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a true goddess
Her boyfriend is hawt stuf!

GoddessMillenia, like most girls who use "Goddess" in their screen names, is a not-so-secret internet fatty and/or an even fatter feminazi attention whore. She is far past her childish desire to ravish Sonic the Hedgehog or Frieza with her filthy, blubbering vagoo, and has moved onto having an unnecessarily unhealthy addiction with some Legacy of Kain characters. At a young age, she has far surpassed even Final Fantasy VII fans in her fanatical devotion to a gay pairing that never once appears in her chosen canon. She is secure in the righteousness of her convictions, though, because we are all idiot homophobes who need to be told the TruFax by a 16 year old girl who is too stupid to spell "millennia" right.

<Blargh> you capitalize words that aren't supposed to be capitalized. for example you capitalized "away" yet away isn't a proper noun.

<GoddessMillenia>Yeah but there's no rule that says you can't. SO fuck off. My teachers never say anything about it.


— PM chat entry, although we're still not sure why Blargh bothered. Also, yes there is a rule against it.

The Moron

How GoddessMillenia sees herself.

Once upon a time, GoddessMillenia's mother died from cancer of the blood, whatever that is, although everyone knows she probably died after seeing her hambeast of a daughter's face. Millie wrestled with her grief, but since yuri is icky, she turned to the video game "Legacy of Kain" to satiate her fetish and redirect it into more socially acceptable channels. Being easily manipulated by game designers who understand the psychology of the weeaboo, she found the evil bishie Raziel hot, and decided to pair him up with the game's main character, Kain. Afterwords, she found more retarded Legacy of Kain yaoi fans who shared her love for vampire-necrophilia goodness, and continued with their support to express her love for corpses.

Did you know...?

How everyone else sees her.


Every now and then, it brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to watch tartlets turn on other tartlets. In the case of the quotes below, it was not GoddessMillenia's day:

How about the other Legacy of Kain Fan Girls that write Fanfictions about Kain or Raziel being in Love with them?

No one seems to be bitching about that either.

For People who seemingly have nothing against Gays you sure don't show it.


—GoddessMillenia, irony's bitch

Found you through the ED article, btw. I wanted to see if you were actually as bullheaded as they made you out to be. I guess the screenshots were right. :\


—Gives you a warm lulzy feeling, doesn't it?

If it sucks so bad then why would you bother spamming My page?

If it sucks that bad, then People wouldn't be watching me and that is what decides the quality of my art. Not you spamming My Page.



Let's see. I have 68 Wathers you have four. Hmm The People have decided who can draw and who can't..


—GM, she's watching

Gallery of BAWWWWW

Gallery Of BAWWWWW About missing Pics

The Anti-ED-Club

Moar recently, GM joined the Noble cause, The Anti-ED-Club. Despite the fact that it was the kind of shit Millenia generally goes for, she only showed up to tl;dr rant about how meny ppl on teh intranets r h8ers, like wtf? and leave. And adding to the general grossness that is her being, she showed support for anthro art. Like many others joining the club, she was only there to show how not butthurt she was by joining an anti-club.

Unfortunately, the club was banned by DA admins. riding down from Trolldin to hand down their mighty can of whoopass, leaving Millie struggling to find new stalking grounds.

Recently, the crappage has started back up again as actual artists from DA have been pwning her. Since they are actual artists that don't draw yaoi fanshit, she's dragging out the ol' "if you don't like my work you're a dumbass h8er" bullshit. There are some epic examples of millie getting her ass handed to her by these people, such as:


Just- Sigh. I love Legacy of Kain. I'm a long time fan, but your gallery almost makes me feel guilty for this. That shrieking noise is canon being abused for your own fantasies. It's one thing to like a pairing just for the hell of it, but to accuse everyone who points out the fact it's purely fantasy of being homophobic and going through the games with a fine-tooth comb to find any hints as to the "true" pairing is a whole different beast. t's sad. It's pathetic. Most of all, it's degrading to the story you're warping.



I feel I should also point out that it's not possible for Raziel to be paired with -anyone-... I love the guy, but there's just nothing there. He also, y'know, hates Kain for most of the series, a fact a lot of people who jumped onboard the fandom with Defiance seem to miss.

