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Furry-Penises, much like its counterpart Neopets, is an online pet simulation for lonely fat girls with no IRL friends. Run by Nazis, pedophiles, and furries, the community takes the MY DOG IZ MY BEST FREND concept to an entirely new level. Whereas most retards just get a real dog to make up for their social ineptitude, players on Furry-Paws make fake ones to compete to see who can be the greatest dog breeder of all time. No one on the entire shit hole of a site has enough balls to say what they are actually thinking, because they are afraid of getting their asses Perma-b&.


How to tell if you're a loser.

Like most social retards who play online games, players dedicate their waking hours to feverishly improving their virtual dogs through bad-ass methods like equipping them with diamond collars and feeding them chocolate chip cookies, after which they spend the rest of their time clicking through pages of “shows” in a desperate attempt to improve the levels of their dogs.

Unlike in the real world, where success is measured in tangible artifacts, success on Furry-Paws is measured by how much time you dedicate to sitting on your ass entering dogs in shows and accumulating virtual money. The money can go towards obtaining MORE dogs and MORE worthless virtual money. But it's important to note that sometimes the worthless virtual money isn't enough, and sometimes users must use sacred real money to buy fake money that has a minute amount of actual value. Basically it's for fat fucks with no life and $20 to spend on the oh so important goal of eliting and validating themselves by being visible on the boards, where their life problems and stories can be advertised and defended as all the meanies insinuate they should consider getting something like a real job.

Of course, the site has developed, with a great deal of encouragement from Allah Kah, an art side as well. Here the users of FP can buy and sell questionable doodles that feature rainbow throw up as designs. Small, insignificant art can be sold to large, insignificant people for over $100... if the artist is one of 2 name brands. The rest of the artists can just whimper about being underpaid as they continue their fulfilling careers as worthless sacks of humanity that happen to know how to hold a pencil, though often not how to wield it.

The friendships FPians make with eachother will last a lifetime, which isn't particularly long because all the over stuffed users will die soon enough of diabetes, heart attacks, or strokes thanks to their high quality life styles.

FPians, Both Loved and Hated

Kah, the Benevolent Leader

Kah is the ginger owner of FP. According to sources, she created and has been maintaining FP since she was 14/15, attended one of the most prestigious public universities named in honor of a freemason and graduated with a 4.0 gpa at the age when most people JUST started college. Since such powers are usually only wielded by mensa member engineers/programmers, one can assume she is an asspie. It turns out the reason why Kah doesn't give a shit about FP anymore isn't the fact that she's in the hospital from being fat (like 90% of fpians), it's because she's studying to become a bio-terroist. Right? No. The owner of your furry-fag website claims she's going to school, but really spends her day stripping her ugly ginger ass for the leftover dinners people leave upon viewing her and nearly dying in disgust on their way out.

Among the failures of Kah's programming, include not knowing how to put in protection from malicious javascript redirects, not encrypting correctly (according to sources), getting DOS'd by a 13-year-old boy (according to FP Mature), not putting in protections to block player-written cheat scripts, and having regular downtimes and slow loading. It's no wonder FP is easily breached and hacked.

In a stunning and wildly popular move Kah updated the TOS to forbid the resale or trading of characters by anyone other than the original artist. Thanks to this rule her already lazy and worthless mod team has even less work to do, so instead they can dedicate their time to waving confederate flags, being embittered by the LGBT hype of the antisocial population, and getting bribes from a popular artist who doesn't want to be revealed as the reincarnated scammer she is.

Thanks to the adored site owner FP experienced a high quality and much demanded revamp a few years ago in order to demonstrate to her player base that she actually gives a fuck about the site. The majority of the community hates the layout, but dare they say it publicly (or privately for that matter), because Kah will get butthurt and BAWWWW to her doggie, who she named after her favourite meal, Chili. For said reasons, the community will publicly announce and suckup to Kahlem, saying they adore her new layout and it is a true revolution for FP and the unactive owner to do. In the transition she lost many old and dedicated players, but thanks to advertising she got a whole new collection of fat players to join, realize the game still sucked, and leave. After showing her loyalty to the site by providing the update she has made sure to check in once every few months, since that is obviously frequent enough.

On one of her scheduled check ins she realized that once again her poor mods were having to do any work to serve the art side of FP and prevent scamming, so she developed a novel new idea of the PRA system. After starting this sure fire way to prevent scamming she's told her mods to completely back off of the art boards and allow the poisonous system to work at slowly killing the boards so that the detested art people will finally leave. Once they've all abandoned the site she can happily continue her biannual visits to a site used by the 3 remaining members who care at all about her stupid dog game.

Her inactive twitter [email protected] & [email protected] are her emails/site registers

A visual guide.

The Average Player

13-year-old girls who have no IRL friends. The average Furry-Paws player weighs upwards of 160lbs, has no social skills whatsoever, is a dyke and/or looks like a man. Additionally, a vast majority of the community is a fucking furfag. As part of being open to everyone and anyone, the community embraced furry suits and bestiality but will rapidly move to prey upon anyone who show the slightest right wing views.

Proud supporters of shitty emo bands and the Democrat Party (despite not knowing shit about politics like the majority of their party members), they embrace feminism and think about how awesome they are for rejecting the conservative morals of their parents. Outcasts in the real world, these fat girls flock the only site that will simultaneously not judge them for being fatasses but that will also allow them to achieve a spark of e-fame by doing nothing more than sitting on their asses all day. Unsurprisingly, the main demographic is white, since there are no black people on the Internet, except for a choice few members who make sure their underrepresented race is flaunted with the characteristically pathetic language skills they employ. Eventually, the average player will never go anywhere in life, being in the same position (sitting on their asses playing FP) and not having any talent. They will settle down with either a fat basement dweller of a spouse or a fellow dyke, work low level jobs so they can spend it on FPP or the highest quality of art for their pixel scene dogs (which is obviously a good priority in life) and eventually become heroes together.

