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GillPanda is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

How he looks...
...and how he wishes he looked like.
Oh snap!!

Pixel Penguin a.k.a. GillPanda (Real name: Pierre Jackson) is a nigger weeaboo, who thinks he knows everything, and is an elitist fatass furfag. The most sufficient term capable of describing GillPanda is weaboo. He draws tons of manga which he never ever finishes. After finishing a chapter, he immediatly starts a new series, which he then never finishes and does it all over again. His murrsona now is a female piplup rip-off penguin. What makes this even worse is the fact that he is in reality a black male, NOT A WOMAN. Not only that, he really acts like his character as seen on his Ustream shows, raising his voice to sound female, referring to everyone not a furry as human, and various references to feathers and penguins when doing something in RL.

Before the Penguin

He lost the scale in his fat
Not much of an improvement

Before he became even more of a furfag and switched to a female penguin, he was a huge, fat ass gay panda. At first he started out innocent enough, drawing hetero furry porn, but soon the fandom consumed him and made him realize he actually loved the cock. He began drawing more solo porn of his fat murrsona, but he felt he needed to share his body with someone else. He began looking for a mate which he has gone through several, all only serving to get him off when he wants to.

Secret Accounts

Gillpanda slowly began becoming more obsessed with his characters, began playing different parts. One was some lame Pikachu rip-off colored black and suffering from diabetes. He saw fit that it deserved its own account. It was later abandoned. Another one was made just for his Care Bear manga, which he also abandoned and never finished, big surprise. Again he made yet another, this time a female dragon named Violetta. This was the first sign of him wanting to be a woman. Yet again this account was abandoned. Still he made yet another one, this time of some sort of furry mouse thing, and wouldn't you know it, abandoned after a few days. It is believed there were possible more fail accounts, but he kept most of them a secret; however, with enough searching, anyone could find him as he only draws fat, animu, furries.

Aspiring Artist Endeavors

Gill has a dream, and his dream in life is to publish a fat furry manga series, as well as own an animation studio entirely devoted to faggotry. Of course, that won't happen, because nobody would buy it, and no television station would want to air an anime about morbidly obese furries on adventures.

Hamsters that go on adventures? Totally original

His Animations

Holding true to his goal, he began animating his own crap in flash. Believe it or not, one project he worked on was decent enough that he was part of a flash collaboration over on Newgrounds. The project was called $00pah NiN10Doh!. It was surprisingly decent when he is not animating fatass furries. Now he is trying to do his own animation by ripping off Hamtaro. He calls it HamsterJam and the hamsters are unique and look nothing like Hamtaro, therefore it is an original idea.

His Manga

Like any weeaboo, he tries to make his own manga, even going as far as purchasing MangaStudio for it. He had started out with one story he called "Coligra" where every furry was a fat ass diabetic and his character was the cliche hero with special hidden powers and a giant paintbrush as his weapon, like that could do anything. The brush was so large, it was an obvious rip-off to Bleach.

He however scrapped that idea and went on and rewrote it, this time taking place further in the chapter, most likely ignoring his first failed attempt and possibly the original storyline he started out with. This time it had some cameo appearances from his fat ass friends, most notably Zero Whitefang. Their appearance was short lived however, as he abandoned that one and rewrote it AGAIN. And just like last time, he ignored his last failed attempt and went with a Naruto rip-off setting. Yet again, proving he can't finish a damn thing, he stopped that and started to work on different ones. One quick side-story that resulted in failure again was an unmemorable Care Bear manga. Yup, he is just destroying all your childhood memories in record time. What's worse is his horrible grammar and spelling he uses in the dialogue of his manga, making him seem like an illiterate 12 year old.

Latest Manga

His latest manga is titled "Dae Hyun", and just like his other mangas, he has to make it sound remotely Japanese and include his sick fuck fetishes. This one contains transformation, where the human protagonist is transformed into a Corgi by an evil Spanish speaking Chihuahua. What makes this unintentionally funny is that he used Google translator to come up with the Spanish dialogue. Any Mexican person can easily figure out Gill is a retard and doesn't know one word of Spanish.

The Fandom Rape (His Art)

Gill ponders how else he can ruin the fandumb.

Everything he draws is anime with the typical animu eyes, coloring, and expressions. Only difference is everything is fat and furry. And that is the only difference. But just like every weeaboo he has to ruin every anime, cartoon, movie, or video game with his faggy drawings.


Like all furries, he is broke and working at Wal-Mart isn't enough to support his furfaggotry. So he ended taking commission. For some reason he did not use PayPal and went with Second Life as his form of bank. Whoever wanted some of his amazing artwork would need to pay him in SL currency which he would then convert into real money. Little did the twink know, that he would actually be receiving less money than if he were to get real money in the real world.

