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GoddessMine: Oh exploitable!
GoddessMine's final form, Abra: The Jew Gold Pokémon.
Her other book was "How to win friends and influence people".

Julie Abra Fischer is a kindergarten and lower school teacher at the respected Chatsworth Hills Academy in Chatsworth, California. She has recently been exposed as a financial dominatrix, running this as a secretive side business to her teaching career.

She calls herself GoddessMine, and solicits men and women to become her "stainedpiggies" from her website at http://www.goddessmine.org (Deleted). She requires them to pay her a "tribute" of no less than $100 to initiate the relationship, and will demand more for service rendered. Below is a list of her charges:

  • 15 min session online chat - $40
  • 15 min session w/phone - $50
  • 15 min session online w/cam - $70
  • 15 min session w/ phone & cam - $80
  • 30 min session online chat - $75
  • 30 min session w/ phone - $95
  • 30 min session online w/ cam - $130
  • 30 min session w/ phone & cam - $150

She also details extra charges as follows:

Every boypussy wants something a little different, and the all-knowing Goddess understands this. While the following are basic charges for My sessions, every other kink or freakish fetish you want included is an added cost, to be determined whenever fuckwads. And remember: an initial tribute along with an application is required before any discussion of services begin!



Anon is not making this shit up.

According to early posts on COLLARME.COM, she first 'discovered' BDSM when she found her dad's stash of '60s Nazi BDSM pr0n when she was seven years old. She really got down to business when (along with her BFF Jean) she popped in a tape of a woman getting flogged. Poor Jean started rubbing her 'secret lady parts' despite GoddessMine's passionate pleas for her to "stop it!" as doing so would "get her the AIDS". The original post is on the right, text is below:

It began with my Dad's stash of '60s Nazi BDSM paperbacks when I was seven. Then it really got down to business when My best friend Jean and I popped in a tape and watched a woman getting flogged. Poor Jean started rubbing her 'secret lady parts' despite My passionate pleas for her to stop as doing so would "get her AIDS".



Julie was first exposed by a still-anonymous group of internet users, who noticing the proximity of the woman to very young children raised the alarm. Upon realising this, many concerned people from around the world began to protest, resulting in the closure of her website (by the host, Sitecube) and deletion (by Julie or by the host) of several compromising accounts, including LiveJournal and Xanga. Her accounts and current status are given below:

Another post of Julie's to CollarME

As well as standard social networking sites, other accounts of hers included:

Initial Discovery

Following her mentioning that she has a teaching job, Ms Fischer was first discovered by a standard whois search on goddessmine.com, her website.

domain:                          goddessmine.com 
created:                         30-Aug-2007 
last-changed:                    31-Dec-2007 
registration-expiration:         30-Aug-2008 
nserver:                         ns57.1and1.com 
nserver:                         ns58.1and1.com 
status:                          CLIENT-TRANSFER-PROHIBITED 
registrant-firstname:            Julie 
registrant-lastname:             Fischer 
registrant-street1:              4640 Arden Way 
registrant-street2:              #32 
registrant-pcode:                91731 
registrant-state:                CA 
registrant-city:                 El Monte 
registrant-ccode:                US 
registrant-phone:                +1.4086749942

This confirmed her status as a teacher at CHA.

Tax Evasion

The nature of her "services" entail financial and material income, and this has not been reported to the relevant authorites. There are over $50000 of undeclared monies involved. Two known examples are shown below:

Goddessmine invoice.jpg

As of 29th December 2007, she has been reported to the IRS.

Services and Habits


She requires propective "clients" to fill in an application form for her services, to be accompanied by a tribute of no less than $100. The form can be seen on the right. Her conditions are below:

0.) you must be at least 18-years old.

