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A screenshot of H-Dub Pwnage Beep

The H-Dub Beeper is the name given to a series of software applications that utilise the Beep function from the kernel32 library to make the computer seemingly "beep" uncontrollably. The H-Dub Beeper is the brainchild of Mark Reynolds.

History of the H-Dub Beeper

The past 6 months has seen rapid development of the H-Dub Beeper:

  • H-Dub Beeper - Random : The first beeper ever made. It utilities two lines of code to make the computer beep randomly.
  • H-Dub Beeper - Keyboard : One of two "non-random" beepers. It gives the user the ability to play the computer keyboard as they would a piano.
  • H-Dub Beeper - Virus : Jokingly named "virus", it is exactly the same as the original random beeper, except closing it opens up two additional copies of the virus. However, it can be stopped by using Windows Task Manager to end the process.
  • Best Game Ever : An improved version of the H-Dub Beeper - Virus. It can not be stopped by any means except logging off or turning off the computer.
  • H-Dub Pwnage Beep : Perhaps the most advanced H-Dub Beeper ever to be made. It can read music from text files, which allows users to get their computer hard drive to beep their favorite songs. It includes many great features, such as tempo and pitch shifting, "Make it phat" and "Make it schinny".
  • H-Dub Lawn Mower : The first ever H-Dub trojan, it is cunningly disguised as a retarded game, but when you become an winnar it launches the Best Game EVAR, which is hidden within its code. Users who try to close the game prematurely may get quite a surprise!
  • H-Dub Beeper - Generation2 : When run, it causes the computer to beep randomly and also makes the mouse move around and click randomly. Because of the user loses control of the mouse, it can only be stopped by switching off the computer. If it is left running, it can have disastrous effects.
  • Blacky! : The most recent version of the H-Dub Beeper. This crafty application enlists the help of black person, a mascot of H-Dub, who chases the mouse around the screen. When he catches it, he runs off and gives the mouse marijuana. This causes it to move around randomly, like it does with the Generation2 Beeper. Although the beeping is minimal, it is still considered part of the H-Dub Beeper saga. Restarting your computer will return the mouse back to normal.
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