Because they lack any form of social life, the members that do own IRL dogs develop obsessions with them in order to placate their longing desire for friends. Posting daily threads about their pets, they include shitty photography of their dogs staring blankly into the camera. Sometimes the posts even feature videos taken with camera phones of the fat owner actually standing or sometimes walking around to demonstrate the mad skillz of their dogs. These pictures and videos can then fall under heavy critiques on hate blogs because the dogs have imperfect anatomy and/ or are obviously unhappy at gay pride events. As they are incapable of achieving e-popularity in any other way, the canine owners resort to whoring their dogs on the forums for other members to masturbate to.

These dogs also inspire such artistic ventures as the following poetry, which doubles as a demonstration of slightly better than average writing from an FP player.

You are my dog.

My best friend,
I promise for as long as you live I will give you what you need,
Just as long as you do they same for me,
I will give you love and attention,
You will give it back,
I love you and care about you.

We do a lot together,
Not just a normal dog-human relationship,
Something different,
You aren't trained,
I just can't train you,
It's possible, but I can't,
We are best friends, and
friends don't train friends.

Ok so you chase people down the road,
So what, as long as there are no cats,
I laugh because you think your bark is big,
Sometimes I don't think you're a Pug,
I see you as my favorite breed,
A Labrador Retriever.

You can swim,
You can fetch,
You can do awesome tricks,
You aren't the best but you're pretty good,
There's only one thing you can do better than all dogs,
Be my Best Friend.



Writing poetry to your dog is totally normal

The typical artistic ability of Furry Paws players.


What many Furry-Pawsians call 'cute'.

Not good enough to obtain any sort of popularity on DevianTART, members resort to trying to achieve a significant amount of popularity within the cesspool of artistic failure that lays with Furry-Paws’ art community. Wielding the power of MSPaint, they brandish their computer mouse between their porky fingers and eventually create a heaving conglomerate of something, somewhat, maybe a little resembling art, but mostly, just fail. Convinced drawing dogs will get them far in the art world, they attempt to attend art school thinking a degree is going to help them earn a living but really only getting their income from basement dwellers who shell out for art for their own sim games.

The few competent artists, possessing knowledge of basic anatomy and design skills, gather a swarm of leeches that e-stalk them, hoping for free art or that, magically, their mad skillz will rub off on them. These motherfuckers charge USD$ for in-game art, which the masses inhale like cocaine fresh off the plane from Colombia. The 13-year-old player base shells out their life savings for the amazingness of a 150 X 150 pixel piece of art that took a moderately more skilled artist whole, entire hours to produce.

What passes as realistic art on Furry-Paws.

Skullsmasher, Loveless, Lothario, and Kitten

In a sad attempt to get out of commissions and be a sleezy cheap skate, Skullsmasher faked his death. Like many people before him, they obviously couldn't do anything fucking right like pretending to die and move on with life. Apparently skin cancer or some bullshit was the killer, leaving behind many questions unanswered, many BAWWWING left unheard. His girlfriend Blitz seems to go on like nothing happened, continues to sell art/post on forms even though her lover is dead and gone. Even worse, a new artist appeared right after the day SS kicked the bucket. Claiming to be SS's friend IRL and that he taught her how to draw, Loveless has the exact drawing style as the old Skullsmasher and is buddy buddy with Blitz as well. Because thats what Skullsmasher would of wanted LOL. It seems he got off skott clean, keeping all the money from his poor commissioners for himself. Countless BAWWWING posts about him dying can be read on the General Board, seeing how the mods let this fly. Skullsmashers dead, end of story.

After many years of being dead, SS was reincarnated with a different gender as Lothario, who had the same style but was, of course, not the same person. After claiming time and again that she was not the same scammer, Lothario evolved into Kitten, who by then was blatantly obvious about being the same person, but no one gave a fuck about this person walking away with hundreds of dollars before so now once again they throw all their money at her. While she has yet to be the same sort of thief as before, she is back to using FP as her cash cow. She can make upwards of $100 on a tag, and at least $80 on everything else. She's also fallen under accusation of tracing which are not unfounded with her ability to reference images down to each hair in the dog's coat and has sold designs that imitate the colors of other designs, done by both herself and other artists.


18+ players (unless underage b& sucks enough cock) who should be engaging in productive IRL activities such as: getting a job, hanging out with friends, or having real lives instead of spending upwards of seven hours a day on kiddie sites, banning teens/preteens for doing "naughty things". They are also all lesbians (who never actually get any), which explains why they think that a squid looks exactly like a penis. None of them understand the concept of a joke, so consequently, you'll get in trouble for making one. (Not that moderators are even needed, considering nothing ever fucking happens).

Now the search for new moderators has begun! This list consists of people like Dyr or DMG who have been voted off the FP Moderating Island due to being friends with BAD INFLUENCES. The mod staff have decided to encorperate American Idol into their process with the virgins doing their best impression of Simon Cowell.


Because members of Furry Paws hold dear the belief that animals > people, it’s unsurprising that furfaggotry runs rampant. Claiming that wolves are their "spirit animal" or their “true form is a bear”, they indulge in creating elaborate fursonas for themselves, decorating them with every motherfucking minute detail they can think of and slapping them in the forums to try and get free fan art. Since they're all so unique and innovative, most of their creations are Sparkledogs.

Emo Girls

In a constant state of BAWWWW at the fact that not only are they fat and ugly (and cognizant of the fact that this will result in dying alone), emo girls lurk the forums to express their melancholic agony of how shitty their lives are. Constantly lurking to find any topic wherein the OP expresses an opinion against the status quo of the website (ie, Christfags), emo girls focus their shitty haircuts and fat girl rage on anyone that dares to demonstrate a dissenting opinion on topics such as gay marriage or fat acceptance. Predictably, they all also claim to be bisexual. Usually wearing skinny jeans (despite being a fatass) and incompetent at using make-up (heavy dripping black eyeliner), they pretend to have "serious business issues" such as drug addiction/being in and out of rehab, mental illness, and domestic issues despite the fact they're well off enough to have internet and spend their allowances buying tags on fp. Anytime someone annoys said emo girls, they go on FP to rant about it.