1.) you must submit an application along with a tribute (receipt or proof necessary) if you want to prepare the grounds of worship for Me.
2.) you may never request to talk with Me live. I will only consider audio and telephone after establishing long-standing communication through instant messaging.
3.) you may refer to Me as “Goddess Mine”, "Goddess", or "Mistress".
4.) you may never request for nude photos/webcamming.
5.) you may never complain or whine. Submission is defined as yielding oneself to the power of an authority. I am the authority.
6.) you may never anger, disrespect, or annoy the Goddess. In the rare case you do, you are subjected to a fine of any amount deemed necessary, or you may be subjugated to an automatic exile. Up to Me, pissface.

The crux of any financial D/s affair lies in tributes, or payments, made by the latter to the former. As an awe-inspiring and illuminating Financial-Domme Goddess, Myself, I anticipate capital gain from my stainedpiggies - afterall, I am capital, and I command only the finest.

In order for you shiteaters to stay within My good graces, I expect no less than $100 for any type of tribute you make (cash, gift cards, etc.). Additionally, this is on the assumption that you piglets will make these tributes regularly - every day or every week, it's up to you pea-brains, but it is essential that your tributes are regular; I don't have the time nor the patience.

Fuck you.

This isn't about you, this is about Me - this entire experience is about pleasing My desires, needs, and realities as a powerful Financial Domme Goddess - but perhaps through it all, all you turkey washouts will experience nirvana, too. So I'm inclined to repeat Myself: DO NOT apply or inquire about Me if you are not serious about giving up your money, bank accounts, wallets, and life to Me. I deserve only the best in this mediocre lifetime, so that means I'm expecting fine dining, luxurious livingspace, and beautiful adornments for My body.



In return her clients can expect to get dominated by a woman who describes herself as:

I am not your typical little girl on the Internet, feigning dominance for a quick buck - indeed, I will never be yours, as your submissive position under My heels is the only real prospect you can ever hope for. I truly enjoy dictating financial misery while pathetic stainedpiggies beg to give Me money. I'm eerily well-versed and composed in the art of "fuckery", and I promise that your mind and credit score will be fucked over. My realm is one of luxury and comfort, an elite Life built upon the draining bank accounts and discomfort of stainedpiggies, such as yourself.



Additional details about applying is provided:

First, a quick but crucial reminder to My money jizzes: if I haven't received a new application submitted to My mailbox from you by 11:59 pm Friday, December 14th, Pacific Standard Time , your ass and wallet will NO LONGER be considered Mine, and will subsequently be forced to pay the $500 return fee if you want to belong to Me once again. So don't be dumb - act quick , bitch.


—GoddessMine, Thu, 13 Dec 2007, LiveJournal

She tells of how she is sexually aroused by money:

I have a money fetish. Owe it to a 'Pretty Woman' complex, owe it to a barely-there father - but I actually do get wet when men, sub or not, give Me money. Seeing them aroused by the simple gesture of opening their wallet gets Me off in return. Vain, I know.


—GoddessMine, 10/16/2007

She also describes her personal relationships publically:

I do not hate men. In fact, I love My Bf. He will be the only one, as divulged to another CM Dom, who will ever shove Me over, fuck Me from behind, and tug My hair back to shove bills down My throat.



Just so happens that I adore extremities . Three cheers for ginormous boobs!

And btw, just got laid doggy-style. And fuck, did his slams feel good. BWAHAHAHAHAHA...


—GoddessMine, 10/9/2007

Her specials interests are:

  • Orgasm Denial
  • CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)
  • Blackmail
  • Online and Phone "Training"
  • Neck and Finger Fetish

She states that she likes the feeling of being waxed (by a woman it seems), especially in the pubic and anal region:

Jesus Christ fuck Me, I love Brazilian waxing. Those hour-long sesssions are simultaneously cathartic and sensual as hell. And the pain isn't too bad, but it definitely is strange as ripping My pubes and asshole danglers are painless, but waxing My shins is sheer torture.

Hoe well.
The absolute best part is when I get the oil rub-down all in and around My secret ladyparts by Xema, my special, uni-browed Persian teddybear.


—GoddessMine, 9/28/2007

These were listed on her CollarME profile. Also here, she flaunts her teaching position and states at "Money makes me wet", but her subjects "don't". She seeks:

  • Submissive Men
  • Submissive Women
  • Submissive Transexuals
  • Switch (Submissive and Dominant) Men and Women (but not transexuals)

She states that she "accepts male or female piglets" on her CollarME profile as well.

