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Gather Against Fate or GAF / GOLD / Aera / ERA / or whatever the fuck they call it for short, is NeoGAF's ResetERA's shitty Free Company (FC for short) from the previous 4.0/10 to 9.0/10 MMORPG game Final Fantasy XIV on the Ultros server. Ultros is also home of the meme GAF'D. Unlike all regular free companies, not only NeoGAF plays this boring game together as Gather Against Fate but they take their unholy disease that is social justice and spread it around the world of Eorzea. And if you think they still describe themselves as the nexus of hardcore gamers social justice warriors kicking players out of their safe space for different opinions they get triggered over, then you sir are correct. Other FFXIV players not from the virtual hivemind clearly describes GAF as not only a bunch of social justice cucks, but also assholes, smugs, white knights, male feminists, privilege checkers, and two of the main ingredients of it all...SHITTERS AND EROTIC ROLE PLAYERS!

With the death of NeoGAF, Gather Against Fate become a ResetERA guild known as ERA. It still doesn't change the fact that ERA is still both Gather Against Fate and ResetERA. Except ResetERA is a shittier NeoGAF 2.0 community for pedos, manbabies, social justice warriors, and other mentally sick fucks that retreated from the corpses of NeoGAF.

The Beginning

Did You Know: Maple 'Ookie' Cookie the creator of GAF has left FFXIV and his free company behind because he's TRIGGERED and knows GAF has a bad reputation!

Just like the rejects of Second Life.

It was August 24th, 2013. The once unsuccessful 4.0/10 MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV was re-released as the successful 9.0/10 Game of the Year MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The neckbeard fatties of NeoGAF got together and started a Free Company on the Ultros server as Gather Against Fate. Or GAF for short. Yeah, GAF, very original. The leader and founder of GAF is a serious fat neckbearded NeoGAF member who goes by his character name Maple 'Ookie' Cookie. He got the name Maple Cookie because he's a fatty glutton like NeoGAF mod Besada from stuffing his fat neckbeard face with delicious cookies and GAF's special cum-filled ookie cookies made with the love from NeoGAF. Maple Cookie recruited other co-founders from NeoGAF Strawberry 'loli lover' Shortcake, Safflower Amariyo, Baramoht Klynhollsyn, Drama 'The Drama Queen' Zeni, Elliott Kirkland, Mira 'Shemale' Mora, Odoru 'Weeaboo' Suika, Scything Moon, and Victor 'Victoria The Triggered' Strange. Together they are all GAF-backwards, Gather Against Fate!

From GAF to GOLD

No seriously we're from GOLD, not GAF!

Ever since their NeoGAF lord Tyler Malka is accused by women for rape and sexual assaults he has done in late October of 2017, the safe space and social justice kingdom NeoGAF has crumbled into flames along with the members and mods burning in panic. And nothing of value was lost.

Meanwhile at Final Fantasy XIV, NeoGAF's free company Gather Against Fate has heard the news and went apeshit. What did they do to avoid more humiliation and being trolled by non-GAF members? They change their tag from GAF to GOLD in order to be in disguise of a different free company, but keeping the name Gather Against Fate. Fortunately nobody's a dumbass to fall for their disguise.

From GOLD to ERA: The ResetERA Guild

No for real! We're Aera from ResetERA, not GAF!

Now that NeoGAF has fallen and better off burned to ashes and dust, the current GAF leader Drama "The Drama He-Queen" Zeni has a difficult time changing their guild name so they don't want the players to think they're from NeoGAF. Then he has the most brilliant idea he ever came up with. He decided to move to ResetERA and turn the NeoGAF guild into a ResetERA guild for ResetERA members only. Yes, ResetERA. Also known as NeoGAF 2.0. Where the pedos and manbabies and social justice warriors and the rest of the mentally fucked up triggered snowflakes retreated from the rotting corpse of NeoGAF and created their new home ResetERA. The fact that the players are still not that stupid to fall for their name change when they're stuck with the permanent name GATHER AGAINST FATE. No matter how many times they change the name, they'll always be trolled with GAF'D memes because making fun of their stupidity is always lulzworthy.


