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HappyCock AKA The Prostate Cancer of /b/ is a new meme, thats been around since last Thursday. Instead of a cute Pokemon, a video game or niggers this meme is simply about drawing the following face on your cawk with a permanent marker. ^^P

Secret Origins

Originally posted on /b/ to get an attention whore to post pics of her tits, HappyCock took /b/ by storm, and now every guy with a dick (it's /b/, there’s a lot of both) has now personified his penis. And of course when everyone jumps on the ship at once, it sinks and quickly becomes cancer. It is no longer used to gain the attention of cam whores, but is now a full fledged meme, well into its 12 minute of e-fame. 7chan's /men/ quickly fell victim as well, except theirs doesn't suck.


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