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Superfjfail.png used to be a pretty decent website for posting funny pictures and videos, but was eventually infected with the same cancer as /b/. It has many many retoasts, but most of which end up being funny, this site lost a lot of OC and is bombarded with reposts, but then again the sites main goal is to post content that people view funny, why is that so bad? PROTIP:The Admin's Phone Number is most likely 1(225)-289-2834. Have fun! Make sure to thank him! It's a Louisiana phone number which suggests that Admin used to live in Louisiana quite a while ago.

Truth: There is nothing funny, clever, interesting, or remotely humane about the shitstack that is "funnyjunk." The above explanatory paragraph was left to serve as an example of the finely distilled faggotry that runs rampant in this swamp. Middle school fucks and the like scrape the worthless leftovers from /b/'s /b/oot and masturbate over it like red-injuns masturbate to fire-water. The rest of their time is spent creating words like "retoast" to really put the aftertaste of butthole in your mouth. If you love the feeling of picking fursuit hairs out of your teeth after waking up in the ice box outside a 7/11, you'll love funnyjunk.

"Funny" Content

  • Overused/Forced Memes: Some of the content on funnyjunk consists of forced and overused memes, causing their glorious death on this and other sites. Some of the memes that have died on the internet with funnyjunk are RageGuy, Sparta, Over 9000, Advice Dog (and it's million fucking spinoffs). Since using dead memes is the only way to be voted up on funnyjunk, the website's front page looks like a fucking advice dog factory exploded.
What they think of /b/.
What happens when you disagree with Bronies on Funny Junk.
Stolen and reposted on FunnyJunk so you can see it for the fucking tenth time in a day. OH WAIT, C&H is disallowed on Funnyjunk now for copyright reasons.
Haha, where have I seen this /b/|before?
/Bronies/ board in a nutshell
Typical "meme comic" that can be found on Faggot Junk
  • Reposts: Mildly humorous images that had the potential to have entertainment value, although faggots decided it would only be fair to post them over and over until everyone on the internet have seen the image. Once the Facebook community has made a Like / Fanpage of the picture, your IRL community has seen the image about 3 months AFTER the internet decided that the fad sucked, and will think they are cool and start using it IRL. An example of this is posting THE SAME FUCKING STARE DAD COMP EVERY DAY
    • Compilations: When reposting content seems too risky, nobody cares if there's a compilation full of reposted images.
  • Original Comics: Besides the forced memes, the aspies of funnyjunk make their own really, really, really, really, really fucking shitty comics. Every single comic is made with MS paint. No joke. The admin even made an MS paint tutorial for the website. Srsly. These Comics on range from unfunny to fail, drawn by 13-year old boys consisting of overused memes in an attempt to make them funny. These comics will be posted on funnyjunk as if it's fucking DeviantArt and will be followed by the typical truthers who will say they're not funny or badly drawn, and the faggots who will try to defend the comic makers, only for the comic maker to post a comment that either says "It's my style" or just "STFU." These comics will typically get 1000+ thumbs (Thumbs are the currency on Funnyjunk, the moar you have, the kewler u r), and as soon as they do a subsequent rant comic will be posted in response saying "Funnyjunk isn't funny anymore," (old news bro) drawn in MS Paint, and at the end they'll repost a picture in order to make it "Funny." This cycle repeats indefinitely until the users have successfully completed their Cancer Orgy and go to bed
Typical front page material
  • Pity Posts: Posts which appeal to their little brains, asking for either thumbs, donations or revenge on their (imaginary) girlfriends/boyfriends. Usually made by trolls. If there is enough rage on the content, users will band together and thumb down as much of the OP's content and comments as possible. Quite several users have been banned this way.
  • Tumblr posts: Starting in late 2012, Tumblr posts have become very popular on FunnyJunk. It did not take much time for many of them to become reposts. As of December 2013, more and more users have gotten tired of seeing them and so they retaliate by shitposting on Tumblr content.

"Image Boards"

In order to appeal to the newfag masses, the staff over at Funnyjunk have implemented their own little series of image boards outside of the main content (not to be confused with the channel feature, which shows the same shit over and over relating to your favorite hobbies.

Below are some examples of the boards.