A series of short videos describing how she conducts business can be found here.

I like to print the emails out, take a cathartic dump, then wipe My beautiful ass with them. Kinda like a trophy.


—GoddessMine, 9/28/2007

She appears to have narcissistic tendancies, as well as having had an unhealthy eating/mental disorder:

I'm such a busybee Goddess doing important Goddess things during this beautiful Goddess morning


—GoddessMine, 9/28/2007

My goodness, I fucking love My body. Can't get enough of My girls, My trunk, My fingers, or My neck. Mmmmm, vanity. And listen, there is hope for all you women out here, none too sure of their bodies: I'm a former bulimic..


—GoddessMine, 9/28/2007

Age and wisdom are not necessarily commensurable. I started college at 16, but no peer ever thought differently of Me, as they all simply assumed I was 20 or 21 due to My awesome and intelligent imput.

Nowadays, it's really annoying when I hear "0Hhh mAi gAhhhh, YOUR only 22???!1" when I would rather have the focus elsewhere. Like on My magnificent tits.


—GoddessMine, 9/29/2007

Why, why, why am I so adored and awesome? Oh...I KNOW - I was born with the gift of beauty, intelligence, compassion (for non-losers), and great tits. Men falling head over heals for Me and offering their wallets is to be expected, for sure. But this: Fucking takes the cake.


—GoddessMine, Thu, 29 Nov 2007

She appears proud of her egocentricity. When asked what she has given recently she said:

Too selfish to give. However, if I were to give something away now, I'd probably give away My used kleenex tissues.


—GoddessMine, 10/14/2007

She also expresses mild admiration of Adolf Hitler:

Hitler was extremely charming and relatable to many people.


—GoddessMine, 9/28/2007

The Drama

"people tend to flip when they hear the words "sexual predator" and "children" used in the same sentence"
Anon drops a dime on GoddessMine -purportedly a teacher in the El Monte, CA school district.
Don't mess with the IRS
Leave Officer Santana Alone!!!
Officer Carlos Santana is currently protecting and serving the Goddess.
Leave santana crocker.jpg

Now all this attention whoring may have gone unnoticed but sometime last Thursday, while on a routine YouTube camwhore patrol, the heroes of the Internet Vigilante Group came upon this prize lolcow who might otherwise have gone unmilked for her fresh, creamy lulz milk.

'Twas the day before Christmas and Anonymous posted a link to GoddessMine Livejournal on 7chan's /b/. Some light trolling ensued, but the initial attack was mostly fail and some even replied to the thread with claims that the raid was pointless because her stainedpiggies were fully consenting to the abuse she dished out and thus she was not bothering anyone.

The story could have ended there but after realizing Anonymous' rage at her sordid lifestyle, GoddessMine raised her hackles and posted the following public message on her newly flocked journal:

You really think I'd leave Myself vulnerable on these great Internets after doling out restraining orders? I'm no newfag. So due to the recent influx/interest of hack0rz, My journal will no longer be public. If you'd like he privilege of reading it, you must either already be Mine or a beautiful Goddess. However, if your whiny dicklet is neither, then you must obviously pay - go to My site for more info.

PSS) I love how you /b/tards are scrambling to find info. Don't dumb dumb virgins have something better to do, like jerk off secretly in the closet while your sister changes outfits?

Look, I'll give you rejects a break, ok? Let's set some things straight:

1) "bl4ckm4ge" is a friend who gave Me the links to Denno Coil photos, you fucking faggot retards. We happen to both be enamored with anime. Stay safe in Iraq, btw - expect the Pocky package soon!

2) About 50% of My personal info online is rubbish. I like to throw in made up info to throw YOU smegmalovers off.

3) I have a legion of ANON SPIES working for Me on these great INTERNETZ.

4) Epic failurz amirite?

5) I fingerbanged your mom last night. And she came. While screaming your name.



