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Freethought Blogs is part of the FTB hivemind

Circlejerk: Freethought BlogsPZ MyersRichard CarrierTauriq Moosa
Enemies: Thunderf00tLogicTheAmazingAtheist

Freethoughtblogs was once a thriving place that atheists looked upon with glee, until it was revealed that it was nothing but a closed-minded hivemind clusterfuck of retarded feminist bloggers and SJWs with only the brainpower to turn off any dissenting points of view, yet somehow they maintain the belief that their idiotic ideas are universally loved. They all claim to be under attack from the evil Patriarchy, because they are all victims of persecution if they would only turn on dissenting opinions. It is a perfect safehaven for the most retarded of atheists, since no-one can ever challenge them there, so all of the bloggers are fall into two categories, either they are a trap, a pussybitch or both.

The nail in the coffin for the site was when PZ Myers and other butthurt minions of his gave Thunderf00t the boot simply for offending feminists on the site and declared their mission to make Thunderf00t a "social pariah" in the atheist community (which is ironically already a community of social pariahs). This backfired big time and viewers abandoned the site in droves. Even more ironically, the FTB cultists threw a pissy fit after Thunderf00t allegedly leaked private messages of theirs after they forgot to unsubscribe him from their mailing list prior to his departure. Yet this is coming from a cabal who's own Rebecca Watson was booted off of James Randi's website after abusing her mod privileges to delete rival members' accounts purely out of spite - something which is actually a criminal act no less.

The site is now so dead that it still reads as © 2014 - It's also so desperate for funding that it's now begging its viewers to turn off their ad blockers, while subtly blaming DDoS attacks and page flagging for their declining revenue (rather than the owning up to fact that they dug their own grave by driving away the sane and the reasonable in favor of feminazis who literally wish they were lesbians and the autists who salivate over their every word.)

A video summarizing what FreeThoughtBlogs are all about


Luckily the shitsite is declining in viewership

In August of 2015 the creator of Freethought Blogs have had enough of the constant drama and shitflinging of the members and decided to leave the shit show.

So why am I leaving? Also omnipresent since the start of FTB, as I’m sure you well know, has been controversy. The bloggers here have often gone on crusades and launched battles, most of them necessary and justified. But along with that has come a great deal of drama and stress


—Ed Brayton

Main Bloggers

Blaghag/Jen McCreight

The original mastermind behind the idea of Atheism+ and boobquake. Luckily this disgusting whore didn't take out her utters as nobody wanted to see those.

Brute Reason/Miri Mogilevsky

Anti Miri Mogilevsky Facebook Page.jpg

A former Jew turned atheist. We would've wished she stayed a kike and married a filthy landlord for his shekels. Had a Facebook page made against her, and got all pissy and flagged that shit down, as she was being oppressed. This of course led to the page getting a lot of attention before inevitably getting shut down for suggesting what we are all thinking.

Miri's daytime activities include crying, whining, whimpering, complaining, bitching, groaning, grouching, moaning, grumbling, grousing, griping on FreeThoughtBlogs while she secretly filches their hard-earned money for all their worth. Like a typical Jew and social justice warrior she lives a lavish and privileged lifestyle while complaining how oppressed people are.

Zinnia Jones/Zinnia Jones

Killed your boner forever

Poor quality trap camwhore with a penchant for horsedong dildos. Has a girlfriend who hates prostitutes. Both are fucking another trap. Sells pictures of its goatsed anus under the name Satana Kennedy

Completely fucking ignorant

Heather McNamara FTB Has Too Many Straight White Men.png
Yep, too many normal people are commenting on the forums.

Please learn to suck dick, you cis-scum.

Richard Carrier

Mac Daddy Pimp Meister Pussymagnet

Known as Richard Bag Carrier, as he is a complete pussybitch who will stoop to anything to appease the mighty but fragile oppressed women so that he can later rape them. ArchiveToday-favicon.pngLiterally has to beg women to go on dates with him.

I currently have many girlfriends


—Richard Carrier

Even thunderf00t can take out this retard

The Rest

  • A Million Gods/Avicenna Last - Was kicked off after it was found out she was a plagiarist
  • Ace Of Glades/Aron Ra - YouTuber turned blogger
  • Alethian Worldview/Deacon Duncan
  • Almost Diamonds/Stephanie Zvan
  • Ashley Miller/Ashley F. Miller
  • Biodork/Brianne Bilyeu
  • Black Skeptics/Various niggers
  • Butterflies and Wheels/Ophelia Benson - Most likely a fugly dyke.Gets butthurt over Richard Dawkins satire.
  • Comradde PhysioProffe - Having a shittier language than that of ED.
  • Dispatches for the Culture Wars/Ed Brayton
  • En Tequila Es Verdad/Dana Hunter
  • Godlessness in Theory/Alex Gabriel - A reverse trap
  • Greta Christina's Blog/Greta Christina - Lesbian. Trap.
  • Gruntled & Hinged/Kate Donovan
  • Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men/Ally Fogg - a Britfag mangina by his own admission
  • Lousy Canuck/Jason Thibeault
  • Mano Singham/Mano Singham
  • Maryam Namazie/Maryam Namazie
  • Nirmukta on FTB/Indian science group
  • No Country for Women/Taslima Nasreen
  • Reasonable Doubts/Radioshow
  • Richard Carrier Blogs/Richard Carrier -
  • Sincerely, Natalie Reed/Natalie Reed - No longer blogging there. Trap.
  • TheAtheistExperience - TV-show
  • The Crommunist Manifesto/Ian Cromwell
  • The Digital Cuttlefish - Has literally written hundreds of shitty poems about atheism.
  • The Indelible Stamp/Tauriq Moosa
  • The Zingularity/Stephen Andrew
  • This Week in Christian Nationalism/Chris Rodda
  • YEMMYnisting/Yemisi Ilesanmi - Black person. Clearly a trap.

The many lies

Lying about the DDoS coordinated attacks

Of course no atheist clubhouse is complete without lies and a pandering to victimization. In February 2014, their servers were being DDoS'ed (Thank God). But because a random DDoS is just a random DDoS, this wouldn't make it seem like it a combined effort of the patriarchy to take down their freedom of non-penis, so they had to fabricate a lie. The admin then replied to a year-old tweet from Anita Sarkeesian as if she was also falling under attack at the same exact time.

FTB Admin Lying.jpg
Look at the fucking dates, you lying shit!!!

Now the lying is on the blog as well.

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