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Who you gonna call?

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Who yah gonna call??

Fembusters (also known as Ghostbusters (2016) , Cisbusters, and Ghostbusters: Answer The Call) - original title: flapjack, is a sequel to White Chicks and Bridesmaids directed by Paul Feig, disguised as a reboot of the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters, only with a shittier plot, unlikable characters, laughable CGI and 400% more FEMINISM!!!. Where the original Ghostbusters was somewhat tongue in cheek, and had subtle references to other horror films, the dyke version is now going into Disaster Movie territory by ripping off complete scenes, without even adding anything. It is funny because you have seen it before. Memes. Now if you think all this is a stupid idea, well FUCK YOU: you're actually sexist, a misogynist, and you hate all women. Report yourself to the nearest feminist so she can enjoy your delicious male tears.

Just as Fembusters ignored the previous Ghostbusters films, the next Ghostbusters film will be ignoring Fembusters. Good.

After watching an advance screening.
This movie in a nutshell
Alternate reality

How we got here

Look at all that nostalgia! Such a winning formula for making millions of dollars!

Ghostbusters 3

For years after the release of Ghostbusters 2, the original Ghostbusters cast and crew were kicking around the idea of doing a third Ghostbusters film. It was stalled for years because of shitty writing, as well as Bill Murray raking in mad amounts of hipster money by working on Wes Anderson movies, and thus he didn't want to mess that shit up. Eventually, efforts to make Ghostbusters 3 finally reached a point where there was a script that everyone enjoyed, and things were ready to move forward. However, studio heads freaked out when Harold Ramis' movie Year One turned out to be a bomb and thus didn't trust him to work on the sequel. Then Harold Ramis had to die, and that was basically the end of that.

Before Ramis died, however, the original Ghostbusters cast did get to work on a new Ghostbusters video game, which was actually pretty good. Fans thus treated it as Ghostbusters 3, meaning Sony Pictures (current owners of the Ghostbusters franchise) felt like they washed their hands in trying to make fans happy, and they therefore felt free to do whatever the fuck they wanted to with the next film.

Here's James Rolfe explaining the whole Ghostbusters 3 deal in more detail:

Reboot time

Sony Pictures has never been interested in making a GOOD movie, just a movie that makes lots of money. Apparently someone within Sony Pictures thinks that "good movie" and "money making movie" are mutually exclusive. Worse: now while any idiot knows that nostalgia sells big time, Sony Pictures thought that all they had to do to get some of that sweet nostalgia money was take someone who made a movie that made a ton of cash, insert some 80's nostalgia into the film, and it should TOTALLY make billions of dollars. RADICAL! And that's exactly what happened with this Ghostbusters film.

In 2011, Paul Feig made a movie called Bridesmaids, starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, which apparently did fairly well in the box office. Since Bridesmaids also involved ghosts, demons, and the supernatural, AND it had a very strong 1980's retro theme to it, Paul Feig was clearly a perfect fit to write and direct the new Ghostbusters. Upon getting the job, Paul Feig used his high quality writing abilities to take the original 1984 Ghostbusters script, erase "written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis", and write in "written by Paul Feig". Oh, and he also took the main characters and replaced them with female versions of them. Take a look for yourself:

See? It's LITERALLY Female-Winston, Female-Ray, Female-Peter, and Female-Egon.

But hey, don't dare bring this up to Paul Feig himself, or he'll get angry on Twitter.




—Paul Feig




—Paul Feig




—Paul Feig




—Paul Feig




—Paul Feig




—Paul Feig, shilling for Feminist Frequency




—What Paul Feig dreams of doing to all his critics

Once news got out about this, everyone started to complain about how having four female Ghostbusters ruins their childhood or whatever. But c'mon people, it's the current year! Hating on a movie just because it has women in it is SOOO Two-thousand-and-LATE! In fact, this is what you get for being so attached to a franchise who's entire objective is to bleed money from you.

In any case, the movie can't be as bad as you're making it sound. You're just over-reacting. It's STILL the Ghostbusters! And men or women, busting ghosts is ageless. Right?

Build Up to Detonation

After the initial shock of a new Ghostbusters film wore off, Sony was now tasked with the unenviable duty of trying to get people hyped up over a movie no one really asked for.

Initial Promotion

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Fembusters/Promotion.

Now one would think that the great Hollywood giant Sony would be able to promote a remake of a classic flick without fucking it up. One would be wrong. The Promotion subpage covers the epic missteps of the greatest media giant in the world. When you finish with that, you can get back on track here.

STOP THE PRESSES: "Local Man Refuses To See Movie"

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Fembusters/AVGN.

Now if this was any other movie, the idea that someone would NOT want to watch a movie is literally the most useless piece of news that anyone would want to report on. And yet with Fembusters, somehow it turned out to be one of the worst things anyone could ever do. But that is literally what happened when James "AVGN" Rolfe posted a short little video explain why he doesn't plan on watching Fembusters at all. It was such a major problem that a centuries old and highly respected newspaper decided to report on what a lowly YouTuber thought.

Sexism Evaluation: Criticism of Movie > Girls jumping on trampolines

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Fembusters/Jimmy Kimmel's Big Shillel.

On June 8th, 2016, the cast and crew of Fembusters appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote their film. Well, Feig and company were there willingly; Husdon and Murray were clearly there at gunpoint, while Akyroyd did his best impression of a 5 year old trying to keep his parents from divorcing one another.

"[The Hate is] the greatest thing that ever happened"

Meanwhile, chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Tom Rothman, made it clear that he was intentionally fanning the flames ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) by saying that all the controversy surrounding the film was the best thing to ever happen to the film.

It’s the greatest thing that ever happened. Are you kidding me? We’re in the national debate, thank you. Can we please get some more haters to say stupid things?


—Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, trying to pretend that the negative backlash against Fembusters was somehow a good thing

"The good news is, you can feel the momentum of the movie. We had a thing last week where Bill Murray, who had just seen the movie, came out and said how great it was. You just could feel the cultural excitement."

OK, so, for the record:

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment knew Fembusters was clearly shit from the get-go and won't do well on its own
  • A false narrative was then hatched to troll people into talking about it
  • To continue to get people to talk about it, Sony Pictures jerks the leash they have on the Ghostbusters cast and crew (and copyright holders) to make them taunt people into further rage
  • Shame people into watching it by calling them 45-year old men who still live in their parent's basement (prove them wrong by supporting Feminism and buying a ticket!)
  • ????

