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Grace Saunders

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Grace Saunders
is part of a series on
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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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Police.gif Where have you been Peter?

Grace Saunders aka Peter Anderson, is the root user of thousands of sockpuppet accounts used on multiple forums and sites, including ED. The user is a mentally ill man and attention whore from Leith, Scotland who, despite his best efforts, is still not an Internet celebrity. He is terminally obsessed with trying to take down his ED article and many of the thousands of accounts he has created were shat out for the singular purpose of attempting to vandalize or remove what you're currently reading. Rather than just get a fucking life and move on he continually attempts the same failed strategy over and over and over, for nearly TEN YEARS and counting! He is the perfect poster child for what NOT to do if you get an article on ED, as well as how NOT to use sock accounts. All of which are as transparent as his dignity.

I eat my fruit and vegetables. You probably eat chips.


—Best flame ever

If you look at this picture for more than 5 seconds, he'll come out of your monitor and tell you his sob-story.
A young Peter Anderson aka Grace Saunders.

Nice Try Faggot

Which one's which?

Grace Saunders tried to make a DMCA claim on his article on the old ED website. We all know he was full of shit and the DMCA was full of shit, however the article was still taken down to prevent a lawlsuit. For awhile Grace Saunders had it made, he said to his imaginary friends "haha I took down ED!" Everything with Grace's life was getting better... Until we got a new website because that fat whore sold us out to something worse than Uncyclopedia. The DMCA doesn't apply to this website; Keep trying faggot.


Smelling his pet bird after putting it up his ass

In 2003, Grace Saunders registered an account on a Resident Evil forum, and almost instantly drew the attention of those wielding a banhammer. His compulsive lies were not tolerated and he was swiftly banned, however he did not go quietly, registering multiple accounts in order to create threads about the "internet harassment" he was experiencing. He then took e-revenge on those who banned him by signing them up for spam mails and using the lost password feature to mail bomb those who he believes wronged him.

He's got a real life.

The vicious cycle of registering, being banned, whining, and moving to other message boards was repeated for over three lonely years. Just imagine how hard it must have been for him to not move on with his life while nobody gave a shit about all his grievances. What you see here is a GIF simulating this part of Grace's life:

Gracie banned again.gif


Grace thinks that he is a bit of an aficionado of all things musical, as seen by his glorious tastes. He is obsessed with 80's music, with some of his favorites including Elton John, Wham!, Village People, Bananarama, Boy George, Tears for Fears, Barbra Streisand and Lipps Inc.

The following was posted to Vonranke's talk page after a disagreement regarding Saunders being a massive faggot:

Use scrollbar to see the full text

I bet you love a good song. I know I do. I love all the classic periods of popular music, and I'm only 24. Can you a picture a world without music? To understand the positive aspects of music and what lead to its sad ending, from which there is no return, we need to delve into its history:

1950s: The decade the official UK singles chart began. Featured memorable numbers like "How much is that doggy in the window?" and "This Ole House". Musicals with Fred Astaire and his collaborator Ginger Rogers were a major success.

1960s: The era of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Walker Brothers, The Fortunes, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, and Del Shannon. The swinging sixties featured REAL godddamn music which was fun, fresh, and most of all, poetic. Many British acts tried to cross over into the American mainstream during the so-called "British Invasion". Some did it better than others, with The Beatles and The Jackson 5 making a lot of headway. The sixties wrote the rulebook for the decades to come.

1970s: Saw the birth of disco, punk and new wave. The Bee Gees, Rod Stewart and ABBA were among the best selling artists of this decade. The Clash, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones proved popular with a dissatisfied audience of the upmost youthful order, fed up of the burgeoning amount of dance oriented clubs & venues.

1980s: The introduction of new, readily available technologies and gismos saw a whole slew of pop groups flood the charts by employing a almost dream like, futuristic sound, called synthpop. Music videos become part of the cultural lexicon due to the introduction of MTV (that's "Music Television" for the uneducated). The world's first stuttering computer host, Max Headroom, arrives. Hard rock/heavy metal and Glam rock bands with the WORST hair (think what it did for the o-zone layer) and fashion sense were also highly popular during the eighties, amazing sold out arenas everywhere with their tight musicianship and live set at the time. And the 80's also saw the launch of a clever new toy, called the puzzle cube, that very few can master today.

1990s: The beginning of bad music has arrived. The 90's saw the birth of house music, a type of music that involves ripping (as in legally or illegally stealing / borrowing) music and sampling it with some annoying dance beat / "mash-up" playing over the track. Girl and boy groups like the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys arrive, and the music world fucks itself in the ass, major league. The decade marked the start of the 'Britpop' movement, with Oasis, Blur, Suede and Pulp leading the way.

2000s: Now, we get to the saddest piece of fucking shit decade music has to offer, with more shitty manufactured bull crap and miming, talentless prostitutes like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga being churned out quicker than you can shake a stick at. Simon Cowell and his lame star recruit, career killer, ape shit show "Pop Idol" rapes all credibility away from all things music related. And the legendary Michael Jackson is murdered by his doctor, when he's at his weakest. Way to be an arse while you're at it and massacre the movie business too, with horrendous remakes of horror films, just to cater to braindead teenagers, so they can buy the shitty merchandise, t-shirts, key rings, action figures, and lower their IQ even further.

2010s: Jesus wept.

Way to deal with it faggot

The Drama Unfolds

This hooded pigbeast is the subject of his obsession. It suggests a distinct lack of standards.

