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Amanda Knox (aka Foxy Knoxy on her MySpace) is an American attention whore who decided to take the ultimate step in trying to get people to love her. While attending school abroad in Italy, she killed her Britfag room-mate with the help of her boyfriend. It is likely that without the sudden, drastic change in her psyche brought on by web 2.0 -- particularly MySpace -- that Amanda would have remained a boring and naive girl, instead of the bad-ass Internet superstar that she has become.

Early Career

Amanda grew up in the suburbs of Seattle and went to Catholic school. Soon, she discovered through the magic of web 2.0 that she could make lonely basement dwellers pay attention to her and do what she wanted by making them think she was somehow sexually available to them. Armed with this powerful new knowledge, she enrolled in the Jameth School of Shameless Self-Promotion at the University of Washington. In college, Amanda expanded her research on the impact of alcohol on attention whoring, as can be seen in this YouTube video in which Amanda's tolerance is expounded upon:

Oh yeah, Amanda's friends also hate dirty Jews.

Her thorough collegiate research about her ability to relate to people and her endless desire to expand her mind led her to be arrested in Seattle for being part of a large party that was being split up by the police, for which she was fined $269 in Seattle municipal court. Having achieved a certain amount of standing in the United States, Amanda departed for Italy, a land rich in attention whoring history, to gain an international perspective.

Establishing herself in Italy

An accurate representation of Amanda's new boyfriend
As if the above image wasn't enough, maybe this could tell you that Amanda cheated for this fat lazy ass mind-fucked bastard about over the past 100 years ago, pretty fucking sad eh?

Amanda didn't miss a beat in Italy, bragging in her MySpace blog about fucking some dude that she met on the train to Perugia, where she would be living. And she didn't stop there. According to her friends, Amanda's exploits while in Perugia earned her the reputation of a "man eater". Like any college girl desperate to broaden her horizions fuck everything in sight, Amanda took a job at a bar owned by African Patrick Lumumba, where she proved so incompetent at her easy job of waiting tables that she nearly got fired for flirting with her customers too much.

Eventually, Amanda did settle down with a lad named Rafaelle Sollecito, an engineering student from a rich and beautiful background who, like Amanda, was also dedicated to enriching his mind.

The Roommate

A challenger appears!

Amanda rented a room in a house often rented by other foreign students. One of the other renters in the house Amanda was living in was Meredith Kercher, a bint master's student with an eye for business who was studying Italian for the year. Meredith and Amanda quickly butted heads over the fact that Amanda was "always bringing home strange men" and did not like cleaning up after herself.

Meredith was also a camwhore, although she preferred to do most of her camwhoring on Facebook. Like all British women, the one weakness Kercher that belied her icy, refined exterior was her deep abiding love of niggercock, and she was totally unable to control herself in its presence. Unfortunately for her, this would prove to lead to her complete and utter ruination.

Ruh Roh

Unfortunately, last November, Meredith turned up dead in her room sans bra and with vaginal bruising. Her throat had been cut, but she had also been strangled beforehand.

Amanda shows her despondency over the death of her room mate.

As can be expected upon learning of the death of her room-mate, Amanda was distraught. As part of her default coping mechanism, Amanda started making out outside the crime scene with Rafaelle and by taking him lingerie shopping and promising to have "wild sex" with him. In case people get the wrong impression here, Amanda proved her terrible grief by performing cartwheels in the waiting room at the police station to entertain the cops. Atta girl. From this behavior and other evidence, Italian police concluded somehow that Amanda and her boyfriend had attempted to have an unwilling orgy with Meredith.

Amanda did what any other white American under similar circumstances would do: blame the nearest black person. Amanda recalled "in a confused way" that her boss Patrick Lumumba killed her room-mate. The British and American press were happy with the convenient Nigger Did It story and the police immediately hauled Patrick off to jail, only to release him once Amanda released another statement, available here that exonerated Lumumba and explaining that she was "confused" because she was actually high on marijuana for most of the day of the murder. The witness statements from patrons swearing that Patrick was at the bar at the time he was supposedly killing whitey and the CCTV footage helped clear the druggy fog. Anyway, she remembered now: her activities definitely included showering and may have included fucking her boyfriend, but definitely didn't include metzizah b'peh or murder. Probably. Amanda was arrested and imprisoned and has been attending the Neverending Story for the last 9000 years. Or at least, the trial which determines if she goes to jail for a bit as Eurofags can't use the death penalty. Not even against camwhores.

Disregard that, Knox has now been found guilty and has been sentenced to 26 years of sucking cocks in some Italian jail. Or the twat of the biggest mama on the block, whichever. Some argue that this is less a punishment than a dream come true for Knox.

The Italians Fuck Everything Up

To make things worse for Amanda, the Italians claimed that they had Amanda's DNA on the murder weapon, one of Sollecito's knives, which also had Kercher's DNA on it. Fresh blood from Amanda supposedly from the night of the murder was also found in the bathroom, but it isn't as if girls don't bleed all the time anyway. Humorously enough, Sollecito's DNA was also found on Meredith's bra. An American investigator (hired by Amanda's family) who worked on the case has said that the Italian police did such a terrible job of preserving the evidence that none of it is reliable. What is harder to fake though is the surveillance video of Amanda entering the home where Meredith was murdered just before she claimed that she was not there.

Enter Rudy Guede

An ED re-enactment of what actually probably happened that night

Eventually it was discovered that Amanda and Rafael were not the only ones who had their DNA all over the crime scene. They found the DNA of a certain Rudolf Guede, a Cote d'Ivoire transient with a prior criminal record and who had a record of stalking girls around Perugia, inside Meredith's vagina.

