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Boldly going where no Gay Niggers have gone before...
GNfOS amp

Gay Niggers from Outer Space is a cult 1992 film, directed by the Danish filmmaker known as Master Fatman. The plot revolves around a spaceship's crew composed of the gay niggers ArmInAss, Capt. B. Dick, D. Illdo, and Sgt. Shaved Balls.


The group arrives in Earth from the planet Anus and discover the presence of Women. Confused, the four niggers eradicate females and leave behind a Gay Ambassador (Johnny Conny Tony Thomas) to educate the male population on the homosexual way of life. Dramatically, after women are eliminated, the film changes from black and white to rainbows, to illustrate the liberation of the male species from vicious women by turning to the freedom of homosexuality.

GNfOS also inspired the name of the legendary trolling organization Gay Nigger Association of America.

The Original IMDB Review

Biscuitbutt81 Eugene, Oregon

Date: 14 October 2001 Summary: The gay nigger movie to end all gay nigger movies . . .

When the first gay nigger walks onto the screen, you know you're in for a real treat. It is almost to impossible articulate, in words, the sheer, visionary brilliance of this film.

Julien Garneau-Proulx gives the performance of his life as the janitor's son. Although he spends most of his time cleaning his father's bath house, and he dies rather early at the hands of the Super Gay Nigger, he leaves an unforgettable impression on the audience.

The music is amazing as well. "Gay Niggers Eat Pigs and Fly on Penises Made of Ham and Brown Ham, Because They're Gay Niggers" is an oscar-worthy song. This song plays during the scene when Gay Nigger Jim rapes a toilet and explodes, and unless you're souless, it will make you cry.

The stuff of legends . . .


this movie is quite unny at points


—Barry Norman

This film could have been made at any point in history -- but it wasn't until the early 1990s that such a cast and crew found each other and created such a piece. Such a masterpiece. That's what this film turned out to be, against all odds. And that's much how the theme of the movie is. The benevolent protagonists of the film are vastly outnumbered, and against all odds, they turn the planet earth into a place where men can be men. It sounds so simple -- and perhaps it is.

Gayniggers from Outer Space goes against a number of things we've learned. Just like a victim of chronic shock torture can scarcely believe he's not suffering anymore after it's over, the men from this film emerge into an accepting and understanding world -- a world with a memory of where it's been still lingering, no doubt. But the Gayniggers... they leave an ambassador behind to ease the transition into a better life for every man, just as the greatest saint in history would console the most despondent and lost soul. But this film burdens itself not with any theological issues as such, but rather with the utterly existential.

That delivers us to the next point. It is of little doubt that the cast of this film was utterly satisfied with their performance -- the fact that most of them never sought another role attests to this. Indeed, when they all die, they will leave behind a legacy -- a gift, truly, to the future generations. They set an example to us all, merely by being in the film. Most of us will never endow humanity with such a treasure, but it's almost as if they're nudging us and smiling, while saying something like, "It's alright. We took care of some of the heavy lifting for humanity. But we've got your ass -- any time you need us, just remember us. We're there, watching over you."


—"tanolin" from IMDb

And so it is. A classic was born.


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