Stalking Women

  • During the spring of 2006, Gracieboy spent £80 on fast food and sent it to the owner of RECommunity, because the admins kept banning him. Grace hoped that she would eat it and die. However, it turns out that she was on a diet. He can't even give a fat girl some burgers without failing.
  • In September 2006, Grace Saunders developed a serious crush, obviously aching for cunt after all the years of being mercilessly cyberbullied. The girl in question was unimpressed, and his attempts to gain revenge by sleeping with a co-worker were unsuccessful. He printed out all of the harassment threads he created and tried to get her sympathy, however shockingly she was not turned on at the prospect of fucking someone who can't hold his own against virtual people. Subsequently, the co-worker filed an official grievance with the head of the company who then promptly suspended him. He then made the only logical choice - he went back with a bottle and pushed her against a DVD stand. His employment was then terminated.
  • Saunders had an IRL lolsuit filed against him in 2007 for harassing a Norwegian named Maja Schmidt. However, he was deemed to lack the sufficient minerals required to carry out any serious offence by the authorities thus he received only a verbal warning.

Lovelorn, the S. Belle Chronicles

Being a creepy, obsessive internet stalker and sock-puppeteer, Gracie's story would not be complete without a story of obsessive female stalking. See our boy Gracie has felt a bit..... effeminate his entire life. He had a domineering mother who frequently emasculated him and forced him to wear woman's clothing. He was teased by his peers for having a small penis, and romantically rejected for his frequent problems with Erectile Dysfunction. The first manifestation of this problem is his choice of internet name "Grace". As a result, he developed a terrible predilection; he feels both insane lust and insane rage towards women who humiliate him. Naturally, given how much of a raging faggot he is on the internet, and the massive amount of USI that any woman on the internet experiences, Gracie was popping boners left and right. Well, trying to anyway.

Grace has a long police record of stalking, assaulting, and generally being a clingy, needy bitch towards women. One amusing case in particular came after he set his stalker sights on's own moderator and all around sex fiend, Snaisybelle AKA Christabelle Ob. After receiving Snaisy's stinging recriminations for trying to edit his own page, Grace felt the humiliation stinging his pride and inflaming his tiny penis. Haunted by visions of Snaisy walking on him in spike heels, whipping him, and making him dress in woman's clothing, he went on a rampage trying to find her. As misfortune would have it, they both live in fagtown and Grace managed to retrieve her dox, which he dropped mercilessly. Our Crazy Daisy now has to be careful as Grace is both trying to find her home address, and trying to drop nuisance lolsuits on her. Poor grace, if only he realized, this is not how one wins women over. One does that by sending them cock pictures. We urge Grace Saunders to send timestamped cock to ED, in order to win the love of Snaisy.

Grace Saunders, Master Switch Hitter

In the game of baseball, as in the game of life, a person has to switch it up. Sometimes you play the infield, sometimes the outfield, sometimes at bat, sometimes pitching. In Grace's case, he switches off between being anally violated by a strap-on and riding the man-pole. It was previously thought that piece of asspie trash restricted his stalking and voyeurism to the vaguely female, but ED's crack-cat-eared commandos have once again retrieved information for the lulz. It turns out dear Gracie has a profile on, a notorious gay dating site. He describes himself as "successful" man, and lists himself as a "submissive", "bottom" and a fan of sticking just about any known object in his ass. He has also begun stalking male members of the ED community, providing new insight into previously unexplored Daddy issues. God only knows what went up Grace's ass as a child, but what we do know is that the resulting bowel infections are likely responsible for both autism, and his homosexual behavior.

To Summarize: Grace Saunders is a Switch-Hitting Faggot

LOL Unemployed Now

Saunders was fired from his job at Instore, an English discount home-ware store offering placements to people with special needs after many incidents, including:

  • The above incident in which he pushed a 15-year-old Saturday worker over after stalking her.
  • Vandalized the shop with Blu Tac, eggs, paint and human excrement.
  • Received an official warning after coming to work in urine soaked clothes.
  • Received a further warning citing "personal hygiene issues"
  • Was accused of attempting to grope a young child who had wandered away from his family.
  • Was fired, but not charged with any crimes due to a sympathetic boss who has a child with learning difficulties.
  • Since fired has been escorted from the premises of his previous employer 23 times to date.
  • Claims he was asked to resign, but actually was fired after vandalizing the shop and being arrested.

Movie Star

At some point a sysop saw fit to unprotect this article and Mr Saunders took the opportunity to post the following video containing many thrilling displays of acting prowess. Sadly, it would appear that teeth could not be found in the props department and everybody was forced to gum it. ED will pay a 10c reward for every word successfully translated.

An Hero

In 2007, Saunders made a half-hearted attempt to kill himself. As he was not really trying to kill himself, it would be inaccurate to say that he had failed. However, he is a retard, thus he failed.

A Year by Year Account of The Fail

On Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 an email was dispatched from Peter. It was his "retirement" email, in which he lists his sad history starting from 2002 to 2007. These are his own words. He had sent this email to a number of people, mostly Resident Evil webmasters.

Use scrollbar to see the full text


When I was a student at Leith Academy, I always did my work to the best of my abilities and was rarely absent. Upon leaving school with disappointing results, I went to the career advisor who in return referred me to Mr. Kevin WXXXX at Support Training.

Our first interview went well, and he gave me a position at Comet at Fort Kinnaird. I began in July that year. Being relatively inexperienced, I was a bit rude at times but not overly rude. After a falling out with the warehouse manager, David WXXXX, I branched out into merchandising, working with Jamie.

I tried to make conversation with Jamie, about wrestling and I told him I liked a game called Alone in the Dark: Jack is Back for the PlayStation. Unfortunately, he was not interested and I was met with much sarcasm.

