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Hatred is an isometric-ish, gore-filled, edgy as fuck Elliot Rodger simulator that is essentially a carbon copy of Postal 1. It was made by a bunch of bald Polish trolls who trolled the entire gaming media by using the SJW's pathetic attempts to somehow destroy the game by writing butthurt articles about it for free publicity and then caused so much drama, that when SJW Steam staff/mods had it removed from Steam Greenlight, Gayben himself restored it on Greenlight, and personally apologized for the removal. While a few years ago, this type of game would have only made Fox News rage, the timing for the announcement was perfect for generating as much lulz as possible and lead to the shedding of many tears on tumblr as well as the game going on to become the only game in history other than Manhunt 2 to get hit with an "Adult Only" rating for violence. A year after the release of Hatred, the DestructiveCreations staff decided to make another lulzy game: IS Defense. In this game, your job is to commit a massacre against infinite hordes of invading ISIS terrorists, hell bent on diversifying Europe.

Story and Gameplay

You play as some pissed off, goth manchild fag who is going to cleanse the world of worthless humans. It's pretty much "Elliot Rodger: The Game". So, like any upstanding citizen, the player, referred to simply as "The Antagonist" (Online Elliot's username was "The Purifier"), goes out and starts killing as many people as possible and destroys everything in his sight. So you pretty much play a shitty GTA knockoff with God of War execution takedowns. It feels like you're playing Pekka-Eric Auvinen's fantasy after playing too much Saints Row. The game ends with you setting off a chain reaction in a nuclear plant that will destroy the city before committing suicide by cop.
It's all super edgy.

Removal/Return to Greenlight

PCGamer's mature article about the game being back on Steam. First sentence seems more appropriate for Cry of Fear.

Hatred was submitted to Steam's Greenlight service, where it attracted many delightful new fans who promptly reported it to Steam once, and then again when some GamerGate trolls decided to spread a rumor that the game will include NPCs that look like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian. Not long thereafter, it was quickly removed, making Valve look like a bunch of faggots with this gay statement:

We wanted you guys to know that based on what we see on Greenlight we would not publish Hatred on Steam. As such we'll be taking it down.


Doug Lombardi

The only reason this happened however, is because Gabe took a trip the snack bar and did not come back for over 24 hours. When he returned to see the counter-spamming of emails by people who just wanted this game to succeed so that it would piss off SJW some more, he quickly had his company reinstate Hatred on Greenlight and sent this legendary message to the devs:

Yesterday I heard that we were taking Hatred down from Greenlight. Since I wasn't up to speed, I asked around internally to find out why we had done that. It turns out that it wasn't a good decision, and we'll be putting Hatred back up. My apologies to you and your team. Steam is about creating tools for content creators and customers.

Good luck with your game.




This act of justice made many gaming sites indescribably buttmad; however, since they love Valve as if it were their own fleshlights, they opted to slander and criticize Hatred instead. Gabe had indeed trolled the entire gaming community and got away with it, yet again.

Thanks to everyone voting for it out of spite, Hatred became the top voted game on the site.

Removal from GoG and Twitch.TV (no effect on sales)

This was all before the game even came out and everyone realized it was shit and all the controversy about it was totally manufactured. But, in between these two moments, there were still some lulz to be had.

Like concerned mothers, sites began trying to think of a legitimate way to get rid of the game without being too obvious about it being what they are trying to do. GoG just banned them outright, citing some moral concerns as the reason. Twitch.TV however, revised their streaming ToS days before the game came out to exclude all adult rated game (which only include sex games, Hatred and Manhunt 2).

Sadly for them, this was a bad business move, as the game climbed to the #1 spot on steam and all they really did was to screw themselves out of money and give it to their competitors.

The Developers are Literally Nazis and Trolled the Media

We try to get world's attention to our product and as you can see — it worked perfectly... We wish to thank all of our haters and all upset press for a great marketing campaign they've done for us.


—Hatred's dev team

When the game was first announced everyone assumed that it's either some sort of ironic artistic statement (meant to either criticize the violence in games or prove it isn't real or say something about society or mass shootings or whatever else self-appointed internet experts pulled out of their collective asses) or someone trying waaaay too hard to be edgy.

But everyone was wrong because the developers of "Hatred" are literally Neo-Nazi oops, they take issue with being called "Neo-Nazis" because to be a Nazi you have to be German and they're Romanians or something so that makes them "Neo-Fascists". Either way, they aren't trying to be edgy, this game is legit.
Furthermore, the entire thing was a giant publicity stunt and all the butthurt gaming news sites that wrote long-winded smear pieces about the game and its team, in an attempt to somehow hurt it, were actually giving them exactly what they want. Most notably Polygon and its editor Ben Kuchera, who has a long history of trying to bully people while drunk on the imaginary power of writing for a gaming news site, acted as the game's personal PR department with their slew of misguided hit pieces that only helped promote the game they thought they would destroy.