Too bad we live in a reality where negative reaction to a media event is a BAD thing, but I guess this just shows how much these guys are experts on spinning shit to their apparent advantage. It doesn't always work all the time: when the article writer asked Tom about how much he thinks the movie would need to make in the box office in order for it to be considered a "hit", Tom said:

Oh, I don’t know. I don’t comment about that.


—Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, totally revealing that he knows Fembusters is going to tank after the first week

The problem with all this is that this is the same Tom Rothman who, among all the other shitty executive decisions he's made, totally passed on Deadpool when he worked at Fox. The same Deadpool that made like $200 million at the box office. Tom thinks that for all the sexists they'll lose, they'll gain twice as many people who'll watch Fembusters as a political act... like, a stand against the patriarchy who'll otherwise keep female characters and actors down. However, Tom is underestimating how many people will actually watch it as a political statement: SJWs are the WORST people to pander to to try to get them to buy something, because SJWs have no concept of "speaking with their wallet". That is to say, they will NEVER reward anyone who does what they want them to with actual money, for they feel that a good deed is its own reward... Hollywood and Marvel Comics and everyone else is SUPPOSED to be politically correct and fighting for social justice, so there is no reason to reward them for doing what they're SUPPOSED to be doing in the first place. And thus, Tom shat on the people who WOULD pay to go see it over those who never will.

Oh, sure, it'll make SOME money, but not enough to justify all the shittalking Sony has done over the past year. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Fembusters insider tries to free himself from The Narrative

On the other hand, the original director of the original Ghostbusters (and current producer of Fembusters), Ivan Reitman, said thatArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) maybe, just maybe, the backlash against the reboot has nothing to do with sexism, but because of all of the passionate fans of the original.

I think there’s way too much talk about gender [when it comes to this film]. ... I think that many of the people who were complaining were actually lovers of the [original] movie, not haters of women.


—Ivan Reitman, director of Ghostbuters and producer of Fembusters, speaking the truth

Furthermore, Ivan actually disliked the first trailerArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) (who didn't?), which alone might be a major crack showing in the veneer... if he wasn't forced to adhere to The Narrative somehow...

I think we got off to a bad start ... It wasn't so much that the trailer was bad or terrible. In its minute and a half, it couldn't represent what the movie actually is.


—Ivan Reitman, producer of Fembusters, SAYING what Sony wants to hear, but secretly doing the equivalent of blinking in Morse Code "T-O-R-T-U-R-E"

Speaking of Fantastic Four, remember when we were told that the Haters will still watch the movie? HAHA where have we heard THAT before??

If the movie wasn't a gigantic shit-fest, full of racist stereotypes and shitty cliches, what is it really? Besides, there are plenty of trailers which did a good job of "representing what the movie ACTUALLY is" about... like, I dunno, the original Star Wars? You can't tell me there wasn't a single person in 1977 who saw the trailer and felt that like the movie DIDN'T deliver on the promises that the trailer represented. Or the trailer for Alien? Jurassic Park? Shit, everyone who saw the trailer for Fantastic Four (2015) knew it was going to be shit... and guess what, it WAS. But hey, we get it Ivan. You want to talk shit about the movie, but are contractually obligated not to.

In any case, you would think that maybe since Ivan was one of the members involved in Fembusters, Fembusters fans might listen to him anyways. Because, CLEARLY he still supports Fembusters (I mean, he SAID he does!), so he's on THEIR side, right?


In fact, so many different articles are trying to spin what he said into something totally different, or otherwise try to still cram that "it's REALLY about sexism!" bullshit down our throats. Here's my favorite one, from Will LernerArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) of Yahoo! Movies:

Nostalgia is surely a reason for the backlash, but that brushes aside the fact that audiences are used to reboots by now. Name a franchise, and it’s probably been rebooted or soon will be. The fact is that the principal feature of this reboot is its all-female stars.

Take a stroll through the comment section of any Ghostbusters-related video or story item, and you’ll see unabashed sexism. Commenters refer to the cast as “feminazis” or claim “Women aren’t funny.” They’ll hide behind comments claiming they’re just criticizing the film, and that their opinions have nothing to do with misogyny. Their protests would be more believable if they had seen the movie — but it hasn’t been released yet!


—Will Lerner of Yahoo! Movies, who clearly did not read ANY of the comments in ANY Fembusters-related video, and therefore missed the parts where people say basically the opposite in DROVES.

As a side note, once again you have another white dude trying to stick up for womankind by pushing The Narrative. These guys are so much easier to spot now, huh?

Big franchise hustlaz

Fembusters is nothing more than a shitty nostalgia cashgrab. Like, to UNNECESSARY levels. But as Paul Feig tries to spin in this article ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive):

Everything ever made in Hollywood since the beginning of time is a cash grab. That’s why the original "Ghostbusters" existed. It wasn’t an altruistic thing. Studios make movies to make money, and filmmakers try to make something that will entertain an audience while trying to make money for the studio.


—Paul Feig, trying to justify two wrongs making a right.

The problem with his rationale is... there's a very obvious difference between "making money on a piece of art" and "making art for the money". Does Paul Feig believe that, just because Bill Watterson made a living off Calvin & Hobbes, that Calvin & Hobbes was a "cash grab"? Hell no; the difference between Feig and Watterson is that Watterson didn't accept putting Calvin's face on a slew of merchandise, no matter how much Watterson could make from the deal. See, trying to make a living off your art is not why everyone is calling Fembusters a "cash grab". Rather, it's making something that NO ONE FUCKING WANTED in the first place, all while thinking that they WILL want it JUST because it has things the producers THINK would appeal to them (like nostalgia)... and THEN shitting on them when they say they STILL don't want it (by calling them assholes or 45-year old manchilds who still live with their mother's basement, etc). THAT is a "cash grab".

But anyways, Sony spent all that money making a movie no one wanted, so they gotta make that money back somehow. Here's some of those ways.

Gotta make that money man

At the aforementioned fan event, Sony Pictures announced that they were creating a new company, "Ghost Corps" ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive), which will be tasked with the responsibility for expanding and extending the life of the Ghostbusters franchise. Because it's bad enough that Sony is doing this unnecessary nostalgia cash-grab, they won't be satisfied until the Ghostbusters franchise has been squeezed dry of any value and potential until it's a mere husk of its former self. We can only imagine what bullshit they'll produce, let alone if they'll try to use Ghost Corps to salvage whatever they can out of the final Fembusters movie.

However, seeing as the trajectory of Fembusters is going straight into the trashcan, we might actually be spared the torture of Ghost Corp and Sony Pictures destroying this once viable franchise. We can only hope, and pray.

