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Google Chrome is one of the most lurid and shittiest web browsers known to man. It appeared last Thursday when a very funny webcomic was leaked. 4chan's /g/ and Something Awful's SH/SC orgasmed at the release of Chrome and dubbed it the "Windows killer". Luckily Google is an advertising company so the browser will keep all of your personal data, such as what websites you visit, safe. Wink wink. Since the last 100 years Google never made a stable browser and every single fucking day they release a beta version full with more and more bugs. Let's say you got 7 computers in your home which every computer has 4 systems. And Google releases another beta version full with popups and bugs. For fucks sake, are you gonna install every singe beta daily on all of your computers ????


Google Chrome thinks that is malware, and they are correct!


The main feature of the browser is that it starts a new process for each tab opened to save internet spaces. This extends to advertisements, where all advertisements on a tab are opened in a new tab and the one you were viewing is closed. This is so you can view the advertisements with maximum pleasure and without being distracted by all that content on /b/.

  • The browser incorporates many unique privacy elements such as direct transfer of your private data to the government for protection. Chrome has proven itself so fast that Comcast is now throttling the speeds of Chrome and Windows Anti Virus 2008 classifies it as a virus.

Colorful Design And Theme Faggotry

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  • Even worse, when you run Chrome and browse ED under Windows, you don't get the helpful Window/XP/WhateverDefender application installed under your machine's "Documents and Settings" folder and in your registry's "what to do with exe's" instructions that so enrich the Firefox and IE experiences.
  • Chrome evaded the XSS attacks by Goatse Security.

Drag Drop

It has some key differences from Firefox, like being able to drag tabs into separate windows (which Firefox can now do and Opera could always do) and that's about it. However, because it is made by Google, everyone overlooks the complete irrelevance of this browser.


Google has an app store which has thousands of extensions. Among thousands, only 10 of them are useful for you. Extensions help you not to see ads, get 1 year weather forecast, see your daily horoscope, be spammed by your recent emails, etc.

Data Backup

'Accidentally' delete your browsing history, search history, or simply just forgot about something you wrote 2 years ago? Don't worry, google has a copy saved. Thank you google!

Why you should switch

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  • More ads
  • Increases your ram speed by 1 gigabyte
  • Who need's privacy?
  • Resembles Pokeball
  • It prevents teh mukdipz from taking over your browser:
  • Incognito Mode DELETES YOUR IP ADDRESS and lets you look at pr0n without your mom finding out:
  • Google needs more computers to perfect Skynet.


The Jewish Takeover, a taxi driver writes

Prior to 9/11 the Jews were conspiring to take over the internet in an operation known only as Web 2.0. It was devolved in early 2000 as a predecessor to YouTube. However Netscape navigator proved to be to much of an opponent and Chrome was canceled. Use extreme caution while using Chrome as it is believed to emit mind-controlling radio waves to make you buy flu shots.


Some people didn't quite like the way Chrome's icon looked like. So they downloaded the source and painted the icon blue. Hence cometh Chromium.

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