we ride with gangster's and the pimping's easy
You know how we keep it bumpin' everyday, baby
We ride with gangster's and the pimping's easy





I think they wear masks to hide the fact they're probably ex-members of Crazy Town

and Alien Ant Farm.



Good beat, good sound...

Lyrically though its pathetic...it sounds like something a year 12 old wrote on the way to school. Awful. I understand its only meant to be 'party music', and fair enough, but when you've got kids putting this band on a pedastool and telling you that they represent all the hard times they've been through, the "party" argument doesnt really have any substance. I have nothing against the band, i just dont like the lyrics. Im just giving my opinion.



The fact that this gimmicky, flavor of the year group is headlining over Senses Fail is an absolute joke. Undead says they almost died for this music, yikes I don't think that sitting on your butt and friending people on myspace is that dangerous...



Band Members

Danny - Replacement for Mr.Erlichman Sounds the EXACT same

Charlie Scene - wigger with the fake bandanna (Probably from a mallcore store) and shitty baseball cap failing at being a beaner, and sucks at rapping making John Cena one of the greatest rappers alive .
J-Dog - Jason Vorhees coming out of the closet.
Funny Man - See unfunny.
Johnny 3 Tears - Same shit as Deuce, but replace Juggalo with hanging with trannies.
Da Kurlzz - If Guy Fawkes, The Phantom, and crayolas all had an orgy together that shat out a baby, this is what would make up for this mask made of fail and faggotry enough to make one dive into the depths of the Atlantic. Left the band in 2017 so that he could go his separate ways.
Deuce - Took the juggalo's style and decided to mix it with his own fail. Vocals sounds like a hybrid of Eminem and Miley Cyrus. Kicked from the band for wearing a Hatchetman hockey jersey.
Shady Jeff - Pwned in a traffic accident. (It's been rumored that they kicked him out of the band because he wasn't totally br00tal hardkorez br0 dude scene enough.)

Proof They Sound Like Shit


No. 5 - Pretty much sounds like Eminem's Just Lose It
Black Dahlia aka Emo Faggoty
Young - Anyone else notice this sounds like P.O.D.?

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