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The most current version of his fursona, he went for a cub-babyfur direction.

The furry fandom. A living cesspool of the desperate and twisted individuals clogging the internets with fox wolf dragon hybrid cum. However, there are those that are even scorned and looked down upon by these mentally impaired individuals. A common term for such individuals is furfag. Foxon is the physical embodiment of furfaggotry at its concentrated finest.

Foxon, also known as Coleton Gower, is a 19 year old Asspie on steriods who hails from Prince George BC, Canada. He joined the furry fandom at the tender age of 15. His hobbies include whining, cutting himself, shitting himself, sleeping with a plushie that he pisses on, writing hundreds of journals about how he can't write, treating his parents like shit, and being paranoid about anything and everything involving his ex Kitsune Youkai. Even worse, Foxon tries to convince everyone that the plushie he sleeps with is actually his sister.

Hiya, I'm Foxon Silverfur, a furry yiff writer.

I specialize in writing naughty stories, especially if they included urine, scat, or diapers.


—How Foxon sees himself.

Only $10 for a 'yiffy story' from some 19yo who fucks his own dissociated personality of a sister!


—How everyone else sees Foxon.

The Legend of Foxon: Butthurt Rising

The source of Foxon's butthurt goes back to 2007. It all started when Foxon got together with Kitsune Youkai. A tl;dr pile of furfaggotry and drama began unwraveling as kitsune and his fake sockpuppet sister began yiffing with other peoples sockpuppet murrsonas. Since Foxon has Borderline Personality Disorder, he instantly regarded this as though they just got married and Foxon found kitsune getting a bj from a 2 dollar whore in a back alley. On November 15th, 2008 11:51 PM Kit broke up with foxon for being a whiny emo bawwfag retard. he then promptly made this journal entry to baww about it. What followed for the next year or so was the slowest break up ever (broke up and got together 3 more times), ending with Foxon being inflicted with a terminal case of butthurt that still lasts to this day.

Pastebinfavicon.png A brief summary of why Foxon is acting like such an asspie as written by Kitsune Youkai.

The Legend of Foxon: Oracle of Butthurt

Ever since going through the pile of drama that he went through with Kitsune, coupled with his BPD, Foxon has gone through the rest of his life as a lich from the plane of eternal woe, constantly sucking all happiness from those unfortunate to come into contact with him. He has decided that since his online relationship was srs bsns and made him have some second thoughts with online relationships, he thought it would be best if none of his friends knew each other. Ever. This however, was made a bit difficult by the fact that all of his friends already knew each other. To try to fix this irreversable fact Foxon decided that the best course of action would be to throw huge shitfits at all of his friends at all times.

From that point forward, his mood has been going up and down faster than the shoreline of thailand. He made up his own fake sister so he could have one just like kitsune's and also found other furries who bought into his huge pity stories to be his online family. Any time he sees or hears anything vaguely resembling Kitsune Youkai, he instantly goes on another BPD fueled crusade of butthurt against all who are within earshot. This also usually results in at least 1 faggy journal entry made about how hard his life is and how paranoia is an excuse for everything and how talking to a councilor of a special school is the same as a licensed therapist.

The Legend of Foxon: The Shit Maker

As well as his asspie behavior and paranoia, Foxon is also notorious for his shit and piss fetishes. He is immensely turned on from the smell of his own shit, dosen't see anything wrong with living in a room that smells like piss and is an admitted and proud babyfur. As seen somewhere within the quotes section below, Foxon used to sleep with a plushie that was supposed to be his sister which he marked regularly. Eventually the smell was bad enough to almost peel the paint off the walls so his mom washed it. When Foxon learned of this, he raged, BAWW'd and slashed his wrists over it. After screaming at his mom about it for a few hours, he cut off the plushies tail (his sister's name was foxtail get it lol?) and threw it away. In a much later journal entry, he later claimed that his mom forced him to throw it away (because that's SO much less embarrassing than doing it yourself).

Well I've only washed her twice... in months i've had her. That may sound gross but hear me out. I know it's kind of embarrassing but Zearoth or someone of nature would understand. I enjoy scents, its how foxes know their mates, territory, etc. So if my plushie has a certain scent it makes me happier.