Their typical forum post:

Attention Whores

To be a successful attention whore, ensure everyone's forced to look at your face.

Thanks to a combination of Daddy not loving them enough and being too fugly to be a successful Myspace whore, the Attention Whores of Furry-Paws post pictures and videos of themselves on regular basis’, occasionally disguising them in a SHOW URSELF thread, but most of the time, just devoting entire topics to pictures of themselves. Thanks to the ironclad rules of ”play nice”, no one’s allowed to insinuate the unattractive aspects of even the ugliest Attention Whores, leaving the other members to only encourage them by posting positive commentary.

The Saga of Tea Hoot, Slight and Mud Puppy

Tea Hoot is a high school drop out who is a lesbian, she also lives in Australia. Slight and Mud Puppy, who both live in America, are her two pussy calls. One month, Tea Hoot will date Slight. After a few weeks of abusing Slight and forcing her to drop all her friends, Tea will dump her ass. The drama will be taken to the chat room where many lulz will be had. Tea Hoot will start dating Mud Puppy, but not before Slight starts spewing about how she will kill herself and how she wants Tea Hoot back. Mud Puppy, being the idiot she is will date Tea Hoot for a few weeks before they, too, break up. Slight will bow down on her fat knees and beg for Tea Hoot back, and the cycle will once start again. Let's also not forget that Naff (another lesbian dyke that spends her time playing with furfags) seems to enjoy bouncing around between Tea Hoot and Mud Puppy. These bitches just can't get their shit set straight. Way to go Tea Hoot, add more whores to your fandom! After MudPuppy went back to Tea Hoot, Naff commenced BAWWWING to her friends about her love life.

Though Tea Hoot was recently banned, her cult following seems insistent on keeping her drama on FPs. As quoted by a moderator, "If you want to talk about Tea and praise her in your creepy cult-glory, do it on MSN." Hooray for creepy cults!

Tea Hoot, not being satisfied as a attention whore likes to pretend that she is a awesome troll to save herself some face. Confirmed on her formspring http://www.formspring.me/putinhatesbush, stating she enjoys trolling fp and probably lied to have her friends regard her as "bringing lulz to fp".

The Saga of Nazi Dykes: Sheer, Sker, Alchemic Reaction

Sheer, a skinhead nazi reformist who praises,"Seig heil," to the German flag, yet partakes in her fellow dykenes and also belongs to a nazi goth, Sker, is merely a 13-year-old low-life who depends on the company of Alchemic Reaction, another low-life follower of the skinhead reformation, who faps to Michael Jackson while BAWWWing over her deceased lover, Billy Mays. These little emo kids enjoy sleeping, fapping, and spending their hours inbetween on the computer trolling the Furry-Paws chat room for some 12-year-old girls. If they aren't doing one of these, they are BAWWWing over their latest big breakup with their fellow dykebian girlfriend, commencing in false pity within the community.

Talon: He dies like 6 times a year

Talon AKA Lyrick AKA black person (we'll call him nigger), has "died". You see, Nigger hasd stage 4 cancer and 6 months to live. However, Nigger was too emo to wait for Satan to call him home, so he killed himself. Tears of joy echoed around the land of Furry-Paws as they realized the only black person there had become an hero.

Tragedy struck, however, when word came that Nigger was not truly dead. The oldest of FPians were certainly not surprised, but the two friends Nigger had that cried for him were overjoyed. Nigger wove some lie about how his friend, Durion, had kidnapped him and spread the "lie". Anyone who has ever spoken to Nigger knows that Durion is Nigger himself. Sadly, the friends of Nigger still believed him. Maybe one day, they can all become an hero's together.

BREAKING NEWS: Talon is confirmed by sources to be an entire fake itself. Since it has lied so many times, the true Talon remains a mystery. Talon is actually a ploy conducted by a female who's not a black person but instead stole the identity of one. link to Talon's inactive formspring

White Tiger: Talking Like This Is Cool Yo

One of the many FAIL artists on Furry-paws, Tiger bleeds her parents pockets dry by buying USD art by the shitloads. Her deviantart is here if you feel like trolling ;) http://blossom800.deviantart.com/ She butt-fucks poor Fever for art of her ugly ass character Berlyn, but how can you say no to endless amounts of jew gold? With no drawing talents of her own, she copies Fever's art style in a attempt to make herself POPULARRRRR!~!~. Whats even worse is the bitch Talks Like This, Capatilizing Every Fucking Letter Of Every Fucking Paragraph. Dumb bitch. White Tiger loves to post her fail fursona in art nook on her spare time, shoving the rainbow on grey design down our throats. This is prime example why they shouldn't like 9-year-olds on the interwebs.

Moar Attention Whores

A typical conversation with Kiwi Girl.
An example of one of POD's many emo posts.
Like we wouldn't have known.
We all agree with this statement.
Proof that Snowshoe is Carlou.
Incompetent mod is also thug life alcoholic
The whole fucking community: Hypocrisy, BAWWWWWWing about the ED page, then getting pissed at members and figuring it'd be a fun idea to make an article about them. YOU LOSE GUISE, REALLY.

Kahlem: The owner of your furry-fag website claims she's going to school, but really spends her day stripping her ugly ginger ass for the leftover dinners people leave upon viewing her and nearly dying in disgust on their way out. Kahlem promises a revolution for furry-paws: a new layout OMGZ!! The majority of the community hates the layout, but dare they say it publicly (or privately for that matter), because Kah will get butthurt and BAWWWW to her doggie, who she named after her favourite meal, Chili. For said reasons, the community will publicly announce and suckup to Kahlem, saying they adore her new layout and it is a true revolution for FP and the unactive owner to do.
Nobody expected Kahlem (Kah) to go through with the layout. In fact, it's been in planning for years. But since Kahlem can spend two years collecting leftovers and pennies thrown at her ugly mop instead of working out her promises or logging into her own site, people have really lost hope in the case. Rebellions have been happening against this "owner", making her want to be an_hero instead of a failing stripper.

