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"Wikipedia's gender imbalance is a non-problem in search of a misguided solution."


in a nutshell

"The price of 25 million cups of coffee is all we need!"
Wikipedia gendergap, in a nutshell
gb2Facebook, bitch

The Wikipedia Gendergap is an excuse devised by the Wikimedia Foundation to hire more incompetent engineering staff, ostensibly to attract more female editors to Wikipedia. This initiative completely ignores the fact that Wikipedia's female participation rate of ~13% is close to the 15% participation rate of similar sites. Your donations to Wikimedia Foundation reached $77 million in 2015, up from a paltry $55 million in 2014, and $42 million in 2013. This is enough to keep Wikipedia up for another 20 years or so, but the goal here is not to provide "the sum of all human knowledge"... the actual goal is to provide jobs for otherwise unemployable white male "engineers" gathered up from IRC.

WMF Engineering

The Foundation has a miserable cost / benefit ratio and for years now has spent millions on software development without producing anything that actually works.


The Wikipedia Signpost

Wikipedia has pretended to entice women to edit by using the following feeble tactics, without success:

  1. The Wikipedia Teahouse, since women prefer a social environment to discuss the toxic culture of Wikipedia, instead of individual talkpages
  2. Visual Editor, since brackets and curly braces are beyond the comprehension of women. It is still spewing out errors on a regular basis.
  3. Wikipedia Echo, a new notification system that combines the autism of Wikipedia with the notification system of Facebook
  4. Adding tons of dicks to Commons, because there's nothing chicks like more than penises attached to old, fat, white Germans
  5. Flow, nobody is sure what it does, but it's named after menses so it's for women
  6. MoodBar is expected to make a return. Expect drama.
  7. The Gender Gap Task Force, or GGTF for short. Recently the subject of an ArbCom case.

All of this is going on while needed projects like Tool Labs are ignored. In January, 2015 the Foundation announced that the WMF will not issue any grants to any project that does not directly address the gender gap for three months, resulting in great butthurt on the Wikimedia-l mailing list.

ProfessorFarnsworth.png Good News, Everyone!

EDiots are encouraged to infiltrate the Foundation. Competence is not required, and you'll get the chance to spit in your boss's coffee, for the lulz.

Update: Wikipedia:Flow has been discontinued as of October 2015:

Starting in October, Flow will not be in active development, as we shift the team's focus to these other priorities. We'll be helping core contributors reduce the stress of an ever-growing workload, and helping the next generation of contributors participate in those processes. Further development on these projects will be driven by the needs expressed by wiki communities.


WT:FLOW, on the millions of donor dollars wasted on Flow

Other efforts to close the gender gap

GenderGap Task Force

The Gender Gap Task Force, abbreviated "GGTF", is the Wikipedia community's effort to attract and retain female editors. It was recently the subject of a protracted ArbCom case, in which several female editors were banned. Of this effort, WMF employee Ryan Kaldari famously said:

If Carol Moore is banned from Wikipedia and Eric Corbett is not, I will be retiring from Wikipedia, as it will prove that the project is completely dysfunctional.


Kaldari, who didn't actually retire

Despite Ryan's threat to retire, Carol Moore was indeed banned, along with several other female Wikipedians, and the use of the word "cunt" was officially endorsed by ArbCom.

GGTF Participants

[16:42] <Ironholds> Qcoder00: that view is stupid

[16:42] <Ironholds> mind you, so are most of the participants in the gendergap discussion



Ironholds, on the Gendergap


Lulz were had when Sarah Stierch, a female Wikipedian, held an "edit-a-thon" at the Smithsonian. Of the few articles created from this venture, all were nominated for deletion, sometimes twice. Most of the articles survived, but only after Stierch had been thoroughly trolled.

It should be mentioned that for Ms Stierch's efforts in encouraging women to edit Wikipedia, she was paid so poorly that she took paid editing gigs to make ends meet. The executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, Sue Gardner called this a "black hat" practice, before firing her and encouraged male Wikipedians to gut her autobiography. It remains to this day in tatters on English Wikipedia, anyone who tries to add anything nice about her is automatically reverted was deleted when the ugly truth was exposed by reliable sources.


[00:06] <Ironholds> he is a narrow-minded beardy fuckwit who understands half of what he's talking about and can communicate maybe a quarter. If you gave me a copy of his book I would choose to eat it before I chose to read it. He thinks that the gendergap is all about gender. Fucking moron


Oliver Keyes, pointing out that it's actually about sinecures for Foundation employees, we love ya Ollie

The Wikimedia Foundation paid for many, many expensive studies to determine the extent to which women edit Wikipedia, a community obsessed with anonymity, and riddled with gender neutral people, trannies, "questioners", and those who do not identify with any gender. These totally accurate surveys revealed that Wikipedia is basically a sausagefest, and many, many more expensive studies by the friends of WMF employees will be needed to close the gendergap.

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