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Nice cock, Gay God
With who? Probably Muhammed

Gay God, or Matthew Lush, is the new face of the homosexual community. The personification of everything that is wrong with modern faggotry, Matthew is a pompous, self-absorbed, homosexual emo vegetarian Jeffree Star wannabe, even though we all know he eats meat. Ironically, he was apparently seen dating a girl in early 2008, but a 'pics or it didn't happen' policy was applied, and this has been disproved. Moreover, Gay God likes to present himself as rich and beautiful, but recent evidence reveals he is a broke joke.

He has a man-filled fanclub and sells overpriced gay T-shirts on his amazing website. He was also voted 'cutest vegetarian' on PETA a while back. This proves that PETA is made up entirely of homosexuals. One of his groups is based around using smilies that he has taken from a website that advertises on MySpace. This probably means that he's giving out gay pr0n of himself to the members, because seriously, why else would anyone join?

Gay God's number one enemy, besides haters and meat, is fat. Every insult he throws at you is laced with 'omg well you're just a fatty with no life, go eat somemore Krispy Kremes you lardass!' Too bad most of his fangirls are all fat ass 13-year olds trying to look pretty in the $30.00 dollar Smashbox coverup mommy bought them (but omg, Smashbox doesn't test on animals guyz!). Even with their internet disease-ridden fat girl angle shots they cannot hide their greasy rolls of blubber that they attempt to hide from the Auschwitz-skinny Gay God.

Someone is looking fancy!
Gay God often lets wild bears birds into his home while the rents are out.

Gay God is remarkably shallow, even by faggot standards. Seriously, even most faggots hate him. Case in point: On his "how to come out" video he revealed the horrible secret that when he first came out to his mom, SHE TOOK AWAY HIS INTERWEBZ FOR A WEEK OMG THAT INHUMAN BITCH!!!!, ignoring the fact that a lot of gay people suffer from a lot worse when they come out. Truth be told, internet banning seems to be the worst problem Gay God has ever dealt with, which is probably what led to his remarkable ability to be an annoying little shit.

Gay God is quite fond of eBaying off his PETA sweaters and underwearz; his auctions always end with bids of over 9000 dollars due to the masses of horny fantards who would sell their souls to be able to hold the unwashed tighty-whities of their hero. After withdrawing the heaps of cash that his adoring fans willingly shell out, Gay God goes off and buys moar useless crap and MAC makeup so he can have makeup parties with his friend Jeffree Star and then posts teh pix on MySpace for more attention. One would assume that the champion of gays and savior of animals would maybe donate a portion of his profits to AIDS research or animal rights groups, but apparently just standing upon his virtual soapbox and ranting is enough for Gay God. Saving a lot of cows and protecting gays by ranting to a bunch of dysfunctional emo girls on MySpace really helps the world, Gay God. Thanks.


Screenshot from the video
Nice hair, Gaygod

Although there are no n00dz on his ModelMayhem account, we at Encyclopedia Dramatica have them.

Gay God's Reaction to this Article

it's really gotten this bad, hasn't it
Wow. Okay...Where do I start... One of my friends linked me to this. You guys seriously have no lives. Not like you can do anything to me though ^^. You're just fat geeks on the internet, I'm not too worried about it. I've done nothing to any of you but state my own opinion on my own myspace. I even warned you that what I wrote was my own opinion. But whatever, you guys can just be idiotic meat-eating homophobes. Not like it hurts me any. At the end of the day, I still have a cute boyfriend who loves me, while all you have is your parents basement."


—Gay God, informing us what he says is his opinion


Sorry Homophobes! D:

Lush once again proves himself as cum-guzzling hypocritical faggot.

Facts as Expressed by Gay God

Matthew Lush is a pedo!!!1!
  • People shouldn't test animals, at all, even if it means we won't discover any future cures for AIDS or cancer.
  • People shouldn't eat animals, because if we do "we're not hip, or with it." and we're probably closet Republicans. This quote only proves further that Gay God couldn't care less about animals and only cares about his image on teh interbutts. LOL FAIL.
  • You can't be Republican and gay, because if you are, YOU'RE VERY VERY WRONG!
  • People shouldn't eat unorganic food, even though food grown in labs is twice the size of any food grown on a farm and could feed entire countries, but Gay God thinks there's something wrong with them.
  • Thinks he is going to change the world. We're still waiting.
  • If you flag me on YouTube U R A HOMOPHOBE!!!!111111
  • Stresses the usage of herbal medicines over modern-day pharmaceuticals, when about 100 years ago people thought herbal medicine could be found in conjunction with the physical appearance of a limb; IE a whale looking like your mom, or a tree looking like my penis.
  • People in China don't eat babies. They eat souls. (YA RLY. Just ask the little girl in The Ring.)
  • Claims he starved, but ironically still radiates gay. Does not compute.
  • He actually believes that the world is going to end in 2012.

Memorable Quotes

  • "If you're so fond of the taste of flesh, go eat some babies with those other sick fucks in China."
  • "Like seriously, If you're the type of person that goes to McDonald's everyday... Wow, lets not even go there tubby."
  • "My mom would cook the meat in the spaghetti sauce, and put chicken broth in the potatoes. Anything to try and get me to eat some form of animal. And guess what happened? I starved."
  • "All things like Advil do is hide the problem, If I was you I'd invest in organic remedies. Ones that have been proven to work for thousands of years that have been covered up by the FDA and your lousy ass government." (This is especially hilarious because the FDA has no control over herbal medicine by law. So there's no way they'd be able to "cover it up".)
  • "We're all meant to be omnivores." (wat?)
  • "I eat meat, Roxy, tell them I eat meat."