Ghostbusters fashion

So some rapper named Nas is planning on releasing a Ghostbusters-inspired fashion line ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive). Because when I think of Ghostbusters, YouTube Favicon.png We think of some rap guy named Nas.

Ghostbusters LEGO toys

C'mon ladies, let's drive away from shitty writing and rehashed plots!

Actually, this is perhaps the only iteration of Fembusters that might actually be worthwhile, as these Fembusters LEGO sets do a pretty good job of completely detaching the characters in the movie from the shitty elements of the movie itself. It's not hard to feel like the LEGO version of the main characters were actually newly created characters FOR these LEGO sets themselves, completely unburdened by someone else's shitty imagination (and Sony's executive meddling). And that's because of the very nature of LEGO toys themselves: it's all about being given a blank slate and the freedom to invent new stories with what you've created, with the end result being limited only by your own imagination.

Who are we? We're whatever you want us to be, honey!

In other words, some 6 year old girl playing with these LEGO toys will probably come up with a far better (and considerably more unique) Fembusters movie than Paul Feig and company getting paid millions of dollars to simply rip off the original Ghostbusters movie.

Video Game

Not content enough to drive the Ghostbusters franchise into the ground with a shitty movie, the powers that be also created a shitty Ghostbusters video game. YouTube Favicon.png Take a look at the trailer

But hey, if the idea of being a Ghostbuster in the game isn't enough to get you to buy it... preordering a copy of it will net you a free YouTube Favicon.png copy of the Fembusters movie!!... when it's released in digital formats 6 months later, that is.

Remember Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime ? The game is just like that, except worse. Because now it features Torchlight graphics. But whereas Torchlight could run on a toaster, this disaster only manages 30 fps (barely) on Xbox One and the PS4, where you on PC need a fucking GTX660 to run this game.

Ghostbusters 2016 Video Game.jpg
Watch out Crysis, there's a new sheriff in town

Okay, so it looks bad and it runs bad. But is it bad? Yes. Even Kotaku who has praised Fembusters hated this crap.

Ghostbusters is a deplorable, cynical bit of licensed drivel that wouldn't be worth the $50 asking price if the instruction manual were printed on a $50 bill. I now find myself compelled to join the questionable mob calling for the Ghostbusters reboot to be canceled, but only because I think everything bearing the name should be quarantined, stuffed into a rocket and fired into the sun so that I never again have to risk thinking about this game.


http://archive.is/6bEKS, Polygon's Justin McElroy

Ghostbusters 2016 Video Game Polygon Review Score.jpg

And to boot, nobody is playing this coop game. The following screenshot was taking on the ArchiveToday-favicon.png14th of July:

Ghostbusters 2016 Video Game Peak Players.jpg

Truly a ghost town.

OST featuring Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot

Somehow managing to outdo themselves in making this stinky turd even worse, they actually decided to let YouTube Favicon.png Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot do a cover version of the classic Ray Parker Jr. And how is it going to sound? It would actually be worse than the Hoobastank cover. The first song from the soundtrack was released and despite featuring a woman (Elle King), has not been downvoted, mostly because it is okay. Unlike the movie.

Ghostbusters OST Fall Out Boy And Missy Elliot Cover.jpg

Two worthless acts coming together. One being the Nickelback of music acts, the other not having released an album in 15 years

Fall Out Boy decided its spookiness should sound like a deranged clown carnival. (In fact, I would more like to hear an Insane Clown Posse version of this.)


http://archive.is/P2lvc#selection-1375.134-1375.290, Even Jezebel hates it.

NBA Finals Commercials

Sony Pictures started to get the idea that Fembusters isn't doing too well, especially with potential male audiences. So Sony Pictures decided to kick off a short series of Ghostbusters-themed commercials starring YouTube Favicon.png NBA stars and YouTube Favicon.png Spike Lee, which YouTube Favicon.png were shown during the YouTube Favicon.png NBA Finals, in order to YouTube Favicon.png generate interest in the movie from male fans. But wait, I thought all it took to get male fans interested in the film was to call them 45 year old manchildren??

What's funny is that these videos are being downvoted just the same---the Behind the Scenes video with Kobe Bryant has 322 Upvotes versus 483 Downvotes (a 60% downvote rating, compare with the first trailer's 77% downvote rating). B-But... all these news articles keep telling us that men hate the movie because it stars women, and yet how could a video with a male Ghostbuster get downvotes just the same? It's almost as if the media is LYING to its readers to push some sort of agenda!

Ghostbusters Action Figures

Keeping it classy.

In the lead up to the movie, Twitter decided to give the Ghostbusters hashtag a bit of extra flair by tacking on the Ghostbusters symbol next to it.


Y'know, because GRRRLPOWER. No, seriously, it's like, the powers that be feel that they need to really drive home the point that THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING by doing this special thing that very few other hashtags in the history of Twitter have been afforded, because this is the PERFECT way to combat all the haters. YEAH GIRLPOWER


Paul Feig reveals his true desires: to be tied up and stomped up by "sexy" women

Fembusters was released on July 15, 2016 in the US (the only region that matters). After months of speculation, people finally got to see how shitty it actually was. And boy howdy, it was shitty. Shit, even The Real Ghostbusters cartoon was better than it. In any case, you can see how shitty it was by reading the Plot below, or torrenting a camrip on your favorite torrent server.

Review Embargo

Just because there is a review embargo placed on a film, it doesn't mean the movie will be bad. Some of the more recent films that had review embargoes placed on them by their studio include Pixels, Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice, Warcraft, and Fantastic Four, and they ALL turned out to be GREAT movies!

Well Sony Pictures placed a review embargo on Fembusters, which is one reason why the only articles about the movie have been about how sexist you are for disliking the movie. In fact, not only was there a YouTube Favicon.png review embargo placed on the film, but the embargo was EXTENDEDArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) from the morning of Monday, July 11th, to later that evening, when the film is actually released in the UK.


Of course, review embargoes aren't applied to anyone who has a GLOWING review of the movie, usually reviews which the studio paid for in order to get those review quotes used in their advertisements. For example:

@DanielRPKArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) won a free PS4 for his review!
This coupon is worth $7.50 towards redeeming yourself from the sexist dudebro you once were, AND it'll help increase our ticket sales. It's win-win!

But the fact that the number of reviews being released which break the embargo by being SUPER DUPER positive is basically zero... might spell a few things about the movie. But hey, don't let this suspicious situation stop you... you should be a good white male and purchase a ticket to the movie this Friday! Or better yet, why not just wait for a free ticket to come by in a box of your favorite cereal, pudding, or the Bluray packaging of the original Ghostbusters films?

