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Gary Busey
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Gary Busey is an American actor born quite retarded who was involved in a horrific accident early in life which instead of ending his burgeoning career took his level of mental deficiency off the scale and transformed him into a bizarre amalgam of high functioning autist and Andy Kaufman. Some argue that Busey's full potential as an actor has yet to be fully realised but no doubt some hot shit director will come along in a few years and pluck him from relative obscurity.

Telling it like it is.

Quotes de Busey

Inspirational Busey

Fear is the dark room where the Devil develops his negatives.


— His most famous quote

It's good for everyone to understand that they are to love their enemies, simply because your enemies show you things about yourself you need to change. So in actuality enemies are friends in reverse.


Winners do what losers don't want to do.


If you take shortcuts, you get cut short.


Have a mind that's open to everything, get attached to nothing.


Amen is not the end of a prayer, it just gets us ready to go to the next level.


Imagine the peace symbol. The peace symbol has three pieces in it. One piece is emotion, that's your body. Another piece has spirit in it, that's your fuel. Another piece has intellect in it and that's your steering wheel. You can never overdo the fuel that goes into the body, which is the emotions and the steering wheel to drive it.


Never dip lower than you can dip.


I love love, and I love life. I love. I just love. It's just great. It's the most enduring element we have is love.


I'll tell you this: You have to remember to chase and catch your dreams, because if you don't, your imagination will live in empty spaces, and that's nowhere land.


A good way to lose weight is put salt on your ass and go to a petting zoo. But stay away from the goats because I've seen them fornicate with a mailbox.


When angels fly inside your heart, that's when you can fly.


Acronyms Busey

You know what 'FAILING' stands for? It stands for




You know what 'DOUBT' stands for? It stands for




'FUN' stands for


And that's what's fun about fun, You don't have to get it.



You know what 'FEAR' stands for?








'FART' stands for




'RELATIONSHIP', r, e, l, a, t, i, o, n, s, h, i, p. That stands for









Energy '.







That word 'FAITH', that stands for








Imma give you the definition of 'LUCKY'




























What the Fuck Busey?

My dark side, my shadow, my lower companion is now in the back room blowing up balloons for kids' parties.


Nothing changes like changes, because nothing changes but the changes.


It's a very strange silence that I'm living in right now. It's a silence that has a lot of activity and noise in it from a zone that I don't live in on this earth.


I've been told by doctors and surgeons that I have the energy of ten men who have normal jobs.


I don't know where I come from but I'm here now so deal with it.


— Sunglasses.gif

There has got to be more to life than being a really, really, ridiculously good actor.


I'm interested in all things that Donald Trump does. I've known him since 1980. He's a good man.


I consider myself a Texan. I grew up in Texas and Oklahoma.


I don't know how I got involved in 'Celebrity Wife Swap.' It came from my agent Hugh. He got the opportunity for me.


Five parts of my brain contain alien power, whatever I do or say can not be denied on the intergalactic highway of existence.


If you put that straight jacket on me, I am going to pull your endocrine system out of your body.


L.A County is like a huge tortilla. It spreads everywhere.


When you don't know, you know. When you know, you don't know but you don't know it. When you don't know you know, so you really don't know you don't know, which means you really know if it is authentic.


The thing about taking a picture of me in the daylight- you will not see my teeth because I am a vampire with a day pass. You should get some duct tape to cover your neck and you'll be safe from me.


You have that look on your face like you need to be saved. Get in here and buy a pizza for $100 and you'll go straight to heaven - and i'll take out your garbage for a week. You get this pizza you'll see the spirit of God coming down to you. I'll tell you this, you won't be happy until you get off your knees and say 'Thank you pizza pie', you wanna buy a pizza for charity. I am the pizza!


One night... at the hospital, I was sitting in bed and saw the Grim Reaper standing in the corner. He was seven feet tall, with a brown robe. He to me and said, 'Relax, It's not your time to go. You have been given gifts. These gifts are ready to be received by mankind. So get on your feet and improve.' Then he laughed, spun his scythe and left. I wasn't asleep and I hadn't been for days. Whether this was a premonition or and angel in disguise, I don't know. But it was a positive reinforcement to stay on the rode to recovery, which I've done.


