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Godfrey got banned from Twatter for being a meanie!

Twitter-favicon.png GodfreyElfwick is the unofficial spokesperson of male feminists, SJWs and the transracial people on Twitter. Describing Xirself as a "demisexual genderqueer Muslim atheist", Xe fought for their rights for many months before the Rachel Dolezal scandal brought them to the public's attention, leading to the creation of Xir Twitter-favicon.png #WrongSkin hashtag and articles about Xem on Yahoo, USA Today and The Mirror among others while others falsely accused Xem of being a troll.

Twitter-favicon.png #WrongSkin


Twitter-favicon.png #WrongSkin (or otherwise known as Transblackness/Transnigger) was the result of the suffering that Xe has faced as a transracial genderqueer. Xe managed to make #WrongSkin a worldwide trending topic.

Twitter-favicon.png #PregnancyForAll

See also: Mpreg

Spurred on by the success of #WrongSkin, Xe decided to focus Xir amazing ability to control Twitter on an even more important subject: Transpregnancy.


This hashtag came after Feminist Frequency rightfully complained that the new Fallout 4 mobile game has you defending defenseless women, when GamerGate retards had the idiotic idea of making the men pregnant. Of course being a complete whore, Godfrey quickly jumped on this, and coined yet a new hashtag. But like all unfunny Britfags, this is of course from an old Monty Python "joke", so Godfrey isn't even original.

BBC World Service: Star Wars

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Successful trollings

Exposed Way Back in 2014

Back in 2014, way before Godfrey was even born, the retard behind it was already trying it out, with little success. Under the name Spongypissflap, he pretended to be a black woman. It was because 4chan (so now you know why he is unfunny) created the so called Operation Lollipop where the goal was to pretend you were a SJW, and preferably a colored bitch. In an unexpected move, it turned out that at least one SJW knew to ask someone how to do a Google Reverse Image Search, and so all the 4chan retards who used the first image they found when searching for dumb black nigger fat bitch, were quickly exposed under Twitter-favicon.png #YourSlipIsShowing. And of course Godfrey was stupid enough to get caught.

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