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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Fluffy teh wolf = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

A wild Snorlax appears!

Fluffy teh wolf, aka Deviantart-favicon.png qu33n-fluffy, Kira, and Dru (or Drucilla Violet Adams IRL), is a hideous land whale of a furfag who currently identifies herself as a "gender fluid" lesbianz. She cheats and lies to everyone she encounters online, and loves using people for art. She pulls her own art out of her outstretched vagina and posts it all over the interwebz for everyone to see her awesome anatomy skillz. All she does is bitch and whine about her problems that no one gives a flying fuck about, and she even draws underaged p0rn as a bonus.

Kira only sticks to online lovers, because as she has stated many times before, no one loves (and will ever love) her fat ass IRL. She bawws about how bad her art is, yet screams at people who try to give her an honest critique on how to improve. If you ever send her hate, she will lie and tell her 10-year-old white knights to protect her greasy fat ass from all teh haters. She has been compared to Hinauchi, the most popufur drama whore on the internetz. She enjoys making people feel bad for her and gets off on pretending to commit suicide whenever she doesn’t get her way.

Try not to look at her hideous mug for too long, otherwise you’ll need a healthy dose of eye bleach to combat the instant AIDS infection.

The only pussy she will ever lick.
An example of her fine art.
Alright. Well i was born november 4th 1998, My mother was 15 when she had me, she disowned me when i was a month old now i live with my grandma and my gma hits and smacks and beats me every day When i was 7 i was raped by some men that took me from my yard and took me down the street into some wooded area My mom hates my guts completely… so i just tell people shes dead.. its for the best i believe.. my dad… hes okay… just hes very complicated.. My mom has had sex with multiple men while with my dad… She says im going to be just like her well im not gonna be shes stupid. I want to be better than her. My dad is fine with whatever i do.. I told him about me and you when we were dating, and he noticed i was VERY happy after not being truly happy for a long time. he was happy that i’d found someone that was really nice that i really loved.


— Fluffy's sad life story.

Is that a cock I see?


Original character, do not steal.

Fluffy's character is the most original character you will ever see on DeviantART.

If you're a famous person or if you draw exceptionally well, you will most likely be begged on hands and knees to draw her TOTES 0RIGINAL FURSONA. She will constantly complain about not having teh moneyz for it, and will continously demand requests from you. If you tell her to fuck off, be prepared for a shit storm of guilt trips and fake sob stories.

It's just a red wolf with wings...

Fluffy is the biggest drama whore when it comes to e-relationships, and if she ever discovers that you just got out of one, she will swarm you like flies on shit. She'll claim she has a crush on you (even if you have never spoken to her before), and if you ever decline her requests to BE 2GETHR 5EVR, she will bawww and tell you how terrible her life is, lie about being raped and almost murdered, and attempt to spew other woes of pity in an effort to gain your sympathy. If you’re lucky, she will even send you one of her patented fake suicides, made specially for you!

Hi, I’m john a friend of Kira’s I have some bad news, She may possibly be um… Dead.. She called me a few mins ago crying saying she needed help, next thing iz knew she was silent. We’ll.. She’s breathing...But barely .I put her on her bed, let’s hope she will be ok.. I think we should wait till she’s concous


Fluffy I mean "JOHN", telling her ex she "killed" herself.


Claims to be preggers.

A handful of Fluffy's online relationships were suckers who believed Fluffy's lies and otherwise were begged to date her. If this hambitch attempts to come on to you, it would be best to avoid and block her at all costs.

Due to her ever-growing, massive list of people she has e-dated and cheated on, her saggy e-vagina could stretch out across the Pacific Ocean and be used as an emergency flotation device. She once went out with five people all at the same time!

Since it’s incredibly hard to keep track of all the people she has gone out with, here are a select few of the most eventful relationships of her pitiful shit-show of a life.

Kyle Van-Tiel

She started dating Kyle at the age of 11 and has been in the relationship ever since. It’s obvious that we all know that Fluffy has been cheating on him.

We started our relationship around 4 years ago… almost love at first meeting, not at sight because i dont think either of us used webcams then or had one


— Kyle via Skype.

Even when outsiders tried to explain to Kyle about Fluffy's fucked up ways, he continues to want to be her lover 5ever, most likely due to his low self-esteem and lowered standards due to dating a fat lard.


Fluffy dated this poor soul for almost a year. She was completely unaware of Fluffy's unfaithful acts, and had to go through the pain of being crushed by Fluffy's obese ass and shitting up the internet with her tears over it.