SFW Imageboards:

  • Brony - Now renamed to the SFW Random Board due to 90% of the bronies being bullied off the site or sent to prison for bestiality charges. The remaining 10% spend their days spamming pictures of their shitty pony mascots, sucking each other off, and crying about how the fandom has gone to shit. The rest of the board consists of weaboos, emos, man whores, lolis, pedophiles, and everything else under the autism spectrum. These shit posters can be put into two groups: newfags who think they're oldfags, and oldfags who pretend to be newfags (as the great shame of spending a sensible amount of time on the board overwhelms them). Somehow this piece of shit managed to become the most popular board on the site.
  • Advice - Ask the local 13 year old boys to give advice on love life, computers, and other shit.
  • Hating - Emo fags rant about shit no one cares about. They love shitposting.
  • Items - Play-pen for all of the niggers to collect and trade their favorite dildos in an "MMO" recently added. Items are basically gotten by clicking the said item, then solving the captcha code (a third grade math problem), all within 30 seconds of the page's loading. Users can refresh their pages and continually get as many items as they want (and anyone not addicted to this cyber-crack-fest reading this is no doubt facepalming right now). This board alone is proof that the Funnyjunk community is made up of basement dwellers with nothing better to do than to solve elementary-school-level math problems for magical sex toys to brag to the rest of the community about. As terrible as it may be, however, it has nowhere reached the popularity of Party hats.
  • Reaction Images - Because the newfags don't have any folders and don't know how to lurk. Because the main link to it has been severed, this board's current existence is questioned.
  • Religion - Goes in waves between Christian and Atheist circlejerk, depending on how many of the regulars are on at the time. The atheists rampantly shove their "enlightenment" down any outsider that curiously has a question about a specific faith, and the two or three Christians there are too big of pussies to call them out on their bullshit.
  • Social - the most desperate thing ever known to mankind. Because it's full of lonely, Omegle-using Basement Dwellers, with no life at all outside of clopping, this board is useless since no user actual has any real experience in the topic. They've all had sex with their mothers, fathers, brothers and/or sisters. None of them are worth anything in life and should therefore be ignored as those faggots they are, unless one is encountered IRL. In this scenario, purging is recommended.
  • Pokemon - Totally not like vp at all. /vp/ actually talks about Pokemon, this board is just full of autistic teenagers who talk about going to the store.

NSFW boards:

  • The rest are just clones of other chan boards, if not mentioned.

The Funnyjunk Community


Admin: Not knowing how proxies work and being too much of a smugfag to do anything.

Due to the onslaught of shitposters and trolls on Funnyjunk, with abuse in the system such as proxy thumbing being used to raep the precious boards and ban users, numerous Andre Hering trolls, and many other lulzy events, a plethora of recent changes have now been introduced that have crippled the Funnyjunk community and are slowly turning it into Cheezburger. The admin as well, realizing that his site sucks donkey anus, strictly enforces a new set of policies with the help of several abusive mods.:

  • Accounts are required to be at level 2 or higher to vote now. This has severely hurt the amount of thumbs received on the site, ironically limiting the pace in which new users are able to gain thumbs for the levels needed to vote. (Protip: get a proxy account to level 2, and establish a network of other proxy accounts. Have each one comment in obscure locations and thumb them each up, capping at +5 for each comment, to get past this. Give each sockpuppet a personality and different writing style, so that they each appear to be legitimate users.)
  • Spam posts institute an IP ban. While this is nothing to proxyfags hiding behind at least seven, many legit users kept side-accounts that were used to shitpost. Once these were reported after the policy was instituted, Darwinism took over as the more effective and better trolls were free to reign.
  • Thumb votes are now shown. While this is a cautionary warning to proxyfags with sockpuppets (though a skilled puppetmaster can give each of these sock puppets a sense of self by posting in a few discussions with it), this also allows for proof of abuse of the system to thumb ban. Ergo, if a troll provokes a user enough that he resorts to a thumb ban, then proof can be shown and reported. Once this happens, the victim is banned, and the troll's thumb count is reset, allowing it to move on to his next victim.
  • "Loosely" NSFW pictures will result in an IP ban. Basically, anything with a woman in it that isn't wearing an abaya is ban worthy (the Fagmin recently started a series of changes in order to attempt to get the site better ratings on google). Given that most of the Funnyjunk userbase consists of hormonally active 13 year old boys and/or ponyfags, this results in many members getting banned, without the need for a troll to play the new system in this manner under a "no fun" rule. Ironically, posting NSFW images in the NSFW-designated areas can still result in a ban because the moderation is about as consistent as the ramblings of a drunk middle-aged wash-out.