Fawkes/Acorn: Some annoying, little girl that isn't even worth a ED paragraph. lol.

Vardan/Owlspot: "Vardowlspot is a former moderator who stalks other players in her spare time. The fact is, no one can tell what gender this fatass is; The size of a whale, she makes up imaginary relationships between her and other players since no one will ever spare a glance or a pity fuck her way. She spends at least 19hours+ in the chatroom masturbating to 12-year-olds. If she isn't yelling at toddlers for breaking the rules, she's constantly begging for people to give her free stuff, then complains how all anyone ever does is beg.

Weezer: A 300 tonne brick house of a man beast who spends it's time reading and skulking the boards to scare kiddies into studying at school so they don't turn into a retarded fucktard like her/him. This asspie likes to prey on those it feels will fall beneath her infinite power on a kids game, because she has no fucking life (does anyone on this site have one?). She complains about her 5 pound Yorkie being savage and it may pull over her 300 tonne of lard because Yorkies have super powers. Basically another retarded basement dweller of Furry Paws who has adapted a delusional holier than thou attitude - because it's so cool on an internetz sitez.

Spike: A wannabe holocaust survivor who rants and raves about her scars from her 'angel' boyfriend beating her, she often relates back to the time when her daddy used to fuck her in the ass and enjoys her scum-bag's efforts to remind her of home. After running away from home because mommy and daddy didn't love her, she went to live with her boyfriend who she met off Myspace. He then beat her, causing her to respond by going completely fucking nuts; She thrashed his electronics and beat him up in the woods with a stick. "So When I got here, For that first week I had my angel back, I was so happy. Then I snapped and I guess punished him, I beat him in the woods with a stick! I know it is wrong but.. " (Cause we all know beating your loved ones is the only good way to show you care, amiright?)

She also lives under the illusion that this is completely normal, and all relationships are like this. Now, in an attempt to regain some type of redemption for what she did, she's started doing godly deeds around the site for people (because helping people on a virtual dog site makes up for beating people). She's 'renting' out her virtual dog kennel to 'those in need'. She's now recently decided to sell her 'soul' (like anyone would even want that) for site currency so she can keep upgrading her virtual kennel.

As of late, she's apparently moved back to Florida after being ass-raped one too many times by her 'boyfriend', and kicked out by his parents. She's recently decided to go an hero and gain furry paws fame, since she decided the site has gone downhill and it was her only means of existence."

In recent news, Spike's "IRL "friend" posted on their account that Spike was in trouble, causing a board of drama. Citizens of the furry fag fest sat back and LOLed at the post as the "friend" would continue to reply, slipping up and showing that it was Spike, truly, behind this madness.

LOL! BREAKING NEWS! Spike's Fur Fag boyfriend discovered he's gay and broke up with her! She "gave him her virginity" (because we believe that, rite guiz?) and wants people on the internet to kill him to get it back. Sleeping with Spike makes you gay!

Rivek: Previously gone by the alias of "Jonny" and "The Outlaw", Rivek is another tranny/dyke/can anybody tell the gender of any member on this site?. Currently dating a fellow dyke and moderator of the site known as Aggie. While Rivek enjoys the attention it receives from 12-year-old girls online it prefers the company of horses. Rivek loves to think that it is god, and has mucho power over everyone else. Other trannies include everyone on that god-forsaken shithole.

~Hope~: Hope can commonly be found spouting her hoity-toity "let's play nice" attitude around the site, unaware that no one fucking cares what the fuck she's talking about. Also posted about her long distance relationship with her boyfriend, most likely for the lulz. She apparently used to think she was ugly, and her assumptions are probably dead on. Can also be found telling other people whether or not they are in "luv". I see a great future in store for you!

Immortal Thunders (IT): IT is seen much like a God to the lowly basement dwellers who like to assrape her infinite wisdom. If anyone disagrees with the God then the basement dwellers revolt and desperately try to gang band the offender for not agreeing with the fucking dellusional antics of their master. IT treats her followers much like she treats her dogs, with disrespect, fucking and of course starvation. He or she (does anyone really know?) also likes to have daily sumo tag team moments with Rivek and complain about all fucking society being out to get them, the followers of course agree. Because being an idol for the furfaggots on an online kiddies game is really hardcore in the real world.

The holy trio of Allierain, Pariahs and Des:: The triage of holier than thou know-it-alls strike each and every post where they feel their infinite wisdom of assraping is needed. They dominate their dogs by fucking them from behind and claim to be all for positive training. They always give their input and often argue with each other until they all decide to fuck it and have an orgy. They also have groupies, trying to follow in their footsteps, commonly known as IT and Diah.

Onyx: Onyx is a suicidal psychopath that constantly goes on about how she "quit art" even though she is constantly spamming the Art Nook with her creepy ass "drawings". The majority of her art consist of wildly emaciated dogs with giant eyeballs. Every time she posts a hoard of fans haul some serious ass to compliment her. Truth is they all think she is creepy as hell but they are afraid that if they critique her she will off herself. As quoted by Oynx: "The majority of my characters aren't know on FP, either. They're not designs made to look pretty on tags like FP characters. I don't even buy/make art of most of my guys. That's not what they're for. I talk to them, interact with them, get advice from some of them, get annoying by some of them, (u_u), and just generally watch their lives." Recently killed a bunch of millipedes from being a complete dumb ho and giving them all mites.

Emily: Aka the next Talon; If she isn't BAWWWWing about how daddy doesn't love her, or how her family is to poor to support themselves without getting child support from him, she's most likely posting pictures of herself in an attempt to get attention. In the span of a week, her family managed to go through divorce, loose all their money and run out of food; Then the next week they gained everything back again, daddy loves her and she's managed to afford going on a major shopping spree and attending raves; Few months previous, her mother also apparently played and banned her from being on FP; She was also sent to a psych ward for emotional and eating disorders, but came back a few weeks later as if nothing happened. Once players started calling her out that her and her mother where one in the same, mommy wrote a bawwww post and took off. She also recently had a bunionectomy and enjoys talking about how the pain medications give her a drug effect.

