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Grog is an evil dipshit that has no comprehension of the line between trolling (the intentional aggravation and annoyance of those who cannot understand The Internet Is Serious Business) and pure malice. His entire purpose in life seems to be to manufacture human suffering. His "trolls" consist of him harassing random 11-15 year old kids and their parents until they cry and beg for him to stop. He does this by constantly sending police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, taxis, food, porn, prostitutes and other delivered goods to the person's family and also reporting them to the FBI on charges of child abuse.

He is little more than an echo of the schoolyard bullying he received as a child. Trapped in an endless ko, unable to escape the pattern of self, Grog gains only temporary solace from his existential agony by the infliction of psychological pain upon others. We hope this miserable, malignant husk of a cunt will one day wake up and begin making amends for everything evil that he has done in his life. Sadly, little could possibly make up for the suffering that he has inflicted upon innocent human beings (most notably his parents who in an act of voluntary slavery pay for this retard's existence). In his next life Grog is destined to be a dog that gets gang raped by furries.

Grog was quickly and efficiently removed from Bantown by liberal application of the banhammer. jesuitx and weev coded Grogv, a bot that randomly spouts one of over 8000 statements collected from IRC logs featuring Grog. Eerily, you cannot tell the difference between it and the real Grog.

A sneak preview of Grog's next life (clue: He's neither Snuffles nor AlphaDhole)

Fun facts about Grog!

  • Even Areems is more useful and funny than Grog.
  • Grog is universally despised.
  • Grog uses extreme frat boy heterosexuality to mask his profound, latent homosexuality.
  • Grog was permanently removed from the GNAA for being too much of a faggot even for people who gleefully call themselves Gayniggers.
  • Grog was glined from buttesnet in more ways than any other malcontent.
  • Grog used to be the host of a public access TV show.
  • Grog will never cause lolz.

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