Bans used start at lasting one hour in length, then increase by 10% each time. This means that you're free to post goatse almost a dozen times before your bans reach 2 hours in length. Yes, Funnyjunk is that stupid where this was an actual policy.

Recently, getting a large red thumbs no longer results in being banned automatically, and negative levels were added. As a result, several people have began to "troll" (read: mostly just posting /s4s/ memes and inflammatory opinions) in an attempt to reach level -400, and the Admin himself supports these users. Not-so surprisingly, many users fall for them anyway in spite of being blatant as possible most of the time. They avoid bans as long as they technically do not break any of the rules.

How the cancer came to be

At least 100 years ago, Funnyjunk was actually good; but then gradually got filled with drama and unfunny newfags as with the rest of the internet such as b/. Fun Fact: Over the websites history, the background color has changed. Since all funnyjunk users actually give a shit about that.

  • White- There are comments about the site implying it was originally white and may have been created as early as 1997. This is unconfirmed by the laws of "Pics or GTFO."
  • Yellow- Barely causing a giggle, had 50 pictures that were never updated until it transformed into a remake of
  • Green- All content taken from
  • Black- Cancer has completely taken over. 50% MS Paint drawings by 13 year olds who think they are funny and the rest are either compilations, thumb up whores, reposts, and shit nobody cares about.


A typical 'admin' comment.
Shows either admin is a persistent troll or pwned by his own furries.

Admin, also known as my big black daddy and DJ 4DM1N, is an egomaniac who enjoys pissing off his users. He does so by constantly asserting his dominance by constantly posting meaningless comments and sticking them, so everyone has to see them. The community's attitude towards him is extremely bipolar. Originally from Baton Rogue in Louisiana, Admin now lives in central New York near the NY Eye and Ear Infirmary. Admin used to own a company called "Spork You, Inc" which owned the original FunnyJunk domain. Quite recently, Admin (and his internet-lawyer) decided to register FunnyJunk, LLC (in the glorious state of Nevada) and conveniently decided to leave the list of financial officers empty until about two weeks after the deadline for submission. After submitting the officer list, Admin pretty much doxed himself (not that anyone actually cares). As of now, Admin is 27 years old large black male with a small penis which he compensates for running Faggotjunk.

DJ 4DM1N is also famous for being the supreme commander and leader of the good part of Korea.

This is probably his Facebook Profile .

Other things he enjoys:

  • Partying on the Funnyjunk brony board.
  • Making fun of Reddit
  • Making fun of women
  • Complaining about how hard it is to run Faggotjunk
  • Telling everyone that he is black
  • Banning people who disagree with him
  • Banning people because he is bored
  • Pretending that Fuckyjunk is more popular than le Reddit
  • Bodybuilding (he occasionally posts on bodybuilding forums).
  • Trying to make the site more kid friendly!!!

From what I've been able to acquire, Admin lives in New York and is actually black. He has a Facebook page where he is seen wearing a suit and trying to look badass. From his behavior, one could easily deduce that Fagmin is about 13 years old, although in reality he is 27 (depending on how you look at it).

He suffers from an inferiority complex , which means that his only way of feeling any power or importance is through FaggotJunk or his pathetic attempts at bodybuilding. He does not have a girlfriend, and constantly tries to find women through either FaggotJunk or dating sites. Admin is in denial and believes that he is very successful, while in reality he is a nobody, a wannabe thug who tries to jerk his ego off with KFC, NFL and old Tupac mixtapes, shits on Kanye and has a very large Thug Life tattoo across his back and covets large immigrant women with big asses.

Here are some of his comments in which he tried to make himself look "powerful":

  • "how about a goodbye ban?"
  • "13 year old faggots jumping from one stupid thing to another"
  • "fuck off worm"
  • "I like taunting you faggots"

He has a histrionic personality type which is obvious if you look at his comments and posts. He blames his users, and tells them that they are "attention whores", which are all unsuccessful attempts at masquerading his true need for attention.

Fagmin is also a massive hypocrite. A good example of his hypocrisy is him banning people for posting mildly pornographic pictures, and then, a week later, posting bestiality porn comments and making them sticky. This is another way of him asserting dominance by essentially saying "I can break the site's rules, and there is nothing you can do about it". An example of this is his Brony board which is secretly his homage to bestiality.