Yes, in short, I marked her a while back and it stunk up my room but I was happy... after a huge blowup and fight with my mother I was FORCED to let my mother wash it becaue it was "Rather it gets washed or I'm throwingit out!" *whimpers* parents are so mean...



The End of Foxon's Internet Life


Last Thursday, Foxon discovered that not everyone likes him. He discovered this gem: a livejournal entry bashing him and his embarrassingly bad art and stories. Because it's a totally reasonable reaction to have, he QUIT DA FOREVER!!1!11 This is simply further proof of Foxon's (and all babyfurs, really) inability to act in mature ways. What do you expect from someone who thinks shitting himself is cute?

Fur Affinity

This wasn't enough. Someone decided it would be lulzy to ED bomb his FurAffinity. Expecting the entire fandom to submit to his every whim and desire, Foxon took on the entire furry fandom in the form of the demand "If you want me to stay, give me reasons why!". Obviously Foxon doesn't realise how unrealistic these expectations are.

He also went and deleted almost all of his submissions and all of his page comments. Also, he now wants any remaining friends of his to white knight for him. Now he's quit furry forever he will probably (and hopefully) become an hero.

Quotes and Chatlogs

I appear as a silver fox with bandage wraps, but did you know that I'm half dragon? I'm actually what my name is, I'm a Fox-dragon; a "Foxon".

I am a full silver fox, no draconic attributes or traits, but I have the blood of the dragon from a transfusion I had with one that gave me my elven abilities in magic. (Irl, I do know bits of the elven language, so I can only cast spells that I know. Further knowledge, more spells).

I do, however, have wings. I don't show them, and it is actually a spell to use them. the spell is, "Uru'loki Ripa." to summon my wings. They grow out of my back until they are fully grown, takes only a few seconds and is no pain.

My wings are sceathers, so feathers instead of membranes, and they are completely silver to match my body. From lack of use, I have little to know acrobatic ability with them, just normal flying and gliding.


—Foxon, on his TOTALLY ORIGINAL fursona.

Enjoy my emo and very explicit and revealing and personal journals. (don't be afraid to comment! I enjoy the mindless not-praise)



—Foxon, on PROTIPS


That's just touching base with what i'm really going through with the whole laziness thing, but you'll all learn that my journals are long and very personal... so, just don't read em if you don't like them. ^^;




I was thinking of doing writing commissions for people. Maybe not full stories because they take way too long, but I was thinking like small 1000-3000 word short stories that are pure yiff for a small price like 10-20 dollars. (These take a LOT of work to do or I wouldn't ask for so much...)


— Foxon on PROFIT!!!


Nothing in my life or relationship ever seems to go right... everything constantly goes wrong in a day and I can't control it, just rather cry, whine like the baby that I am or I get depressed and let it slide.


—Have you ever considered getting over yourself?


You'll notice by tomorrow night my account will undergo a major change. I'm completely going through it and taking things out that Kit wouldn't like or that will hurt me in the future.


—shoulda DFE'd the emo journal entries


I'm leaving the fandom. My and Kitsuneyoukai and his "sister" broke up for good. I'm leaving the fandom so I can't be sucked into it. If you want to contact me:


—Foxon on leaving the fandom.


Back in November I deleted my level 70 druid for this same upsetting suicidal behavior and drama. It hit me again and I wasted three whole months of my life.


—Because WoW is worth killing yourself over.


I quit WoW 6 days ago. And 5 days ago, I started a druid. He is level 35 now.


—his next journal entry

I am level 42 (and-a-half) on my Night Elf Druid since my last Journal.

I have not written anything productive since my last journal.

I have been suicidal twice since my last journal.

I have converted one of my classmates to the fandom since my last journal.

I may be starting a short yiff story for my hunnies, Kitsuneyoukai and FireCat, before my next journal.

I may be suicidal again before my next journal.

I may or may not receive another Lloyd update before my next journal.


—his next journal entry


I hope I get the swine flu and die.


—Don't we all?