This was the internet equivalent of pulling down a wasps' nest, dropkicking it, and then pissing on the shattered fragments. Except that some of these wasps were hax0rs.

New threads were made on 4chan's /b/, and news of the raid-in-progress quickly spread across the *Chans like AIDS through the gay community.

Brave members of anonymous infilitrated the enemy computer systems, and on December 27th, 2007 this attention whore finally got her long overdue comeuppance when her dox were dropped into the field of play. And so the ræp was on.

Like any good attentionwhore, she did what any guilty party of her fetid ilk would do and began to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.

Anon also found information in her blog about the grad schools she's applying to with the money she got.

Packing this ammo, they then reported her to a HATE MACHINE moar fearsome than they; the Internal Revenue Service. Rumour has it that the IRS have already acted upon the information.

rly Old Events

  • 31 December @ 01:00, The front page of the school Goddess is working in got defaced
  • 29 December @ 01:45, Anonymous found the FACULTY & STAFF list of her teaching job
  • 28 December @ 19:43:32, Anonymous cracked Goddess's Sitecube and Googlemail password, allowing for the raep of her shitty flash site
frenchfags never surrender, they deliver; this thread is now epic. http://www.sitecube.com/memberlogin.htm, username: goddessmine, pass: traderjoes



  • On /b/, a stainedpiggie by the name of David posted this:
once again I'm reminded the fucktards at ismoketomuchfuckingpottotypestraitchan are absolutely retarded. Anyways, my name is David and I am a 24/7 submissive. I fully support this raid because bitches like this are what gives the BDSM scene a terrible name in the first place, adding fuel to the fire started by the radical conservatives. Fuck spelling, I don't care. True [domination] is not about the gain of only one party, but rather mutual gain, usually sexual but not always. This bitch is just whoring herself out and using [domination] and "donations"/"tributes" to try dodging taxes. Bury this bitch please I fucking hate her with every cell of my pitch dark heart.



—A devout Stainedpiggie

NOTE: Almost a minute shorter in duration because the non-lulzy small talk at the beginning and end has been edited out.

Mainstream Media Recognition

On December 29th That Other Blog posted on hollywood.com about the lulz had by this raid: Internet Hate Machine

Fox News has yet to be heard from.

Claims to Responsibility

Despite initial claims by Ebaumsworld, on January 3rd insiders revealed that 42 Entertainment perpetrated the raid as part of their viral marketing scheme for the upcoming film The Dark Knight.

Unwarranted Self-Importance

The official application from her website.

Honestly, with that fugly mug, the only thing she had to do in order to make her crappy self-esteem better was forcing people to worship her.
This Pokémon...spends 18 hours a day sleeping. If it does not obtain enough sleep, it is unable to utilize its gold-digging abilities. This Pokémon lives in urban areas, close to humans. Mostly they are found in abandoned buildings left to disrepair.

How She Describes Herself

Her CollarMe page proudly proclaims the following:

**I do have a job you mass of bleating sheep. I teach.**I'm a Goddess. Money makes Me wet. You don't. I call Myself a JAGanese Goddess: a Russian Jew & Japanese spoiled brat to no end. The fact that I'm a bitch and a Jew are simply conflations. Learn to take a joke, you rigid dorks. I love orgasm denial, cbt, consentual blackmail, sissification, best-friend-fantasy, Female worship, cam/phone training, and I have a huge fetish with necks and fingers. But in order to dabble in these treats and more, you must APPLY first through My website. Inquire if you dare. However, if you simply want a peek into the adventures of My luxe Life: http://goddessmine.livejournal.com I accept male or female piglets - I don't discriminate *laughs*. And no, I am not interested in real time for now. I abhor whiners, time-wasters, and men with delusions that they can "save" Me.