But, I suppose someone with their head as deeply buried in the sand as you doesn't care about silly ol' canon. Or spelling, apparently...



I know you must be trying hard when you draw but even you,honey, should be able to tell that your drawings aren't up to standards. Well unless you're in the 3rd grade that is.



I saw[sic] hypocritical homophobe because you say LoK yaoi pairings of any other persuasion are gross and disgust you.



Oh and By the way, I'm also part Native American Indian!


—Millie, not only AZN but an oxymoron

I haven't done anything to anyone and I've been residing in My corner of the Internet leaving you alone.



no one believes you.


—GM dropping some true gems

To answer your question:

My parents were separated, my brother and I were sent to foster homes for a while, then they divorced and we went to another foster home. I became a sister and a mother to my little brother. My mother died three years ago from leukemia. My boyfriend is usually not reliable.


—Millie,assuming trolls have hearts.


After a lull in lulz, a magical treasure chest left behind by ancient jew scholars showed that not only did fattycakes have a DA gallery full of shit art, she also had a Y!Gallery of shit art!

Naturally, a quick search of the profile turned up everything that is wrong in this world, including a pro Stewie/Brian club membership. The gallery contains some new work, which somehow manages to be worse than the shit she turns out on DA.


The Lulz


Some random dude took this article to heart and spammed her shitty guestbook with ein fünfzig-Führer for the lulz. She promptly banned his IP address, remaining woefully ignorant that IP addresses can be changed.

You can spot Millie e-stalking her enemies on JewTube, having her friends delete all comments so she can triumph for great justice. In the process, she spews out some hilarious YouTube tantrums, such as this one:

I can't believe they would actually pursue the flaming and spamming to his Main Page! He deleted all their comments anyways.

It's completely ridiculous that they can even consider themselves True Legacy of Kain, Sailor Moon, and Tenchi Muyo Fans. It's an insult to those very Series. They're Fucking Ignorant pieces of Shit. What kind of Immature, Instigating, Dumb Asses do this? The fact that RoseDincht dares to insult Akane, who is the best Legacy of Kain artist in the world. That she goes into LOK LJ communities every few months flaming Yaoi. I mean, Their comebacks were things like "Your Mother". They act like they are in Preschool. I think it's like CD said, we need to just ignore them. People like these don't need to be encouraged to continue this behavior. Their Parents should have Beat them when they were younger.


—Millie, displaying the compassion that is her trademark.

She was recently pwned by someone giving a surprisingly accurate description of this article, calling Millie on her childish bullshit. Her comment was promptly and thoughtfully deleted, but replaced with another user's, saying nearly the same thing.

You make me ashamed to be a female LoK fan...And that's saying a lot since I used to be one out of... about five. Voice actors joking around equals indications of a subtext in the story? You put our fandom to shame.


—LauraOrganaSolo, pwning for the team

Millie employed her old tactic of following and harassing people to their own page, all while screaming"stop harassing me!"

Even the Legacy of Kain fangirls are aware that GM is a fucktard.
Even the sockpuppets want to kick her ass.
I never said anyone was or wasn't in a scene.

Maybe you should remotely know what the fuck you're talking about before flaming my page. Of course what can I expect from someone who spells Kindergarten 'Kindergarth' .

You should follow your own friend's advice she gave to another person she fought with: "Ohhhh, I thought you were tired of me. Still coming back for more? Usually when you block someone it's 'Oh hey, I'm done with you, conscider yourself forgotten.' "

She should also learn her history. Hitler didn't want to kill all gays, he wanted to kill Jewish Gays. Some of his own Nazis Soldiers were gay.


—Millie, forgetting that most of the gay Nazis were killed in the SA purge.

She has also taken up the pastime of rewriting history, because any source of history (that isn't German) will tell you that Hitler wanted all but the master race to die. He wanted to exterminate blacks, gays, Gypsies, Jews, all kinds of ill shit, but he was only really successful mit den Juden, and even then he killed off people who were maybe third-generation Jews. Hitler was just doing it for the lulz, which we'll all agree is admirable, and Millie is doing it for the anti-lulz, which makes her an excellent candidate for a retroactive abortion.

Proving how much of a Cunt she really is

This isn't Myspace. This is a place for ART. You hear that,




ART. It isn't a place for you to post pictures of yourself in a non-artistic way.