Iesous/Eeyore/Absinthe: AKA stupid enough to post a link to her facebook page so everyone can see her ugly ass and equally trashy booty call. Posted about her abortion for lolz and got mad when it was celebrated as chlorinating the gene pool. So fugly, her boyfriend dumped her on her birthday. A loner, a nobody and a loser. She desperately attempts to change this page daily to remove her name, obviously having no clue how Wiki's work. link to her (probably) active formspring

POD: Stupidity personified, she spends her time whining and dwelling on the deficit of intelligence she possesses. This ugly beast of a basement dweller constantly attempts reverse psychology to get her way. Often times, she fantasizes of her own equally idiotic SIM becoming something. POD creates herself at a level unseen by everyone else on the website: immature and naïve of the cruel world, she believes life should be perfect and full of sunshine and happiness. Not only is she addicted to the internet, but she's an eleven-year-old emo. Often times, you'll see her annoying the shit out of poor distraught players, who only posted a single line on one of her attention-seeking posts. Easily offended she most likely participates in self mutilation for the attention. Hoarding her so-called friends is her favorite activity, though she has no hope of keeping them due to her idiocy. Often racist, ageist, and snobbish about the intelligence she's convinced herself she has. She recently decided to admit to having BAWWWWWWtism, as if we couldn't already tell.
Her response to being on here: Have you seen what they say about you on the FP encyclopedia dramatica page? Haha.; Yes, and quite frankly I could care less about what they say. ;) - secretly butthurt

The Saga of Sker, Kirin, Toast, Smoothy, and Sheer: Sker, taking after Tea and even sharing the same name, is also looking for pussy on the internet. Sker is a Nazi and, in true Nazi fashion, treats everyone like shit and "cheats" behind the backs of her online "girlfriends". On top of that, Sker cuts her wrists on webcam and blackmails innocent people, fueled by her senile drug abused brain. Instead of spreading the drama publicly, her exes tend to BAWWWW about it to their friends on MSN, causing said friends to start drama of their own.

Mozart: Mozart, starting out as Noffie years ago on fp, was banned due to their lack of trolling skills. Within the year, the kid decided to make a come-back. Not making any attempt to change their 2-year-old drawing style, created an obvious image that Mozart = Noffie. Though the fp "community" isn't that smart, and would rather spend their time fucking their dogs instead of pointing out the obvious, they believed that Mozart had "come back" from their hiatus. When they came back, they flaunted their stolen male myspace pictures, and the girls of fp flocked "him". Lying and satisfied, Mozart carried on, bragging to the fp girls about his life and his art talents. Not long ago, Mozart had been frozen again, which could have been the result of two things. One, his unsuccessful trolling skills made everyone facepalm into the 3000's, or two, someone spilled the beans. Either of which, who really cares. Mozart now goes by Pales. GET AT HER MODS.

Another Allie Rain post, because she's just that fucking stupid. Constantly feels the need to tell the community of her gibbled status, and has the unconditional need to refer to her mutt (that no one gives a shit about) her her beloved "omgzsewsweetpibblemix. nevarhurtafly" Allie once had a stalkerish crush on Rottie, but failed to tell her in fear she would (obviously) get rejected, as Rottie likes men. Allie has also posted about her FAIL "set-up" with random women at local bars, and being shot down. I'm well assured her ugly mug had something to do with it. She can be found talking about various therapy dogs that never fucking work out for her. Beggers can't be choosers, hun. Her ugly mug can be found here

The duo, Kofii and Atomic: Keeping their relationship a secret from their best friend, their friends, and the rest of the fp community, these two homos made it clear that they were dating. Posting pictures of the pale white emo chicks over FP, having tags which feature their characters having sex, and hearts everywhere, made them have their moment. Kofii claims she's an amazing artist, while she sketches annorexic canines with fat heads and scene hair and prices it for outrageous prices, suckups continue to buy the worthless art. Atomic has a millimetre more talent than Kofii has, but they're both way down in the crapper in terms of skills. Atomic will BAWWWW if she doesn't get her way or if nothing sells. Continuously, begging for pity through private messages, the guilty resort to buying her "art".

Yale: Spends his day moping around and messing with some other whore to kill his time. Threatens to kill himself and gloats about his "padded room" experience, he likes to flash 11-year-old girls, and juggles both men and girls in his life. He cheats on fake girlfriends and whines about how much hes a fuck up who can't even get a girl offline.

Zyfr: Basically the female version of Yale and a Tea incarcerate. She is insistent on arguing over the smallest of things, and loves telling people they are the reason dogs are being slaughtered. She will throw a fit if things do not go her way and it is quite obvious she is just a retarded 12-year-old.

Otter: A Grandmother mod. Literally. Has referenced her old age many times, yet gives off the impression of a child. Using constant explamation/question marks to emphasize her posts, but bitch at others who follow in her footsteps. You should be picking out caskets, not modding a online kids game.

Kiwi Gal: Another basement dweller that desperately wants a poodle. We're all kind of happy she doesn't have one yet, because the poor thing would probably commit suicide. Not that she deserves one anyway. Despite warnings, she's too fucking ignorant to realize that getting a puppy from a pet shop is a HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE, so we can expect her to BAWWWW like a baby when her puppy milled mutt ends up having problems. Shockingly, she has no form of life outside her computer, resulting in her only hobby being to message other players on the site. Normally, the people who she messages have never talked to her in their lives and don't give a shit about anything she has to say. However, she doesn't fucking realize this, and harasses people until they block her so that they can remain content in their own virtual world. Unable to grasp the concept that there is a difference between real life and the internet, her most recent BAWWW-fest involves her ranting about how the Furry Paws bank interest rate and her real life interest rate are different and how she thinks this is unfair. Of course, no one can comment on this or they'll be bitched out by her extensive vocabulary (including words like: sarcastic, mean, rude, and other remarks usually only shouted by by seven-year-olds).