Well, my parents might force me to go because I have no babysitter even though I'm fuckin 18. My parents don't think I'm mature enough. I don't want to be dragged anywhere this summer. It's Florida or broke...


—Wow, what asshole parents! It's not like you're a suicidal babyfur or something, amirite?


I';ve NEVER BEEN SCAMMED IN MY LIFE out of money becsause I'm more secure than they are and I continue to stay that way...


—Yep, never been scammed. Ignore the plushie you spend hundreds on that never came.


The Cat nip in humans doesnt make you go crazy or speed up like crack, it mellows you out. The more mellow you get, the higher you get (eventually you see hellucinations) but at about 2am or 3am last night I started to get INSANELY hyper... I'm not even kidding. I was talking about... blood and seed sucking were-pirates and jumping up like super mario and.... oh shit, lots of things... >.>

Anyone who knows me irl, knows this is NOT the Foxon I am. XD


—well of course not, the Foxon we all know is far to emo for expressing anything except soul rending pain.


There's nothing wrong with me through my eyes, sure I'm a little strange but we're all into our own things. ^^


—Whats the matter, can't see your diapers past all the scars on your arms?


Well I've only washed her twice... in months i've had her. That may sound gross but hear me out. I know it's kind of embarrassing but Zearoth or someone of nature would understand. I enjoy scents, its how foxes know their mates, territory, etc. So if my plushie has a certain scent it makes me happier.

Yes, in short, I marked her a while back and it stunk up my room but I was happy... after a huge blowup and fight with my mother I was FORCED to let my mother wash it becaue it was "Rather it gets washed or I'm throwingit out!" *whimpers* parents are so mean...


— What heartless parents won't let you live in a room they pay for that smells like piss!?


Moving in withsomeone is very perminent. We have had many quarrels in the past but he still (by this offer) thinks that I would be worth LIVING with? I was speechless.


—us too

  • cries* can we always be this nice to each other like this? There's no need for violence among us. I did already make my incantation in that one email. i bound myself through elven magic to your future pregnancy so whether I like it or not, I gave you my most sincere blessings. Thanks for apolgizing Cat. ^_^




I can't pay for Linden or whatever currency SL uses because my parents forbid me from using their card when I last stole their card to get points on Requiem (only 10 bucks....) to help my depression (I was severely depressed that day...)


Stealing is ok if you're depressed.


For three years I've wanted to be a ninja and this year I might do it! I just now started looking for a costume... so on short-notice, I may not get it...




So, before you comment, think of this: Will I approve of your comment? If I can get advice or critisism out of it, I won't block you. If you are just saying "WTF is wrong with you?" You get the blocker.



—Foxon on being trollbait.

I'm being as nice and as non flamey as I possibly can when I say this although I guess I'm a flamer since I'm not agreeing with every word you say, but if you're going to kick and scream the minute you don't have absolute control over the people in your play pretend internet family... Then nobody is going to want to play pretend with you.


—Hakoge on FA, responding with truth


Kitsune Youkai Ashita: fox cant do comissions anyway, he takes 6 months to go a 1000 word story


kitsune youkai on how Foxon can't write (note the brutal grammar.


And a message to everyone: Anyone who dares flame me from now on gets immediately blocked; no questions asked. I have been flamed like crazy for three days now and I'm sick of it. People telling me "You need help" and "No u" and "Get over it" I am sick of it.




MSN convo between Kitsune Youkai and an EDiot about Foxon going to retard school:

Kitsune Youkai Ashita: he lies to his counciler, i dont remember what hes lied about. but 
i'm sure he hasnt even told him about being a babyfur

Notanalt: lawls

Notanalt: do you know if its a psyciatrist?

Kitsune Youkai Ashita: he does to a "special" school

Kitsune Youkai Ashita: there is one

Notanalt: hahaha

Notanalt: wut

Kitsune Youkai Ashita: ? =|

Notanalt: how "special" is this "special" school?

Kitsune Youkai Ashita is typing...

Kitsune Youkai Ashita: yeah he placed in that school since he got caught writing shippo 
porn, so everyone at his old school made fun of him for it, so they sent him htere


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