Marketing 101: be sure to advertise your product on items that your target audience is interested in purchasing. In this case: lowfat yogurt has free tickets to see Ghostbusters, because clearly women enjoy yogurt.

See? Movies this good ALWAYS has people trying to give tickets away to see it.

Final reviews of Fembusters

Face it, this is the most fair description of the movie.

After the Review Embargo was lifted on Monday, July 11th, actual reviews started to pour in. You can watch a carefully tailored selection of the review videos below, while some other reviews of particular note can be seen further down.

Oliver Queen's reaction after seeing this movie.

Basically the overall Reviews can be summed into three camps:

  • Sony shills which gave the movie disproportionately high scores
  • Anti-Sony warriors which deliberately gave the movie a poor score just to offset the high scores given by shills
  • Even-headed reviewers that realized that this movie isn't BAD, but is definitely a far cry from the original Ghostbusters.

As it turns out, the third camp is basically the consensus for the film. It's not as bad as people said it was, but it also isn't the SAVIOR OF FEMINISM that SJWs want it to be. It's about as good as Pixels, and just as memorable.

A carefully tailored selection of review videos

The first proper review video ever, by Wreckless Eating

His other review

Review by some chick

Ghostbusters 2016 Review (I'm A Dude)

GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) REVIEW - A Terrible, Sexist Mess

Review by Harmful Opinions


Andre the Black Nerd's review

Long story short, these reviews basically confirmed a number of things we all knew, but also a few other things which are new to this story:

  • It's shitty... I mean, it's REALLY shitty. REALLLLLY FUCKING SHITTY
  • Men are stupid
    Are these from the Scooby Doo TV show or a multi-million dollar AAA film?
  • Paul Feig is officially a nu-male, because the entire film is nothing but man/self-hating nonsense
  • All the male characters are rude, crude, and/or otherwise irredeemable
  • Feminism = hating on men (because pushing men down means women are elevated)
  • There is ZERO chemistry between the actresses
  • The effects are straight out of Scooby-Doo
  • Greenscreens are used to a ridiculous degree
  • The Times Square scene literally looks like they're play fighting in front of said greenscreen
  • There's barely any "ghostbusting".
  • Even though the original film was about GHOSTS and the supernatural, it still all seemed plausible, and the film still treated the material seriously; frankly, that was part of what made it so funny. But in Fembusters, EVERYONE was "in on the joke": they all acted like they KNEW they were in a stupid situation and never took it seriously.
  • Finally, while we all knew that the Ghostbusters logo was going to be the bad guy, we DIDN'T know was that, to defeat it, it gets shot in the dick.

Speaking of the Ghostbusters logo getting shot in the dick... think back to the so-called Ghostbusters fan event Sony held, where the official video of the event had a ton of fans say ridiculous shit like "the franchise is in good hands; they honored its legacy", etc. And yet the movie had scenes like that where women are shooting the literal icon of the Ghostbusters franchise in the crotch. So it kinda puts what was said into perspective, huh? Paul Feig TRULY DOES honor the legacy of Ghostbusters. By shooting it in the dick. That'll show those other Ghostbusters fans for their passionate response to the changes in Fembusters!

Of course this shit shouldn't surprise anyone, considering that the filmmakers straight up publicized the fact that they've included at least one scene where they dig at reviewers and fans and other people IRL:

That's right: instead of taking the higher road and just make a movie that stands on its own merit, they just HAD to throw in some of the most childish response to anyone giving them shit... by showing how much they AREN'T bothered by people giving them shit. THAT'LL show them how much they're not letting their haters get under their skin... those poopy-smelling 45-year old man children don't bother us one bit!!!!!

Sony Gives Themselves A Positive Review

One of the first positive reviews that appeared on YouTube was this review, by YouTube Favicon.png Island Arcade.

OK hey, sure, a positive review of the movie was almost an inevitability. And hey, maybe this guy legitimately enjoyed the film. No accounting for taste, but they do at least have the right to have their own opinions.

But some eagle eyed viewers at Furious Fanboys ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) noticed a few issues with the video. Like how this person never actually reviewed another movie before. Or that the account was created right around when Fembusters started production. Or how the account only has 350-ish subscribers, but somehow managed to gain access to an official Sony screening of the movie. And there are pictures of the reviewer with Paul Feig on his Twitter.

That's right: Sony actually produced a positive review of the movie themselves. Yes, they are THAT desperate. This wasn't the first time Sony Pictures did something like this: they invented a critic by the name of David Manning in order to give Sony's movies positive quotes to use in their advertisements. Sony ultimately was sued over this and lost (no surprise).

Critics vs. Audience

A basic summary of how things are going to be scored. (Click to read)

Meanwhile, until actual box office returns are made available for Fembusters, both sides will continue to try to paint Fembusters to be whatever they want it to be. Sony shills and SJWs will try to make Fembusters sound like it's better than the original Ghostbusters, while haters of the film will try to make it sound like it's the worst 1980's related movie since the Jem and the Holograms.

Well, whatever the haters think, it doesn't change the fact that most of the high scoring reviews of Fembusters actually DO come from reviewers with a clear bias towards the movie, Sony, or against those who dislike the film. This reddit post, which has since been deleted, started off with "Tldr all positive reviews are SJW feminist shills." and follows up with the story behind the reviews. Basically, anyone who previously defended the movie from "misogynist haters" or "otherwise [turned] it into a political issue" would NEVER give it a negative review in the slightest. For example:

"The misogynist outrage over the Ghostbusters remake has made it essential viewing"

Long story short, pretty much all positive reviewers are from people who are biased from the beginning to give the film a high score, because their "official score"---which is based on their own opinion---proves that the haters were wrong. Obviously!

How The IMDB Median Went From 2 to 7 In A Few Days

On the ArchiveToday-favicon.png11th of July, the IMDB score for Ghostbusters was an average of ArchiveToday-favicon.png4 and a median of 1, lulz. And for a good long while it stayed at a score around 4, around 5 higher than this shit deserves. But out the blue, and totally coincidental this movie went from a 2 to a 7. Nothing going on here.

Ghostbusters IMDB Score July 11.jpg
A nice 4.


Ghostbusters IMDB Score July 14.jpg
Still a 4.


Ghostbusters IMDB Score July 17.jpg
Suddenly the median went from 2 to 6.


Ghostbusters IMDB Score July 19.jpg
Still climbing. Totally legit.


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Empty theaters and weekend returns

A quick search on twitter of "#Ghostbusters empty" reveals a ton of tweets about this.

