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Finnish chans

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It is beyond any doubt this is the greatest, most famous achievement of the Finnish race.

If you have ever heard of, or even seen Spurdo Spärde, you are probably sitting alone in a dark room, holding tightly to a bottle of cheap whiskey with your hand, covered in cold sweat, perplexed by what you saw and pondering on who on Earth would ever waste so many minutes of their life forcing something so incredibly shitty, you've come to the right page. The answer is, a sad, sad race known as the "Finns" inhabiting a site called "Ylilauta".




In biblical times, in the god-forsaken frozen wasteland known as Finland, an unnamed basement dweller fired up his steam powered modem made in a Soviet gulag by Moldavian dissents, and connected to the wonderland that is the Internet. By accident, he ended up in 4chan. He then installed Kusaba, opened Finnchan and saw it was good. Only about three people ever used it, and it is known in Finnish chan mythos as something of a heaven on earth, complete free of the curses of the modern age like GETting and Newfags, where every post was incredible OC and where OP, in fact, wasn't a fag.

In 2007, the oldest say there was a great tragedy involving 78000 password hashes from Finnish sites published on Finnchan. Unsurprisingly that led into the site being temporarily closed for police investigations, which in turn led to Kuvalauta being opened. Time went on, and Finnchan was reopened, but for some reason people did not return there. Kuvalauta started to live a life of its own, and sometime after that Finnchan closed.


That era, nowadays called the Second Age, was a joyful time too. The oldest of the old still recalled the bright days of Finnchan then, but soon most were convinced that there is yet hope in the new board. Soon everyone was happy and many great works were created.

But alas! The anonymous delved too lavishly, and awakened the horror that crept deep in the tubes of the Internet: the newfags of Jonneweb were made aware of their presence, and they would not rest until the last of the old were destroyed or marred. It seemed innocent at first: new lurkers coming in from other parts of the world, but soon they began to bring their friends and culture to our home. Many new horrible creations were made, such as the term 'jonne', which stood for a caricatyric underage newcomer, and the horrible abomination of pedobear, 'Spurdo spärde'. Already then the old were concerned of this new threat, and before long it got out of hand. Thus began the Dark Days of the Second Age, during which much that was good was destroyed and many things evil took its place.

Kuvalauta's death.

These Dark Days lasted for a relatively long time, and during them not much good was born. The jonne carried on their warfare against those of old, and jonne in disguise could be easily identified by unjustified rage towards anime and everything related to Japan, extremely bad and cancerous trolls, and from general 'newfaggish' behavior. Peculiarly, little resistance was to be seen from those of the old, bar the passive hatred against these newcomers. All seemed lost. Faint glimpses of light in the darkness of course emerged, such as the opening of Northpole, but they were unfortunately not enough to bring back the great and noble times.

Then, all of a sudden, when the horrible newcomers were devising more and more of their abominable creations and waging wars against each other and the small remnants of the old resistance, something completely surprising had happened. The Creator, Gabo, got tired of their bullshit and closed their delvings for good. Thus ended the Second Age, a time of great delight and also darkness, and began the Third Age. This, in common reckoning, happened in September 2010.


Typical Ylilauta user.
Typical Northpole user.

In great fear the jonne were scattered, without home, seeking refuge in numerous temporary fortresses formed and to name a few. However, Ashlam, the owner of struggled with technical and financial problems. In addition to that, was very vulnerable to DDOSing, which was used with great success in the Great Chan Wars.

Enter Ylilauta. Ylilauta was used in 2010 as a test board, but was reborn in 2011 when and another small Kuvalauta heir aspirant unified as Ylilauta. Ylilauta is currently by far the biggest and most popular chan. Because of that, Ylilauta is just about as cancerous and newfag filled as Kuvalauta was. Anonymous finally feels at home there.

The Great Chan Wars

GTA suomi.png

Chan wars have colored the Finnish chan scene since the very beginning and typically involve spamming, but DDOSing became more common on the latter part of 2010.

Prehistory (2007-2008)

When Finnchan went down in the October of 2007, many small chans were born. Kuvalauta,, Kuvaforum, 2zchan ja Oniichan, to mention a few were created from this situation. Even Kuvalauta ja got at least a couple of users. However, Finnchan.tmp appeared, killing all of the aforementioned boards. Kuvalauta became the king of the alternative boards in December, causing butthurt in Finnchan. When Finnchan.tmp went down, the Era of Kuvalauta officially begun.

First Chan War (2010)

After Northpole, a chan with extremely strict moderation, opened; Kuvalauta users accused the moderators of autism and the board was spammed to oblivion a couple of times. Nevertheless, Northpole remained as a marginal, unpopular asspie little brother of Kuvalauta, and low-level war lasted until Kuvalauta's death.

