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That's a whole lotta freckles.

/b/ and the /b/tards have always had an appetite for the odd. Their love for the abnormal is often very obscure, yet palpable enough to rouse interest. This love appears in the form of awarded honor to the peculiar, which has often been like a badge of nonconformist courage, worn in the past by such quirky characters as moot, W.T. Snacks, Cracky Chan and Queen Kong. More recently, troupers such as Agent Pubeit, Cheyenne Cherry, and Kenny Glenn have only added to the /b/izarre pantheon of the outlandish and kooky. This leads us to the Chans themselves. In days past, people like Flat Chan, Chin-chan and Pear Chan, with their absurd oddity and less than normal appearance, have become pseudo-celebrities on /b/, but more recently, a young girl has been making the rounds; Cute yet horrible, pretty yet unattractive, beautiful yet repulsive…Freckle Chan perfectly fits the /b/ mold in an almost predictably idiosyncratic manner.


The "goods".

paint shop blemish fixer IT DOES NOTHING!!


—One disgusted, yet intrigued Anon.

As far back as February of 2009, Freckle Chan began emerging every so often, posting here and there in what seemed like an attempt to “test the waters” of /b/ before finally taking the full plunge. Her camwhore images, depicting a body that appeared to be covered in grease spatter, soon caught the raging hormones of /b/’s attention. When she asked if they would like to see moar, the resounding cry was of course, “Tits or GTFO.” But this was not a problem, tits were delivered post-haste at astonishingly breakneck speed.

The Ginger Conundrum



—One of several detractors of Freckle Chan.

Gingers have no souls...and veiny tits.


—Anon is only the baldfaced truth.

Of course anybody who has that many freckles has to be a ginger. This confused many of the /b/tards because even though she was desirable, she was also a red head…which a majority /b/ seems to think are the retarded first cousins of the silverback gorillas of Africa. Could a person of such questionable genetic makeup be a queen of /b/? Many discussions were held on just this subject…and will probably continue on as long as this girl keeps posting.

Health Issues

The scar in question.
Freckle Chan proving her back is in much better shape now.
The car which flipped over on her.

how do you know so much about this girl? you are a fucking creep.


—A note to the E-stalker on /b/.

One lucky stalker managed to chat with Freckle Chan for just a bit during one of her marathon threads. They discussed what appeared to be a large scar on her back in one of her photos.

That scar is disgusting...What did she get, ass cancer?


—All details would soon be released. Relax /b/.

Freckle Chan explained that she had been in a car accident where she had been thrown from an automobile and then the car had flipped over and landed on top of her. She sustained terrible injuries, but luckily she has made a somewhat full recovery.

Further Stalking

White Knight

Once information about the scar and the car accident were released, /b/ clamored for more info. From a second thread, posted sometime in June, enough information was garnered to give the following details:

  • AIM is heyleafson.
  • Long term monogamous with a boyfriend.

Another stalker, going by the tripcode Frecklez and Firebushez FTW !ddzQFPjT4E was able to obtain a folder with over 147 pictures, including some full nudes. He was also quick to gloat over his fellow Anons and pointed out that he would not share the pictures with /b/ because he had some sort of forum honor.

FreckleChan is pretty and she has released these pictures to beauty loving anon, but to some degree, her privacy has to be protected. Not all anon are benevolent. Some are malevolent and so, must be restricted.


—Tripfaggot being a white knight.


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