Recently, fagmin has been copying m00t and putting in word filter, for example "Richard Simmons" for "Fag" In any case, he attempted to Rick-roll users twice (srsly), and b& someone for disagreeing with him. Some argue that this could be cause of a FunnyJunk civil war, which will be extremely lulzy to watch the fail of. Hold on to your butts.

Notable Users

This is Phanact. This is the most popular user on Funnyjunk second to the admin himself. We are not joking.

Totally important users who totally didn't edit themselves in to this article

This is not an invitation to clog the page with your unfunny self inserts.

  • twi - Some ponyfag attention whore who everyone hates but is one of the Top Users due to the fact he comments on everything ever posted ever and joins in every clop. He's about as funny as a live baby, but at least a baby won't die alone.
  • girguy - Some faggot who used to be FunnyJunk Famous for some bullshit no one can remember. Mostly known for ending all of his pictures with some badly edited version of Pikachu, that only a retarded child would find slightly humorous.


Teen drama has been arising in the site. Some fags who are "famous" decided they hated each other because they couldn't decide who was going to buttfuck who. So of course they decided to make pictures that had butthurt lulzy drama in its pixels. And of course when they're too lazy to make pictures they make comments on how the other is a faggot. Drama and lulz are sure to spark from the 13 year old masses. The fail can be witnessed here: [1] please make sure to not click the link if you value your IQ or any intelligence of any sorts.

The drama will most likely continue all the way up to next Thursday. Since the 13 year old masses are sure to get bored and go back to fapping to their mediocre NSFW section.

Also, the admin of FJ constantly shows emotions making him look like a total pussy by saying the people on FJ is his only friends and without them he would be depressed. The admin constantly change the script for "admin" into stupid shit, for the moment it turns out you've written "Princess Celestia " instead of "admin" which is fucking bollocks, specially than the Bronies are a huge cancer on FJ.

My Little Pony Drama

A lot of drama revolves around the My Little Pony threads, where people who have no lives do nothing except posting the same pony pictures all over again. FunnyJunk seems to have a love/hate relationship with the forced meme, with half of the userbase cumming with glee and rainbows whenever they post it, with the rest of it cumming with rage and gore threads whenever it gets posted. As with the rest of the drama on FunnyJunk nobody gives a flying horse-fuck about these faggot's pony arguments, as everyone is a faggot on FunnyJunk.

For a while now the Admin of FunnyJunk has been posting a slew of pony threads over and over again on his precious little site, making all the respectable, pony-hating individuals get notified of this cancer.

Internet Pranks

FunnyJunk often prides themselves in thinking they were the ones pulled various internet pranks on ****** ******, such as:

  • OMFG ****** ****** IS DEAD!!!!111!!1ONE
  • Sending him to North Korea (As well as sending the Jo Bros to Somalia)

While yes, they did participate to some degree, they often jump into the game in the fourth quarter after the rest of the interwebs has had their fun. When Funny Junk saw that 4chan had gotten all the credit for sending Mr.****** to Best Korea, they responded with "OMFG WTF OMGOMGOMG I CAN'T BELIVE 4CHAN GOT ALL TEH CREDITZ OMG NO IT WAS FUNNYJUNK!1!1!!"

FunnyJunk Public Enemies

Like any site, there are always trolls who lurk around and disrupt the flow of things. Funnyjunk has had a few. All of whom which at one point, spread chaos around. Few of these trolls became notorious in spreading the lulz because all of which were denizens of /b/ who frequented Funnyjunk to piss off the new breed of cancer that will soon take over. These trolls have also been successful at trolling the admin as well. During a time when Funnyjunk wasn't as strict as now, it was easy for trolls to practice their activities. Bans were issued directly to the IP address, but the admin like the fucktard he is, forgot to take into consideration that they hid behind 7 proxies. When accounts ban were issued, the trolls simply made other accounts or stayed anon to further engage in their endeavors. No matter how bad the admin tried, he could not get rid of the trolls that were terrorizing his beloved users. Over 9000 site updates later, Funnyjunk became a inferior /b/ that operates as a police state filled with cancer. Trolling on funnyjunk has became harder and harder that trolls have literally stopped trying and deemed it as not worth it. You'll know the amount of mass faggotry on a world wide scale when trolls don't even bother to troll on your website.

