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Gengar-For-Ever/Starlight-wave, aka Ciara or Tiff, is another dime-a-dozen talentless Sonicfag with an obsession for NINJAAAAAAAAAS, becoming popular, and Sonic Porn. She's an 18 year old girl who lives in England, plays World of Warcraft and invented stripes. She loves to hang out with her boyfriend, Nic, who also invented stripes. Don't even question it, they are fucking geniuses.

Recent Drama

A Common Sight on Ciara's Page


This drawing summarizes it all

On July 29th, famed DeviantTARTlet and Sonicfag, FizTheAncient, was diagnosed with t-cell lymphoma (which later turned out to be a misdiagnoses). Understandably, she made a journal on Deviantart about it to explain her absence and inform her friends about her situation. One of her friends, sonicgir21, also made a journal asking others to send their love and support to her ill comrade.

Ciara, being the kind and caring person that she is, left a thoughtful reply on sonicgirl21's journal. Instead of offering her condolences, Ciara decided to bitch about how much of a hypocrite and drama queen Fiz was. She stated that if she was ever diagnosed with cancer she wouldn't make a huge journal about it on DA, despite the fact that at the time she commented, she had a huge journal on her DA complaining about how she was sick with hay fever. A massive shitstorm emerged, and as expected Ciara had her boyfriend attack everyone who dared to call her out on her dumbassery, while she denied that she did anything wrong.

Ciara later sent an insincere apology to Fiz (which she accepted for whatever reason), then later made a journal on DA to make it clear that she was making fun of "just Fiz, not her cancer". CURSE YOU DUMBFUCKS FOR NOT READING PROPERLY!!! It's sad that she seemed more concerned about people reading it wrong than, I don't know, the fact that she decided to unearth a 2 year old grudge at the worst possible time in the most tasteless way ever. Then again, it's Ciara, so it's not really a surprise. However, some people were so surprised by her behavior that a thread on deviantart's complaints forum was made.

The Yuri Drama

The image in question

On October 28th, the deviantART user C-Squirrel/Crystal posted up a journal, talking about how Ciara and her boyfriend has basically forced her into drawing a threesome yuri picture of their three characters. Crystal complied and sketched the picture, while Ciara and Nic finished the drawing up and posting it to their own galleries. Afterwards, Crystal felt awkward and uncomfortable with drawing any more of their requests, and politely told them that she would no longer draw such things for the couple. The couple were devastated. Ciara cried after hearing that she could no longer get yuri from Crystal. Nic's ginger pubes exploded into flames in rage. After still trying to get the girl to draw their porn for them and not being met with the answer they wanted, they proceeded to block her and call her a whore, even though the reason that Crystal wasn't responding quickly at the time was because she was busy.

Crystal initially ignored it, but apparently people were bothering her about it. She then tried to apologize to Ciara, even though she had nothing to apologize for, and because of that was threatened to be reported. She had enough and posted the journal, which quickly gained about 500 replies within a matter of days. Unfortunately, the journal is now deleted, but some choice screencaps remain. This event caused many people to come forward and talk about their experiences with Ciara.


On September 25th, this lovely post was made on the LiveJournal community, Lj-favicon.png deviantARTsnark. While trolling the snarkees is usually not advisable, a few went ahead and did it anyways. This caused a plethora of COMMENT HIDDEN BY OWNER and whining from both Ciara and Nic. The trolling got to them so much, despite saying it wasn't bothering them, that they both switched accounts. A little more than a month later, the hatred that was being spread about both of them obviously got too much for them, and they both left their accounts forever. However, seeing as what raging attention whores the both of them are, it is only a matter of time before both of them get new accounts, so be on the lookout.

Screenshots and Shit About missing Pics

Nic is not awesome

Whenever poor old Ciara is faced with the issue of constructive criticism, instead of just saying "thanks but no thanks", she has her amazing boyfriend come to her rescue. With his amazing wit and boyish charm, he fights off all the flamers and trolls, because his sweetheart's art is perfect, I say, PERFECT!! And then when it's all over, Ciara hides all the comments, to make it seem like people were attacking her even though they were just trying to help her out.

Ciara's Beautiful Creations

Fan Art

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