What is the word GAF'D? And why the fuck do we need to know? Is GAF'D a made up word by NeoGAF? By going deeper through research the answer is this: GAF'D is an inside joke and next FFXIV meme by everyone not from GAF that is literally mocking, trolling, and blaming Gather Against Fate for being shit and shit-terrible. Now most of the time people would shout GAF'D just for the good ol' lulz.

It begin back in a certain patch update in Final Fantasy XIV where elite hunts are available for everyone. All GAF members would greedily jew-pull every elite hunt early without everyone getting a chance. It's no mystery Maple 'Ookie' Cookie the creator of GAF is proud of it to make Final Fantasy XIV even more shittier than the game currently is. GAF has a tendency to be early elite hunt pullers and floor kissers which is why the meme GAF'D is created and officially making GAF the laughing stock from Ultros. And professional shitters.

Yup, played on Ultros for the first year of the games launch before transferring to Gilgamesh. GAF'D meme was born from hunts. Those obnoxious cunts would just pull aggro on any mob while others were waiting for more to join in order to get credit. Thus, you were "GAF'D". It does piss off GAF members from NeoGAF, since the reputation they had in the server was due to that.

GAF were like the violent, uncivilized niggers during Hurricane Katrina while other guilds were like the Japs during the 2011 tsunamis, orderly and respectful. I also trolled by early pulling a lot when near them and then shouted "GAF'D!". It was fucking hilarious.


—Anonymous FFXIV player from Ultros to Gilgamesh.

Other GAF actions include:

  • Screwing up on purpose and blaming other party members in Party Finder or Duty Finder.
  • Commonly outright leaving parties after one wipe including learning groups.
  • Joining FATE parties to leech experience points by doing nothing but sitting their fatasses down stuffing their faces with Doritos and Mountain Dew.
  • Joining elite hunt parties to pull early without waiting and leaves after they get a clear.
  • Erotic role-playing with different types of fetishes in public.
  • Not giving a shit to anyone or anybody outside of GAF.
  • Behaving like manchildren.
  • Spreading false advertisement on GAF being "friendly" and "drama free" and other false words to sucker morons to join the hivemind.
  • Staying true to the rules as listed above.
  • Fapping to trannies.
  • Taking showers once a month.
  • Getting triggered easily like special snowflakes.

The bottom line is this. Players on Ultros likes to shout GAF'D in trolling NeoGAF for not only their numerous failures, but for the lulz too...and GAF hates the lulz.

Bottom Line

Gallery Against Fate

Videos Against Fate

Gaffots in action


Quotes Against Fate

Quotes From GAF

Ever since The Hunt was introduced in patch 2.3, many players have started to single out our FC for various reasons. We were at one time, and might possibly still be, the largest and most powerful FC on the server. We are also a fairly exclusive Free Company as we only accept NeoGAF members and their associates. This unfortunately garners a lot of hate and jealously. People really want to besmirch our name. Most of what you hear about us is completely false. As for our own members, the drama you see people taking about in this thread is blown completely out of proportion and often interpreted incorrectly. People like to joke around a lot but those that are not privy to what is actually happening might take those comments the wrong way.



In the early days of hunts, GAF got a reputation--which I believe to be mostly unearned, but I wasn't there--of pulling monsters for hunts before everyone arrived to horde all the rewards for themselves. This got compounded by GAF being GAF and joking in /shout about "dammit GAF" whenever somebody (not us) pulled early. People pull early all the time now, and we get blamed.

Hunts being srs biz, GAF is now sort of a whipping boy for bad behavior. It's stupid, ignore it, most people don't care, but some people will be dicks about it because this is the internet.


—iammeiam getting trolled by everyone not GAF.

I love being the bad guys lol.


