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"ERR (verb): to make a mistake or do something wrong"

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fiver™ is a website where poor people can offer services for $5. When logos and webpage designs weren't enough, they expanded to offer paid services for everything, from having a guy dressed like Jesus read a heavenly message, to paying a girl $5 to play Hearthstone with you. No, seriously.


Fiverr made the internet news when YouTube whore PewDiePie successfully paid two jungle people from India to write "DEATH TO ALL JEWS" on a sign and featured the clip in one of his YouTube videos. The e-news went into a shitstorm, and snowflakes everywhere declared the joke as being too far.

After their account was deleted, the Indian duo, ironically going by the name "funnyguys," claimed they had no idea what the words on the sign they had made meant, and that "Jews" wasn't a word they even understood because English was a second language to them.

"Subscribe to Keemstar"
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They took to Twitter and YouTube to beg everyone to help get them their fiverr account back because this is apparently what they do for a living or something.

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