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i'll fuck your arse to death


OldDirtyBtard, ED IRC

Goosh Goosh is yet another shock video, with the rare distinction of managing to stay up on YouTube for three fucking years before getting b&hammered. It is taken from some anime called Tokyo Tribe II, and depicts the violent, unlubricated anal rape of some unnamed character, while a bunch of Jiggers stand by. "Jiggers" is what you call Japanese wiggers, right? Whatever. Anyway, there's no real context for this. A grotesquely obese man is lying in a bath, being fellated, having his fingers sucked and his fat licked by random naked sluts. The jiggers show up with money and some vaguely effeminate boy. Fatty-san says something in moonspeak that translates to "this is very good", before he proceeds to FUCKING RAPE THE KID TO DEATH WHILE YELLING "GOOSH GOOSH! GOOSH GOOSH! GOOSH GOOSH!"

It's hard to make sense of any of it, because it's Japanese, but that is definitely what happens. It is seen in silhouette, there is blood pooling out from under the curtain, and apparently the kid's spine breaks. There is a shot of his lifeless corpse dropping to the floor, and a pool of blood spreads out. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN

What makes even less sense is that this has been on YouTube for at least a year, and, while it has been repeatedly flagged, it has not been removed it stayed up for more than four years, previously hidden behind a button and marked as "may be inappropriate for minors".

The Video

WARNING: Do not watch unless you want your anus to feel really weird afterward. Seriously, your asshole will feel like it's leaking if you even think about it, after having seen it. (Just kidding. Gather your whole family around the computer to watch this funny cat video!)

The anime

According to TOW, the plot of Tokyo Tribe II is this:

Five years after the Shibuya riots, the Tribes of Tokyo have been enjoying a period of relative peace, until Kim and two other members of the Musashino Saru intrude on the territory of the Wu-Ronz in Bukuro. Mera, the leader of Wu-Ronz kills the three Saru, under the assumption that they were members of the Shibuya Saru.

Two days later, after searching for who killed his friends, Musashino Saru member Kai runs into Mera. Old friends in their high school days, the two get into a confrontation that ends up leaving Tera, the leader of Musashino Saru, dead and setting the stage for violence between the Tribes.



That does not even begin to explain A FAT GUY UP AND RAPING A DUDE TO DEATH, WHAT THE FUCK.

Bubba vs. Bieber

And for Anon's next act... bringing Goosh Goosh to the spot as the #1 most viewed video on Youtube. The challenge is tough since the current defending champion is none other than Justin Bieber. The mission is called Operation Chubby Chaser and the plan is to get goosh goosh over 9000 views by spreading the word to sites like /b/, Ebaumsworld, Newgrounds, Habbo Hotel, etc. The video is here. Post this link fucking everywhere. Go, brave anonymous!


Needless to say, the interwebs are incapable of not creating unfunny remixes whenever there is a video clip that is even vaguely notable. In this case, most of them (that haven't been baleeted by YouTube) aren't even hidden behind the "you must be 18 to watch this" button.

Reaction Videos

Like 2girls1cup, Goosh Goosh has spawned reaction videos, but none of them are halfway as entertaining as 2girls1cup reactions, and mostly suck ass. Here are a few examples, including an obviously staged one with terrible voice acting:


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