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Guy Fawkes Day aka Gay Fawkes Day is a British holiday celebrating Guy Fawkes, a man who is noteworthy only for failing to blow up the king of England. His relevance today stems primarily from Anonymous' keen ability to co-opt pop cultural images for their own meaningful causes. As far as holidays go, the rest of the world doesn't really give a shit about Guy Fawkes day.

On that day each year, the oh so edgy members of moralfag hacktivist "collective" Anonymous don their fedoras and 9fag masks and leave their houses for the first time in months in order to protest the Govt, among other things. Despite the fact that protests haven't done shit since the 60s, (and even for the 60s it's arguable,) every November 5th, they try to organize outside protest gatherings/parties in order to get the world/the media's attention, and miserably fail each time.

But why?

In order for these internet armchair activists to feel any sense of self-worth, they must feel like they've done something so revolutionary that they will be hailed as e-saviors by not just the regulars (the media and their Twitter e-pals,) but the world one day. Another factor of course, is to feel a sense of self-worth, and make themselves think that the government has given a fuck about them since '07. As such, they feel the need to try to fulfill these motivations by dressing up in cheap $5 Guy Fawkes masks, (purchased from their local Hot Topics,) and going out in public to commemorate the anniversary of a known religious extremist and terrorist bombing buildings, and attempting to assassinate folks.

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