And you go "Well others do it so I can", just call the wahmbulance right now. An idiot only proves they are one when they follow other people's stupidity.

You ignoring this comment will only prove how scared you are. You’re afraid of the truth. The truth you hypocrite is that you don't even follow rules that you seem to force on others. Grow some balls and take a freaking art course. You aren't going to get an art scholarship, or become successful unless you start learning how to be a better person.


—Deviantard, on a photo of Millie

The fight against the Lulz begins

Still a crybaby pussy

Millie says that "creating an article on a parody website isn't going to effect anybody." In an effort to show just how much she doesn't care, she created a parody of an ED article, which failed it hard because you can't attack ED while claiming not to care about it, dumbass. She also sent her boyfriend DJRaziel127 to try to baleet it, but naturally he failed. He then got on IRC and whined and cried about how his girlfriend's artwork was copyrighted and that ED would be sued. In the course of the Internet trial, ED's e-detectives discovered an HUEG cache of copyrighted artwork from both Funimation and Eidos on her website, including lots and lots of screenshots, none of which had copyright acknowledgments. Surprise surprise, Millie is a liar and a corporate whore.

Recently, after e-stalking one of her many enemies from video to video, she released a shit-storm on one of her friend's YouTube pages. After queefing out paragraph after paragraph of childlike taunts and butthurt, she just got a friend to baleet it all. She also had her friends come to ED in order to pwn her mortal enemies, but they ultimately failed and provided the site with more lulz.

Fanfiction and Fanart

Because she's such a sick fuck, Millie often daydreams about Hitler and Michael Jackson having buttsex, sex changes, STDs, and the ever-popular rape. This is an example of her best work:

Once upon a time, there was a well known Whore by the name of RoseDincht who had a sex change at age 9. Her father, Adolf Hitler, touched her and sexually abused her. Her mother, Micheal Jackson, paid for her sex change. He thought it would be good to have a son instead of a daughter. So, she now has a pair of balls and a penis. RoseDincht tried to not show that she was a male, but was hard. All those short skirts her mother, Micheal, bought her showed everything. In about 26 years into the future, She will die of every sexually transmitted diseases from all those men she had sex with because she was to awful to be on welfare and was unemployable. That will be the happiest day for people better then RoseDincht. (pretty much everyone) hurray. she will die!

Gallery of her "art"

Views Held by GoddessMillenia

GoddessMillenia has no friends in the LoK community.
  • If the creators of the game did not say that Kain/Raziel is canon, they are wrong.
  • If it didn't really happen in canon, then it was meant to be.
  • Being friends means "ganging" up on one of her many enemies.
  • Something happening to someone else makes you the victim.
  • Making other people the victim makes you the victim.
  • Straight pairings are icky.

[[Had enough ?][Moar seekreetz]]

  • You have to be bisexual to know what tits look like.
  • Two dead guys is teh sex.
  • Anyone who disagrees with you is fucking ignorant.
  • The only true pairing is the one you make up.
  • Haruka/Usagi from Sailor Moon are canon. srsly.
  • If you make fun of yaoi in a fanfiction, or say that you hate any of the games in the series, then you are on drugs.
  • If you do drugs/alcohol, you are not a TRUE fan of Legacy of Kain
  • If you keep that cabbage comin', she'll get you what you want, the way you want it.
  • "Calling it quits" means "I'm going to get my puppets to go after you, but fail like the internet tough guys we are."
  • If you don't like her vampire yaoi, then you are a homophobe and you don't support the gays. So cancel your PFLAG membership, you lying hypocrite.
  • Buttsecks is so fuckin' romantic.
  • Joining ED to edit an article about yourself means that you don't care what it says.
  • ED is Hypocritical and Hypocritical, like most words, is a Proper Noun, as is Yaoi.
  • Incest was the only way to go in the olden days.
  • Baleeting an ED article the second time around will work.
  • Someone using the same kind of phrasing you do means that that person is your cockpuppet, even if you have better things to do than make fake accounts and troll her.
  • It is in no way hypocritical for her to do the same thing.
  • 72 million is close to a billion.
  • Hitler died alone (and Eva Braun is just made up).
  • She is a better artist than "Pacasso" who was apparently unable to draw proportionally[1]
  • Legacy of Kain was about religion and romance, a swashbuckling, KainAIDs-filled adventure.
  • RoseDincht is the cause for all suffering in the world.
  • If she makes it, it's a typo. If you make it, you're retarded.
  • The more friends you have on DeviantART, the better your art is.
  • Being a friend of RoseDincht means you're immature and must be banned
  • Every day is opposite day.
  • Asheville, NC is the second gayest city in America.
  • Constructive criticism is the work of a troll.
  • The Legacy of Kain fandom began in 2003, when Defiance was released. Nevermind the fact that the first game of the series, Blood Omen, was released about a decade ago.
  • Vorador would choose his dead father who's hidden in the basement over a harem of living, breathing, naked chicks.
  • If you like yuri more than you like yaoi, you're a dumb, dirty, dyke.
  • If you agree with her, you are frendz 4 life.