OK so, maybe haters of Fembusters ARE nothing more than a bunch of 45-year old misogynist dudebros who still live at home. At least they won't be clogging up the theater and ruining your Fembusters experience when you finally get to watch it, right? Well, as it turns out, not only has there been no 45-year old misogynist dudebros clogging theaters, there also has been no ANYONES clogging theaters. Like, literally NO ONE has been lining up to watch Fembusters.

Yep, that's right. For all the hard work SJWs and Feminists put into defending Ghostbusters from the legions of haters and dudebros, they ended up showed their support for the movie by.... staying home and not watching it at all. This is what artists, companies, etc, don't seem to understand, but it's been proven time and time again: there is NO reward in catering to SJWs and Feminists, because they have no concept of "voting with their wallet". They will NEVER reward you for doing the right thing, because---among other things---as far as they're concerned, that's what you're SUPPOSED to do in the first place, and so why reward someone for doing just that?

Showing how consistently empty showings of Fembusters have been across different times and locations. FYI, red dots denote seats which have been reserved, while grey dots represent open and available seating.

Anyways, because of all the tickets that SJWs and Feminists have bought, Fembusters made a mere $17.2 million on its first day, and is currently on track to make $45 million by the end of the weekend. This will NOT put it in first for the weekend, with The Secret Lives of Pets making more, despite it being in its second weekend. By the next weekend, Fembusters will likely fall further down the list, as movies like Star Trek Beyond (a movie made by a company that actually APPRECIATES their fans) and Ice Age: Collision Course (a movie with far more kid appeal than Fembusters' dick smashing jokes) will steal its spotlight. In fact, despite only costing $144 million to make, Paul Feig said that the movie would need to make $500 millionArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) to be worth anything, let alone justify all their other plans, such as a sequel, a MCU-style multiverse film series, toys and merchandising deals, etc. At this rate, their $500 million goal will NEVER happen.

To put it in perspective, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice made $81.5 million on its first day, a total of $166 million over its first weekend, and a total of $330 million domestically... and it was STILL considered a failure. True, BvS cost $250 million, but it's still made more pound-for-pound than Fembusters has and probably ever will.

Now none of this should surprise anyone behind Fembusters: they created this outcome by shitting on their fans. They treated the movie as a zero-sum game---in order for women to win, men MUST lose---and they are merely reaping their rewards. But hey, at least they still have their honor and made the movie on THEIR terms without giving into the demands of the haters. GRRL POWER!!

Final Theater Numbers

Now that the movie has been out for almost a month now and almost weekeneds worth of numbers have been released for it, what is the final verdict for how well Fembusters did? Easy: IT'S A ROARING SUCCESS!!!! ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) ... Yep, the movie has had THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of supportive people on social media send messages to Paul Feig about how much they liked it, little girls are dressing up as Ghostbusters (because it was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a little girl to dress up in a Ghostbusters costume before Fembusters), and it has a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes... and that's all that matters, right? But all that aside, the most important way to gauge Fembusters' success is:

Financial genius and Nu-male Jef Rouner of the Houston Press ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) thinks Fembusters is NOT a flop just because it made its budget back. Oh, my sweet summer child...

That's right! It took nearly three weeks to do it, but Fembusters FINALLY made back its entire budget, and so this movie is NOT a flop according to this definition! The haters have been BTFO!!

...I mean, this IS how movie finances work, right? Like, $144 million is the ONLY money Sony put into Fembusters from start to finish, right? It's not like Sony spent nearly the same amount of money on advertising Fembusters, like paying licensees to add Ghostbusters-related material into their products, or that movie theaters don't get a sizable cut of their ticket sales to, y'know, keep the theater in business, or that movie are supposed to make an actual profit, or international ticket sales are even more complex... naw, none of that is involved here. Sony made ALL of their money back on Fembusters, plus just a bit of profit to sweeten the deal... and that just means WOMEN WON and MEN LOST!!! EAT SHIT MEN!!! In fact, let's see what Paul Feig himself has to say about all the money Fembusters made (or needs to make) for his efforts to be worth while:

Well... $500 million isn't THAT hard to get, if it made $150 million in three weeks, then we just need to wait 9 more weeks and it'll make $500 million. Simple as that! ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

...uh... no, he's wrong. The movie is a success because I said so. Paul Feig doesn't know what he's talking about by saying that the movie would need to make at least $500 million for it to be at least SOMEWHAT worthwhile. This movie has been successful, and that's that!

But seriously though, with things going the way they're going now, they're not gonna make anywhere close to Feig's dream of $500 million. Let's look at the numbers:

First off, most films make about 45% of their total revenue within the first week of release, about 90% within the four weeks, and about 95% within six. Fembusters, as of August 6th, 2016, is nearing the end of Week 4 with $163 million. It had over 50% drops on Week 2 and 3, and lost over 900 theaters by Week 3, which is A LOT. Shit, it lost 6% of its theaters in Week TWO, which is something you don't see very often. Finally, its domestic/foreign split is about 70/30, which is usually something you see only with real stinkers. At the rate it's going, it'll probably reach around $180 million by the time it's finally pulled from all theaters. Of course, this is also not taking into account other money Sony dumped into Fembusters; advertising the money is NOT counted in its production budget, and tends to be about the same amount, if not more; some people have estimated as much as $200 million has been spent advertising Fembusters. There's also the fact that movie theaters themselves take around 25% of the ticket sales... which still isn't enough to keep the theaters in business, which is why popcorn and soda is so fucking expensive.

$180 million made from a $144 million budget. That's a $36 million, or 25%, profit. And Sony doesn't even get to pocket all of that to begin with. But hey, that guy up above to thinks a movie isn't a flop as long as it made its budget back might have point! In that case, let's look at a list of other successful movies which has made at least made their budget back:

Name Year Budget Return $Dif        Dif%       
Fantastic Four 2005 $100m $330.6m $230.6m 230.6%
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer     2007 $130m $289m $159m 122.3%
Green Lantern 2011 $200m $220m $20m 10%
The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 $230m $757.9m $527.9m 229.52%
Man of Steel 2013 $225m $668m $443m 196.89%
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014 $246.5m $709m $462.5m 187.63%
Fantastic Four (FANT4STIC) 2015 $120m $168m $48m 40%
Pixels 2015 $129m $244.9m $115.9m 89.84%
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016 $250m $872.7m $622.7m 249.08%
Ghostbusters 2016 $144m $180m $36m 25%

YEEAAHHHHH!!! Take a look at all these successful movies!! NONE of them were flops, because they ALL made their budgets back! They all ended up becoming major multi-billion dollar franchises for their studios.... right?