/b/ in everlasting glory delivered a beautiful rebuttal:

We do have a job you mass of insufferable camwhore. We divide by zero. We are Anon. Lulz makes us wet. You don't. We call ourselves Anonymous: Elite Black Hand Hackers & Zombie Master spoiled brats to no end. The fact that we're Hackers & on steroids are simply conflations. Learn to take a joke, you vapid whore. We love mudkips, orly?, non-consensual blackmail, sissification, bestiality, shemale worship, camwhore training, and we have a huge fetish for tits or gtfo. But in order to dabble in these treats and more, you must SHOW TITS first through our website. Inquire if you dare. However, if you simply want a peek into the adventures of Our Lulzy Life: http://4chan.org You are our new female piglet. We don't discriminate *LOL!!.9999!!*. And yes, we are interested in real time, so buy some curtains and a dog. We create whiners, time-wasters, and whores with delusions that they can "beat" Us.



She's Really Smart

Bookfag Anons may find it curious that someone with a MA from UC Berkeley would fail to spell consensual correctly. It is sadly less surprising that she would attempt to use the word conflation without fully understanding its usage. Simply taking two words that may have some similar implied meaning and putting them in the same sentence is not a conflation. For more hideous examples of her prose feel free to read her article in this abomination.

Delicious Quotes

A heart of 4chan Gold amirite.
Oh exploited!
hi guys, another perplexing question: does anyone know or have a clue into the origins of the stereotype/image of the 'prostitute with a heart of gold'? i talked to alan dundes, but he was in a rush, and he said there's new insight to mary magdelena and the fact that she might have been a prostitute...but im a bit hazy with christian stories/folklore. love,


she the obscure AKA GoddessMine

Sadly for her (lulzy for us) she chose the 'prostitute who manipulates the mentally ill into giving her undeclared presents in return for jack shit' route.

In all my time watching /b/, I have never seen Anonymous this coordinated, this determined, this righteously furious at a single target, hell-bent on destroying the life of someone who deserves it so well. My faith in /b/ is renewed. Also, cocks.





— anonymous from 4chans /b/

Speaks to anon

In the middle of the epic pwnage, attempts to appeal to anon's good senses (404 not found) and begs for surrender. It's interesting to note that she knows at least half the routine for a camwhore (timestamp), but not the other half (Tits or GTFO.) Could be a btard?

Is this supposed to be some kind of apology?
Hi /b/. This has gone too far, you win. I can take the personal attacks, jokes, memes, whatever. It went too far when you started to post my personal information on the Internet, make death threats to my house, and made me legitimately concerned for my personal safety. I'm asking you to stop now, but I know being /b/, this is predictably going to only fuel some of you into trying harder. The FBI will be involved today and will be investigating those of you who continue to harass me over the Internet, if my personal request to you does not work. I hope it does not have to come to that, for the sake of both of us. Sincerely



Deeeelicious surrender!

Rather than packing up their bags and heading home, anonymous was now armed with the knowledge that their raid was in fact working, so they doubled the dataforce in an effort to drive her off the web permanently.


LJ's closed due to internet disease!
Actually, Anonymous - I changed the LJ password and did the password reset thing enough times so that you'd all be locked out of it. And then I removed the two posts that Anonymous had added to the top of the page. These raids are nothing but fail and shit. So fuck you all. And later on, I'll call her and tell her the LJ password. I don't know the girl, and don't want to get to know her. It's not for any other reason that it's the decent thing to do. Fuck you all, idiots


—John "Disregard that, I suck cocks" Doe, aka timrod

Sources argue that an anon insider is in the LJ password management. If this is proven correctly, then we fucking won.


Anonymous internet users have exposed this woman for what she is. The situation was deemed so serious that an internet hacker group, known as d3F, involved themselves and posted a warning on the school's webpage:


School Frontpage

D3f chaschool.JPG

As stated on the site, the user d3f from g00ns.net, hacked into the school website and posted a message informing parents of GoddessMine's whoredom.


The site has come back online as of January 3rd, but faculty and staff information is suspiciously absent.

UPDATE: March 25. Faculty page is up and running, and there is no sign of GoddessMine's name. We fucking won again.

Associated Meme

This raid is credited with the creation of A FUCKING POKEMON.


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Where To Find The Bitch

Note: Googlecash nevar forgets!

...and neither does LJseek!

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