Soon enough he wised up and began taking real money. However, he believed his art was that of a professional so he began charging oblivious furs $30 for an openCanvas sketch. Right now, a fully colored digital "painting" costs $75 +$15 for additional character and another $15 for a painted background. To him a painted background is a photo-shopped photo in the background ran through filters. Recently he was fired from Wal-Mart for allegedly stealing items from the store. Now he only relies on people buying his gay porn.


Last Thursday in June, Gillpanda was minding his own business when some anon decided it would be funny to hack his account on FA and delete everything. All the art, manga, journals, even scraps and replace the avatar with a black box with the words "Moved! Sorry Guys! ^^" This caused much confusion that his fanboys were wondering wtf happened. It started to become apparent after his #1 Fan Two-Ton-Neko made a journal bawwing about how Gill was actually hacked, causing his fans to become butt-hurt and curse the name of the trolls.

Gillpanda then, still having control of his DevianTART, made a journal bawwing about it, saying they had "taken everything from me!" However, here is where he is found out for his stupidity. Turns out one of the commenters revealed the dumbass actually gave out his password to a few people he "trusted". He was never actually hacked, he was just too stupid to keep his password a secret and someone just easily logged in and fucked up everything for the lulz.


That comment was later hidden and flagged as spam. Guess someone doesn't like it when others tell the truth.

Pixel the Rip-off Artist


This artist not only draws unattractive fat tubs o'lard but he is so unoriginal he has to resort to copying poses and ideas and claiming them as his own original. Only when he is found out, does he add a statement in the description that "This was inspired by <some artist>" hoping that will keep away the trolls. One example can be found on the original artist's journal. It should be noted when reading through the comments, there is a user named "eggroll" that goes about defending Pixel. But when you look into this person's page, it is a brand new account. Taking an even closer look, you find the journal was created on July 6th, 2009, while the account was created the next day on July 7th, 2009. It is a high possibility that this account is a sock puppet of Pixel (also because the name "eggroll" is a name of an Asian food. Weeaboo indeed).

It is also revealed that he has a track record of doing this many times before which had pissed off some of his former friends. More information on this is a must have.

The artist in question has a track record of taking other artists ideas and claiming them as his own. So when you see something like this by him, there's a 99.99% chance that ripped it off from someone else. I used to be very well acquainted with him in the past and he used to pull this crap with me a lot of the damn time. It could be a mere coincidence, but his bad reputation make it highly doubtful.


VDisco, Thanks for the info!

Same pose, only more of a fatass

More Evidence

When Gill was friends with someone, he would end up copying a pose that they had drawn, IF you happened to have been an artist as good as Gill that is. Another piece he did again shows how he is unoriginal. But don't let his explanations fool you, if he says he forgot to mention he was "inspired by" someone, it is most likely a lie

VDisco has drawn up this piece for Gill which in the description calls out Gill for being selfish. Over here is our culprit. Although it isn't in Gill's original gallery because of the "hacker", it was colored by someone else Gill had used. However he clearly states that Gill was the one to draw it.

More fake accounts (AKA his lover)

If that was not enought faggotry from this nigger, he realized that he will never get laid until he chop off his tiny nigger dick and make his dreams of become a fatass azn woman come true, instead of spending a shitoad of money in McDonalds. So, instead of doing the most reasonable thing, he made 3 accounts on FagAffinity to pretend to be best friends with other furfags and have a partner. The three accounts where discovered to be:

  • Kazecat "Muscular" cat, but there is a fucking fat, gay hippo over there. Also, "Kaze" is the japanese word for "Wind". Weeaboo indeed.
  • GrizzlyBane Also a fucking fatass bear.
  • BangaBear His "Real Life" lover, note that he is also a nigger, a weeaboo and a fat sack of shit too.


Just like any retarded furry, he is bound to make stupid comments.

thatas boring, "reading"


—Gill hates reading. That's why he can't type worth shit

...i hate humans, im tired.


—Gill, proving that Gothzilla is a bad influence.

In response to trolling [A DA troll called him a fat black man who cant spell and draws sex art 'cuz he can't get a date.)

im sorry but you really need to look at youre own gallery and tell me why i should insult you for taking photos of youre dog in a art site? but im not gonna stoop to youre LV. i dont need to know how to spell to create good artwork and to make my point in the picture thats nothing more than just a thought


Saying that makes absolutely no sense, photography is a type of art, and the only thought that he creates his art from is, I'm masturbating to this nauw or mmm MC.Donalds.

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