Well, Sony is going to try to spin this to their advantage. That Houston Press article above certainly tried to; it tried to equate the ORIGINAL Ghostbusters' success to Fembusters' apparently rosy future:


Yep, this is EXACTLY why the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has encouraged Sony to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3, especially after the "rising tide" lifted the success of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Or Nintendo's success has lifted the success off Pixels so much that Pixels 2 is sure to be an rousing success AND the start of a multi-billion dollar "Pixels" franchise. Ghostbusters is TOTALLY going to make Sony mad cash because all the success that.... two films made some 30 years ago has brought them.

Face it Fembusters Supporters, Fembusters isn't the SMASHING THE PATRIARCHY success you want it to be. It's also not the "WORST MOVIE EVER OF 20XX!". It's just a less-than-mediocre film which was meant to be easily consumed and forgotten like a bad meal. You guys shit all over Capitalism, but you don't realize how much of a shill you are for Sony; they only created that "MUH FEMINISM" angle just to trick people into watching an otherwise shitty film, and you got baited by them very easily, hook-line-and-sinker.

Speaking of Sony manipulating the situation to generate interest...

So you've finally accepted that you're a sexist, misogynistic shitbag pissbaby dudebro man-child

Pack it up, men. This lesbian licking a phallic shaped weapon means we finally lost, once and for all.

As it has been mentioned, if you don't like this movie, you're sexist, you hate women, and all that wonderful stuff. Because as it turns out, Fembusters is finally a movie that has females in the lead roles, and all the negativity against the movie is because pissbaby dudebro man-children are finally feeling what it's like to have a movie NOT cater to male fans by having a male lead. Y'know, because there has NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER been a movie with female leads that men can still enjoy none the less.

Your comments are problematic

Actually, as it so happens, this is actually the narrative that Sony Pictures and Paul Feig & Co. are intentionally trying to cultivate. Sony clearly knows Fembusters is utter shit, which is probably why they set up that "fan-appreciation (read: propaganda) event" in the first place: to try to manipulate the opinions of Ghostbusters fans that ALL IS WELL. Too bad the shitty trailer has only convinced more Ghostbusters fans that the movie is fucked. So in order to gain sympathy from the only people Sony Pictures and Friends have left who might spend money on their shitty movie---namely Feminists, tumblrinas, and other SJWs---they're doing whatever they can to really drive the point home that the only people who hate it are racists and sexists and other bad people.

Therefore, Sony has undertaken a massive social media engineering campaign in order to maintain the narrative that the only people who speak negatively of the film are blatant sexists, racists, or other negative-ists... thus implying that anyone who has anything negative to say about the movie is a morally corrupt person. One way of maintaining this narrative is by carefully deleting a shitton of comments on YouTube, leaving only the truly terrible comments which Sony hopes "speaks for themselves". So, if you happen to be:

  • a female who thinks this movie is shit (bonus points if you're homosexual, TRANSEXUAL, or anyone else further down the Oppression Hierarchy and you still think the movie is shit)
  • a Liberal male who openly loves female leads but simply didn't like the trailer
  • a non-white person who thinks that they didn't go far enough in being progressive
  • basically anyone who isn't otherwise sucking Sony's dick by playing along with their charade (free PS4s for anyone who Upvotes the Trailer video and leaves a positive review!)

...then you're going against the narrative that Sony and Company is trying to maintain, and you can thus guarantee that your comments will be eventually deleted. Enjoy it while it lasts! In any case, you shouldn't be posting those kinds of comments to begin with... why would you WANT to side with the racist sexist shitlords??

Some of the comments which seem to have mysteriously disappeared... About missing Pics

The problem with this plan is that it's just too damned obvious. Just take a look at what other people have written about this plan:




—YouTuber R-PLAY




—YouTuber featheon




—YouTuber 1701EarlGrey




—Paul Feig's favorite trick was captured

This video further explains the plan and the rationale behind it in greater detail.

As you can see, by doing this, Sony Pictures and Friends have an out; no matter how poorly the movie does, everyone involved in the movie will simply blame its failure on the Patriarchy holding them back. You see, by carefully deleting the comments that either goes against their narrative or tries to expose it, the remaining negative comments are all the misogynistic and racist ones (which there is no guarantee that social media engineers on Sony's payroll themselves didn't write those comments themselves), and so it becomes extremely easy to blame the Patriarchy for all their woes. I mean, don't you see how 100% of the negative comments on the trailer is misogynistic and racist?? Anyways, just sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch it play out in this way.

Oh, and something else to consider: Youtube now has an automated system wherein, shorty after being posted, many comments are automatically flagged as spam and hidden and it is up to the owner of the video to choose whether they would like to unhide them. This means that for the critical comments to vanish and the offensive ones to remain (they way they seemingly are), someone at Sony would have to manually go over their spam inbox and hand pick all racist and misogynistic comments to have them be made visible again, while knowingly ignoring intelligent posts that the automatic system mistakenly marked as spam (or perhaps even going a step further to manually delete ones it didn't).

You Lose with S-J-double-yoose

But it's not like there's a million different reason why this movie sucks. Naw, it's totally because of all the pissbaby shitlord trolls who are afraid of strong women characters, and not because:

  • this movie is obviously nothing more than an unnecessary nostalgia cash grab
  • the lack of originality in writing (almost literally the same movie as the 1984 original, down to the same main characters)
  • for all the talk about how progressive this movie is, the main cast is still three white people saving the world AGAIN, along with their useless stereotypically sassy forced comic relief black friend
  • the apparent hypocrisy of Feminists hating the "dumb female secretary" character type, only to love the "dumb male secretary" character type, as depicted by Chris Hemsworth in this film
  • the very idea that Sony was going to sue Bill Murray ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) if he didn't appear in a cameo (click for more info)

Yeah, none of those reasons plays a part in why people almost universally loathe this movie. Instead, it's TOTALLY because the Patriarchy hates women.

If you hate this movie, then that means you wish that ALL these women were beaten up and raped. Why would you want women to be raped, Shitlord?

Of course we all know that the stupid part in all this is that, it's a lost cause trying to appeal to Feminists, SJWs and their ilk to begin with. SJWs don't realize how much money influences things, so "speaking with their wallet" (that is, showing their support through the spending of their own money) is an utterly foreign concept to these people, unless they're supporting lazy idiots on Patreon. To make matters worse, these kind of people are never happy, always finding fault with every attempt to appeal to them. Like, you would think that a movie with 100% of the lead cast being women, the male supporting character is a dim-witted meathead, AND three other ways the Ghostbusters movie smashes the "Patriarchy", this would be something that EVERY feminist and their friends would love unconditionally, right? Nope.