Gay God on

ED is a bastion of illegal activities and home to scum of the Earth, according to the brilliant legal analysts at GayGod's MySpace fan group.

In the early days of stickam Gay God was almost always driven into a private room with him and a mere several dozen of his ever so hip and trendy friends, most of them being /b/tards in disguise looking for lulz. Many times he just left. When stickam placed a "friends only option" in it, it was Gay God's bat signal to return to scene of the crime. But 1337 hax0r /b/tards found a hole in the code that allowed them to breach Gay God's defenses and spam his room, driving Matty to:

  • Tears
  • Calling stickam mods on his cellphone ON CAM
  • Getting stickam shut down for 5 minutes after reporting "OMG Hax0rs"
  • Shutting his room almost on any site of "teh h4x0rs"

And the lulz only increase. As he is surrounded by narrow-minded fat chicks who:

  • Called for banning of the unbannable hax0rs
  • Screaming "GET A LIFE YOU LOSER" (in belief that a group was 1 person, seeing as no more than 1 person could dislike Gay God)
  • Crying
  • Screaming
  • Jiggled their fat rolls in anger.

This is considered a massive win for the remainder of /b/tards on stickam still harvesting the tits and lulz.

Gaygod gets reviewed

Gay God the EBeggar

Gay God, being the eternal faggot that he is, logged onto stickam, and tried to convince his fans to buy him a new cell phone, in exchange for his cell phone number. Gay God apparently forgot that nobody would really want to talk to him, IRL.

This, of course, ended in a fiery holocaust of fail and bitch, in which Gay God left with a bruised ego, streaming mascara, and no new iphone to play with.

What You Can Do to Help

Who: Matthew Lush (AKA GayGod)


When: 5PM PST, Mondays and Thursdays. (That's when his call-in show begins)

Why: For great justice.


1. Call in and ask him good solid questions. Spamming the chatroom will just get you kicked.

2. ????????

3. PROFIT!!!!

Let's show him the real meaning of love.


You heard the man. Send him some love!

Update!! You can now send all of your vocal loving praise to his very own PERSONAL #: +13232710151

Go ahead and do it! He's asking for it.


Even his fans want your calls!

Gaygod's Stickam has been getting over 9000 hits a week. Unfortunately, too few of those were from /b/tards. He's a lulzcow waiting to be milked live on webcam. It must be trolled for great justice!

His MySpace group is no longer under his control, as he fails as an admin, the remaining supporters lol-cows and scene whores.

Apparently the retards at homosexual deity's group have gotten wind that ED is, gasp, an enclave of homophobia and h4x0rz. What this means, who knows? It was brought up back in August so those fucktards either did something so minor that it doesn't even matter or they're too busy collectively cluster fucking themselves to touch Matt's AIDS encrusted penis.

"My Online Gay Boyfriend"

Last Thursday, Gaygod and the YouTube partners decided to troll the Internet for views and lulz when they concocted the "My Online Gay Boyfriend" contest. Typical of a liberal, Gaygod included an old guy, an ugly guy, and a retard. Nobody was fooled, everyone knew those guys were just tokens. In the end, the contest was won by an effeminate young man named Ari. This displeased Gay God, who wanted Simon to win. The winner was promised a trip to Los Angeles, among other prizes, none of which materialized. Gaygod responded by releasing Ari's n00dz, and uploading an online rant, which was quickly taken down. Anon failed to save the video, but some argue that it is just not released yet.

Simon should have won


—Gaygod, on why he gypped Ari out of his prizes

Ari responds

HERE IS THE FULL STORY: So there is a private group on Facebook (that is 18+) that is a social community for a large number of gay men all over the globe and they have an 18+ tumblr where the people in the group can post photos of themselves. I don't follow it on my tumblr because it is just not my kinda style and I don't need to follow a porn blog when I don't reblog nude photos. My friend Katie on Saturday got on my computer and like the little meddling twat she is posted a picture of me in my thong in a suggestive pose on there and it JUST got posted today. Matthew brought it to my attention that it got posted and I said are you serious I asked them to delete it because my friend sent it to them as a joke with a cheesy line saying "Who needs topless tuesday when you can have bottomless tuesday" LIKE I WOULD NEVER SAY A LINE THAT CHEESY AND PATHETIC Nor would I post a seminude pic of myself on tumblr... So now after I told him that he said "Mhmm" Then posts the meanest tweet in the world saying "Simon should have won"

Makes me look like an asshole and little does everyone no he gives me ZERO time of day when I talk to him, every text is a one word response, and now when some shit stirs up he bothers to talk to me; I have literally had it AND may I mention I have more dirt on him over this entire competition and no one knows about it, yet I don't spill it like a 16 year old high schooler or tweet the world a dramatic tweet. Him saying simon should've won because I had a bitch of a friend post a picture of me on a tumblr site and when I had random people tweeting me links to his sex tape and pictures of his penis I told him right away, warned him, and told him not to worry that I still supported and respected him and he turns his back on me during all of this is a really low thing to do. I HATE ONLINE DRAMA and you just opened a huge can of it Matthew. Do I need to go further? I am not a vindictive person by any means but you texting me calling me a WHORE draws the line from me being nice. DONT YOU EVER SLANDER MY NAME WHEN ALL I HAVE EVER DONE IS PUT YOU ON A PEDESTAL AND RESPECTED YOU! I know who I am, I don't need you to tell me.


—Ari responds after Gaygod called him a whore

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