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The Hagger meme reaches its logical conclusion.

Hagger, also known as Grawp's brother, claims to be a "contributor" to Wikipedia while vandalising it at the same time. He started vandalising Wikipedia on 28 March 2008 and is still active today across the internets. Despite expectation Hagger got his initial inspiration for vandalism from Albertluque on 24 March 2008, not from his brother Grawp, although Albertluque was himself copying Grawp. He is also the most worthless piece of shit to have ever contributed to ED, and gives Rubeus Hagrid a bad name. He originally edited ED under the username Hagger then got banned for "posting links to child porn", then finally changed to Hagger? (the current Hagger). His brother, Grawp, is over 9000 times better than this bag of capybara menstrual fluid. Unlike Grawp, Hagger is a non page-moving 13-year-old boy, who specialises in template vandalism, often on obscure non-English wikis that nobody fucking visits anyway - especially not these fuckers. Hagger has a life long hatred for wikifag MBisanz as shown in his image vandalism. The reason for his hatred towards the fat fuck bureaucratic piece of shit that looks like a pig with diet problems is unknown and is most likely something he will take to the grave. Hagger is also an extreme racist, and will freely admit to this and the racist theme is common throughout his vandalism.

Hagger's Legacy

Hagger's current record of template vandalism is one hour 14 minutes on the Polish Wikipedia's FA of the day
Hagger chilling with his cowardly pet.

His original legacy, which began on the FA of the day, has wasted much of the wikipedos time. Now, as a precautionary, they put all templates used in the FA of the day (and the one for tomorrow) onto a protected page, which then prevents Hagger and his followers from editing the articles. This will always fail, because Hagger will change from one tactic to the next and rape you in the ass.

Due to a recent wave of hard-hitting template vandalism, making high-profile articles that are transcluded from templates that Hagger vandalises, the Wikipedos have suggested semiprotecting the entire template namespace by default. However, this seems set not to go ahead, and Wikipedia will remain exploitable, and NawlinWiki will have to continue to do his dirty work manually. This is only for the English Wikipedia, though and as Hagger has already demonstrated he can hit other wikis, but hit them 9000 times harder.


Hagger's vandalised Template:EditionPoints on Wikipedia. The screenshot is of the FA of the day, which remained like that for 17 minutes
Instead of denying recognition, they want Hagger's style of vandalism to be recognised at the Wikipedia Signpost now. NB: Hagger didn't do this act of template vandalism.
This was on the Azerbaijan Wikipedia's main page for half an hour, thanks to Hagger!
Whilst ByAppointmentTo thought this image was fucking ugly, and didn't like the penis with the face drawn onto it either, Hagger replied: "I think it's rather sexy!"
Hagger has a go at personal-attack-page-moves against Realist2
Muhammad raped little children, and he was a known prostitute, aka male whore. He worshipped Satan and sacrificed babies in his name. Muslims are terrorists and should be shot. Allah doesn't exist.


—The height of Hagger's intellectual discourse.

He's getting smarter.


Kwsn, 11 July 2008

Epic win! I saw you hitting a few templates, as well brother!


—Hagger giving praise to his brother, Grawp while being fucked from behind.

By the way... what the hell have I got to do with Avril Lavinge??


—Hagger denying the fact that he's the Avril Langrine vandal

sir, u are a god, wud it be possible to buy a photo of ur godly feet


—Hagger's negro slave ass-licking

Well I'm going out for a few hours anyway, this is doing my nut in a little, I'm trying to work ya no. Can't we like move protect me and the article the articles I work on or something.


—Realist2 after being confronted by Hagger's personal army

My friend, I wonder how tight is your shitty, white ass? Listen, let's meet so that I could dig deep in your filthy, shitty, tight, white ass.



Your name is Matthew Grayling (nickname is Hogan), your birthday is on March 14, 2009 (making you 17), you live in Slough, you are Scottish, and you claim to be bisexual (LOL!), if I correctly recall.


Grawp, 15 March 2009


Any moar vandalism screenshots go here to avoid making the page shit and unreadable (oh, the irony).

Where is Hagger Today?

He's editing Wikipedia of course and contributes to articles about Britfag geography articles and suchlike. He still has no desire to become an admin or suck up to the admins, though.

  • On 4 July, his brother Grawp launched a series of attacks against her dearest brother Hagger by using /b/tards as meatpuppets. Grawp's future dwindles following his recent rejection from the ED community.
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