See how racist this is? Even the original Ghostbusters movie had FOUR scientists!

You see? Patty---the ONLY non-white Ghostbuster---is depicted as nothing more than a stereotypical ghetto black woman, and not a scientist, and that's "problematic" to many people. And right there underlines the common thread in ANY attempt to appeal to Feminists, SJWs, and their ilk: even when 99% is exactly what they want, the 1% that is wrong is enough to encourage these people to criticize your efforts, maybe even boycott it outright. They will ALWAYS find something that they find "problematic" and not spend a single penny on that something as a way to signal their discontent.


So instead of making a movie that wins over actual long time fans, creates new fans, AND generates more interest (and further sales) of the original Ghostbusters movies and TV series, Sony Pictures, Paul Feig and Friends are left with a movie that hardly a single Ghostbuster fan NOR a triggered SJW will spend a red cent on. By trying to appeal to SJWs, you fail by default, and no one wins in the end.


As it turns out, Sony didn't like the idea of making Kate McKinnon's character a lesbian. Because having a lesbo in a DESTROY-THE-PATRIARCHY movie is just too much.


The first joke of the movie is a queef. No, we are not making that up. And of course, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngmedia hacks are praising this like it was fucking Citizen Kane of comedies. Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig), a physics teacher at Empire State University, has her opportunity to receive tenure jeopardized when her old friend, amateur paranormal researcher Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy), publishes a book they wrote together several years young, positing the existence of ghosts. Erin visits Abby and her new partner, nuclear researcher Jillian Holtzman (Kate McKinnon), to ask Abby to remove her name from the book, and is persuaded by Abby and Jillian to accompany them to the Aldridge Hotel to investigate claims of paranormal activity. Arriving there, the trio encounters the ghost of Madame Aldridge, the hotel's late owner, who vomits ectoplasm on Erin. Abby records the encounter, with a Sony cam, gotta get that product placement in there, including a terrified Erin claiming that ghosts are real, and uploads it to YouTube and reddit, leading to Erin being fired. Abby then persuades Erin to join her and Jillian in opening a ghost-chasing business they call "Ghostbusters".

THIS is the end ghost? REAL creative, Feig.
AND real original too.

Meanwhile, subway worker Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) runs into Rowan (Neil Casey), a nerd who got bullied hard, like the fans of the original Ghostbusters, who has created a machine that amplifies paranormal activity, intending to open a breach between the world of the living and the world of the dead and release an army of ghosts to destroy the human race. After an encounter with a ghost that Rowan releases on the subway system, Patty seeks the Ghostbusters and volunteers to become a member and lend her street-smarts to the team. They also hire a dim-witted receptionist, Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), and set up a base of operations in a Chinese restaurant and two vehicles, Ecto-1, a hearse lent to them by Patty's uncle; and Ecto-2, an old motorcycle.

Despite the government's attempts to discredit them, the Ghostbusters become increasingly popular as they capture more ghosts unleashed by Rowan, and ultimately confront Rowan himself, who chooses to commit suicide rather than let himself be captured. With his death, paranormal activity in NYC subsides, adding credence to the government's claims about the Ghostbusters. Going through Rowan's belongings, Erin and Abby learn Rowan attended the same school as them and his obsession with ghosts was born out of their own fascination with the subject.

Rowan returns as a ghost and swears revenge on the Ghostbusters, possessing Abby and attempting to kill Jillian. After Patty beats him out of Abby's body, Rowan possesses Kevin, steals the Ecto-2 and heads to Times Square, where he activates a second machine he had secretly built, opening a portal between the two worlds and raising an army of ghosts that begin wreaking havoc in New York City, while also powering up Rowan's ectoplasmic form. To display his dominance over them, Kevin/Rowan leads the ghosts in a performance of "You Should Be Dancing" by the Bee Gees. This was cut out in the final cut.


The Ghostbusters intervene despite the government's attempts to stop them, venturing into the evacuated area in the Ecto-1, and Erin manages to exorcise Rowan out of Kevin's body. Rowan demands that the Ghostbusters choose a form for him, and Patty absent-mindely thinks of a spraypainted ghost she saw on the subway line. Rowan becomes a towering version of the graffiti ghost and begins rampaging.

Did we mention that government actually believes the Fembusters, but are cockvagblocking them every step of the way for no other reason than the plot says so?

The Ghostbusters fail to defeat him by crossing their streams, and instead Erin and Abby venture into the portal, with ropes tied around their waists, and trick Rowan into directing his forces into the portal. Jillian and Patty then close it, but manage to pull Erin and Abby out, while Rowan and his army become trapped in the world of the dead and Rowan's machine is destroyed.

The government once again discredits the Ghostbusters and they don't receive any recognition for saving the city, but manage to use their savings to buy a new base of operations in an old firehouse. Erin and Kevin develop a relationship, and while analyzing tape recordings during the battle against Rowan, during which paranormal activity was at its peak, Patty finds several cryptic warning about the arrival of Zuul.

During the credits, the remainder of the Times Square dance scene, which the studio made Feig cut for time, is played out in full. Feig, being butthurt that his precious dance number had to get cut up, finally got the last laugh.


  • Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) - A wooden cutout with a frowny face drawn on it, splattered with mysterious goo.
  • Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) - Playing every other role she has played previously. Only worser. Probably dethroned Jar-Jar Binks as most annoying movie character ever.
  • Jillian Holtzman (Kate McKinnon) - Coke-addled lesbian. Oh wait, her character? Unfunny wannabe mad-scientist that constantly makes gross-out jokes like a middle school kid who's just learned about human reproduction system because progressivism.
  • Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) - A nigger who nigs. Despite this character flaw of being a nigger, is perhaps the most likeable person in this schlock.
  • Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) - A radical femnazi's wet dream. A beefcake with no IQ points. He's also a brainless piece of eye candy written by sexists. Even worse, the film admits to this on screen.
  • Rowan (Neil Casey) - A white male who is an asocial, literal-basement dwelling psychopath. Apparently the only kind of person that a white male can be, according to the filmmakers.


  • Dickshots
  • Queefjokes
  • Other bodily functions
  • The weapon is TOO STRONK! Oh noes! (Done at least four times.)
  • Pointing out how dumb/useless the male characters are.
  • Ripping off or "referencing" scenes from better movies
  • Ripping off the "The power of X compels you" from The Exorcist
  • Abby saying "Say hello to my little friend"
  • Slimer randomly appears in a food cart but has no backstory or anything onscreen so he's unfunny.