One day while I was walking home, I was assaulted by a guy called Steven GXXXX and I got him charged. He was a well known bully. The assault put me off of venturing out alone, in case there was a repeat attack. I had to get my parents to meet me after work, so I'd feel safer. Around this time, I bought a Nintendo GameCube to play the then newly released Resident Evil games.

Eventually, another young guy joined Comet and he was called Steven (another Steven) and we got on OK, until one day he was in a bad mood over his wages and grassed me up to the manager Jim, who gave me a hefty warning.

The next week, this machine went on fire. I had never used it before, but because I was near it all morning, they used me as the scapegoat. The fumes must've made me ill because I had to go home. Then days later I was told I'd been released due to a lack of staff supervision]].

Since I had 3 months remaining with Support Training, I went to work with Fads at Antigua Street. But this shop was small and boring, and I had little to do. I ended up having an on/off relationship with the manager George WXXXX, as well as the assistant manager Kate, who treated me like I was her son.


After a series of arguments, I was released just days before I was due to leave. I went back in in early 2003 to ask for a referance, which was declined due to my attitude. I never went back, and Fads was bought over by another company, signalling the end of any ties I had with the shop.

In early 2003, my Grandmother had to go into care. This saddened me a great deal, as my grandmother and I used to talk a lot in 2002. She had a bit of a falling out with my sister, who at some stage was very close to her. Therefore I used to go across the street and sit with her. Being a knowledgeable and easy going person, my Gran was the perfect friend, loved all over by many.

Sadly, my life only further declined from here. In the fall of 2002, my mother bought a computer, a move which will prove fatal in time. I started to become really involved in a great deal of forums, beginning in May of 2003 when I joined The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) as Budgerigar. I bought wrestling videos from a Irish man named Robert, but this only lasted a year because he was caught out.

At, I met two users; Wesker2004 and RoninGenesis. The latter is still a pal to this day. Unfortunately, Wesker2004 (Nicholas) proved to be instrumental in getting me banned from Resident Evil Horror, a fan site dedicated to the Resident Evil video games by Capcom. My original account name was Grace Saunders. Nicholas told the moderators and admin crew that I was annoying him, which may or may not have been intentional. However they just banned me for no reason, so I re-registered. Banned again. Excessively.

I was also harassed and banned from TotallyRE, a similar site, also based on Resident Evil. However these forums are unofficial fan forums and are not approved by Capcom themselves. They made me look like a loser and they edited a picture of a Delibird I had to make it look like it had been gored. This was truly immature and I reported this to the owner, Marco, who said I should play in traffic or bang my head into a wall, so both my head and the wall have holes in them.

After a month or so, the founder of Resident Evil Horror allowed me to rejoin. This time I had a memorable run, clocking up 1200 posts in the space of a month. However Marco and DaMa collaborated on getting me banned again. Therefore their motley crue of members started a hate campaign again, and I was banned in early 2004.

Such a waste.


2004 didn't start off too great. After my unfair expulsion from Resident Evil Horror, I joined yet another Resident Evil site called run by Vanhalen4041. There I was banned for saying something inappropriate about DaMa, which was nothing more than trash talk.

After I re-registered, I befriended a woman from Missourri called Mary "Lucky" JXXXX, who briefly defended me on other forums while I was relatively anonymous. Lucky as she was affectionately known as was a then 37 year old religious lady who tried to take me under her wing. Her calm and friendly approach quickly won my trust and affection. We started up our own web forums and got on well for the equivalent of just under 3 months, before things went sour.

In May that year, my Grandmother had an x-ray taken regarding a chest infection. Noticing the evident changes of a previous x-ray, I knew this would become cancer. I was right. My Grandmother became increasingly ill over the months before she passed away in August.

Back home I kept arguing with TotallyRE, and members of Resident Evil Horror. Lucky gave me a choice: Quit the bullshit, or get banned. I chose the latter route, opting to fight for my dignity. A move that resulted in a temporary ban.

After I got my position back, I tried to demot Lucky intentionally. A mistake that paved the way for a bitter rivalry that would culminate in hatred for years. Lucky wouldn't let me rejoin her forums and we ended up importing our fights to tons of different forums. Then they sided with her and gave me hell for years.

In 2004, I also befriended a Dutch woman called Ada, who also knew Lucky from Capcom Europe and Capcom Central. I made a forum called the Room 312 Boards with Zakk and Lucky deleted them on purpose. Then Lucky and Ada deleted my own forums later that year, so then I deleted Ada's forums, which resulted in Ada phoning my house and threatening me. A while later she called my house again. This time she asked if we sold puppies.


The feud with Mary JXXXX, Ada SXXXX and the other cyber bullies continued into 2005. They made me act aggressive, so I flooded their email accounts with lost password sheets and other junk, because they made my life hell in return. I ended up falling out with Zakk as well.

In March, I was on a Gateway to Work course in Edinburgh, for 2 weeks. I liked a red-haired girl called Suzanne, but the feelings were not returned. On the 18th of March, I saw Stewart RXXXX from my primary school in the street. This was the first time I'd seen him since 2003.

My sister noticed I was being picked on at the BladeGash Forums on the Internet, so she tried to stick up for me, but Michael banned us both. He was a moderator of those boards and hated my 80's music topics, since no one cared about them. Michael said if he saw a post by either one of us, he'd ban us at the strike of midnight on the 1st of April. Marie responded by saying she'd shove the clock hands up his ass at the strike of midnight.

