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A genuine gargoyle's comment on this faggotry
How to determine if something is a furry/otherkin or if it is an actual gargoyle

Gargoyles are ugly creatures made of stone found on old buildings. Often male, sometimes gay, sometimes neuter, gargoyles are winged creatures that get their ass up on a building pissing on everyone below.

They are noble guardians. They are rarely found on the Internets as your care cup is empty. If you see a demon that is stoned, it may become a gargoyle. Most gargoyles are pure bred, while some are conversions.


In the 90s Disney made a dark and edgy cartoon about gargoyles called "Gargoyles". It was basically Disney's attempt to cash-in on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These faggots have wings for ears, lack pecs, lack penises, lack abs, wear shit, have fucking human hair, live in New York, voiced by actors from Star Trek, are gay, and the fans are dumb furries. The Disney image of the gargoyle has totally corrupted the minds of everyone.

The Disney's Gargoyles communities can usually be found in sites communicating via news comments of an obsolete php chatroom, all in obsolete 1996-esque designed sites. They also roleplay and cosplay and even have a special Gargcon which raises the faggot percent by 7000%.

Recently, Disney put all the episodes up on YouTube, but 5 minutes later, they removed them and acted like it never happened!


Gargoyles are not furry, but however furries and otherkin who draw them give them large penises. They are usually of Disney origin and bastardized.

The majority of these are found in DeviantArt and SheezyArt.

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