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Guinea Pig

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Guinea Pig is a series of seven Japanese gore movies. The second part of the series, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, is said to be the most disgusting movie ever made, grade A fapping material for sick fucks all over the internets, hence a must-see. Every internet tough guy ever at least owns one copy of one of those.

An IRL Guinea Pig.

The Series

  • The Devil's Experiment: Some guy's kidnap a girl and torture her, to test the limits of pain.
  • Flower of Flesh and Blood: A guy drugs a woman and cuts her into pieces while she is unconscious.
  • He Never Dies: A guy cuts apart his body and faps with his mutilated appendages for hours.
  • Mermaid in a Manhole: One of the gayer, more emo stories. An artist finds a mermaid whose body is covered in blood and pus, and uses said blood and pus to paint her portrait.
  • Android of Notre Dame: A doctor tries to test out drugs on unwilling bodies provided to him by some guy, who gets pissed and hacks them up.
  • Devil Woman Doctor: A tranny doctor who kills her patients. Fucking gay as shit.
  • Slaughter Special: Taking a look back at all the great stuff we just saw!

Charlie Sheen causes drama

These films have also traumatised guinea pigs

While chilling with fellow hollywood faggots on a party with hookers and blow, actor Charlie Sheen watched "Flowers of Flesh and Blood" and being the complete retard that he is, mistook it for a real snuff flic and shat himself in the process. He then went whining on his livejournal about how the movie scarred him for life, that he can't unsee it and that disgusting torture and murder videos like this should be banned to protect the nations youth from their negative influence. He also complained to the FBI who then proceeded to send the party van to track down the makers of the movie, only to find out that the shitty gore effects were indeed not real.


As mentioned before, sick fucks love these movies, the most notable being Japanese serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki who re-enacted scenes from the movies while comitting his crimes. He killed, raeped and ate four girls ages four to seven until he was pwned by the party van and sentenced to death. When asked about the reason for the crimes he comitted, he claimed that he did it for the lulz.

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