At the end of some long, bloody struggle


FACT: RoseDincht is unaware that she is fighting with Amy Lee, Utada Hikaru, or those two faggots from X-Play on the Internet.

In a final act of butthurt, Millie finally called it quits. Though this was The End, DJRaziel immediately began to edit this page only two days after the whole drama supposedly concluded. So much for not being affected by an article on a parody site.

Even after DJRaztampon was sent scuttling back to his mommy, further lulz were endangered by two users, Violet and someone stealing Rosedincht's screen name. Their reaction to this article was to Delete fucking everything, so it is safe to assume they were either sockpuppets or Millie herself. Inevitably, they failed, leaving the rest of us with lollergasms as we reverted all changes made.

Heres a picture of the whore. Reap it with fire http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=goddess+millenia#/du0gf1

Priceless Quotes


To the person who decided to use my name, Yes I do masterbate, which is a healthy doctor recommended activity so I would not see why you are saying its a bad thing and why are you so interested in me doing that anyways??? Sicko


—TMI, nobody wants to picture you masterbating.

Rose, Rose. You already knew that humans are two-faced, backstabbing creatures. Why do you even bother placing your trust and faith in anyone or anything anymore? You know it will only lead to a broken heart.


—Millie, showing her belief that everyone who agrees with her is her friend to hilarious results.

Why would I discriminate against British people if I am British myself??


—Millie, bad teeth and tertiary syphilis don't automatically make you British.

Get over it and stop saying everything the completwe opposite like Kain and Raziel hate each other. It only shows that you don't know shit, and that the only reason you and the small group of People who don't support Legacy of Kain Yaoi only do so because they are prejudice Fucks.


—We are all prejudice fucks.

Kill Yourself along wiith the others please


—GoddessMillenia, who can't even come up with her own insults anymore.

Does making a 'Sqee' sound when seeing two guys in love really make someone a retard? O.o


—Millie, unaware that making a 'squee' sound in general makes someone a retard.

I plan to be a Graphic Artist.


—GoddessMillenia, not gonna fucking happen, evar.

I happen to Love British People because of their intelligent accent.

I think it sounds so cool. Now you've made me realize that some People from there are fucking ignorant as hell. Way to promote your Country Dumb Fuck.


—GoddessMillenia, know what accent doesn't sound intelligent? A South Carolina accent.

If you were really 'so experienced and open to other countries', then you'd know that Germans also capitalize nouns that aren't proper.


—GoddessMillenia, so full of shit she probably squeaks going into a turn.

Or some other ridiculous reason like "They're both Dead that's disgusting.

Yeah in case they haven't noticed, all Vampires are undead. That's just a Stupid reason.


—GoddessMillenia, proving she's a necrophiliac, and that "stupid" is a proper noun.

Do not tell me I don't know how to interpret what is Gay and what isn't.

I live in Asheville, which is the Second Gayest city in the United States. Even if you were going to argue with that, and say that Asheville doesn't have a very Large Population so I'm not that able to socially interpret things.


—GoddessMillenia, what the fuck.

Then what's with that "LOL ASIANS ARENT CREATIVE" comment?? What, are you saying we asians arent creative because YOU NON ASIANS are? You mean we're NOT ALLOWED TO BE CREATIVE? What the heck is up with that?