After he discovered he was under suspicion, Rudy fled the country to Germany, where he was promptly told to GTFO by the Nazis there. The Italians were only able to track Rudy because, after a long day on the lam, he needed to log in to check on his Facebook. He stated that he did not kill Meredith but merely had consensual sex with her. He further stated that after taking a post-coital dump while listening to Chuggo on his iZizzlepod, he came out to find Meredith dead, with an Italian (whom he later identified as Sollecito) running out. Of course, because this story makes sense and is logical, everyone believed Guede.

Amazingly, despite being homeless, Rudy remarkably enough found enough time to be a camwhore on YouTube. And he's definitely not on shrooms or acid in this clip.

Internet guilty

Amanda has internet disease

The European press, primarily the British tabloids have portrayed Amanda as an internet femme fatale whose OL activities presaged her heinous crimes. For some reason, the Brits believe that the picture at right, for instance, shows that Amanda was a ruthless killer instead of just some dumb camwhore with internet disease.

The British press have gone to great lengths to portray Knox as a total slut who voraciously imbibed semen, Jew blood and alcohol in equal measure while Meredith was a serious student. But it is worth pointing out that Meredith was the one who let a creepy, homeless, innocent nigra with a knife fuck her, which is always a good idea.

The American press, in contrast, has upheld its fine reputation by insisting that Amanda is an innocent child and that her creepy smiles in court are because she's depressed. Oh, and also, the nigger totally did it. Besides, those dumbfuck guidos probably made it all up, anyway. Bastards.

In any case, according to the public, Amanda's OL activities definitely make her guilty in the Supreme Court of lol.

Foxy Knoxy

Amanda's MySpace, MY.gif foxyknoxy03 has been given a lot of attention lately, but unfortunately it has been set to private "until she is released" which may be a long time. However, outraged Brits have focused on the slut part to show that Amanda was some sort of sex maniac. However, according to Amanda's sister, the nickname came from Amanda's soccer playing days:

She got that nickname when she was 11 because she was intense. She was a defender; she’d crouch and come out of nowhere to stop people


—Deanna Mellas

The actual reason for Amanda's nickname was because she was once a furry. Rumours also exist that her stepdaddy gave her the name following their afternoon 'father/daughter' sessions. Unfortunately, when she signed up for MySpace, her actual nickname "Kitsune K-nox" was already taken, so she had to settle for Foxy Knoxy.

Amanda's fiction

One of Amanda's majors in college is creative writing. So it should come as no surprise that Amanda kept a lively MySpace blog. However, the press masturbated themselves into a frenzy when they found out that Amanda's blog included several short stories, including one concerning a stalker and another lulzy pro-rape fanfic. In above story, a man confronts his rapist brother about a woman he supposedly drugged and raped. His response includes the phrase

A thing you have to know about chicks is that they don't know what they want.


—Amanda Knox

This is true. And since all women are secretly asking for it, by giving it to them, you are only helping to resolve their inherent cognitive dissonance.

Amanda's rape story only got one comment when it was posted, however it is being used now as evidence that Amanda is definitely a murderer. Perhaps, given her total and obvious support of outright rape, since she lacked a penis and was thus unable to indulge her love of rape, she turned to murder. The rest of Amanda's stories are filled with bad writing, awful hackneyed plots and unimaginative descriptions. Much like Cho Seung-Hui, it is difficult to imagine that she could actually be a successful creative writing major who made the Dean's List at a large public university.

Facebook Drama

As can be expected, Amanda Knox also has a Facebook page. Having a fairly generic name though means that she is not the only Amanda Knox on facebook. In fact, there is a famous actress named Amanda Knox, who has acted in such films as "Inside Man". Since this case has happened, the actress has received internet death threats and posts calling her a murderer. This has not been helped by the numerous bloggers who have used her personal information when talking about our heroine.

To her credit, and probably because she isn't a neckbeard aspie with no life, Amanda Knox the actress has been taking this in stride, without calling the Slander Salamander or claiming deflamation. She has even seen an uptick in traffic to her IMDB page because of this situation:

Of course more people are going to come to my IMDB and be curious and interested. But my phone isn't ringing off the hook yet. My page has gotten more traffic -- if that helps me or not, I don't know. I think that the main issue is that this horrible thing has happened.


—Amanda Knox, the other one

Amanda and the Jews

Amanda, enjoying one of her favorite activities

As noted above, Amanda's friends seemed to hate the Jews. According to one of her former co-workers at the coffee house where she worked as a barista, Amanda definitely has an appreciation for lulz, especially when they happened from 1939 - 1945 in Poland:

You know, a lot of people are saying she is a sweet girl and they can't believe she could have done such a thing. But, to be honest, I'm not surprised she is a suspect. Really. The first time I met her, when I got the job here, she asked me if I was Jewish. I told her I was. She then screamed: 'My people killed your people,' and began laughing hysterically. I didn't know what to say. She just kept laughing about her Germans killing my Jews. After that, I did not like her. She really freaked me out."



Activities in Prison

Amanda has continued to be a successful attention whore in prison, bragging about her asspats and the number of men who have written to her telling her that "they want to make love to her." In addition, she has apparently kept a diary where she has made a list of the 7 men she fucked in Italy, even noting those she fucked without protection. Her relationship with Rafaelle is now totally over, as each accuses the other of lying to them. It remains to be seen whether her crimes against the internet will transfer to guilt in real life.

It has recently come to light in the British newspaper The Guardian that Amanda believes that she would not be a suspect if she weren't totally hot. This would be the truth, if by totally hot she meant average-looking with beady eyes. Because the internet can be a heinous bitch goddess and because other people on the internet are so fat and ugly, an average looking girl's Self-esteem gets more artificially inflated than a 2005 home price. The fact is that nigra rape and attention whores in a picturesque setting is akin to the money shot for tabloids used to sexpots like Jade Goody gracing the front pages.



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