I began seeing a mentor called Alan, but lost contact with him after I went on the Prince's Trust team at Stevenson College in May that year. The Prince's Trust was run by Liz RXXXX and I met some of the nicest people I've ever seen in my life. We went to Perthshire for a week, where we stayed at Comrie Croft. I'll never forget the fun times we had and there was not a damn computer in sight.

In July that year, I went to Barnardo's for a couple of weeks. There I met a girl called Laura who I dated briefly. Her idiotic girl pals kept asking me insolent questions whenever I went to visit Laura, so I ended up ditching her after Laura's attitude changed. Not only that, but she was only interested in my money and did not persue intimacy or romance. I still think about her, though.

After the Prince's Trust finished, I went back to Barnardo's for a while. But Kirsty BXXXX, whom I met on the Prince's Trust, wanted me to seek employment and I lacked interest, causing her to feel as if I did not care.

A couple of months after I left Barnardo's, my favorite wrestler Eddie Guerrero died of heart failure and some person called Tharrick insulted him on a Role Playing Game related forum. When I tried to defend Eddie's former drug habits, they banned me, citing previous posts I submitted to be mindless spam. They've been banning me ever since.

2005 ended badly too.


In January, Ian MXXXX from Working Links told me about the Edinburgh Retail Academy, with Julie AXXXX. When I went to meet her, I was accepted on to the 4 week course.

At home in my spare time, I started posting loads of "Cyberbullying" topics on other forums, and half the Internet smelled cyber loser right from the start. They didn't really buy into my story about the 3 years worth of harassment I endured. As a matter of fact, my obscure tangent only fueled their decision to ban me. Then my arch rivals from the Resident Evil forums got to find out I liked trying to gain sympathy, but I did not succeed.

The Edinburgh Retail Academy course was both fun and helpful. I met a nice group of people and I prepared a CV and got a job in March that year, just days after the course ended. I worked for Instore at Meadowbank, which was formerly known as Poundstrecher. My boss was called Elaine and she was very lenient and helpful.

Over the months, I became infatuated with the younger members of staff, as it felt good to finally be accepted and I was bonding with real people, instead of using a PC to make false alliances. One of the older members, Andrew, did not really like my taste in music, although he later came to accept that my mind was made up.

Craig, who isn't much younger than me is already a father and his girlfriend will soon have another baby to care for. He was a really nice guy, and it would've been great to be mates with him, even though he has commitments.

Things started to go pear shaped when Ashleigh HXXXX came. Ashleigh was an attractive girl I fancied. I waited weeks to ask her out, and when I did, she told me she already had a boyfriend. This hurt me a lot and I took an anxiety attack in the storeroom one day and had to go home. Around this time, an admin from a Resident Evil website was threatening me over nothing, and I told my employers about it, even though they could do nothing for me.

Ashleigh then got another job and left, which made me feel lonely for a while. Her neighbour Craig SXXXX joined and he told me stuff about her, such as Ashleigh cheating on her boyfriend. Craig SXXXX was a nice guy to talk with as well, as was the other Craig. I never got his details before he was sacked though.

In October 2006, a couple of other girls came, including Ayanna KXXXX and Stefanie MXXXX. Stefanie was very beautiful and shy, and I liked her a lot. However she too had a boyfriend, but I did not take the hint. I proceeded to constantly ask for her phone number and she said we could only talk online, yet I still kept asking her regardless. I wanted us to be close because Christmas was coming up, and I knew she was only temporary.

In early December, the staff went out somewhere as an end-of-term celebration. We had drinks and you could sing songs and dance. I wound up drinking a lot and being stupid. I kept taking their drinks and I ran away from them after they sent for a taxi. I couldn't get a bus home because it was too late, so I had to walk around town without a coat.

Later in the month, I printed off a ton of pages related to the Internet abuse I went through and I handed the bag to Stefanie just an hour or so before I was due to come in and work. I wanted Stefanie and the other staff members to feel sorry for me. Plus, I knew deep down I'd never be anything with Stefanie.

After a whole day of police resources being wasted, I was persuaded by a group of people in a bar to go home, because your parents still love you, blah blah blah. And I did. Big fucking mistake.

I ended up being suspended by somebody who came all the way from Ireland to speak to me. What good did that do? Absolutely nothing. Because just days later, I went back in the shop as a customer. This time I had my sister Marie with me. I kept asking Stefanie for her details.

We got fed up waiting, so we said we'd be back later and Robert called my mother saying we were not to go back to the shop. But I ran away from Marie while she was in HMV, and I went back to the shop and pushed Stefanie against a DVD rack because I felt betrayed. I then got on a bus and started acting bipolar towards a couple of teenage girls, who ran away from me.

After sleeping rough, cold and lonely, I went to another Instore branch and related my problems to them. They told Elaine at Meadowbank, and I went back to see her. My mother was waiting and so were the police. Elaine told me I had lost my job, and Stefanie had quit because I frightened her. Then I got taking up to a hospital, and the people there didn't help me much. All they did was refer me to other doctors, who couldn't understand my unusual story.


At the start of the year, I was mourning the loss of my job. Elaine had handed in her resignation and I was never going to see her again. My sister Marie tried to cheer me up by taking me to see the new Rocky movie on my birthday. It had always been my life long dream to see Rocky on the big screen, as the original Rocky is one of my all-time favourite motion pictures.

A few days later, I went to meet Fiona MXXXX, a girl my sister told me about. However when I went to meet her at my sister's boyfriend's house, she acted mean-spirited towards me and rejected my feelings for her. Tim (my sister's boyfriend) made her leave because of her attitude, and I left. But Tim and Marie came with me to make sure I'd get home safely. I still kept in touch with her online, until she checked herself into a rehab center for depression. Marie no longer recieves text messages from her, so it looks like Fiona isn't a part of my rapidly declining life any longer.

