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Fuuka is an open-source software program used to archive imageboards. It has mostly been used to automatically archive threads from select 4chan boards; a few examples are FoolzArchive, RebeccaBlackTech, and InstallGentoo.net. Unlike the good 'ol chanarchive, with these, one has to spend hours sorting through random shitposting-filled threads and the occasional golden thread to find the thread they're looking for, that is unless you have the specific post number of the thread you are looking for.


Ghost Mode/Ghost Board

When a thread on 4chan dies or is deleted, users can continue to reply to the (archived) thread in the Archive site with what is called "ghost replies," aptly named because they don't show up on the actual site from where they were archived.

Actual boards

Some of these sites administrate imageboards and textboards independent of their Archives. These boards function as general places to give feedback and report problems with the site or as a different set of *chan sites with its own cultural phenomena. It is to be noted that the inhabitants of these boards usually are refugees, shitposters, dramafags of other *chans, most notably 4chan.

Forks and similar software

  • FoolFuuka - What FoolzArchive runs on.
  • Asagi - another imageboard archiver program written by the same developer.

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