—Kandinsky loves GAF.

GAF is the largest and most powerful FC on Ultros (and 5th in the overall FC rankings), and it's fairly exclusive; to join the FC you have to join the forums. It was inevitable many would come to hate it. GAF is the FC equivalent of the Garlean Empire.


—MogCakes REALLY loves giving GAF blowjobs in the equivalent of a gay empire.

The GAF guild has become a scapegoat of epic proportions. Some guilds even do nasty things and then accuse GAF. It's sad that GAf has become synonimous to all the nasty things that happens in MMOs in such a short time. I went on ultros because Gaf was there but i didn't join Gaf because i had plans with enough people to get by and enjoy the game. My friends and i each in different guilds ( and we party for dongeons and FATES ) are relaying to me the same's genuinely sad


—R_thanatos bawwing.

Why rock the boat? It's almost 2017 and you /v/tards are still mad about us in S-rank hunts.


—GAF trying to shitpost on 4chan's /v/.

Hello you white male 4chan terrorists. We at NeoGAF is an organized, moderated community representing a huge name in gaming communities. They/Them/Their/Theirs have the manpower and the leadership to get things done. Gather Against Fate is a strong presence in literally any Final Fantasy game that it has a presence on. Popularity is power in MMOs, in that you can get a bunch of losers like you funneling or your loser 4chan guild ZR in FFXIV. It won't matter what you say about us. Us GAFers are cohesive and strictly organized and actually work together as a community. This along with the sheer numbers alone ensures they will succeed in any MMO they make a presence in. Better watch out for the GAFer Star Citizen corp, we're going to fuck your shit up and ruin a lot of your shitposting days. There's nothing wrong with having pride in GAF. Especially if that community is more successful than you. Why does it get you Anonymous terrorists so mad that a bunch of "SJWs" are better, more organized than you? I'll assume what i said was true than. You're all just upset that a group of NeoGAFs you hate irrationally are more successful in their endeavors than you ever will be in yours. I'm sure proud Gather Against Fate is the most successful FC on their servers, seeing how butthurt its making you, personally, especially ZR, makes me very proud for GAF. To be honest friend, it has nothing to do with pride and everything to do with just playing the game and clearing the content with your friends, ranks, server firsts, all of that stuff. Its just icing on the cake compared to the fun you're having with your so-called community. Just imagine, all of these GAFers having fun and enjoying the game, being the best FC on their server, they don't even spare a single thought towards the possibility that there are tiny white male manbaby Gamergater terrorists like you who cry in jealousy about GAFs success anonymously on 4chan. If you excuse us, we GAF have a S-rank to hunt down. Fuck those white males waiting for others to get a chance.


tl;dr, very mad GAF member is high on farts, trying to make /v/ mad.

The Opposition: Quotes Against GAF



—Everyone in FFXIV trolling GAF.

I am from <GAF> and yes I agree. They do suck ass.


—An anonymous member of GAF admitting the suckage behind NeoGAF's FC GAF.

GAF pls go. I understand there's nothing to do except making fun of your dumbasses on your server.


—Anonymous Ultros player on /v/ telling a member of GAF to fuck off.

What's bad about GAF? It has a lot of gay people pretending to be girls or not opposed to cybering with a hint of ERP.


—Yet another Anonymous witness the gayness of GAF.

GAF is fucking gay and sucks too many social justice cocks. They sent one of my friends to jail for a week!


—Anonymous explains how NeoGAF doesn't help anyone outside their faggotry GAF guild.