In February, my mother and I went to the PDSA to collect tablets for our pet Yorkie, Suzie because she has cancer. That day I was upset about something, so I almost nearly didn't go. But I did, because Suzie needed the tablets. On the way back, my mother told me she received a court summons to do with me assaulting Stefanie at Instore. She said she didn't tell me sooner because I was upset about other things.

In late February, I went to Instore to ask Robert and Ross if they cold verify whether Stefanie fell to the floor, as I clearly recall pushing her against a DVD stand. But Ross was there and being the asshole that he is, he sent me back out. So I bought pills and a potato peeler and I went back in. After that they got the police, but before they arrived the staff subjected me to verbal abuse in the canteen, making out they "tolerated" me longer than anybody else, when all the time I was at Instore, I was quiet and hard working.

In March, I wanted to hand apologetic letters to Craig and Ayanna, two of my former co-workers. Ross had got the police to my door for playing loud music down the phone. But the managers later refused to take the notes, even after I paid £10 to refill my ink kit just for those two letters.

They just said they'll call you with your info, not the other way about. So out of frustration, I went to the shop at Meadowbank in the middle of the night and poured glue and other things on the windows. It was caught on camera, but I wasn't bothered. I just wanted revenge.

I went back with my mother later that day and once again, they rejected my letters. I had to wait outside the shop. My mother came back out and she said the one thing any loving mother could have said. She said "Come with me!" but I didn't respond.

I ran in and attacked Ross and Alberto apprehended me. My mother told Ross he was being harsh, but he just told her to piss off as well. The police came to see the footage of me using the glue and they barely listened to my side of the story. I ran away and then they cuffed me before I could get outside. For the first time in my life, I was cuffed and degraded. They took my DNA and fingerprints at the station and then sent me home.

Later that month I found Ayanna's profile on MySpace and Bebo, two network websites that users can use to share messages and photos. But Ayanna ignored my messages and eventually told me to leave her alone. I found Stefanie MXXXX's profile too, and then she made her profile page private. Then I found Robert's profile. He was my boss at Instore. I acted malicious to his wife, and then she responded with this:

Do you have nothing better to do with your life? Oh, sorry, you don't have a life do you!! You are just some sad pathetic attention-seeking loser - and if you think I care about your suicidal thoughts, think again.

I have a wonderful husband and wonderful children and my life couldn't get much better. Why not use the 2 brain cells you have left to sit down and think about your sad existence and how you are going to turn your life around.

In late March, I attacked my mother because I got up later at night, and she kept slagging me off for being sweaty. She always says I smell and this got annoying. I started punching her and then my father picked me up and slammed me to the floor. Then I called the police and my father attacked me before they arrived. I then had to stay with my oldest sister, and then my younger sister's boyfriend.

Hilarious life story, eh? Oh I thought so too.

On Bebo, I tried to apologise to Robert over and over again, but he refused to take his profile off private and add me as a friend. Ayanna KXXXX finally responded to my messages to say she'd forgiven me, ONLY because I was becoming persistant. Robert's wife kept calling me names on other user's profiles, so I retaliated with numerous "joke" accounts. Then on the 25th of April, the police came to see me. They said they would conviskate my PC and PlayStation 2 if there was any further reports.

Out of anger, I awaited Ross MXXXX coing out of Instore so I could throw gloss paint all over him. But Craig, Ruth and Andrew were there too. They just gave me a funny look and carried on, like the ignorant arseholes that they are. I thought about putting the paint on the shop windows, but I decided to play it safe instead. I've left the paint in a "special place" for now.

April also saw me reunited with Stewart RXXXX from my primary, because I gave him a birthday card and he rung my house. When we were in a bar, he told me to grow up, avoid the Internet and buy better clothes. Apparently this pep talk was 10 years in the making. The only reason he took me lightly in the past was because Robson thought I was funny. Stewart looked at my trousers and said "What's that?" and he also said I was "stuck in a rut" which I believe is a very accurate description.

Stewart no longer lives with his parents. He drinks a lot and almost died in a car crash because he was drink driving. We went out to play football in our old primary with our friends Ross and Robson, but I couldn't climb the padlocked gate]]. I lost at the football games too, which made me feel like a huge loser. Despite all that time apart, it was blatantly obvious to me that I'd NEVER gain momentum with them and improvise my skills, both physically and socially.

Because I was lonely, I left a few adverts on a site called Gumtree. It's used for posting classified adverts, whether it be dating, clubbing or job seeking. Well a Russian woman called Kate started emailing me. Not sure if she was serious, but I thought she was very attractive. Then I started talking to a single mother from Tranent called Vicki. Our first conversation went well, but our second one was a disaster because I started flapping my gums about Internet bullying and shit. Then she went offline, and blocked me on Bebo too. I cried all night.

After that, Victoria (Vickihorror) started sexually harassing me on MSN Messenger, and the Yahoo! one too. She started going on about porn, and said I stalked women (because people on Bebo kept posting complaints on my page). Then I linked her to a post I made on the Retrojunk Forums, and Victoria made an account there to harass me with disgusting language.

I am now officially going to end my life, because Laura Scott is out of reach and I'll never make real friends or become a father, or a loving boyfriend. All I get in return is another knife in my back and a new mortal enemy to go with my eternal tirade of pain and failure...

My mother keeps saying these people are nice, but I don't believe that. If they were decent people, they'd understand.