The real irony was that, in the end, "Hatred" ended up being just another lame, generic shoot'em up that's no different from GTA, GoW or any number of other violent games. If the media didn't feed into their scam, the game would have came and went without anyone giving a fuck. Instead, they created an unnecessary moral panic around something that turned out to be nothing and gave more money to the people they were hoping to destroy. The only real thing setting apart Hatred and GTAV (besides quality) is that in GTAV you act like a psychopath that indiscriminately slaughters people while the character pretends there's a plot, while in Hatred you act like a psychopath that indiscriminately slaughters people and the character is just a psychopath that indiscriminately slaughters people.

"Extra Credits" are literally retarded

You would think that, after all this, everyone in the "games media" would be smart enough never to give them attention again. But you would be wrong. One particularly retarded VG "criticism" show decided to chime in, just to tell everyone else not to chime in (long after everyone else had already stopped) like a trolled individual, posting on a troll thread, just to say he wasn't trolled. That show was "Extra Credits", who made this video:

In it, they talk about the difference between violence and sadism. They point out that violent games can be cathartic by helping people pathetically air out their impotent rage, while sadistic games will just make sadist more dangerous. This is, of course, not true. EC again made up their own facts without doing any research (a recurring problem with them, as you will see), which is why they don't know that any psychologist will tell you that "venting" is bad and creates rageaholics, while indulging in simulated sadism in or other forbidden acts helps these people stop themselves from doing it in real life. They ended by trying to deny that they are pro-censorship, attacking Valve in a sad attempt to get Gaben to overturn his decision, and saying that outlets shouldn't give this game a megaphone, which is ironic, both because they are the only ones still doing that, and because they are friends with Leigh Alexander.

"Extra Credits" are a once respect web-show that began to quickly lose credibility after leaving The Escapist when they wouldn't let them steal their money. Their exploits also include making an episode about how we're about to run out of internet, taking $90,000 of extra money they got from a KickStarter for their artist's hand surgery and promising to create an indie game company, that money mysteriously disappearing, the company flopping despite their supposed "experience" in the field that's the whole basis of the show's supposed credibility, constantly plugging "Gone Home" and making an episode about gaming addiction while desperately trying to defend their precious video games by re-branding it as gaming "compulsion" (by their definition, gambling addiction is also just a "compulsion"), all the while their speaker, literally in tears, tells about his crippling addiction to video games, as he tries not to stumble over his own words and break the narrative by mistakenly using the word "addiction".

But their coup de grace came when they decided to take a stand against GamerGate because they're close friends with Leigh Alexander and Anita Sarkeesian. How did they decide to do this? By making videos that support SJW opinions while pretending to be neutral, using them to plug people like Tim Schafer and sites like Kotaku, and by attacking TotalBiscuit while he was in the hospital going through chemo.

The EC guys decided to go witch-hunting and randomly accused him of being the leader of GamerGate and taking bribes that never happened based on a rumor they themselves made up, believing he is too weak to respond. When he told them to fuck off, they attacked him on twitter and browbeat him about not being an SJW. At that point, many people began bringing up all the shit EC did that they thought people forgot about while mocking their "source" for the TB accusation by creating Twitter-favicon.png #IHearWhatIHear.

Videos Parodies

The Hardcore edition.

Even gayer

GTA crossover

Kids react (Fun fact: The Fine Jews DMCA'd the video, but it was overturned.

A more honest trailer

SJW version

Terminator version

A more fitting soundtrack

DOOM crossover

Minecraft crossover

Mario version

This is the laziest shit

I was wrong, this is this shittiest one

Kid friendly version


Mods We Would Like to See

Looks like they took our advice
  • A Furry Convention level where you kill furfags and bronies.
  • A school level.
  • An elementary school level.
  • A bloodbath in a feminist or tranny convention.
  • A slutwalk parade.
  • The White House. Kill the President! (The user who suggested this addition has now been arrested and indefinitely detained by the feds)
  • Material that would be referred to as "misogynistic" by those who are decidedly less than intellectual.
  • One in which the player kills baby boomers in a retirement home.
  • A return to the Furry Convention level where you kill the grieving parents of furfags and bronies.
  • A rampage at an anime convention where you slaughter the weeaboo degeneracy.

The Postal Mod

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