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Calls everyone butthurt when they call her out on her shit, yet decides to hide comments and make herself look like she isn't the asshurt one.
Yes, she really thinks this.

There's always going to be that special person on DeviantArt who finds a stamp and proceeds to make an ass out of themselves, resulting in a lulzy shitstorm and a huge blocking spree, and probably many BAWWWW journals. Flower2563 is one of these people, having made an idiot out of herself after commenting the following on a LGBQT+ stamp, just taking the whole damn thing out of context so much, it made people use their desks to facepalm heavily. And the comments that followed, calling her out on her BS, quickly made "Flowey" (as they dubbed her) slap her nasty fingers on the keyboard, and soon, she went on a major blocking spree, being massively butthurt from all the comments calling her out.

Is This Another Dumuzi?

This stamp said nothing about Pedophilia, Necrophilia, or even Zoophilia, yet, Flowey still took it out of context.

Flowey is a 13 to 16-year-old girl who's both a hypocrite and a major fag for all things rock. And when I say hypocrite, I mean shit like:

Flowery says that gays can't be together, yet was a member of a Beatles slash group (which she quickly un-joined after someone called her out on it). She also thinks that listening to shit like Nirvana and Korn doesn't make you edgy at all. Flowey is truly special, and in the next segment below, you'll see her in all of her failing-ass glory of trying to justify herself.


You already know she isn't smart when this "cousin" says she'll post some of her own art. Yeah, people don't just do that on a account they're looking after.
She just gets stupider by trying to defend herself.

It's very rare to find stupid people like Flowey who take something so out of context, that they end up attracting trolls, weeaboos, or even the rare type of internet dweller who has their head on right and knows what the fuck they're talking about. Of course, Flowey assumes that everyone is a idiot and knows absolutely nothing, and if you so dare to call her out, she'll block you, like any other retarded TartLET who can't handle being proved wrong.

Flowey's Faggotry at it's Finest About missing Pics

Reaction to This Article

Makes you wonder if she's going to turn into a basement dweller in the future.

As soon as Flowey was linked to this article, she decided to "go on hiatus" and let her "cousin" take over her account. Of course, just taking a few looks at the comments determines that's a lie.

...Annnnnd this tops the icing on the cake. Same typing and feminist bullshit.

Her Art

While she's a hypocrite about things, it's not much of a surprise that she has pictures of furries, ponies, or even edgy bullshit on her gallery. Below is just some of the shit she's made.

Shitty Pastel Goth About missing Pics

Ways to Troll Flowey

  • Tell her that both Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury were homosexual. Wait for lulz.
  • Call her out on her hypocrisy, this may include pointing out that she has yaoi in her favorites, ect.
  • Ask her why she draws furries, lulz will ensue.
  • Tell her that there are only two genders, and that she's female regardless.

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