That is it. I'm going to unvelcro my butt from my computer chair, go out and meet people that are nice.

I now hate the following people. I would have put it in alphabetical order, but my brain doesn't understand chronological orders such as the alphabet or life.

Tl;Dr I haet life.

Fuck Da Po-lice

Such a fucking rebel

Saunders has literally no boundaries, and went as far as to attempt to stalk a girl who had rejected him by trying to bully the police into tracking her down. Batshit fucking crazy motherfucker. The Scottish police now have his docs and don't take shit from anybody so when he's found wearing some poor girl's skin they will know where to go knocking. Note how he always chooses female aliases.

Use scrollbar to see the full text

Laura's decision could be influenced by her friends, since it was their abuse that drove me away back in 2005. They did it then, so who's to say they won't do it again if I could find Laura? They were totally against me. I don't know if they were just jealous freaks, but Jade had been expelled from school, and hanged out at Laura's. I heard from someone that Laura often got into trouble just to fit in. When I went to visit Laura, they would bully me. So I gave up.

You are aware of the mental issues I have, right? I claim extra money for it. They actually caused a lot of my health issues. And, I'm 110% sure they've emailed me abuse. They always use a fake name though. It hurts that Laura is out of bounds, and I feel hollow.

Could you tell Laura to ask her friends to stop spamming my mail? They've been doing it for a year now. I know it's them, because they keep mentioning Laura in some of the emails, and the abuse makes me feel lower. I know I should ignore it, but it grates on my nerves each time I see a new email filled with abuse that doesn't bring me any closer to my objectives. I'm very keen to find Laura. But I can't find her as I do not know where she moved to. It's not a case of her not wanting to know. She simply moved to another house and I have no leads. I do not consider my actions to be stalking, when she's not being pestered in person. Last year, I was at a meeting with my former social worker, Jane, and there was a cop there. For some reason, he asked for Laura's old address during the session. Since he is a cop, I had to pass the information to him. I am not a bad person, and when I got arrested last month, it really did a lot to hurt my reputation and pride. Yet, why do I feel so empty?

I cannot prove that the policeman did inform the Scott family, but within the same time gap, I started to receive tons of abuse from Gumtree, as I'm sure he must have found Laura through the council, and told her I had left an advert on the site. There is no way that this is just a funny happening, as Laura is not really an Internet user. Since that time, I've also had Laura's old neighbour email me, and I scared her off due to my insecurities. I'm not sure what to do now. No one can help me. I have not tried what you suggested, because I am not really sure what to say, as I have a type of autism that makes me say dumb stuff.

I still feel very unhappy. I know this is not really a police matter. However, if I wake up and decide to drown myself or something, then it's gonna be a waste. And Laura's sick friends would have won. But hell, they have won, right? They decided to screw with my life.Not only that, but I registered tons of accounts all over the Internet. Many forums still host specific abuse and I can do nothing. They list my name, my address, my various account names and pictures of myself and mock me when I try to get it removed. The thing is, they've been doing this since 2003. It's getting quite silly now. And it seems like I can't do a thing to stop it, as they keep hunting me down via Google and adding more stuff to this template they created about my history. I'm suppost to be going to college soon, but all this BS is still with me. Nothing has changed.

The police and everybody else just get in the road. But who can I turn to, or even trust? Mind you, I can't say I'm surprised over this matter. This is 2008 of course, and genuine people ceased to care a long time ago. From A to B. That's how everybody is. No respect or anything. At least I can rest knowing 2005 was a cracking year. Meeting all these great people made me feel like nothing was in vain. But it was, so farewell. But, I wish I was back in 2005 now. Sob. Sorry to waste your time. The world would be better off without me. Who knows? Maybe I'll dust off those old albums, grab a chilled one and journey back down the slopes that were yesteryear. Because if this is how life is, my one is about up.

Tell Laura I love her. My time is up in February anyway, whether I like it or not. I don't want to die, but no one has contacted the bullies to make them cease their bullying. And Laura? She will die by misadventure, surely. They brainwashed her too much for her not to see the light. Sad, but rather unfortunate, eh? Such is life with sad creatures that corrupt others. It is a shame, but that is how it always ends. Trust me. I do this human type research as a hobby. It ain't right, but nothing ever is. So when you go back to your £350 a month flower garden and flat after locking up those time zapping crooks, just remember that you've got a much better life than me. Be thankful for it. Evening microwave dinners for one in my case, while everybody else is getting paid and laid.

For that, I am immensely glad I found some closure tonight. Pfft.

He sent this, to the fucking police.
Good afternoon,

A reply to your initial enquiry has already been sent to you previously (please see below). There is a free 24 hour National Missing Persons Help Line 0500700700 that you could try and also the Salvation Army however the person you are seeking to trace will be asked if they want there whereabouts to be divulged and if they choose not to do this then you must accept their decision.


ADO Sutherland 9507 Force Communcations Centre Lothian And Borders Police


—Becoming less impressed by the minute with his bullshit.

Good morning Mr Anderson.

You have been advised by the Police on various occasions that Laura Scott is not missing and as she is an adult, if she does not her whereabouts known by you, you have to accept this. The Police are not making threats to you, Mr Anderson, merely suggesting if you are still feeling low you should contact your GP, NHS 24 or the Samaritans. Alternatively your support worker should be able to refer you to the appropriate body to help you.

In the meantime, the Police cannot offer you any further help or resolution so continually emailing us seems only to be causing frustration to yourself and further distress. For these reasons I advise you not to contact us again unless you have anything further to report.