Mahou: From the few pictures of herself posted, it is obvious she is a huge ass whale. She loves getting into fights over pointless shit and demands to be right, though she generally makes the other player feel retarded by talking to them and "nicely" telling them they are wrong. She openly speaks of her hatred toward internet drama, but loves starting her own. Her mortal enemy is the one and only Iesous and her "BFF" is Leto- in her own words "If you mess with my Leto I will slice your throat, <3"

Sketch: Another "artist" with no grasp of reality. She is a 20-year-old high school dropout that fails her 2 IRL children. She BAWWWs in the Chatroom constantly about how shitty her life is and how much she wants to end it. If you do not see her in the chat room bawwing, it's most likely she has her legs spread and is creating another retarded baby. In recent news she is now pregnant again after aborting her last baby.

Audacious: Another fat tranny who assrapes all dogs from rescues and decides to "rescue" puppies. She ferments in the attention she gets when she 'rescues' a puppy from someone's backyard then decides to kill it off after it looks at her wrong. Nobody can keep track of how many animals have died in her care. And now, for many lulz, she may be pregnant!

Soteria: Aside from being another "artist" that has no grasp of basic anatomy, she's changed her names several times in an attempt to hide from people. Her fursona is a green sparkledog that will melt your retinas faster than a laser show on the sun. In her spare times she makes up excuses to not get her art done and BAWWWWs when things don't go her way. Enjoys stealing lots of USD, then never messaging the buyer back. Typical trailer trash with a 50.2 BMI, she can't get her priorities straight. Instead of fixing her dogs, she seems more interested in flying to another state to see some sort of "dog show". Recently, she has given up her cat to replace it with more inbred puppies.

Zoey: A retard who likes to talk about her dogs and create love poems to them then bawww about how fat they are. She also likes to write about deaths of pets from years ago -- she can remember the exact time of death but then forget the age of her pets.

Larthan: A furfag who, despite all claims that "she is female", is a male furry and a pedophile. He will give claims of offering 'her' photo identification and pictures of 'her' birth certificate, but these are obviously just pictures taken from google and photobucket. Despite all proof that he is obviously a male pedophile (and possibly a prostitute), he still manages to trick small children into talking to him and giving out personal information.

Snowshoe / Carlou: Another tranny-dyke of Furry Paws with image issues and gender confusion, Carlou has decided to mask 'his/her' identity crisis by creating an female-alter ego called Snowshoe. Snowshoe BAAWWWWS about her excuse for a wolfdog being given away by her assraping dad. Carlou / Snowshoe is also getting married to Kitty. Maybe another to add the alter ego list? Cancel that, it was a lie to get attention. link to "Carlou's" inactive twitter

Labbetuss: A gay hate parader who proclaims 'I dont have any thing against people being gay. Its just the gay part I find wrong . ' She is an inner dyke.

leto gets annoyed of fp and admits to having no life

Leto: One of Furry-Paws many moderators. She is known for two things: being a pedo bear and fucking as many guys as possible. She openly admits not to care about anything but moderating the chat room, yet it is her duty to moderate the entire site. She will spread her legs for anyone (as long as they have a black person). An average conversation with Leto is filled with "SEX. SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX RAEP SEX!!" Leto's public photobucket where you can view pictures of the anorexic looking basement dwelling tranny public myspace same ugly tranny Leto saw this page and put them both on private but here's her public youtube acct. Also, if you really wanted to seek down this sex-crazied transexual, here's her Facebook.

Abs: In September of 2010, a litter of mutts parading around under a designer breed name was born to the so called "best breeder on Furry-Paws." This ingenious match-up features her (OMG!!CLEARLY NOT A CHAMPION OK! Get your facts straight PLZ!!11) GSP stud and her conformationally challenged Labrador. Bitch then sells this "new" breed for $600-$800 a pop. She knows that everyone on Furry-Paws is an idiot and doesn't realize they can find the exact same damn thing in a shelter for $100 then get it trained themselves. If this were some other FPian everyone would be BAWWWWWWing but no, everyone wants a puppy from this miracle litter.

Other Ways To Be An Attention Whore:

Baw, baw, I'm pretending to be retarded! Feel sorry for me!
  • Place a picture of yourself as your tag; this way, no matter where you go on the site, everyone’s forced to look at you.
  • Create a webshow devoted to the community. Everyone will love you, and you’ll gain instant popularity!
  • Pretend to be gay, lesbian, or something that makes you super special and unique. Hell, even pretend to be mentally handicapped! That's sure to make you popular!
  • Place your phone number up on Furry-Paws. "if n1 wants to call me plz do. im so bored. NO TEXTING I CANT TEXT! 1-270-922-6506 Plz call im so bored!"


The Hot Pieces of Ass on Furry Paws About missing Pics


Despite being social rejects, players on Furry-Paws take the opposite moral ground to other sites hosting communities of losers, maintaining a fascist regime of upholding as much political correctness as humanly possible. Consequently, the community is incredibly easy to troll as the mere mention of anything controversial will cause a flurry of backlash, with members demanding that the OP see the light and convert to either a liberal or conservative mindset (depending on the issue at hand).

Members, in an attempt to be cool, can’t resist engaging in feeding trolls, resulting in a vast amount of lulz to be had.

As of late, there has been posts circulating to encourage members to embrace the fact that it is okay to be what Furry-Paws says you shouldn't.

The Rant Board

The only portion of the site where anything even remotely interesting happens, the rant board consists of 12-year-old girls BAWWWWing about how hard their lives are, how nobody loves them, and more shit nobody cares about.
EDIT: The rant board was deleted. Furry Paws sucks.

i do not like the kids at my school there so meen. some of them make fun of me because of the animals i have. or the gams i play. the way i dress and stuf like that. i just wish they wold stop.


—Typical rant

Imagination, you know, what you people weren't born with. If you play FP without imagination, who can call this fun? It's fun to have imagination. Of course, you probably don't know, but imagination is a quality. It is important and is great. The wonderous things that have come from imagination are so many.


12-year-old girl on imagination

I'm so sick and tired of people being so senstitive to the subject of spanking x_x What's so immoral about it? . . . I spank my dogs . . . thers nothing wrong with it.


