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Foxy Dani is not a human, no. He is a fox!
His hobbies include 'Yiffing', 'Sex with Animals', and 'Tearing babies to shreds'.
Dani forgets he's on 4chan

Foxy Dani (A.K.A: Dani Raatikainen, Dani Foxx, Waste of semen), is some mentally challenged basement dwelling, dog and fox fucking, furfag that was most definitely raped and abused as a child by his parents. As well as this, it's a theory that he was dropped on his head and/or bashed on the head to the point where he couldn't take the strain on his poor mind and ran into the woods of harmony, and thus upon doing so, happened across a skulk of foxes fucking and otherwise doing animal things. This in turn must have fucked him up to the point where he thought this better than his own family, joining the animals in their fun.

He mainly lurks the /b/ and /an/ boards, looking for any thread to do with furries and animals. You can find him on fridays on 'Furiday' posting fur and ranting about his epic foxiness and how much he is not a human. He thrives on attention and drama, and causes most drama himself.

Most of this drama tends to be how he can't be a fox, how he is a fox on the inside, and how he doesn't want to take a place in society or work for the man which proves he's a fatty with a lusting for cheeto's, and that his power level is quite under 9000.

Now normally, when you see some furfag, especially the ones that are attention whores and are into bestiality, you laugh at them and tell them what an epic fail they are at life and how they should commit suicide in a huge flaming pit of epic fail. This includes and is not limited to:

  • Aids
  • Fire
  • Acid
  • Needles, (With Aids, and faecal matter.)
  • More Aids
  • More Fail
  • Thousands of salt covered razor blades and sharp pointy objects

Foxiness you say?

On 4chan, when he is in a furthread, everyone bashes him, and he still continues his rants. Even despite people attempting to speak sense into him, he either doesn't listen of doesn't acknoledge their posts. Either way, he's a potential for becoming An Hero because he's a forever alone that does nothing but jerk it to furries.

So... transgender extends to a different species now?
Yes, it's not because you're human at all. It's also Srs bznis.
Implying he only wishes romance with animals.

Not only this, but speaking to Dani is like speaking to a Christian when you try and say "God does not exist!", he frequently brings Rule 11 (Note said rules don't have to be taken seriously) into play when you attempt to provide logic and reason to what he says, but it doesn't matter, he'll make up something else what will keep him feeling foxy, and STILL keep on whining about everyone that disagrees with him all over teh interwebs.

He admits on a frequent basis that he is into bestiality and then denies it the second you confront him about it. It's rather funny to see him deny said accusations after posting the screencaps, he'll then say they were screen-capped out of context. Although, I'm pretty certain you can't take "I enjoy sex with animals" out of context.

Dani's parents found his ED page recently.

Dani is now worried because his parents have found his Encyclopedia Dramatica page and is whining about the repercussions of his online actions guessed it, the internet.

I am a fox in human form that enjoys sex with animals.


Pretty much summing the gallery below.

Gallery of Foxy Dani Fail

All about the 'Fox' About missing Pics

Tasty, tasty drama

Although it might not look like Dani is super upset by it all, he rages quit a bit. He draws attention to himself by posting his quotes and Anonymous attacks him. He then b'awws and wonders why all teh anons are making fun of him. You'd think he's trolling, but oh so surprisingly, he actually isn't, he's just that fucking dumb.

Trolling Dani

A few tips on how to piss him off

  • Argue the point that he is a human being
  • Post pictures of dead foxes
  • Tell him to commit suicide, (Yes this really works)
  • Remind him that he will never be a fox
  • Post a picture of some random fat fuck and say it's him
  • Re-enact Zippo Kitty, but with a Fox, and post the pics on his Facebook
  • Further argument of calling him a human
  • Tell him you're a human supremacist

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