I was banned from NeoGAF too. It was in the MMO game Final Fantasy XIV at the server Ultros. NeoGAF has a free company guild called Gather Against Fate. GAF for short. Original huh? They were being social justice warriors and anti-GamerGaters. I was being polite and neutral about their conversation. And guess what happen? I was trash talked and BOOM! BANNED! They banned me for not agreeing with NeoGAF and marking me as a GamerGate terrorist. I wish I can screenshot the conversation. Unfortunately I didn't. That's not all. They continue to act like assholes to me and say that I suck at this game and to GTFO of Ultros. Look who's talking GAF? I'm not the one who keeps wiping at parties and blaming other people. I'm not the one who impatiently pull elite hunts and people shout "GAF'D" all the time for your stupidity while waiting for others to get a chance. I'm glad GAF is Ultros's laughing stock. I'm glad GAF'D is a new meme by non-GAF players.

Yes NeoGAF is indeed the worst.


—From an ex-GAF witnessing the shit that is NeoGAF.

Pulling a GAF.


—And then Bomber Bob's trolling of bravery got banned and kicked out of NeoGAF.

GAF is the North Korea of the ultra-left agenda.


—Another anonymous witnessing the shit that is GAF.

I top something in the world and our black mage left our static. Got a summoner from GAF. His DPS is trash and he only ever uses Ifrit. Gets mad at us for his trashy DPS and leaves group.

Yep. GAF's finest hard at work.


—Cross-server player explaining his experience with GAF.

I am aware of GAF. Hunting on Ultros is complete garbage. Marks are killed within only a few minutes of being announced, usually because some shitter from GAF gets too close. But it only gets worse with every following mark. I went there because of the Ultrosposting that was a thing on /v/, now I'm just there for the FC and because I'd know no alternative. But I do want GAF to leave.


—We all do want GAF to leave.

The Opposition: Quotes Against GAF 2: Electric Boogaloo

Eve Malqir was in a ERP linkshell and sadly tried ERPing with me but I declined him. I thought about taking screenshots but I never did. This behavior commonly coming from GAF is nothing screenshot worthy.


—Probably for the best.

GAF is so cancerous and their faggotry so prolific that if bad shit happens in a group because of they/them/their members all you have to say is 'GAF'd' and everyone understands immediately. What a shit group.


—Did Anonymous just admit GAF pronounces made-up genders?

They're still there but nowhere near as prevalent as during 2.x. We still say GAF'd when hunts get pulled early though.



—GAF is practically a dead FC with hundreds of dead users now. They've never stopped sucking ass and they never will.

Fuck GAF those fuckers can drink bleach for all I care.


—You're not alone.

The best part about playing on Ultros with GAF is /spitting on them whenever you see them.



—I clearly remember GAF leaving a sour taste in people's mouths back when Hunts were first released and they swarmed every fucking hunt that spawned without ever waiting or being considerate of anyone else. "GAF'D" was a common battlecry across zone shout to indicate that, rather than waiting for the established pull time that everyone else in the zone agreed to wait on like civilized individuals, a group of Gaffers decided to be fucking cunts instead. This continued on for months, years, and Hunts were ruined for people for quite a while thanks to GAF being impatient fucksticks. Which is probably why there's a higher concentration of Ultros vets that can't stand them. They'll be forever known as "Those faggots that kept ruining my fun", even if this doesn't happen anymore because nobody gives a fuck about hunts.

I'm on Ultros and I'm not in ZR, but none of the ZR people I run into seem that bad. Just the occasional ZR player with a meme name wearing the pig suit or something. GAF frequently early pulls hunts and generally is shit at the game.


—True story.

Yeah, what was left is in STORM which is the personal FC of a guy from Super Best Friends and not a SJW FC like GAF or FORCE. The GAF blaming now is from ZR.


—Good for ZR.

The Opposition: Quotes Against GAF ERA: Revenge of the GAFs

ResetERA is where all the hardcore SJW faggots (the worst part about NeoFAG) went after that whole bullshit happened last year. It's a board with the worst of the worst.


—Anonymous describing NeoGAF 2.0

You're not wrong there. ERA took everything about their ex-hivemind GAF and distilled it down to the worst faggotry existed.


—After the death of NeoGAF.

Don't the GAF/ERA/AERA people stay really quiet now since everyone hates them?


—For how long?

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