—Furry Paws player on S&M

Oh my gosh....Im NEVER going on that site again, I opened a "message' that they sent me, I opened it and, A WHOLE BUNCH of PORN popped up. Oh. My. Gosh, my stomac hurts.

Never give them your email address, you dont want these sick fools to have it!


—Distress on Furry Paws after attempting to blank this page.

I deleted it..and it came back. What the ....?


—Not understanding how wikis work.

lterly . . . fp is My whole life.



Okay so I am like Emo right and like I don't know how they found out but like most people at my school and on other web games make fun of me.I can be who I WANT TO BE!But like I can't stand It!


—More BAWWWing on the rant board.

With my time the past two weeks, I havent had time to talk to my friends, in real life, muchless make a whole web page "haters site" about fp and the players. I love FP! Thats why Ive bee playing so long, I would never have the heart to do that site anyway, even If I did really dislike someone on this game.

Though I did "LOL" a few times, im not going to lie, But some of the things were hurtful and out right rude. I didn't even know about the site until, someone accusing me of doing it messaged it to me, there i read the first pargragh, and replied "LOL, WTH?" as in WTH is up with this site, Its soo stupid," though I did laugh because I do realize I am a loser decaited to breeding pixel dogs and I find myself thinking about it in my daily life...LOL


—Player adamant, 'I didn't do it!'

I take care of my [Furry Paws] dogs seriously, I come on here every day after my classes, and take care of them, and it is the reason I get up in the morning and drive myself to class without hitting the guy infront of me for being so freakin slow.


Don't you dare say my dogs aren't real!!! I'm a philosopher, and I belive that nothing is real!!! So it my dogs are just as real as you are!!!!!!!!!



I actually sit at my computer all day long, and only get off to: a.) Get some food to bring back to my computer desk. b.) Go potty. or c.) sleep.



I used to be lesbian to . . . I changed and Im 17 now, I was lesbian when I was 14 and a little bit when I was 15.


I would and always will place Furry Paws first



I'm drawn to boys who don't really have girlfriends or have never gotten too physical. They don't have a big ego since they don't brag about 'who they have slept with' or anything to that nature. They are just innocent, and it is so more attractive. And, of course, I adore the fact that my innocent boys don't smoke or do drugs. They are just innocent little flowers.



I need a guy about my intellect, 12th grade and i'm 11


—"I'm mature!", insist members.

I was truly honored to find myself on ED this week ^^ I wondered when I'd make the cut. Too bad it's gone now :/


—Yet another dumbass

(Topic)"You Know You've Spent Way to Much Time on FP When..."

(Posts by various members)"10) when you spend free time working out how much interest you will get when you hit a certain amount of fpd (done that lol). xD" "12. You find yourself checking a topic every 10 minutes to see the new replies" "13. You hear the title of a song on the radio and think about naming your unnamed puppy in your litter that." "20. when you check on your threads when you're supposed to be hanging out with your boyfriend D:" "24) When you spend most of your time of fp, and when you're not on it you're daydreaming about it" "59) When FP becomes your homepage" "60.) When you go to school and write your FP name on a test. o:" "76) When you make up a song about FP and sing it in the shower XD"


—ACTUAL Posts/topic byBasement-dwellers


Furry-Paws has had many lulzy times in it's history, these are just a few of such times.

September 2010 - OMG ED GOT ME HAXED!!

A new trend that has recently risen from the bowels of Furry-Paws. One day an attention whore thought of a great idea, a way to get sympathy and free money. She quickly posted a board, insisting that "someone at ED had to have hacked her" and she lost "over 70million dollars!!" The players, quick to react, began to panic and change passwords, and paranoia spread. Then a new challenger appeared, someone who had a reputation of being an honest person. They claimed they were hacked but "nothing was taken." They too blamed ED, and more paranoia spread. Who knows if the mania will continue? Who will get "hacked" next? Stay tuned to this page for the exciting continuation!!

September 2010 - Snowshoe is Carlou! B&! OMG DRAMAZ!

On an epic day in history, Snowshoe was called out for being Carlou with the help of many EDiots. S/he denied it and managed to get two posts closed before our knight in shining armor spread his hands far and wide and dropped a banhammer on her ass. However, Snowshoe appears to be so obsessed with the "truth" that she continues to denies it. A few sophisticated players believed that Carlou was not a lie, and stood up for them. The post in general was a huge fail. EDiots everywhere hope this sparks many lulz, however, and expect it. They also expect Snowshoe to "quit" at least 142357 times.

The end of the drama:

On September 28th, 2010 a thread appeared containing the truth of Snowshoe and Carlou. The thread was very quickly removed by the moderators, but not before this EDiot could capture screenies and save images. These are such images, proving that once and for all- Carlou IS Snowshoe:

The original post
Snowshoe admits to being Carlou, but tries to gain sympathy
Snowshoe talks to herself in an attempt to sound more believable

July 2011 - Skullsmasher fakes his/her/it/she/the death!!!! OMG so SAD )~:

In a sad attempt to get out of commissions and be a sleezy cheap skate, Skullsmasher faked his death. Like many people before him, they obviously couldn't do anything fucking right like pretending to die and move on with life. Apparently skin cancer or some bullshit was the killer, leaving behind many questions unanswered, many BAWWWING left unheard. His girlfriend Blitz seems to go on like nothing happened, continues to sell art/post on forms even though her lover is dead and gone. Even worse, a new artist appeared right after the day SS kicked the bucket. Claiming to be SS's friend IRL LOL and that he taught her how to draw, Loveless has the exact drawing style as the old Skullsmasher and is buddy buddy with Blitz as well. Because thats what Skullsmasher would of wanted LOL. It seems he got off skott clean, keeping all the money from his poor commissioners for himself. Countless BAWWWING posts about him dying can be read on the General Board, seeing how the mods let this fly. Skullsmashers dead, end of story.

April 2012 - "HACKERS" of fp are stealin mah account!!!