A/AS 9255 O Hamilton

Lothian and Borders Police


— "Fuck you, you crazy motherfucker"


Remember way up there before the TL;DR emails and general whining from this aspie faggot when sockpuppets were mentioned? Not heard much about them since? Someone with 3 accounts and a ban is a sockpuppeteer right? Open up the toggles below.

Known Aliases

Before opening up this section: Please get a figure in your mind as to how many aliases we could feasibly list. Someone who trolls multiple boards and forums and has over say, 10 socks is going to be increasingly hard to connect to any one account.

[[Be Gone, Faggot][Show Crazy]]

  • 5pecks0f8lue
  • 5wiitp
  • a6inchknife
  • Alice Johnson
  • Anonymouse
  • Bannon The Crab
  • Bebo
  • bgartistepa
  • Bo Vine
  • Budgerigar
  • Buneasta
  • Curt Smith
  • Cwaazy P3nguin
  • Delibird
  • Devil Jin
  • EaZy Tig3r
  • Floatstinger
  • Fluffy
  • Fongling
  • Grace Saunders
  • Health Drink
  • Insane006GMT
  • JavaBug
  • Jill Valentine
  • JuizEliminator
  • kollegekraft
  • Martin Fry
  • Moorland Magpie
  • Mr 1980s
  • My Coffee Cup
  • Paul Lee
  • PeeturDCF
  • Peter A
  • Peter Anderson
  • peteraonfilm
  • Rebecca Chambers
  • Roland Orzabal
  • sctactorpetera
  • SpongeBathWithBlondie
  • Squirtle
  • SynchPedro86
  • Ted Stryker
  • TetraJuiz69
  • The Pink Panther
  • The Saunders child
  • thesaunderschild
  • TpotzPolly516
  • ucantcp
  • zombiefied

Banned From

lol srsly

The number of forums he has been banned from is actually too long to comfortably fit on the page. We shit you not. Please open the toggle below to see the full extent of the damage:

  • .: The Highwind Forum :.
  • Albert Wesker vs. Chris Redfield
  • Alfrexiarmy
  • All Games
  • All Things Zombie Forums
  • Forums
  • Bebo
  • BHX Forums
  • Bio-HQ Forums
  • Biohazard X
  • Biohaze
  • BirdGenetics
  • Bitter Season
  • BladeGash Forums
  • Broken Notes
  • Bruce Campbell League
  • Capcom Central Forums
  • Capcom Europe
  • Capitol Forums
  • Forum
  • Cerberes Forum Reloaded
  • Claw Finger
  • Forums
  • Forums
  • Day Dream Graphics
  • Dead Space and Survival Horror Forums
  • Dealingwithdepression
  • Depression Forums - A Depression & Mental Health Community Support Group
  • Destructoid Forums
  • Diminished Morality
  • Dino Crisis Community Forums
  • Dino Crisis Fan
  • Dirge of Cerberus Forums
  • [1]
  • Eds
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica [2]
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums
  • eNotAlone: Relationship advice forum [3]
  • ExpertLaw [4]
  • Evil Factory Network Forums
  • Evil Unleashed Forums
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  • Facebook
  • Fandom
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  • Federation Starflex Forums
  • Final Fantasy Advanced Forums
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  • GetSatisfaction
  • Hell and Heaven Net // Forums
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  • indietalk
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Victim Mentality

Nothing is Grace Saunders' fault. He should not be held responsible for anything that he does, or says, and all of the people who hate him do so not because he is a massive fucking waste of space faggot whose dipshit mother was too fucking stupid to get an abortion after that fat, faggoty asspie raped her, but because the world is involved in a massive conspiracy to make his pitiful life even less worth living.

Memorable BAWWWs

The following are quotes, many of which are taken from an IM "interview" with Saunders, and many of which are just shit he has said around the tubes:

ED is a terrible, terrible community run by losers who clearly thrive on posting about online drama nobody cares about, simply because their lives are so meaningless. They stole the layout from Wikipedia, which isn't any better than ED. Fortunately for many people, pseudo ED is already on the verge of dying off. Since you really aren't going to be winning any arguments with those guys, you just have to ignore them completely and not acknowledge what they say about you, and anyone else who is being badmouthed. One thing they love is to get some sort of a reaction from their intended targets, so if you just continue to ignore what they write up on the site, they will get bored, because eventually, ED will realize that no-one cares anymore. Sometimes, in order to effectively end the trolling one is close to being sucked into, you have to not fall for the rather obvious bait. For if you do, they win.


— Oh Peter!

I could report this suck ass site to the police. This is a direction violation of the many human rights standards. Also, stop quoting everything I type. That's called being a robot.


Do it faggot

I've never did one bad thing on the net EVER.


—Grace Saunders being totally innocent but vandalized his own page moments after.

The idiots there just flamed the heck out of me over nothing. I complained, then I got banned.


—i.e "I was complaining a lot, then I complained, then i got banned".

I really didn't deserve what happened next.


— Said about every bad thing that's ever happened to him.

He's just a loser who likes to ban people just because he knows his loyal forum visitors will back him up. He is just one of the sheep.


—Oh, not because you're a cunt then?

He once accused me of being "unfair" to him, because I once sent him a message describing how he helped to ruin my life.


IF I DIE IT AL UR FOLT. The epitome of fairness.

They tan our ass all the time.


— The men at Grace's local pool hall like to tan his ass.

You can get quite a bit of cash if you have what it takes.


— Still talking about the guys who tan his ass. Actually!

Most of the people I speak to online end up turning against me. I don't know why.


