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Goddess Bunny

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The Goddess Bunny, or Sandie Crisp as s/he is known, is one of the more disturbing non-pornographic video stars on the internets, because he looks like a mix between a holocaust victim and Britney Spears due to being stricken by polio as a child. Sandie became a minor internet celebrity by appearing in this video and the band Punk Bunny's video Water Sports. More notable was her appearance in Marilyn Manson's Dope Show video, as an object of sexual affection for Manson and crew. Sandie also appeared in a Carrie Fisher movie called "Hollywood Vice Squad".

It should be noted that Sandie is actually a guy, whose real name is Johnnie Baima. It is interesting to note that Sandie/Johnnie is a transvestite, not a transsexual; this means he has a penis and wants to keep it.

The Documentary

Scoring a production deal?
Watch the runways for this hottie next spring!

Some retard decided he wanted to make a documentary about this thing, consisting mostly of archival footage and an interview, in which Sandie revealed that he was loved in the ass & mouth repeatedly throughout childhood, including once in a van.

<video type="youtube" id="43Ew2ohm6SA" width="540" height="406" desc="" frame="true" position="center"/>

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