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Hellkiller in all his glory.
Word gets around quick about this one.

The internet is a petri dish where you'll find all kinds of rare fiends and eccentric critters... and then there's this fucker.

Hellkiller777 (Henry Gonzales) is a lowlife half-spic half-nigger pansy furfag attention whore and possible lovechild of Hugo Chavez living at 'Murica's dick. He's a terminal case of unwarranted self-importance and has made his way through the internets by constantly telling the same sob story about himself, begging for attention, continuously threatening suicide, and attempting to yiff all the other furries. Hell, where to start?

Meet Hellkiller

Finding out for yourself will make your eyes bleed as you'll have to go through walls of text on any place that he's shitted up.

Just to paint you a general picture, IRL he's a deadbeat 21-year-old who still lives with his mother and is currently studying motor engineering. He was, has been, and is currently unemployed, and supposedly applying for another job, but in reality he's a loser that spends all his time watching tv, playing videogames, camwhoring, and masturbating. He's also under financial aid by the government... so the money of the decent taxpayer is currently funding the above-named activities. Thanks, America!

Where to find him

Due to how pathetic he is in IRL, the good stuff is on teh internets, namely FurAffinity and DeviantART, where he lurks and maintains his main activity.

For either of those accounts, he's usually hunting artists that work for free to get moar pics of his fursona, or spending the money of his financial aid (coming from your taxes) commissioning overpriced furry art. Since he has no friends and doesn't get any attention at home, he tries desperately to get it from both furfags and Deviantartards by utilizing several method of guilt-tripping, among the most popular methods are indirectly blaming everyone for his misery, threatening to either leave the site he's on, or even furthermore becoming an hero. On a regular basis he will use his depression as an excuse to get support and care from all his "friends." He also does this for the sake of his own petty emotions and inflated self importance, for which he does nothing but bring havoc and drama.

Roleplay characters

Original character do not steal.

To get deeper into his kinks, when it comes to his sexuality he gets into extreme detail about his characters. All of his OCs are always sexually dominant, so for him to justify to himself in his own eyes that he's neither gay or a whore. He's also (under the right circumstances) very open about his sexual fantasies and deep into the sexual nature of the furry fandom. A brief summary of his characters:

To get the idea of what would you deal with if getting to know him on a more personal level, he's a quite frail guy who will get easily butthurt at the smallest thing and won't hesitate to guilt trip you to make him look like the victim. There is absolutely no way to have a decent talk with him other than making him feel comfortable and secure of himself.

The same story told over and over

And that's how pity works.
Hint, it's my birthday, please draw me buttsex for free!

It's fair to say at this point that he's always up to the same tactics, when speaking to a broader number of people he will either announce that he's leaving either site, or in some cases threatening to kill himself. He will also make everyone feel sorry for him due to his depression, though the only thing he achieves is to further show how emotionally frail he is. On his stay on teh internets he has had several boyfriends who he will either neglect or quickly become a burden to. None of his relationships last very long, and are mainly used to try to get as much exploit out of the victim as he can, namely free art. Due to how pathetic he is, he is (no surprise) still a virgin.

When dealt with more personally, he will engage in some hot adult role-playing with him always being the one on top, which is not a sexual preference but more a way to deal with his insecurities (despite him only having one online girlfriend and about 10 different online boyfriends, he is totally not gay), so don't expect to have too much fun playing with him...if that's your idea of fun. More casually speaking, you'll get to listen to his sob stories and complaints about his personal life, but don't worry, he will certainly do the same for you and love you back.

Deny everything, cry forever

If you wanna go through the labyrinth of text walls yourself, here is the good stuff that anon could get before he got rid of it.

Emo diary

Top tier roleplaying

The Best Roleplaying About missing Pics

Camwhore session

As expected from a virgin, there has to be an even bigger outlet for his sexual frustration than resorting to sexual RP, so he thought it would be a good idea to cam-whore. Nothing too complicated, just masturbate on cam while the other side does so as well, and who knows how many times this has been done and how many times it gets done a day.

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