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Cat eyes.JPG
Ask me anything...but that.

My daughter uses formspring, and kids are MEAN...especially when they can remain unknown! IM SO SORRY for your loss!!!!!!! RIP beautiful Alexis!!!



—Geri Smith Freda, Facebook is a hilarious site where you can build your own "truth box" or comment box to let people anonymously ask you questions. It is a great source in which to troll fucking everyone. It is infested by attention seeking losers. You can answer and display your questions/answers publicly on your page or have them feed directly to your Twitter, Facebook, or whatever digital social media you use to pretend you have friends.

File:U A Virgin Or Wut.PNG
The #1 question featured on the Formspring website.

Some users

Piss off a formspring faggot enough and they can reveal personal info like their age while suffering from nerd rage. (Once again, our example is the Mary Sue retard known as Pinkiebot: ArchiveToday-favicon.png2013-04-12.)
  1. Make fake profile
  2. Login
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT !!!!

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Typical butthurt Formspring roleplayer. They disable anon comments and if the trolling continues, may protect their account or leave. Go bother Pinkie here ArchiveToday-favicon.png2013-04-12.
Homophobe lulz.

Formspring is clear about their harrassment policy. We record no personal info about users. We do not record IP addresses or anything else that can identify users of our service. If an anonymous user is harassing you, you can turn off anonymous questions. If you are being harassed by a registered user, you can block them. If you continue to be harassed, we suggest discontinuing use of or creating a new account and only sharing it with your friends. You could even just stay away from the site.

Or you could hang yourself.


The petition to shut it down is a virtual index of every internet faux pas imaginable, starting with the poor grammar of the petition itself, which registers as written by someone with less than a 5th grade reading level.

To: U.S. Congress - The social networking site,, is nothing but a danger to the youth of America. A young girl from Long Island recently was the victim of cyber bullying through this website. She ended her life and is no longer with us. What Formspring the only reason for her death, No, but it definitely was a contributing factor. The website allows its users to post comments and questions anonymously. Most of the time its harmless stuff being said, but a quick search of the site and I was able to find comments telling kids to kill themselves and the like. This site needs to be stopped before any more young and impressionable kids do the unthinkable. If you have a Formspring account please delete it and sign this petition to hopefully get this site shut down.


—Sincerely, The Undersigned

The abuse of the English language continues, from the remix of They're;

I personaly don't get cyber bullied though formspring, but when I have to convince my friends that the're not fat because of what some kid wrote on their formspring is just....sad. Shut it down.


—Brandon Santangelo

to ALL CAPS and Internet Tough Guy-ism;

Brandon Ches Hutzler,Dean Ish Edwards, Catherine Payne GARBAGE HUMANS FIND THESE SCUM AND TAKE EM DOWN



[email protected]

to downright DERP.

my sister...was told that she is fat and needs to go hang herself! luckily my sister did the right thing and printed out the horrible comments she was getting and deleted her formspring. This site is nothing but trouble and there needs to be a stop to it so that this doesnt happen again.


Jessica Hatt

Several Facebook groups have sprung up to do battle with the evil Formspring and save the lives of fragile children across the globe from their evil plot to rid the world of whiny, self-obsessed fucks.

A note, Natasha Keelan has signed this petition saying, "Her 15 year old sister is being bullied on FS", and thus makes excellent troll material. Find her facebook Here.

Formspring support

It's not often that the customer support and FAQ section are as funny as the actual site, but sometimes the gods smile upon us.

Abuse! Abuse!

Typical lawlyer threats made by someone who watches too much tv. Oh, and they post their phone numbers and emails so that customer support will get back to them. Hard to believe, but some people really are just asking for it.

One particular moron of note is Marian Dubiel, who doesn't seem to understand the ideas of anonymity, free speech, or basic English.

Print out all the posts you can get your hands on. This is a felont and is considered battery. If you need any more proff for the authorities I may be able to send the proff that I had / They by law have to keep records of the ip addresses. my number is 407-687-8155 if you need any help pleas call many of us are trying to see that this site is held responsible for so many violation.


Marian Dubiel

Watch out. She has proff.


Longer question boxes

Due to a technical limitation, questions on Formspring are limited to a particular number of characters, so if your question runs longer than the allotted space you wil

Can you tell me who asked me an anonymous question?

No, stupid. Then they're not anonymous.


Sort it out? Ah, no.

Attention racism!!!!!!!!

Excuse me, racism, could I have your attention? I seem to have spent up all my exclamation points.

How do i know that people is following me?



Teenage suicide from this type if Internet crime is rising sharply and can not be tolorated.


—marian dubiel, english much?


Help on the way? No? Just call the owner of the website at home. That should do it.