It's good to dress up like a hot dog and through a bull horn scream, 'the first wiener is free'.


No, I played the part of a pepperoni prophet.


Busey, In response to being asked if he was cold

Quote Picture Busey

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Top 10 Busey Moments

Busey in his true form

1) Gary beats up a guy on set for arguing with him about what heaven looks like

While on set for some awful movie no one watched where he is reincarnated as a dog, The Buse got into an argument with one of the workers about the set of heaven looking wrong... Why? Because Busey has been to heaven. Busey honestly believes that when he got in his motorcycle crash he went to heaven and saw what it looks like and the set's couches were not the couches they use in heaven.

When the guy disagreed Busey beat him up.

2) Gary kicks the lead actor of Piranha 3D for talking to him

When one of the actors in the movie Piranha 3D had the audacity to walk up to Gary and introduced himself, Gary kicked him in the stomach for no apparent reason and then ordered for him to be thrown off the set by security... which he was.

Busey was playing a minor role and that guy was the star of the movie.

3) Gary punches the lead actor of some other movie for touching him

Another time the star of some other undisclosed movie in which Busey was doing a cameo jokingly tried to wrestle Gary Busey.

Busey punched him in the face which broke his tooth, and this was just the first day of shooting.

4) Gary snorts cocaine off his dog

You can't abuse the 'Buse

For a while Gary was on yet another reality show, only this time it was celebrity rehab. On it he was known for telling the most insane stories, the best of which was when he dropped his coke on his dog so he picked it up and began snorting directly off of it.

5) Gary yells at a child at the Oscars

While on the red carpet at the Oscars, Gary was asked his opinion regarding the behavior of some of the younger generation of movie stars. After mishearing the question about four times, Gary went off on an insane screaming rant about how all these people are idiots before descending into pure gibberish.

The interviewer was 12.

6) Gary hoses down Swedish people for interviewing him wrong

When two Swedish dudes made the mistake of surprising Gary with a completely planned and scheduled interview, Gary showed them he was having none of that. Instead of answering questions he began dousing them with a water hose.

Later he would come to the mistaken conclusion that one of them is gay and spend the entire rest of the interview eluding to that fact.

7) Gary directs his own interview

Only Busey can save you

The Buse will not be interviewed against his will. When he was asked to answer some questions for a documentary about Hunter S. Thompson he instead spent most of the interview making the guy start over and over again while directing him on how to correctly run an interview.

8) Gary calls some guy a fairy for correcting his spelling

One day Gary was giving out autographs... and by "giving out" I mean selling for $30 a pop. When a fan walked up to him and asked him to sign a photo Gary became enraged that the guy pointed out that he spelled his name wrong and asked him to correct it. Even then the guy tried to defend Gary who began arguing with his friend, at which point Gary called them both a couple of fairies.

9) Gary plays an antisemitic jewish stereotype in a Turkish propaganda movie about american war crimes

In 2006, in what must have been the best most amazing moment in his career, Gary participated in the turkish movie: "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq". The movie is about how all the americans are dirty criminal murderers who kill and rape arab women and children for fun, and in it, Gary plays the role of a stereotypical jewish-american doctor who harvests the internal organs of dead Iraqy children to send home for transplants for rich jews in New-york and Tel-aviv.

10) Gary Busey Reportedly Hit On Courtney Stodden, Then Slapped Her Mother

Buy the T-shirt

Being 70 years old didn't stop Gary from trying to fuck Courtney Stodden. You know what else didn't stop him? Her mom/manager whom he bitch-slapped when she tried to stop him from trying to screw her daughter. Hilariously, Courtney's tweet about her mother being backhanded to the floor ended in "LOL".


It is these antics and more that have since made him unwelcome in any movie but highly sought after in reality TV shows where everyone just wants to see what insane shit he will say or do next and of which he has appeared in six seven so far.

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