Some awesome people, clearly for the lulz, acquired passwords and usernames of the most annoying people on FP and trolled. The first person to be hit was Paws, an autistic 12-year-old who was dumb enough to give out her account information as well as her full address and phone number. Soon after Cinder, Flinch, and a few others found themselves "hacked." Shazzy X is currently holding an anti-hacker campaign and giving out free FPP to those who are hacked. LOL HIT HER UP FOR FREE MONEY.

How to tell if your account is hacked? Well you can't login shit-for-brains. Your tag will be respectively changed to a picture of Chris Brown and the trolling will commence. If you see the pain series posted on the forums in your name, then you clearly did something wrong. Stay tuned for more trolling accounts.

PROTIP: There are easter eggs hidden across FP from the hacked accounts that the mods were too stupid to find. Lulz to you if you found them.

July/August 2012 - HATE SITES ARE BAD!!

Hate sites, otherwise known as "we're too retarded to figure out how to edit ED" is a collection of cancer inducing blogs hosted on Tumblr in which members of Faggy-Paws gather to spew their drama and cry about each other. They have only recently come to the attention of site owner, Kahlem, however, and due to such they are now BANNED from ever being talked about!!11 After the moderators pulled the trigger too soon and banned user Pales, Kahlem decided to announce that she can ban whoever she wants with or without proof of connection to such hate sites (but if you ask the mods its "WE ALWAYS HAVE PROOF GUISE!!!"). Some may remember this is the same sort of man hunt that went down after this ED page was created. For now, it seems, the hate sites will be opened and deleted by Tumblr within a few days, and their spread seems minimal.

Ways to Troll Furry Paws Players

For us?! You shouldn't have!
  1. Mention your unfixed, mixed breed dog
  2. Own an unfixed dog
  3. Breed your dog (or cat)
  4. Say you support people eating dog meat/meat in general
  5. Be against gays
  6. Kill an animal
  7. Don't take your dog to a vet (even if it ONLY has a HANGNAIL!)
  8. Support cropping or docking (and not necessarily by a vet)
  9. Hate pit bulls/bully breeds
  10. Support dog fighting
  11. Remind everyone that the site's owner never does anything.
  12. Mention, even in passing, that you enjoy eating dog meat.
  13. Tell blond(e) jokes
  14. Say you don't support adopting from a shelter
  15. Post a topic that could trigger someone (rape, eating disorders, etc)
  16. Say you're 14 and pregnant and how proud you are to be so.
  17. Mention ED
  19. Say you hit your dog
  20. Mention the revamp
  21. Hate dog update posts
  22. Reply to any of Abs posts with the URL to her website.
  23. Make rant regarding annoyance of mods
  24. Go to the heart of the beast: server located at; watch as basement dwellers cry over 12 hours of lost work on their dogs

Furry Paws "Mature"

Recently a new website cropped up known as "Furry Paws Mature." The essence of Furry Paws "Mature" is that members can go and talk about "mature" things that they can not on Furry Paws. It has turned into, however, a "Bawwww my life sucks" website where Ieosous goes to cry about how horribly depressing her life is. When Ieosous isn't busy crying about everything that exists, the other members are crying about how their mommies never loved them, and how shitty the Furry Paws moderators are. Luckily for them, they can bitch their little hearts out and say whatever they want- because the mods had the rule books thrown at them that shows no matter what lies they create, they can't get in trouble on the actual site. (Though it certainly wont stop them from trying)


BAWW BAWW BAWW BAW BAW BAW BAWWWW Ieosous' life sucks BAWWWW BAW BAW I got a warning for cussing BAW BAWWWW BAAAWWW People think my emaciated dog is too skinny and bitch at me about it and I'm such a huge cunt BAWW BAAWWWBABABAWWWW. She loves to listen to her parents have sex (as she mentioned on FPM) and refuses to realize she is spoiled. She thinks the phrase "Haters Make Me Famous" is true and loves to cause "drama" wherever she happens upon. When Ieosous is not being a spoiled brat bitching about her life she is fucking other men.

File:Fpmatureforsrs.png Furry-Paws Mature


Joining FPM instantly makes you ineligible for anything on Furry-Paws. This means you can't win chat contests, you can never be an image bank rater (or have images accepted into the image bank), or a newbie helper. Basically, join under a fake name and never say who you are if you hope to be anything on Furry-Paws besides a low life fuck up (see what I mean by mods still try to get you in trouble?)*.

  • this doesn’t apply to people who are already moderators, of course. How else would they spy on members?


"Sully is half lab and...half shitty mongrel. He is the foundation stud for the breed of dog I plan to develop using him the Lupercori (which is latin and roughly translates to Angel Wings). The Lupercori will ideally be sound dogs for both children's hospital work as well as nursing homes and even pets (like Sully, they should all embody his extreme averageness)."

Lupercori are Becky's attempt to breed a superior butt-fucking dog breed, so she can finally have something to shove her strap on woman-penis into. "Demo Dog. Life Guard. Search and Rescue Dog. CGC, TDI and a bunch of other letters. He is one awesome dog and an absolute joy to work with" translates into "Will lick peanut butter out of my butthole, like my many fat fan girls on FP who have no idea I am actually a woman".

Becky justifies creating this mystikal dog breed to the twelve-year-olds on FP by falsifying her fugly mutt's titles and by writing small novels in response to one line questions of which she cannot answer, and by cleverly distracting them by dropping hints about pizza. She also claims that in the 21st century she has no way of proving her dog's titles, getting a video of him actually working, or pictures of him doing anything. Besides jumping off children's playground equipment of course. But there was the time when they all decided they wanted pizza hut, so they conferred for a short duration, agreed on a compromise between half meat lovers (Becky loves meat) and pepperoni, but then decided pizza hut would take too long so they debated about dominos but is it really artisan they asked themselves? But surely they couldn't lower themselves to papa johns, that would be blasphemy. What they ended up getting was little ceasar's and boy was it delicious.

This breed has yet to exist because nobody in real life is able to understand what a "lupercori" is or why a black dog that looks and acts like every other black dog in shelters across America should reproduce. But hey, pizza.

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