The face that launched a million BAAAAAAWWW
  • DannyP- By far one of the most infamous and well known epic trolls that ever skulked around funnyjunk. Simply a 28 year old man who took the moniker of a fat kid. All pictures he had post caused quite a controversy amongst the users that they would leave hate comments by the hundreds and by the thousands on his profile page. Most pictures were photoshoops of the fat kid in various scenarios and famous celebrities. Like every other photo on Funnyjunk, there wasn't anything particularly funny or lulzy about his postings. Any normal person would have disregarded his photos as just out right pointless, but as usual, funnyjunk users raged and all thought alike. DannyP's reputation had reached to almost a legendary status, that even so much as mentioning his name could get a user b&. As a retaliation, funnyjunk users inferior brain complex began to function as one and tried to troll DannyP by creating accounts such as "DannyPsBrother", "KillDannyP", "DannyPsCat", and so on. This in fact generated more lulz as the accounts had backfired. DannyP was insecure though, he has banned a few users for trolling him successfully (one being Mr.Hands). Had the 13 year olds used this tactic as well as ignoring him, he wouldn't have been the successful troll of funnyjunk that he is(was). Finally after the millionth update, the admin did a swift crackdown on all trolls and slammed the ban hammer on DannyP's ass back to his basement. The aftermath saw the suppose return of DannyP when a few accounts were created, but all failed at creating the lulz and drama as the real DannyP had.

Yes, that's right. Someone actually worships this sick fuck
  • Mr.Hands- a basement dwelling furfag bisexual troll who named himself after the faggot who had another guy record him being fucked in the ass by a huge horse cock, Mr.Hands. He first came out during the DannyP era. From post to post, profile to profile, and too his favorite grounds; scratchpad, Mr.Hands would always leave a comment such as inviting people to his barn to suck some thick throbbing horse meat, fucking horses, being fucked by horses, etc etc. His photos were also the object of great lulz. His content consisted of pics of the original Mr.Hands and the snap shot of the horse dick penetrating his anus. Gifs that were posted by said troll were you guess, horse penises as well as a clip of the 2guys1horse video. Many funnyjunkers raged at his comments and content, like the poor stupid feeble minded immature pricks the users are, they took action against him by leaving a few hateful comments and begged their admin god to slam his mighty ban hammer on the troll. This actually drew Mr.Hands attention to the whinny users and soon they felt the mighty slam of horse cock on their profile and uploads. One of Mr.Hands whipping boys who made the wrong choice to feed the troll was a user by the name of JackSchidt, who try to be an internet tough guy, also claimed not to be afraid of /b/, and sucked the admin's cock every chance he had. Like a pussy he is, JackSchidt cried to the admin begging to ban Mr.Hands. He even had his friends intervene which made it worse as they soon had pictures of horse cock lacing their accounts as well. JackSchidt cried again to the admin and Mr.Hands started to troll the admin on his own profile making him an epic troll. Admin took action and banned Mr.Hands, but weeks later came back in a new account name, KennethPinyan and resumed his trolling activities by terrorizing JackSchidt and the rest of the users, including the admin. Admin banned the account and then yet again, returned to wreak havoc on the site continuously until he gave up and fucked off for good.

  • MsBlueWaffle- considered to be one of the most brilliant trolls to ever grace FunnyJunk with her presence. MsBlueWaffle didn't have to upload anything to invoke the fire storm of anger in all the FunnyJunk users. This troll went on top rated content of the day to greet the thread with her presence. Literally, all her comments consisted of was "Hi don't mind me I'm just passing by. Have a nice day". With that being said, the avatar photo that she used was the actual blue waffle jpeg. During the initial election of the FunnyJunk mascot, the fucking flying bacon sandwhich, Ms.BlueWaffle made an uninviting appearance on the thread and announced that she will be running to be the new FunnyJunk mascot. This caused massive amount of butthurt and drama within the site. Many complaints were dumped on the admin's profile with the lot of the saying "I'm 12 years old and what is this?". The admin took action and banned MsBlueWaffle for a week. During this ban, another account was created called MrBlueWaffle which claimed MsBlueWaffle to be his daughter and continuing with the activities as well as denounce the banning as injustice. When the ban expired, the admin limited MsBlueWaffles comments down to 3 characters and ban the photo as well. This did not affect MsBlueWaffle in any way because the photo was re-uploaded and continued trolling by just leaving comments that said hey, still generating lulz. The public wasn't satisfied and cried out to put an end to MsBlueWaffle, even the websites crybaby/ass kisser, JackSchidt, voiced his grievance. Once again the admin had banned MsBluewaffle once and for all. The she returned and cause more lulz and was awarded a 4chan seal of approval and troll recognition by some newfag. MsBlueWaffle then trolled the newfag for being a fucking newfag and hasn't been seen since.