— A symptom of mental retardation is not being able to see patterns in simple things. Also known as stupidity.

I thought about ending everything. But I will leave forums for good in June of 2009.


— Ending everything, as in, ending his membership of a forum. Riiiight.

That was a pretty nice accolade for me.


—Helping his support workers in a show made by retards, for retards.

The bullies tried to brake me.


—Rather them than the Grammar Nazis

You try and be a legit nice guy in this day and age, and I pure get insulted by some random, worthless whore like you for my efforts.


—The girl had said "I don't think you're my type"

Have you even went outside?


—Have you ever not to be what have didn't?

I am happy to debate anything, as I know I've been right from the beginning.


—Another sign of retardation.

we were trying to have sex and he had the weirdest lookin willy ive ever seen with horrible sagging skin im sure he was a virgin he had the mind of a 9 yo boy


—The hooker he asked to make his tea after trying to fuck. Srsly.

My mother may have to end up contacting the phone company to get him to stop. Please help...



—In another email to the police.

A Letter From Grace

Dear admin,

My name is Peter and I post on many forums using the alias Grace Saunders. However, recently my email accounts were hacked and some moron has deliberately altered my password on every site I attend.

Over the years I have been harassed and banned by a large group of bullies who simply won't leave me alone.

You can find much of the abuse here: Site deleted. Site deleted. Site deleted.

Rather than changing the password back to what it originally was, I think it would be better if you just remove my membership completely. It's sad that it has come to this, but I promised myself that 2007 would be a better year for me and this has went on for far too long as it is.

I really enjoyed participating in the various discussions over the years, but this has to end some time.

If you look at the header of this email, it will contain my real IP address (Blueyonder). Just in case you need to verify that this email is genuine and not another spoof.

As of now, I will be taken an indefinite sabbatical from the Internet.

Yours sincerely, Grace.

The Final Departure

On June 18th 2009 Grace Saunders apparently made his final departure from all internet forums. The legendary Resident Evil fan has had an extensive history within many communities. Much of it hasn't been pretty, all of it has been LOL. Who will take his place? The world can say, with almost absolute certainty, that Beasley23803 is that person.

Oh Look Everyone, Shockingly He's Back

Well folks, he made it to early August 2009, all in all that is nearly a month and a half. It's a funny kind of forever don't you think? Saunders decided that since the goal of the Resident Evil Community was to see him dead, by leaving they would have got their wish, and thus his return would be a fitting and massive revenge upon them.

Unfortunately, when he got back, they had all forgotten who he was. Thus, he plans to leave his past behind him at the end of 2009 to focus on a social life. Also, Grace would like to state that since he cant delete his ED page, he ruined it for teh lulz and he is apparently done with ED forever. This is in fact false, because we here at ED happen to know that the massive faggot is, in fact, incredibly butthurt about this article and has been bitching on multiple talkpages to try and get it deleted.

Newsflash faggot: It's not fucking happening

Other Quotes


Dude, I'm from Aberdeen, Scotland. I only shag sheep.


—He admits that he fucks sheep.

Everybody else has formed a global conspiracy to slander me on multiple forums and keep me banned for good.


—This isn't even to prove our case: He said that!

I couldn't think straight for months. I just wanted to be online 24/7 and find retribution, one way or another.


—Dude, the internet is a hobby. Taking it too srsly.

My mother says I should be careful what I say on the Internet.


—Yeah well your mother is a whore.

To the first mod or admin who logs in and sees this post, please remove this topic. Topics like these exist on other forums and people just laugh at em' now, so it would be best if they were removed effectively to prevent any more grief


—Best for whom?

The girls were just random strangers I met on a bus. Being young and all, I thought they'd be easy going, but I think I made them feel uncomfortable. They sort of lead me on. They said I could come with them, but then they kept trying to run away


—Said after raping some children IRL

Can an admin delete this page? It is not relevant to ED. I can take this up with international laws if I have to


—Take it up with maritime law if you want motherfucker, it's staying.

Gracie-boy is back to maul Spacey-boy.


—And the Faily-whale is here with his naily-tail you freak.

You are commiting a crime by continuing to update the page and bullshit me over the Internet


—O Rly

Say, please leave me alone, man. My ex is bullying me enough as it is. And stop trying to edit shit to the Grace Saunders page.



Hoping that we'd stop "editing shit"

Internet Retirement

I currently have a page about me on ED. I never made it, but I often try to improve it or help out. I also made a page about a woman I hate called Mai. Now all Snaisybelle and Vonranke like to do is revert all my good edits and keep the bad edits in. I.E. The pointless crap they put in themselves.

I also added named images to replace those with the numbers, and the numb skulls just keep on doing whatever the holy hell they want to. That's called cheating, and an abuse of ED and the legal system. They're just really bad moderators.


—Grace, [22]

On February 14, 2010, Grace Saunders posted a link to a petition(baleeted) for him to retire from the Internet. We at ED strongly recommend you sign the petition, as it only needs 1200 signatures. DO IT FAGGOT.

After taking down the author of this article, Grace then retired from the internet forever. Then he came back four days later, then he left again. Then he posted a legal threat on the ED Facebook page.

Hey guise stop harassing him, he only has a Facebook so he can keep in touch with his many internet friends.

And finally ...

Thank you also for making my decision to retire from the net a lot easier. I hope you enjoy being bored to death when I'm no longer coming to ED.


—We have others to replace him.

External Links

The Grace Saunders Chronicles

EMAIL HERE: [email protected]

Grace moaning about ED

Our dear Peter saw fit to upload this video and share it with us.

Transcription needed!


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