F0XXY-L0XY: God we were almost together for a year


— F0XXY.


Clara, who is also called Steven, was dating Fluffy for over a year, and Fluffy constantly used Steven for free food (as if she needs anymore of that!), and he ended up spending over $1000 on her, even going as far as buying a plane ticket to meet her in person. Fluffy used her manipulative ugliness to coax Steven into changing his gender just so she could have herself a chick with a dick, and had him change his name to Clara as further embarassment.

She used me for my money and abused me emotionally on many occasions


— Steven, aka Clara, aka What The Fuck Am I Supposed To Be Again?


Fresh out of being dumped by Deviantart-favicon.png Beautysnake, Fluffy saw her next easy target and decided to run to this new slave and beg for his love. After Cosmic refused due to his trying to recover from the recent breakup, Fluffy stated she would cut herself in order to make sure Cosmic was in her fat-folds. After he fell for her tricks, Fluffy decided to go behind his back and get a new sex slave (without telling Cosmic ofc).


After annoying this poor girl with "ILAVU DATEME" messages, Kira finally got what she wanted. After 3 weeks, Frosty finally wised up and ended it. You go, girl.

[07/01/2014 20:56:43] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: I wanna be wif u
[07/01/2014 20:56:51] a camera: im not worth being sad about~
[07/01/2014 20:57:11] a camera: neh u dont wanna date a person like me
[07/01/2014 20:57:11] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: I wanna b wif u
[07/01/2014 20:57:25] a camera: i heard u
[07/01/2014 20:57:39] a camera: i mean i saw
[07/01/2014 20:58:30] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: Huh zz
[07/01/2014 20:58:50] a camera: le gasp
[07/01/2014 20:58:59] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: Wat?
[07/01/2014 20:59:35] a camera: eeh i cant i dunt like going too fast meep .-.
[07/01/2014 21:00:01] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: But but plzzz
[07/01/2014 21:00:13 | Edited 21:00:16] a camera: :/
[07/01/2014 21:04:34] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: Plz
[07/01/2014 21:06:07] a camera: ;/
[07/01/2014 21:07:20] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: Plz
[07/01/2014 21:07:52] a camera: listen.. i cant
[07/01/2014 21:08:55] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: Yyyyy
[07/01/2014 21:09:06] a camera: i already told you why
[07/01/2014 23:21:43] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: im gonna die
[07/01/2014 23:22:09] a camera: wai?
[07/01/2014 23:22:53] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: CUZ ME LIKEY YOU
[07/01/2014 23:23:16] a camera: wat can i do about that ;u;
[07/01/2014 23:23:36] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: IDK
[07/01/2014 23:24:46] a camera: .-.
[07/01/2014 23:25:03] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: -sobs so much-
[07/01/2014 23:34:03] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: Badass girl :.: date me... ;;



Kira made a new DeviantART account just to get with another chick named Kiingharu. This only lasted 5 days until Haru came to her senses and dumped her sorry ass. Apparently Fluffy had guilt-tripped Haru into dating her by telling her parents and her to die in hell (nice!)



— Kira, after enduring the horrific experience of sitting on a banana.

Who the fuck would rape such ugly beast bitch? Who COULD, for that matter? I mean seriously, your dick would be broken in at least 10 different places.


Fluffy begging BIuey to come back to her.

She dated this poor chick for a whole week before BIuey broke it off (smart move). Kira baww'd for her love to return, but to no avail. Bluey had more than likely seen an irl picture of her for the first time and realized she didn't want to date a fatass.



— Fluffy, trying to guilt trip BIuey.

amazing how much blood can come from one wrist


— Kira being a fat emo.

start to like someone- then eventually you'd be happy im always an option just sayin- yeah, i dont think you'd try me thho... or would you- can you- pleas-?


— Still begging to get back into BIuey's pants.

but this still is your last chance ok.. Will we still get back together.. Ill wait forever if i have to..


— Last chance to be with a dramatic land whale on the internet!


Her fake suicide.

Chibitoothless, or Deviantart-favicon.png retro-head, is another one of Kira's unfortunate sex toys.

Retro left her for the same reason everyone else left her. She was told by a lot of people that Kira is a cheating whore, and she left her soggy vagina to go cry because so she can die 5EVER ALONE.


He's crying because he knows he's at the point of no return.

