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Somebody should do something about it.


Flirty has since decided to stick with devianTART and is continuing to upload crap artwork, in the mistaken belief that we are done with her.

Since discovering this article, Flirty has done a series of flip-flops in responses. At first, she simply deleted any mention of it in her journal and began deleting her art from her DA account. Then, she got angry and wrote up a couple of badly worded journals, telling everyone to fuck off and that she was leaving - for good this time!

However, her most recent change of heart, shows her embracing the page views that this article has given her. She has decided, despite her earlier words, to stay on DA and simply laugh at her "spammers" (whom she declares she has blocked).

Basically, this proves she is indeed a page-view whore, as well as an attention whore. Flirty is now milking her notoriety for all it's worth, in an attempt to prove she is bigger and better than the creators of this article. This provides much lulz, for she is still a crap artist and any amount of page views will not change that fact.

Flirty shares her parting words
Flirty Leaves DA? 23/07/2008
Flirty and her family.
Could it be? Is it she?
Flirty tries to be funny.
Flirty chose her mother.
Rape is A-OK!
Someone tells Flirty to get a life.
I'd be pissed too if someone used spray paint on my bone.


You'll never get rid of me! Yes, I know you're just going to put this page back up again, and again. As long as me staying pisses you off, then I'll NEVER leave!!!


—Flirty the Fox

Amusingly enough, Flirty appears to think this articles creator's life revolves around abusing her. Hard as this may be to believe, this creator actually has a life and has in fact not looked at this page for a good month or so.

Well first off, you just keep saying the same insults over and over again. Second, you're insulting made up characters, your insults aren't gonna hurt them you know. Third, I've pretty much gotten used to all this by now. So go ahead and keep trying. It'll never work though.


—Flirty drinks cum.

However, because Flirty appears to be so insistent on this creator's attention, we feel like playing along.

Flirty, we are now once again paying attention to you.

Oh, and for Google's sake girl, get your boyfriend some drawing lessons. Seriously.

well he shouldn't have been a character in the first place. he was really only made because about 3 years me and my brother just felt like making a new form for shadow. but after awhile we just felt like giving him clothes and called him trevor because..ok that part I don't remember


—Flirty fucks.

In recent news, Flirty has given up her character Trevor, admitting that he was nothing but a Shadow re-color! Now, if she'd only admit that he was nothing but a pervy old rapist, we'd all be much happier.

Don't use my characters behind my back.


Flirty sucks cock.

We notice that Flirty has barely spoken to Demonyero - not in fact, since May. Trouble for the Happy Couple? Could it be that Flirty no longer likes her very own, personal internet tough guy? Or does she want to find someone who can actually draw?

We also notice that since this article went up, Flirty has become more than a little paranoid. She stopped watching her entire watch-list on deviantART, in the belief that someone on her list may have helped this creator. We can neither confirm nor deny this assumption, only express our amusement.

To underline her recent decline into paranoia, Demonyero incurred Flirty's wrath by daring, daring we say, to draw some fan art for Sonia-The-Hedgehog! Unfortunately, the image he drew is no longer available, but we understand it involved Demonyero presenting Sonia-The-Hedgehog with some flowers. Perhaps this was more than Flirty could take? She declared war on both and calmed down only when Sonia-The-Hedgehog hid all the comments on her page and offered Flirty a conciliatory gift art and Demonyero prostrated himself before her engorged tranny-cock, like the little lolcow he is.

Apparently she got tired of sucking dick, so she had to move on to pussy instead. She "claims" to be a real lesbian when in fact she has a mangina.

straight up lesbian. guys just don't turn me on.




Flirty The Fox is a sixteen year old devianTARTlet attention whore. IRL Flirty lives with her mother and several siblings, after her parents divorced. Obviously, this has left her greatly in need of a father figure, which is why she creates them herself and cybers with her OL boyfriends via MSN. Underage, of course. She is also insecure about her appearance.

Flirty first descended upon DA December 28th, 2007. Since that time, Flirty has mastered her training in Drama, specializing in the Quick-Delete function of her journal entries and the Spam-Filter of her comments.

This, according to Flirty, is how her character was first created:

"Well about six months ago me and my friend AJ were joking around and made an account on youtube called FlirtyTroubleMaker15.

Then we thought it should have a character for the account to be the symbol. So AJ and me were messing around with a bunch of colors on paint. Then just recolored a rouge pic. She was nameless though. but then people started calling me Flirty so thats how she got her name."


—Flirty The Whore

Apparently her first incarnation was as a re-color of Rouge The Bat.

It must be mentioned that Flirty actually cannot draw. All her "good" art is traced over doll bases and sloppily colored in MSPaint. For some reason, she seems to think that men have womanly figures and that young girls all look like boys.

Flirty's Art


"And I'm either called Flirty, Sammy, or skittles."


—Flirty The Fox

"why read when you have the TV and the internet?"


—Flirty,pointing out that she cannot read

"Let me explain a whore is someone who as sex with evryone ALL THE TIME. And a slut just dresses like one but only sticks to one boy friend."


—Flirty The Slut



—Flirting With Cocks


Her EX-BFF vipertheninjakitten once faked her death, claiming to have been beaten to within an inch of her life by IRL girls.

"*cries* i know I just heard about it. I can't believe she actually died."


—Flirty The Fox

Vipertheninjakitten says her brother hacked into her account and faked her death for the lulz. Flirty apparently has forgiven her BFF's brother. Mysteriously, Vipertheninjakitten's 'brother' used exactly the same typing style, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Vipertheninjakitten also changed her account multiple times after her 'brother' was found out and people LOL'd at her re-colors.

