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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
*YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGa9faDFdlj-vfWSi98BHdA
* YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGa9faDFdlj-vfWSi98BHdA
* Carrd.co: https://glitchlov.carrd.co/
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/glitchlov5270

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Glitchlov_(aka Sherman) is an unwanted 19 year old scumbag who wastes so much time catfishing people as well as harassing others to the point he stalks others too, and begs for forgiveness and tries to get everyone to move on.

Who is this retarded scumbag?

Somewhere mysterious holds this unwanted scumbag who wastes his time catfishing people and then tries to get their forgiveness and move on, but only ends up stirring trouble to them making everything worse. He also wastes his time jerking off to his waifu, Mina from Jelly Jamm.

The many usernames

Sherman has made so many alt accounts to the point you can tell it's him

  • Maximiliano López (the newest one)
  • EmiliaFan5
  • ThePsion
  • xylo_
  • cydiabyte
  • unknownanimal265
  • MagicLantern234


Following her around nonstop

Somewhere in the dubbing community, he befriended a user named JennALT, cause she liked Jelly Jamm, and the character Mina, to the point, he decided to stalk her in a few servers. Trying to act innocent through the situation, he really set himself up to this. Claiming to be a true "Mina Fan" when in reality, he really was going for an excuse to just catfish a girl he probably had a crush on.

Sherman's Adventures of Catfishing About missing Pics
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Oddly enough, Sherman had an Inkbunny Account where he would draw porn of characters from Jelly Jamm and PlayKids.

Sherman Today

Sherman is still around today, under the name of "Glitchlov_", and had another attempt to catfishing a ytpmver under the name of Midori (who also created this article), in an attempt to try and get more ytpmv information from Midori to basically copying his style of visuals.

Sherman again wasting everyone's time with stupid shit like this.

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