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The Gendo Pose (aka Evil Ambassador Pose) is a meme from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Gendo(u) Ikari is a Batshit insane scientist and leader of the Nerv and its projects. He once had a normal relationship with his wife Yui and his son Shinji, but then his wife turned into goo and merges with a biological mech and Gendo kicks Shinji out of the house. This causes Shinji to become a whiny emo bitch that is incapable of fucking a 16 year old ginger bitch that keeps throwing herself at him, and Gendo's attempts to bring back his wife result in the blue-haired Rei instead.

Throughout the series, Gendo uses a trademark pose whenever he's speaking, thinking, or simply waiting. The pose involves hands clasped together and covering the mouth plus the bonus of shiny glasses. The hands and glasses (and sometimes eyebrows) are often shopped onto photos.


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