  • ramen- a closeted homo and an atheist who uploaded blasphemous photos and spend most his time on scratchpad typing "GOD IS FAKE". Many users raged at him too since most FunnyJunk users are pre-teen Christians who is only allowed to listen to Kidz Bop. Haters hated all over his profile. ramen laughed at them and made a valid points of them claiming to love their so called God but spreading hateful comments, this made them fume even harder. His photos consisted of Jesus fucking children and getting a blowjob and being shitted on. He also claimed he wasn't gay even though he had posted the largest collection of Jesus rule 34. Like with DannyP, a few users used the tactic of making accounts to troll ramen such as "ramenisgay", "ramenSenior", and "ramensgaylover". All attempts were unsuccessful with the exception of user ramensgaylover, who managed to creep ramen out but did minimal damage. He spent most his time spreading his atheist philosophy denouncing all religion and gained a few people who agreed. In a sense, ramen established a cult making him a hypocrite. There was even a time when someone pretended to be ramen and a fanboy stepped in ramen defense. Although he was labeled as a troll by the other users, ramen himself denounce the idea. At one point, a user had left a comment on the admin's suggestion page asking what is he going to do about the trolls like DannyP, MrHands, and ramen. ramen swiftly replied saying he was insulted that the person would ever put him in the same category as with those trolls and that he was by no means a basement dwelling troll. After many arguments, ramen was banned during the purification of FunnyJunk when the admin banned all pornographic content (rule34 of Jesus Christ) and never returned. However, he did make one user ragequit in his unsuccessful time trolling, that user is known as Conquistador and is now lolbanned because Admin doesn't like opinions.

How's it going. I'm Ray Bingo
  • Ray Bingo (Harvey Dinkle 2: Electric Boogaloo) - A recent major troll on the site. He goes up to content on the front page and comments "How's it going. I'm Ray Bingo." In response to the affable introduction, users thumb him down into oblivion, because Funnyfucks don't know how to react to politeness and courtesy, given how much society rejects their ugly weeaboo asses. Apparently they're as bad at trolling as they are at everything else, because this guy just did the exact same thing as another user, Harvey Dinkle. This just proves that persistence in Funnyjunk matters more than originality (looking at you, top content), because the Funnyjunk community suffers from ADHD.

  • Dinkle family trolls - A major troll from the days of drama between FJ and Suburban Turban (a relic who tried to turn Funnyjunk into his personal army and almost succeeded), Harvey Dinkle and his lovely, lovely family spent their days greeting the comments section politely and trying to reunite with their family members, before being hated by evil, antisocial basement dwellers. Now, they're all but forgotten within the Funnyjunk community.
Yes, the community is that oblivious

  • zlamous - Because Fuunyjunk's user-base consists of edgy 13 year old boys, this tactical troll decided to make half-assed Christfag posts to troll all of the bandwagon atheists on the site. He's been shown to be capable of gore and nigger jokes, but this user devotes a large amount of his time to fucking with hypocritical teens that are one yiff away from ruining the internet. He's stayed alive despite all of the butthurt he's created due to posting anti-liberal content that's given him thumbs. He now spends his time posting on religious content harvesting lulz from the "hardcore" atheists, even though many people have identified him as a troll (Funnyjunk logic 101: the way to beat a troll is to reply to him over and over again while calling him a troll, but still taking his posts seriously). However, because of his experience in dealing with the same arguments repeatedly, this troll can intellectually defend creationism to the point where the atheist community of the site gets butthurt at the sight of his name (they will never admit this though, and instead mask behind the same worn-out insults including, but not limited to "OmG Your so ignoRant!1!!" "Well, I don't care about your evidense u closeminded faggot HaVe fun beliving in sky fairies :P"). Due to the fact that he's caused enough butthurt and the site's atheists seriously believe the whole "religion flies you into buildings" bullshit, his trolling became old news to himself and he's retired to whatever redneck town he crawled out of.