Send my password where? Oh, shi- HAX!


High school kids ruin everything. The school thinks they can block the app, the parents think they can make their kids give a shit. The kids think it's lol, so on we move.



Trolling on Formspring is pretty easy, find a slut who's skinny, but think they're fat, think up something original, ask them how many diets they've given up on, or ask them 'Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?' sure to lead to confusion, and maybe a little bit of LULZ.


Bieberspamming (aka 101 Fucked Up Questions about Justin Bieber To Troll People On Formspring With)

One way to really piss people off is to just ask as many questions about Justin Bieber as humanly possible. Here are some good examples:

  1. So I heard Justin Bieber is single now, would you be his boyfriend/ girlfriend?
  2. Is it true Justin Bieber farts soap bubbles?
  3. Is it true that Justin Bieber likes to get naked with his body guards and ride Buffalo in Nebraska?
  4. I heard that Justin Bieber is going to be the first kid on the moon to pull his pants down and moon the moon, is that true?
  5. I heard Justin Bieber likes putting dirt in his asshole. Is that true?
  6. Is it true that Justin Bieber enjoys anal bleaching?
  7. Did you know that Justin Bieber was the voice of Arnold on The Magic School Bus cartoon?
  8. Did Justin really stick it in Selena?
  9. Is it true that a bunch of NASCAR drivers are going to shrink to a really tiny size and race inside Justin Bieber's colon? Whoever surivives and makes it out of his butthole wins.
  10. Is it true that Justin's favorite sex position with Selena is called the hot taco express where she'll shit in her pussy and add taco sauce and Justin will eat it all out?
  11. Did you hear that Jusin Bieber is training to become a NASCAR driver?
  12. Miley Cyrus has beautiful stallion like legs. How would you describe Justin Bieber's legs?
  13. Would would win in an arm wrestling contest, Justin Bieber or Macully Culkin when he was a kid?
  14. Is it true that Justin Bieber is starring in the remake of Home Alone that's in production?
  15. Is it true that Justin Bieber has to use a litter box to shit?
  16. Is it true that Miley Cyrus' mom fucked Justin Bieber instead of Breat Michaels?
  17. What's Justin Bieber's favorite cereal?
  18. Did you hear that Justin Bieber's father is actually Charlie Sheen?
  19. Is it true that Justin Bieber's penis is shaped like Japan?
  20. I hear Usher's sex tape leaked. Justin Bieber was filiming it and got involved in the action. Is that true?
  21. Did you hear that Justin Bieber is getting his own brand of birth control rings? They're gonna be called Baby, Baby, Baby O's. Get it? Because birth control rings are shaped like the letter O and it sounds like his hit single Baby.
  22. Why isn't Justin Bieber doing anything about Japan?
  23. If Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber fucked, who would be the dominant one?
  24. Is it true Justin Bieber has been doing college level work while on tour and now has a PhD in special education?
  25. Did you hear the new song Justin Bieber did with Snoop Doggy Dogg?
  26. Is it true that Justin Bieber is cheating on Selena Gomez and having an affair with one of the Jonas Brothers?
  27. Have you seen the video of Justin Bieber injecting heroin? Shits scray
  28. Is it true that Justin Bieber used to be a Disney Channel coke mule?
  29. Who would win in a fight, Justin Bieber or Grayson Chance?
  30. Why did Justin Bieber cross the road?
  31. Is it true that there's a big green diamond inside Justin Bieber?
  32. Is it true that Justin Bieber has his own cereal and milk coming out? With Justin Bieber heart shaped marshmalllows and his own lactation will be the milk, straight from Justin's nipples?
  33. Is it true that Justin Bieber has a twin named Bustin Jeeber?
  34. What would you do if you found out J Biebs was your cousin?
  35. Do you like Justin Bieber's new haircut better than his old one?
  36. Do you like Justin Bieber's old haircut better than his new one?
  37. Is it true Justin Bieber has a problem with lactation?
  38. Is it true Justin Bieber is making his own line of condoms this year?
  39. How do you think sex with Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen would be? Would Justin be the pitcher or the catcher?
  40. Is it true Justin Bieber was spotted outside of Charlie Sheen's house with a visibly aching butthole?
  41. Do you think Justin Bieber says, "Baby, baby, baby OH" during sex?
  42. Do you think Charlie Sheen shaves his pubic hair and saves it all in a bottle?
  43. Is it true that Justin Bieber got his butthole pierced?
  44. What would you do if you were Justin Bieber's son?
  45. Would you let Justin Bieber slide his finger up your buttcrack for any sum of money you want?
  46. Have you ever dreamed about sniffing Justin Beeber's ass?
  47. What do you think Justin Bieber's ass smells like? I heard his farts smell like soap bubbles.
