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so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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Fiero practicing sucking cock.
Fiero has that special swag, or well, had it a million years ago, maybe.
Fiero force feeding his autistic buttbabby his semen.
Fiero with some rentboy in the early 80s, late 70s, early 30s, whatever. why is he dressed like a priest?
BEHOLD, fiero's most prized possession. Before it got repo'd.
Give this man a cock, please!
Banned on a tennis forum, smart move on their part
Nice job! Here have some spam!
We took his invitation and decided to say hello a couple of times.
No post is good without spamming my shitty blog!
Looking to pos your neg ass!
Classic example of a fiero shit post, laden with smileys and wordfilter bypass attempts
Looking to pos your neg ass again!
When the faggot nigger tries to think and do detective work under one of his sock puppet accounts.
His shitty domain WHOIS.
Correct usage of the IMDB forums.

I'm hosting a little party out north near Touche; fri,8/11, 8 pm on!! It'll be in a large hotel room!! Get back to me with a mailer and some pics and I'll add you to the mailing list!! Will have a nice mix of guys; 20's, 30's, 40's!! Always in need of more TOPS!! See you there!! Bring a friend!! Join the groups; blogs!! Thanks!! [email protected] - -



Imdb has many keyboard warriors, who will sperge out the minute you criticize their favorite celebrity, movie, what have you, but it takes a very special nigger faggot to succeed in getting their very own ED page. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you an ancient chubby geriatric mistake from God: Fiero or Jamie Miller from Chicago, Illinois. As some like to call him. Like so many gentle lolcows before him, fiero's dirty laundry is but a mouse click away, which would have stayed perfectly hidden where it not for him, next to boy butt, also liking to yell and annoy people till kingdom come, thus basically asking for it.

Humble beginnings

In chicago Illinois born and raised sucking cock on the playground was where fiero spent most of his days Because fiero did not just wolf down cocks all day long, he dreamed of bigger and better things. For you see he wished to become somebody that watches TV Professionally. And so he watched great shows such as Doctor Who, Earth: Final Conflict, and Blake's 7! Logically, he went to work at J And J Recycling until his pension, and married a sugar daddy 10 years his senior for free housing.

IMDB and Blogging

It was only during the autumn of fiero's life that he truly claimed that fame he always wanted and longed for. For you see, Fiero did not just want to watch said shows, nay, he also wanted to discuss them on the IMDB message boards. Civilly of course. It wouldn't be long until he gathered masses of people that simply adored his unique perspective on their favorite show. His voluptuous usage of words, clever wit and well thought out responses loaded with the funniest and cleverest vast array of smileys. Because as we all know, people just love it when instead of debating the actual TV show, they hear more about you. Accompanied with a million links to your awesome blog and receiving personal attacks that make no god damn sense just because somebody does not agree with you. Certainly this is way more important and better than what you came to IMDB for. Needless to say, for some reason some people disagreed with fiero over that.

Dance Moms

Since most people did not care much about what fiero watched and talked about, fiero for the longest time flew under the radar undetected and posed no problem for anybody. This went on for many years until TIME LIFE decided to start a little show called Dance Moms. Instead of just enjoying the sweet loli on the show like a good pedophile, fiero felt a kindred spirit in the shows huge bitch dance teacher Abby Lee Miller. Possibly because they are both big really fat old narcissists with no life what so ever.

This in itself also did not pose a problem, right up until the time our anti-hero decided to white knight the everlasting fuck out of Abby Lee Miller 24/7 on IMDB and attack the lving shit out of anybody disagreeing with him, or Abby Lee Miller, which ever the case may be.

For those unfamiliar with the show Dance Moms here is the tl;dr version of the show:

Abby Lee Miller teaches some delicious loli how to dance and fights with the mothers the whole time. As the show is very clearly aimed at a different audiance fiero seems to have missed that memo and sperges on the board all the time; defending a woman who makes children cry a lot by yelling at them and even abusing them physically. Needless to say this often does not go over well with the other IMDB patrons, after which fiero will kick and scream like a toddler on a temper tantrum. He will then post over 9000 smiley's with his posts and start parading around all over the boards like a pigeon, shitting all over it as he pleases. All the while attacking people personally and pulling the old trusty race and homophobe-card whenever it suits his needs. Because the Mods on IMDB are about as absent as the mothers are on Dance Moms, nothing is done about this.

Something worth mentioning is the fact that most rational IMDB users actually doubt his gayness, due to his similar obsession with the shows best dancer, Maddie.


I'm 48, Blk, smooth, shaved c/b, a vTop, cut! Love to suck, rim, and fuck BB! I give parties monthly; motel out north! Inquire anytime! Starting again in March for spring! Can flip, but prefer to TOP! Love quick, hit and runs! I like couples, gang bangs and groups! No S/M, scat, or blood! Always ready to contribute a load or 3 to a hot, clean, ass nearby! Love sharing a bottom with a bud! See you at the next group scene!



It may surprise you to learn, as you are reading this page, that next to making a complete nuisance and ass-clown of himself on IMDB, fiero also loves cock, meth and man-ass. Not only that, much like his IMDB shit-posting, fiero likes to spread the love around in luscious young boybutts preferably. Did we mention he prefers doing this bare-back? So if you are looking for somebody to pos your neg ass, look no further. fiero will shoot his STD laden cum right up your young butthole! And he'll do it for free, with a smile, and wearing a cheap priest outfit.

Oh, and without his husband knowing of course.

Needless to say in this day and age, teh smart gay knows not to bareback random online niggers who advertise bug chasing parties unless he is a complete and utter suicidal moron. Fiero is worsening the problem and spreading around death willingly, killing fellow gays. So who is really the homophobe here, fiero? The people you accused as such on IMDB, or you by contributing to a problem that has plagued the gay community for decades?

And again, does his husband know? Or is his husband sleeping with a ticking time bomb?

Noodz and amateur hour fiero gay AIDS bug chasing pr0n

Tiny dick is tiny....

And so, in conclusion

Fiero finally got the attention he so longed for, why yes, that IS a picture of his mother as a profile picture.



UPDATE: Since fiero's had his dox severely dropped, he reportedly:

  • Had pizza's and other shit delivered to his house, including a putrid looking fat female nigger prostitute.
  • Had his credit card information given to some crazy russians.
  • Has barely posted on IMDB anymore Closed his IMDB account, party time!
  • Has been terrorized over the phone, had to change both numbers.
  • Has lots more more coming his way, and has been warned this would happen countless times, over the span of 3 years, if he did not cut his shit out. Thankfully for you, he never heeded the warnings

IMDB's reaction after fiero DELETED his PRECIOUS ACCOUNT

Fiero's Links

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here:

The Truth About Fiero

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