  • -400 Seekers - The moment that fagmin added negative levels as a substitute for banishment, a fuckton of original and creative users have decided to do something fantastic, to try to get as many negative thumbs as they could! After about a week, the joke grew old, and plenty of those faggots started to stop being unfunny trolls and went back to being unfunny posters. Though not one user, per-say, these faggots acted as enough of a hive mind to cause some small amounts of butthurt, and a plethora of shitposting and "ironic" shitposting.

Fail Trolls

  • tehTroll- wannabe troll who failed at trolling as well as failing at life. He formed a brief alliance with Mr.Hands to troll JackSchidt, but the alliance was broken as Mr.Hands didn't approve of his newfag-ish ways and started to troll him as well as Jackie boy. tehTroll posted gay photos that didn't create lulz. However, he did post a photo from ED's offended page that caused anger. Seeing that he sucked at trolling, he self proclaimed that he gave up on trolling and devoted himself posting semi funny to sexy photos because only 4 people liked his non lulz content. As usual, no one gave a shit.

  • Conquistador - Considers himself a major troll, primarily out to troll furries and everyone who calls him a fonk. Please note that his trolling is terrible and you will most likely bend over laughing rather than getting mad. It is, however, noted that all of the furfags get incredibly mad when he does show up to troll.

How to piss them off

  • Use the new Trollface (seriously they'll fucking kill you)
    This is what happens when you post the new troll face on unFunny junk.
  • Post something that isn't considered "funny" (ironically, almost all of the content isn't funny)
  • Disagree with the admin
  • Post C&H, or any copyrighted material, and nigga you gonna get banned.
  • Disrespect Admin in anyway. They are all sex slaves to him.
  • Mention DannyP.
  • Mention reddit.
  • Say "Fuck this shit, I'm going to 9gag".
  • Mention how much Maldar sucks and is a tasteless faggot.
  • Pick on JackSchidt for being an ass kisser.
  • Call Conquistador a fonk, note that his new account is called "renegado"
  • Mention that FunnyJunk is not 4chan nor never will be Anonymous.
  • Talk about how great and/or funny Dsend is. (used to be beloved by all, and then people noticed he wasn't even funny)
  • Tell your opinion in any way or use emoticons.
  • Repost a popular funnyjunk user's original content. (i.e SonicTeam, KERBE, Obscurity, Ect.)
  • Whine about how much better The Designer was than Admin.
  • Raid with some guro. Just a few simple images of Mami chan~~dasu dasu getting brutally murdered will get you an IP ban.
  • Post any piece of work by Andre Herring, the undisputed king of art.

Therefore it's recommended to hide behind 7 proxies.

  • Roll a random picture. To do so, type in a comment *roll picture* with stars included.
  • Post ponies, the cuter they are, the more the non-brony community gets pissed.
  • Say you don't like the Elder Scrolls.
  • Say you don't like Fallout.
  • Say you don't like Mass Effect.
  • Say you don't like Pokemon.
  • Say you don't like Zelda.
  • Say you don't like 90's Nick/Cartoon Network.
  • Post a picture of your dick in the NSFW section.
  • Say how much you hate Tumblr on every Tumblr post
  • Copy/paste "ASIANS CAN ACTUALLY READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they can hear, and see what your visually thinking this is the absolute complete truth!!!!! The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don’t associate with non Asians that much, are very untalkative, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can refatds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don’t like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won’t be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.

Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely wild as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.


  • Comment a frontpage post with claiming it is relevant to the content or a source of more of whatever was popular.

This will certainly get you banned.

Lawlsuit incoming!

FunnyJunk sues The Oatmeal

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Charles Carreon.

In June 2012 Admin thought it would be a good idea to sue The Oatmeal [2], a homosexual webcomic artist, for libel and slander. The Oatmeal, whose comics had been reposted thousands of times on FunnyJunk, had previously written a blog post about how FunnyJunk had basically "stolen [his] entire website and mirrored it". [3] This made Admin, humbly unaware of the Streisand effect, hire Charles Carreon, an internet lawyer famous for successfully litigating in the 90s, to extort The Oatmeal for $20,000 in damages and have him remove the "defaming" blog posts.

Needless to say, this led to a massive backlash. The Oatmeal was able to raise $220,024 in donations after short time, which he plans to take a picture of and send back to Charles, along with a picture of Charles' mother seducing a Kodiak bear, before giving the money away to two charities. Admin's lawlsuit efforts are unlikely to succeed, as the claims made in the legal notice (pictured to the right) are obvious bullshit and laughable at best.

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