This unfortunate user was hand-picked to be the next human sacrifice by the hairy vagina herself. Though unofficial, obvious things have become obvious.

i have lied to you, but i have been with kirra for a year now…. i thought you were Steven….


— Terry justifying his love for the gross pig.

It appeared that Fluffy and Terry were meant for each other, with him being the only person who actually seemed to love her fat ass. Then he dumped her on account of people telling him the truth about the freak of nature that he was wasting his time with.


[05:26:59 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ƸӜƷ .: ๖ۣۜGeronimo๖™ :.: h...


— Terry, breaking the chains and freeing himself.


Deviantart-favicon.png catcoal was next in line for Kira's victims list, and she dated this poor girl twice before catcoal encountered Kira's toxic behavior first hand. Fooled her once, shame on her. But fool her twice..?

Ok so she cheated on me with Terry, she used me for art, when we just met she was like "i'm in love with you how can you be so perfect." the minute after I broke up she sent me a vent and tried to get someone else to love her.

I can't believe I dated her twice, it was horrible


— catcoal, learning a valuable lesson in dating fatties.

Steven(Again??? and terry)

Seems like our pathetic little slut crawled back with her dripping pussy to steven, steven, with opened arms, accepted her with welcome arms. and this time, flufy has made steven leave his friends, and made him trigger the user Cassmutt. poor girl. she also seemed to be rubbing her stretched pussy on another guy. Steven changed his gender and name back to Clara. dunt u dar think bout caling him a he becuz fluffy will suffocate u with her giant ass

 ANONYMOUS: hey, sorry to bug you. I just wanted to respond to your question from a while back, Yes i am dating Kirra. thats all i wanted to say to ya. if you wish, respond ANYWAY you want to. I enjoy others opinions
[6/10/14 10:49:49 PM] ANONYMOUS: sorry to have lied, i feel guilty. i was getting shaky and at the time, i hated bad things being said about me.
[6/10/14 10:55:16 PM] ANONYMOUS: if you don’t care, well, i won’t bug you.
[6/11/14 1:20:02 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: Wait.
[6/11/14 1:20:04 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: You’re dating her right now?
[6/11/14 1:24:23 PM] ANONYMOUS: i don’t know anymore… she is fucking ignoring me even after i got involved in the mess. what is the deal here? is she with steven?
[6/11/14 1:24:34 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: Wait… She’s still technically with you…?
[6/11/14 1:24:38 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: She’s been dating Steven for some time now
[6/11/14 1:25:00 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: He’s 20 years old, and you could possibly report him for pedophilia. He’s been sending her really sexual comments and remarks and I think she’s sent him nudes in the past…
[6/11/14 1:25:01 PM] ANONYMOUS: did she say she is over me
[6/11/14 1:25:07 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: She never said anything
[6/11/14 1:25:09 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: So she hasn’t told you anything???
[6/11/14 1:25:24 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: She just… Stopped talking to you…?
[6/11/14 1:25:31 PM] ANONYMOUS: she said “Steven is helping me take down the blog”
[6/11/14 1:25:46 PM] ANONYMOUS: I don’t want ANYONE hurt anymore
[6/11/14 1:25:48 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: I hope to let you know that the blog isn’t a hate blog, or a blog to make her feel like shit.
[6/11/14 1:25:54 PM] ♔ Royalty ♔: This blog is here because of her actions
[6/11/14 1:26:09 PM] ANONYMOUS: i feel like shit Cass and im so sorry 

Moar Drama


Fluffy in search of her next victim.

If you're gay, expect a "PLEASE BE BI FOR ME BABY" message from Kira. She'll make sure you are with her forever, until the black hole in her vagina engulfs your penis, or dildo if you don't have a cock.

Kira has a unique disorder called "Icopyyou" where if you are a certain sexuality, she will copy you. She copied being "genderqueer" from an ex and claimed to be transsexual just to jump into the 10-year-old trend.

what if he became bi for fluffy? that’d be weird , im just saying, their cute together


— Kira, planning out her next bizarre role play.

Threatening suicide

If you ever decline her love, she'll pretend to take her pathetic life just to guilt trip you into dating her pathetic ass, or taking it back if you've recently kicked her to the curb where she belongs. If you're an ex of Fluffy, you'll probably receive a message from her friend "John" (actually her) stating that she was killed in some random way, decided by picking an assortment of suicide ideas from a hat.

Meanwhile, she will conveniently come back from the dead and ask another person to go out with her, ignoring the fact that she's supposed to be in a hospital or dead.

