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Free Bleeding is hot new trend in which women wear a glorified version of an adult diaper to soak up their menstral blood during their monthly visit from Aunt Flo instead of using the more traditional tampon or maxi-pad. The advantage is that women can save large amounts of money on feminine hygiene products since the unholy hybrid of a pair of panties and a ShamWow can be wrung out and reused like the world's most disgusting dishrag. The disadvantage is that women will tend to leave a small blood drop trail wherever they go like a deer who got shot and is running away from the hunter.

Also, at this point in human history—where literally everything from eating excessive amounts of food to getting herpes empowers women—it should go without saying that free bleeding also has the advantage of empowering women because of something, and because of something something women will no longer be shamed by men because of stuff and reasons.

Ironically enough, the concept of free bleeding began its life as 4chan prank back in 2014. The /b/tards concocted a scheme known as Operation Freebleeding whose purpose was to mock radical feminists (since, back in 2014, there were apparently still a couple of non-radical ones left) by creating a phony "movement" in which women supposedly were rebelling against tampons as "tools of patriarchal oppression." The rubes, it would seem, have fallen for it, considering that within two years freebleeding is considered a good idea.

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