  48. Is the rumor about Justin Bieber true? That he can shit, piss, cum and throw up all at the same time?
  49. What color are Justin Bieber's nipples?
  50. I heard Justin Bieber can shit, piss, cum, throw up AND lactate at the same time.
  51. Is it true Justin Bieber is related to Obama?
  52. Is it true that Justin Bieber is going to evolve soon into something greater than most human beings to become a new creature that is far more advanced?
  53. Did you know that Justin Bieber is already a father? He has a son from a girl he got pregnant when he was 13.
  54. If you went on a date with Justin Bieber, what would your pick up line be?
  55. Do you think Justin Bieber is cute?
  56. Would you be Justin Bieber's pleasure slave for a year if it meant you could have anything you wanted and eternal life after the year?
  57. How many fingers do you think Justin Bieber has?
  58. What do you think Justin Bieber's favorite number is?
  59. What singers do you think influenced Justin Bieber?
  60. How many letters are in Justin Bieber's name?
  61. If you were captured by terrorists, and they forced you to make love to Justin Bieber, would you?
  62. What do you think Justin Bieber's favorite color is?
  63. If Justin Bieber went to your school, do you think he'd fit in? Would you befriend him or give him wedgies?
  64. Do you think Justin Bieber wears boxers or briefs?
  65. Girls, how would you let justin beeber inside you? Guys, how would you please Justin sexually?
  66. Do you like Justin Bieber?
  67. What is Justin Bieber's sign?
  68. Why do haters make Justin Bieber famous? ;)
  69. What would you do if you got backstage passes to a Justin Bieber concert?
  70. What would you do if you got backstage passes to a Justin Bieber concert and it turned out that Justin Bieber was an angry sex crazed maniac and he tried to force you to perform oral sex on his little and i mean little bieber?
  71. What is Justin Bieber's favorite food? Is he gay?
  72. What was Justin Bieber's football number when he played in high school?
  73. How many girls do you think Justin Bieber makes love to every night?
  74. Do you think Justin Bieber has had his first erection yet?
  75. Do you think Justin Beiber will get erectile dysfunction? Can she make me a sandwich?
  76. Do you think Justin Bieber will make a good bride?
  77. Would you let Justin Bieber fuck your ass every morning for a week if it meant you got one billion dollars and the key to the city?
  78. If Justin Biebre was gay, what do you think his type of guy would be? Do you think he'd go to a lot of gay bath houses?
  79. Did you ever sit back and stair into the night sky with all the stars and constellations and wonder about life's mysteries, like where did we come from, goes God or Lucifer exist, who are we and does Justin Bieber prefer thongs over boxers and briefs?
  80. Why do so many people not like Justin Bieber? :,( He's a sweet boy who was never mean to anyone!
  81. How much does Justin Bieber weigh?
  82. What are you gonna do when Justin dies? :( The answer is nothing because Justin Bieber will never die! Never say neverrrrrrrr!
  83. Today is Justin Bieber's 17th birthday. If you knew him, would you wish him a happy birthday?
  85. Happy Birthday Justin!
  86. Justin Bieber Is...
  87. Would Justin Beiber make a good maile stripper?
  88. Would you let Justin Beiber motorboat you so he could become Justin Boober?
  89. How many Justin Biebers does it take to change a lightbulb? One, because he's amazong
  90. Would you cry if Justin Bieber kissed you on the cheeks, lips or ass cheeks?
  91. Do you think Justin Bieber likes flowers?
  92. Do you think Justin Bieber sleeps in jammies or in the nude?
  93. If Justin Bieber's mom Patty dropped him off at your house and in his arms were a sleeping bag, would you have a sleepover with him?
  94. What is Justin Bieber's moms name?
  95. What was Justin Bieber's favorite sport other than swimming and sumo wrestling?
  96. Is it true that Justin Bieber likes threesomes with Fred and John Cena?
  97. Do you think Justin Bieber was the jar squatter?
  98. Do you think Justin is a vegetarian or does he prefer cock?
  99. Is it true that Justin Bieber did gay porn when he was a struggling singer?
  100. Do you think Justin has the clap?
  101. Justin Bieber contributed to the end of Kim Jong Il. What have you done to imprint your legacy on history?

Hard, gay name change

Early in March of 2013, Formspring decided it wasn't shitty enough. After nearly shutting down due to a lack of revenue and leaving dozens of butthurt tweens bailing to (all were banned from Yahoo Answers before Formspring folded), Formspring decided to hand over management to a new set of losers who then changed its name to The tweens returned in droves and the site is now populated by zit-faced Bieber fanatics, useless faggots and Bronies.

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