[13/04/2014 07:07:43 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Hi. My name is john, I'm a friend of Kira's.. I have bad news if your a friend of hers
[13/04/2014 07:08:47 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: She had killed herself earlier this night.
[13/04/2014 07:09:19 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: ..
[13/04/2014 07:09:31 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: *doesnt know what to say*
[13/04/2014 07:10:16 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: I know what it's from too.
[13/04/2014 07:10:49 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: ?
[13/04/2014 07:11:04 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Apperently it's because of you "Christian"
[13/04/2014 07:11:17 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: She told me who you are
[13/04/2014 07:11:37 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: mm..
[13/04/2014 07:12:14 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: just.. cant really believe it happened..
[13/04/2014 07:12:19 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: its a lot to take in
[13/04/2014 07:12:25 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: She said that she loved u a lot and that she wanted u back but you refused to go back so she couldn't take it anymore..
[13/04/2014 07:13:15 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: I was in a call with her when she died
[13/04/2014 07:13:15 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: mm.. *still kind of in shock*
[13/04/2014 07:14:05 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: mm..
[13/04/2014 07:14:26 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Last thing she said was "my password is ******* tell Mia fluffybutt aka Christian what happened"
[13/04/2014 07:15:10 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Loving you killed her I suppose
[13/04/2014 07:15:12 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: *doesnt really know what to say*
[13/04/2014 07:15:54 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: You know
[13/04/2014 07:15:58 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: I could save her
[13/04/2014 07:16:09 AM | Edited 07:16:19 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: im just gonna go now..
[13/04/2014 07:16:14 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: I live next door to her
[13/04/2014 07:16:25 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: mm?
[13/04/2014 07:16:51 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: mm
[13/04/2014 07:22:44 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Hm she seems to be okay I think
[13/04/2014 07:22:59 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Just passed out or somethkng
[13/04/2014 07:23:31 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: mm..
[13/04/2014 07:23:36 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: *not sure but ok*
[13/04/2014 07:24:01 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: If she is alive what are u goi g to do
[13/04/2014 07:24:35 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: U must know
[13/04/2014 07:24:44 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: idk..
[13/04/2014 07:25:02 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: well im still waiting on someone..
[13/04/2014 07:25:10 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Come on! What are u gonna do!
[13/04/2014 07:25:52 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: i guess im gonna continue to wait. Kira means a lot to me, but at the moment shes kinda a little sister
[13/04/2014 07:25:59 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: U should get back with her
[13/04/2014 07:26:25 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: idk. maybe. but idk
[13/04/2014 07:51:24 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: she ok?
[13/04/2014 08:01:10 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: She's fine…
[13/04/2014 08:02:23 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: thats good
[13/04/2014 08:12:30 AM | Edited 08:12:38 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: *sets her in the bed and sits there with her as she sleeps, pulling the covers up over her so she stays warm*
[13/04/2014 08:16:56 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: is she awake or asleep?
[13/04/2014 08:16:57 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Slerp
[13/04/2014 08:17:06 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Sleep*
[13/04/2014 08:25:06 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: I think u should b with Kira forever
[13/04/2014 08:26:08 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: its a nice idea.. but im really in love with this other person and would wait forever for her.. I mean I still feel for kira, but I guess i dont want anything official or permanent.. at least not at the moment
[13/04/2014 08:26:42 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Kira would be sad to know that
[13/04/2014 08:27:01 AM] christian-brambleclaw-pike: yeah...
[13/04/2014 08:27:01 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: *sighs*
[13/04/2014 08:27:15 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: i want to come back, but i know id probably leave again and I cant do that to kira
[13/04/2014 08:27:24 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Then go back and don't leave
[13/04/2014 08:28:02 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: id be more comfortable with something not official at the moment. sort of like we're dating but its just between us unless i feel something serious and want to stay
[13/04/2014 08:28:07 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: idk
[13/04/2014 08:28:18 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: I still would suggest u stay
[13/04/2014 08:28:26 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Her heart can't take it
[13/04/2014 08:28:45 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: if we did do something like that i may end up staying.. but im worried i wouldnt
[13/04/2014 08:29:00 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: Tell ur self you would be with her forever and u probably would
[13/04/2014 08:29:35 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: i kinda want to, but theres just that self doubt and I cant put her through that
[13/04/2014 08:30:18 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: U can
[13/04/2014 08:31:08 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: i cant put her through knowing i may leave at some point. theres always a little bit of doubt, and i cant risk hurting her again like that
[13/04/2014 08:32:25 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: she constantly begged me to come back and got mad at me when I didnt..
[13/04/2014 08:32:48 AM] kiirraa Fluffybutt ??? .: ???Geronimo???™ :.: I know she still forgave u tho
[13/04/2014 08:33:30 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: if I do come back I want it to stay between me and her for the time being. not posting on deviantart or facebook or anywhere else about it
[13/04/2014 08:33:40 AM] Mia Fluffybutt ???: unless i feel something serious

ZOMG she's gonna do it

Copy of a baleeted video Kira sent to her ex when he didn't listen to her



for just 25 points you can get something like this.