That's the jokes. Nothing but lowest common denominator. Even Adam Sandler & Michael Bay would be ashamed of this.


In order to grab as much Jew gold as possible, the shills at Sony will need to drag as many idiots to the theaters to watch this shitshow on the silver screen for $10 a pop, instead of using it as background to Netflix and chill at home. This means offering the following rich people (except for the wise Rick Moranis and the dead Harold Ramis unknown enticements to cameo, which apparently will cause nostalgic people to cough up ten dollars instead of staying home in droves:

  • Bill Murray as a skeptic who questions the Ghostbusters on the news, and is killed by one of Rowan's ghosts.
  • Dan Aykroyd as a taxi driver who refuses to obey the evacuation order during Rowan's attack, claiming "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"
  • Ernie Hudson as Patty's uncle who lends the Ghostbusters the Ecto-1.
  • Annie Potts as a receptionist at the hotel Rowan works, who answers calls by saying "whadoyawant".
  • Sigourney Weaver as Jillian's disapproving mentor who comes to respect her career choice in the end.
  • Harold Ramis will appear as an actual ghost.
  • Slimer appears together with his new wife. Ms. Slimer.
  • Rick Moranis was wise enough to back the fuck off this abortion, stating ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) "But it just makes no sense to me. Why would I do just one day of shooting on something I did 30 years ago?" For a tiny man in glasses he has some serious balls because Sony was willing to play dirty if the better film's stars did not do a cameo.


In a shocking turn of events, it seems that the actual Ghostbusters had to appear in the movie, if they did not want to get their asses sued. An e-mail got leaked by wikileaks, that clearly describes how they should appear in the movie, or else.

RE: Ghostbusters/Murray - Litigation Counsel [CONFIDENTIAL] I think you are fine to stay out. Am sure len has it on his list for us to discuss at his 1-1 tomorrow
From: Steinberg, David
Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 3:06 PM
To: Venger, Leonard; Weil, Leah
Cc: Yankelevits, Daniel
Subject: Ghostbusters/Murray - Litigation Counsel [CONFIDENTIAL]
In order to more fully evaluate our position if Bill Murray again declines to engage on “Ghostbusters”, AG requested that we identify “aggressive” litigation counsel with whom we can consult to evaluate our alternatives and strategize.  [Harkening back to his prior employer, of course, raised the name of David Boies.] 

Personally, while I’m fine with aggressive, I think we are in much worse shape if this goes public so seems to me we should look for someone who isn’t seeking the spotlight.

Can we discuss at some point soon to provide a suggestion or two?




—David Steinberg, throwing out the idea that they can use Bill Murray if he refuses to appear in the movie

From: Venger, Leonard
Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 3:18 PM
To: Steinberg, David; Weil, Leah
Cc: Yankelevits, Daniel
Subject: RE: Ghostbusters/Murray - Litigation Counsel [CONFIDENTIAL]

I have some names in mind but will wait until we speak with Leah.



—Leonard Venger, cool with the idea so long their Masters approve as well

From: Steinberg, David
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 5:29 PM
To: Venger, Leonard; Weil, Leah
Cc: Yankelevits, Daniel
Subject: RE: Ghostbusters/Murray - Litigation Counsel [CONFIDENTIAL]

FYI, apparently AG has some ideas (Harrison, of course).  I’m trying to stay out of the middle of this one but let me know if there’s anything you need me to do.



—David Steinberg, hoping he doesn't get caught suggesting such a spineless plan

Leslie Jones' Post-Film Funnies

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Fembusters/Leslie Jones' Twitter Meltdown.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Fembusters/Leslie Jones Getting Hacked.

Within months of the film's actual release, the fun-rollercoaster was still doing loop-de-loops, even though everyone knew the end was near. In fact the one person who had the most fun during the fallout was Leslie Jones, who just couldn't keep her mouth (or legs) closed. Check out those articles for more info.

Now that the dust has settled, how well has Fembusters been remembered?

File:Fembusters - DVD sales.jpg
After all that hard work and shilling, Fembusters can't even outsell "50 Shades of Grey" for even $10 barely 2 years after release.

Don't worry, we'll get the woman hating toxic dude-bro manbabies AND their money next time... right?

And now for something completely different: Ghostbusters (2020)

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Ghostbusters (2020).

Just when you thought Fembusters had finally disappeared from the headlines, talk about it returns upon the revelation that another Ghostbusters movie is officially in production. Only this time this movie will actually be a proper sequel to Ghostbusters 2, and not some bullshit reboot like Fembusters was.

And so how did the pro-Fembusters media circuit take to this news?


LOL. Turns out they think it's a bad idea! In fact they feel terrible that they are being left out, and that this new movie SHOULD include the Fembusters!

Sorry Fembusters fans, but to coin a phrase: this movie isn't for YOU. Sure we'll probably have a woman or two in the cast like in the Ghostbusters Extreme cartoon and they'll be more attractive than the Fembusters cast, but this is OUR movie and it belongs to the REAL fans. Besides, you still have your original Fembusters DVDs, Blu-Rays and related merchandise... just go enjoy those! Fembusters is still a good movie, and this new movie won't take that away from you! So let us fans enjoy OUR movie now.

I have so much respect for what Paul [Feig] created with those brilliant actresses, and would love to see more stories from them. However, this new movie will follow the trajectory of the original film.


—Translation of Jason Reitman on Paul Feig: "You tried."

Misc junk


Ghostbusters or else About missing Pics

Better Female Ghostbusters

Diverse Female Cast About missing Pics

The better remake (The porn)

Better remake About missing Pics


General videos about Fembusters, etc

Ghostbusters Reboot: Production Trouble Rumors (Part 1)
Ghostbusters reboot: Story Leak and Damage Limitation (Part 2)
Ghostbusters reboot: How Sony hijacked Ghostbusters 3
Ghostbusters Reboot: Sony Hits Back at Fan Backlash
Probably a better Ghostbusters movie than Fembusters
spawn camping
Simpsons predicted the Fembusters' hospital visit by 20 years
A better movie

A way better movie

Another good summary of everything that is going on.
Ghostbusters: The Controversies Behind the Movie; covers six angles of why this movie is shit
why feminist pandering fails

Featurette showing how the whiteboard math was written by an actual scientist/mathematician... too bad the math is VERY wrong

Reactions from original Ghostbusters cast and crew

Bill Murray comments on new film; look into his eyes for the truth
Ernie Hudson got paid off to support the new movie, after previously hating it ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)
More backtracking by Ernie Hudson

Dan Aykroyd trying to justify in his mind about what has been happening with Fembusters

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