—GoddessMillenia, pretending to be asian

I am exactly 50/50 Bisexual (meaning I don't prefer one gender over another)

and I wasn't even familiar with Yaoi until I saw the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 1 Opening Cinematic.


—GoddessMillenia, 100% fucktardation.

To: ED

With lots of Love From: GoddessMillenia Get sued Yet? Are you going to get shut down? CryBaby Pussies.


—GoddessWaaaahmbulance, still not clear on her legal jargon.

And I suggest you read My previous post to

Flishy, and refrain from opening your Fat Ass Mouth in the Future.


—Fat ass mouth? That's original

I do have very intense grasps on the English Language. As a matter of fact, it has always been my strongest subject.


—GoddessFatty, reality is not her strongest subject

Pretty Blind aren't you? I'm not Fat at all. Consider yourself Lucky, and be grateful that I haven't reported you yet.


—Millie, taking after her boyfriend

Do you understand that your Website is Libel and is Illegal?


—GoddessMillenia,fucking retarded.

I worship Anime and VideoGames because I can see them, Unlike some other Gods I could mention. It has been Scientifically proven that there are Other Planets and Dimensions in the Universe.


—GoddessMillenia, believing that anime characters really exist.

Yes the straight Girls love Guy on Guy too.

Just like Straight Guys love Lesbians. Wonder what's wrong with Straight Girls who are Homophobes? Maybe if you'd still disagree with them, yet simply acccept them and stop being prejudice, it wouldn't be so hard on you.


—GoddessDestiny, if you don't fap to gay porn, you're a homophobe.

Legacy of Kain is not a Love Story?

How about Ariel X Nupraptor. No one seems to be bitching about that coupling. How about the other Legacy of Kain Fan Girls that write Fanfictions about Kain or Raziel being in Love with them? No one seems to be bitching about that either. For People who seemingly have nothing against Gays you sure don't show it.


—GoddessMillenia, extremely selective vision

I WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE GODDESSMILLENIA! SHE DRAWS SOOOOOO GOOD! THE BEST EVER!!! But I cannot. Its hard. I cannot afford to buy paper and pencil crayons because I have to use my money to buy viagra. My stupid mom Micheal Jackson is not fair!


—Rosedincht, so jealous of Millenia's skillz she vandalized this page

"This is about your sexual preference, not the following the storyline. Since you have no yaoi/yuri vids."


—Millie, saying acknowledging straight canon makes you a homophobe

We just don't know what to do with all this shit!

Kissyangel is GoddessMillennia?

Millie is made of lies and fail
Because a homophobe would REALLY become friends with yaoi fans. srsly
And now she's gone bipolar.
It’s me: Krissyangel, aka GoddessMillennia, aka Rose Dahlberg. Yes, I’m Krissyangel. I am issuing a Formal apology and a Confession, so Bear with me if it Gets a Little tl;dr. because of My being Featured on Encyclopedia Dramatica, I have Become aware of Just how many People hate Me. I Created the Krissyangel account to give Myself some Support, but even That hasn’t Stemmed the Tide. So I have Decided to Make an Apology.


—GoddessMillennia, they don't make hugboxes big enough.

Yes that's right, Krissyangel, a pro-Millenia troll is really Millie herself! This comes as a shock to noone, because Krissyangel is one of the few DevianTARTs more retarded than GM herself.

GM says, in short, that ED was right and that she is retiring to work on her artistic skilz, no longer clogging up the tubes with her rule 34.

I realize that This is Unusually eloquent for Me, but I’ve Decided to try Becoming more Mature. This means No more e-stalking, no More flamewars, and no more Bossing people around. So I have Decided to Retire from DA and work on My artistic Skills which, I have to Confess, are below even My Standards. Much of the Activity you have Seen and will see From my other Account are my Friends, who Have taken my Password and tried to Take on my Detractors. It was a very Noble, if Misguided gesture. I Apologize to the staff of DA as Well, if they Feel the need to Suspend both of My accounts, so Be it. I Am Ready To Take Whatever’s Coming to Me.


—GoddessMillennia, doing the right thing.

Even her pathetic friends attempted to defend her by hacking her DA page and sending out comments. This is just another fumble in the lifelong abortion that is Millie's life.

I think one of the reasons I am singled out in the fandom is because I'm not a part of the majority.

