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Furry Fopsy

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Spraying this will get you banned.

The Fopsy is a short name given to the proclaimed, "Furry Fopsy Gaming Community". The "community" consists of three servers; A Team Fortress 2 server, a Ventrilo server, and a Counter-Strike server.


It is necessary to point out that the only active server is the Counter-Strike: Source server. An educated person browsing the server lists will notice that the this server is labeled as "2.0". The reason being that the owner of the previous one, and starter of the community didn't have enough money to keep the server fees up, as well as the fact that they just didn't care anymore. After the closing of the first server, other furry servers opened up to replace it, but were closed after a month or something. The recent 2.0 server has been up for almost 6 months, while the Ventrilo server has been around slightly less time than the CS:S server. Since the time of creation, they have had shitty tournaments, and events that have failed to entice more people to the community

User Base

Being a furry gaming server, it combines two drama-whoring groups into one. This being said, many of the furries on the server bitch, and complain about maps that they hate, spam voice, or are just assholes to each other. Furthering driving home the point, is that 80% of the players completely suck, while there are about 10 players that actually have skill. Gamers already bitch when a hacker comes on the server, yet refuse to leave their addiction. This provides lulz times two when hacking on their server.

The player base according to the steam community seems to be a little over 100 users. no doubt half of them rarely play on any of the servers.

Servers, and Sites

  • Furry Fopsy CS:S server:
  • Furry Fopsy TF2 Server (Now a MoF server, Komah Bawwwed when he left):
  • The Ventrilo:
  • The Forums:

It can be noted, that the Ventrilo server is easily harassed by disturbing the furry sex orgy rituals. The forums typically consist of idle banter, and are hardly active. Trolling attempts will fail epically because of this. The front page of the forums site is used as the owner's personal journal, informing everyone of his life, and what games he's played in the past week-month.


Komah Loev penis.

The admin basically like clans and cliches, is made up of a few close friends, that have either been close to the owner, or given hundreds of dollars to run the server. Take a mental note that it only costs about 80 bucks a month to rent a good server. There are the few users that have earned it out of good behavior. Like the Furry-Furry forums, where everything is branded with the faggot yak. The server only further inflates the ego of the server owner. Compared to the player base the admins are very Mature, and usually handle everything with a warning, a kick, and usually a ban. How else does one get admin in this community? The answer is a simple roleplay session of textfucking. After having the fap session, in his post-orgasmic high, the owner will give you admin over the server. This can be said about a majority of the admins on the server.

Past Admins

The following fags have used the above fagtics (fag-fucking) to acquire fagminship in the fopsy fagmunity.

The Website

The Fopsy has a website On this site, the server owner makes posts about his life on the front page like it's his Live Journal. One of the posts lists the server upkeep costs. These costs are over 600 dollars, and are obviously bimonthly fees for the server. It actually only costs about $50 dollars to upkeep a server, and an attached Ventrilo only adds 10 more Jew gold to the equation. It's a known fact that furries are Jews, so attempting to make a community, and then begging for donations is a goldmine. Komah has been pocketing the cash and buying shit with it ever since the server started. The forums are nothing more than utter crap. It involves many subcategories, yet no one cares to make posts or participate.


You can't have furries without lulz and drama involved as well. The Fopsy is no different in this aspect. In fact, there recently was so much drama and butthurt, that Komah had to post about it on the website's front page. From what is gathered, a player named "dezziedragon" bought a CS:S server, and started his own community. Because of how poorly the Fopsy Ventrilo, and CS:S server are moderated, many users left the Fopsy server and joined Dezzie's [MoF] server. (MoF stands for "Militia of Furries" which is obviously a ragtag group of fags that slap people with their penises.) The Team Fortress 2 server was moved to MoF, where it has actually gotten MOAR traffic. This caused Komah to bitch and complain like a spoiled kid. He now threatens to ban anyone mentioning MoF, or the Team Fortress 2 server! The fopsy is now losing traffic, and will soon die. The bad part of this, is that a new community has popped up, thus beginning the circle anew.

  1. Message the server owner.
  2. Seduce him to have buttsex with you.
  3. Textfuck away, try not to vomit.
  4. ?????
  5. Profit/Admin
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