"Her brother is a sick bastard."


—Flirty The Fox

"yeah that guy is a dickhead."


—Dirty The Box

Flirty is forever telling anyone who will listen that a whore and a slut are two different things, and that she is a slut, always missing the fact that she qualifies as both. See quote above.

Flirty primarily draws 'sexy' pictures of her character. Flirty The Fox has all the attributes of the typical Mary Sue (big breasts, luscious hair, linked to the main character of the fandom in some fashion, an ability to make male characters instantly fall in love with her.) However, whenever she finds out someone has been fapping to her 'sexy' pictures she flounces, screams, and whines, then deletes the image.

This reaction rightly indicates that she has a habit of deleting everything she has ever created or written. If she makes a mistake, acts stupid, has an argument, someone disagrees with her, someone leaves an Art Critique or a nasty comment - WHAMBAM she deletes it. Not only that, but the perpetrators of said comments often face blocking from her page.

Almost every journal Flirty has ever written has been deleted - mostly due to her own faggotry being pointed out to her, or, horror of horrors, no-one paying attention quickly enough. This proves she is an attention whore.

Further proof is her recent threat to leave DA. So far, she has returned numerous times to upload more sexy art and flounce. She has since admitted on her Youtube page that her sole reason for leaving DA was her lack of received comments.

"flirty i cannot believe you closeing your account on yt because you did not get attention i'm ashamed"



Even more proof of faggotry can be found in her evasion of mature content filters by telling underage viewers to simply note her, and she will send them the link to the image via MSN. She has been reported for this more than once.

The best example of faggotry to date is Flirty's pathetic attempt to justify her character 'Trevor's' habit of raping people (see Drama). She claims that he led a victimized and abusive childhood, so his raping is only his way of looking for love. This is bullshit. No one likes a rapist and when people pointed this out, Flirty instantly went on the defensive and deleted her way through the comments.

Much lulz can be extracted from Flirty and her fans through trolling them.

Not only are her friends lulzy, but so is her girlfriend. Apparently everybody talks about marriage and babies after dating for only one month.

"friday was so much "fun"!! i can't wait until our second one!! it's hard to believe that we're thinking about marriage and babies after only a month of dating. (but we have know eachother for four years- IN REAL LIFE)i just never know what to expect with her. i think im fat, she thinks im not. i think im ugly, she thinks im adorable. i think i have a dirty mind, AND SO DOES SHE!!"



How To Piss Off Flirty

"I know thats just for people who call me a whore, slut, perv, anything that'll piss me off."


—Slutty The Fox

Offer art critiques!

Draw one of her characters, even if it's fan art drawn especially for her! (Earn extra points by drawing 'Trevor' being hurt or killed!) or, for extra lulz, re-color one of her characters!

Contribute to this article and let her know about it - or simply link to this article anywhere she will see it!

Also, troll her girlfriend. She will absolutely blow a gasket if you do that! So what are you waiting for? Troll the dikes while the gettin's good!

Fan Art


It has come to our attention that Flirty is ferociously denying her teenage pregnancy!

"I'm not pregnant demonyero is just lying. Second, I didn't cheat on anyone. Third, I don't hate everyone!"


—Flirty with a bun in the oven

Recently, Flirty split up with her long-term boyfriend, Demonyero. It appears that Flirty cheated on Demonyero with some Emo guy. During this break-up, Flirty claimed to be pregnant, citing her 'constant puking' as evidence. Demonyero counters that his illicit relationship with Sonia-The-Hegdehog is to blame.

"the emo guy is my friend. and no I'm not dating him because he has a gf"


—Flirty the cheat

"I don't throw up every five minutes thats another lie. every time a girl leaves him he just says that got pregnant. just ask Kaniesha"


—Flirty on heat

Demonyero has understandably taken all this rather badly and is even now letting all his feelings on the matter out.

"i hope she get wat she wants then dies becuz she wont listen to anyone"



"shes not a good person she cheated on me and claim she preg cuz she said she pukes alot and lying now saying shes not shes nothing"



"i ant going to stay where theres a lying bitch whos wit me im not gonna stay nomore its all her fault so cuss at her for all this and idc if u see this its ur fault and dont tell me to take this journal off cuz im not and im not talking to u blaze u no who im talking about..."



"three things cheated on me and lied to everyone that we broke up and also broken our promise"



The best part this whole situation, is that Demonyero has now opened his eyes to just exactly what Flirty is! He should have heeded our warnings, in this very article, long ago - and avoided this situation. At least he has admitted ED was right!

"i may come bak but not till she lies dead from all the fucking pervs who just wants to get in her pants and i think the damn spammers on ed is right about her i think shes both a slut and a whore if she cared about me she wouldnt of done this and its becuz of her emo friend who had the htos for her found out me and her talk"



"the only thing she cares is if fucking anyone would just fuck her thats all she cares about she never cared about me she only wanted me so i can just be a fucking toy to her... i bought her crap and this is the fucking thanx i get.... being used as a damn toy"



A damning revelation from the one supposed to be her boyfriend!

In other news, it looks like Demonyero may have his eyes set on a new paramour already:

"i raither have someone like u as a gf then her she never listens she never cares and all her character are whore havent u even notice the pics"


—Demmonyero talking to Sonia-The-Hedgehog

Sonia, ever the attention whore (who will hopefully one day become An Hero) resisted making comment for as long as humanly possible. Which was about five minutes, before she shouted for her HugBox.

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