I am neither on the yaoi fans nor anti-yaoi fans side. Yaoi fans have a constant habit of supporting illogical pairings, while anti-yaoi fans bitch hypocritically about them doing so, simply supporting het pairings because it's not yaoi even though are not only illogical, they're impossible.


—Lies, lies, and more lies.

But apparently she is in fact made of lies, because she has moved on to a new DA account, Blackflame95(troll accordingly). She insists that OMG it isn't her u gaiz, but after three minutes of reading her dumbass comments, the truth comes out.

I'm not GoddessMillenia!


—"Blackflame", even running cannot save you.


Millie had yet another Jewtube shit fit sometime last Thursday. A few months ago, someone posted a comment on this YouTube Favicon.png this piece of shit pointing out that Kain and Raziel can't have babies. Millie proceeded to get butthurt and did her usual spiel. She was promptly pwned.

GoddessMillenialolzcapz About missing Pics

If you see her doing any more lulzy things, cap that shit, or precious lulz may be lost forever.

EDIT - She's back again. YouTube Favicon.png No real lulz at the moment but at least it confirms that she's not an hero just yet. Plus she dropped some more true gems, such as:

I love how extremely ignorant fucks think that only words that can be capitalized are at the beginning of a sentence and pronouns. I also absolutely adore how people deny that they aren't hypocritical homophobes, yet don't hesitate to call someone a 'fucking faggot'. Well it's been fun, perhaps a little too fun. However as previously mentioned by others, your childish, immature, and ineffective insults are beginning to bore me.




She's returned to dA AGAIN. She is, of course, continuing to be a fucktard about everything from the correct British English spelling of "colour" to, of course, her favorite yaoi pairing. If you see anything, cap that shit and add it to this gallery:


Also worth noting: she has a FAQ Page on her website that's loaded with more priceless quotes. One of these gems happens to be the following:


It is pointed out that "asexual" can refer either to a lack of gender or a lack of sexual orientation.

Religion Angers me because People Blindly and Mindlessly follow and Believe in something that has no evidence to back it up.


—GoddessMillennia, on hypocrisy

[[Not too late. Collapse it.][More brainless shit ?]]

Scientists have proven that other Planets and Dimensions exist in the Universe.

Unlike the Bible's Historically Inaccurate, BullShit Story, which is said to have taken place here on Earth. So I Do think that Other Worlds could exist somewhere.


—GoddessMillennia, missing the subtlety of metaphors

I am Nineteen Years Old. I was Born March 3, 1988.


—GoddessMillennia, not realizing that this would make her 20.

I am Currently on Break from attending a Technical School.

The Tests I took there indicated that My IQ Level is above a High School and even some College Graduates.


—GoddessMillennia, on accomplishments

Well for one, since I want to get into some kind of Graphic Art, I hope to learn even more about Technology.


—GoddessMillennia, not realizing that "technical colleges" aren't named so because of their abundance of CSIII students

If you have a MySpace account, you can view all My Photographs.


—GoddessMillennia, asking for it. Hard.

I'm Bisexual.


—GoddessMillennia, lying

Canon means that it follows the StoryLine, or Reasonable evidence that it follows the StoryLine.


—GoddessMillennia, contradicting herself

Breaking News - Millie is posting Sonic shit now!


Unfortunately, I'm not doing too well. I'm actually in a very serious critical condition.

Anyways, I just got a new Sega Dreamcast that actually works beautifully.


—GoddessMillennia, staring death down with the latest, most cutting edge technology.

In June 2008, a relatively sane Legacy of Kain fangirl tried to confront GoddessDelusional with quotes from an interview with one of the game series' creators denouncing any potential for Raziel's sex life (Game Informer asked "Is there a lucky lady in Raziel's future?" and director Amy Hennig answered "I don't know how lucky she'd be - Raziel's jaw isn't the only thing that got burned off in the vortex.").

Millie's response? To hide the comment.

The same thing happened when someone posted an interview with Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi confirmed that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were lesbos, in spite of Millie's insistence that Sailor Uranus had some kind of relationship with Sailor Moon.

See Also

Love Calculator says GoddessMillenia IS FULL OF LIES!!1

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Those Dying Alone

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Their Methods

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