Outside of faking suicide, using people for money, and producing her own personal art, Fluffy has a nasty habit of guilt tripping someone into a commission. It's actually a rather clever way to go about it, because we all know no one would buy her shitty art anyway. If she's successful in her lure, she'll give you a custom scribble fresh out of sweaty folds of her greasy ass. if you don't like it, too bad, have a fake suicide letter.

It's no surprise she was only commissioned once this year.

Begging for art

As if her own fan art wasn't bad enough, this piece of trash goes around begging others for art as well. If you refuse, you can be assured that she'll try to woo you with her fat rolls so she can get as much art as she wants out of you for free. Classic excuses include "I'm broke," "I'm poor," and "my little sausage fingers are too fat to work a mouse or crayon to draw my own crap."


Apart from coming up with oh-so-original sins against nature, she also draws underaged porn to scar any unfortunate being who happens to stumble upon her sick fuckery.

Apart from drawing it, she also commissions unfortunate subjects to draw her fatass fucking her helpless partner right in the pooper. Upon being presented with a selfie to work with, the commissionee usually vomits on his keyboard, goes out and buys a new keyboard, and then proceeds to tell her that she couldn't possibly have the amount of money it would take to make him draw her in any instance of porn.


To get more ass-lickers she traces art, that is totally NOT obviously traced. She will decline and remove your comments if you point out her bullshit. Maybe she hides it just so she can fool dumb people into thinking she could actually draw.


Apparently our little slut changed her gender to male to hop on the trans-trend. no one is going to believe her though ;) but according to her PRONOUNS DONT MATTER

She claims to be trans now
[email protected]: hell o
[email protected]: CASS
[email protected]: So apparently you go by he/him now? Is this some kind of joke…?
[email protected]: no
[email protected]: You can’t choose to be a transgender person
[email protected]: Its just pronouns cass
[email protected]: Oh so you’re joking abou tit
[email protected]: Oh dear lord
[email protected]: It sounds like you are trying to offend a lot of people, Kiira. Pronouns mean a lot to a lot of people.
[email protected]: Yah, it’s just pronouns

That’s totally why I got harassed
[email protected]: :/
[email protected]: That’s why I totally got so many death threats from others
[email protected]: Because i made a joke about pronouns and look what happened to me
[email protected]: go away
[email protected]: Hi Steven
[email protected]: Sorry Clara***
[email protected]: Unless your pronouns are a joke too
[email protected]: Now im getting yelled at for choosing to change my pronouns? -sighs-
[email protected]: What???
[email protected]: Oh my God Kira
[email protected]: hhh whats going on
[email protected]: Nobody asked for your opinion.
[email protected]: Maid is confused
[email protected]: Not you, Maid. You’re fine.
[email protected]: Dont worry about it twin
[email protected]: Fluffy changed her pronouns to he/him and changed her gender to male as a joke
[email protected]: She said pronouns don’t matter
[email protected]: ugh
[email protected]: I want to be known as male damn it
[email protected]: You are being disruptive.
[email protected]: You just told me it was a joke
[email protected]: What???
[email protected]: Its not a joke!
[email protected]: Make up your mind and be honest for christ’s sake
[email protected]: I want to be known as male >:T
[email protected]: I did’t ask for your opinion Clara you’re not part of this
[email protected]: hhh Well maybe lets all chill out??
[email protected]: Oh hey Cass c:
[email protected]: STOP
[email protected]: WOW.
[email protected]: OKAY. now no
[email protected]: STOP NOW.

TL;DR: A fight broke out in a short bus over a lint-covered chocolate bar.


Her voice matches her figure
A musical guide to yiffing in hell
She paints ALMOST as fast as she finishes cake
zomg so kawaii!!!


Some of Kira's greatest fans drew some fan art for her, and she didn't even have to beg or threaten suicide for any of it:

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