Second Chan War (2010-2011)

The newfags of Kotilauta and fought for the title of the inheritor of Kuvalauta, and this conflict lasted for a relatively long time. Propaganda spreading, DDOSing and spam raiding appeared on both sides. As in all European fascist countries,'s admin Ashlam had to go to serve in the Armed Forces, which meant was immediately buttraped and stayed down. However, rather than giving up and pulling a Kuvalauta, he chose to unify with Kotilauta. By their powers combined, they became Ylilauta.

Chan War 2.5

The young Ylilauta was DDOSed while still in its cradle. It is a mystery who was behind this attack. Some argue that the Turks and/or the Germans wanted revenge, as the Finns had raped Krautchan and FIN-TV earlier that month.

Third Chan War

Southpole raided Nyymichan, emptied most of its boards and stole its biggest GET yet. Extreme asspain followed, as the threads from during the Reign of Kuvalauta disappeared. Later the same week, Southpole DDOS'd both Nyymichan and Northpole's IRC. In a counterattack, Southpole's admin password was hacked, resulting in a complete obliteration of the chan. Southpole then proceeded to steal the nicks of the admins of Nyymichan's IRC after they had moved to ircnet after the destruction of irc.northpole. Nyymichan's IRC still moved twice, and both times it was taken over. Nyymichan's host contacted the police, resulting in all of the content being wiped out. A butthurt Nyymichan user reported abuse to Southpole's admin, and also this chan disappeared from the Intertubes.

Rumor has it that Zeekill, known for DDOSing Mossad and not giving a fuck gave his sword to Southpole.


Ugric spudro.png
Politics board. Every day.


B. You know the deal. All Finnish memes circulate around ironic shitposting. Depending on how you look at it, it's either hideously cancerous or incredibly funny. Exported Finnish memes are all born here.


Estonians and Finns are both descendants of Mongols that got stuck in snow and just never left, so it is only natural that Ylilauta hosts a board for them. Main activities include wistfully remembering how good things were under Hitler without those slavniggers.


>You will never win the lottery and move to the United Arab Emirates where you will start a harem by marrying over 9000 little girls with which you will go to say hi to your rich Finnish neighbours, pretending your wife is your step daughter and while there you will excuse yourself and go to "help" her in the bathroom while in reality you're going to have a quiet quickie against the bathroom wall
Feels bad man.


Where the Civil War is relived every day.


Mainly discussion if you can use Ecstasy and anti-depressants together, as every Finn is on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Also, what shrooms in your backyard you can and cannot eat.


The Universal Culture is already here. In the beginning of the new era when the age of machines begun, the Universal Culture saw daylight on earth. Ignorant of their own actions, humans built culture like ants and so all the preparations have already been made. Our generation needs only to break loose from our inner worlds, relax and focus on the outer reality. And when this happens, mankind will notice that the paradise is already here. On the atomic level we are truly immortal and ageless beings. Age is a relative phenomenon, and in The Universal Culture, I'm Zawahal, a space marine only at the age of 27. The Universal Culture is already here.


Where Americans and Brazilians try to figure out what the fuck Spudro is.

In Finnish Media

Guess who Fobba visited next?

The contribution to Finnish chans being filled with newfags that cannot be underestimated is Ylilauta's, just like its predecessor's, tendency to be constantly featured in the media (at least 75 times at the time this article was created). This includes, but is not limited to: Getting pictures of Anders Behring Breivik and a local serial killer (and Fobba, of course) plastered near the Hartwall Arena, hacking and spreading the content of the site of a local sect of Freemasons, pointing at kids with a sniper rifle, blowing up a traffic camera, countless bomb threats, and filling the sites of Socialist party with shit. The Finnish Tor chan also openly sells guns and drugs and spreads CP. Inadvertently, due to being widely reported, the traffic of the site quadrupled.

Hackers on Steroids: Finnish edition

Few of the Hacked Sites About missing Pics



What caused many newfriends to shit their pants.

Ylilauta's current admin. His trolling included actually making Gold accounts real, claiming that your ISP will send you an additional bill for using Ylilauta, to which many newfags fell and faking to be a jew. Although no one believed the latter as Finland is kike-free and he was later dox'd as Jukkis Hyvärinen. Due to always coming up with new ways jew Ylilauta's newfags, the legacy yet lives on. He is also claimed to be related to Mark Zuckerberg.


Marko "Fobba" Forss is the lead member of the elite Finnish internet police squad. All internet tip-offs go to his desk. While Fobba refers to this man specifically, Fobba is also a term for online police in general. The term originated from the word "police" being wordfiltered to "fobba" on Ylilauta /b/ a long time ago. His main activities are lurking Ylilauta, because that is more fun than catching criminals, reposting Spudro on Facebook and sharing hilarious stories about gypsies failing to robb stores, causing hippie butthurt. Before its death, Kuvalauta had a counter showing how many days had passed since Fobba had last contacted the administration. Double digits were very rarely reached.

In a notable move, Anonymous mass-voted him policeman of the year in 2011.


Sopsy is the creator and ex-admin of Ylilauta. He also created Northpole. He sold Ylilauta for 50 000 € to Benjamin on April Fool's Day of 2012.

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