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Typical 16 year old girl feelings

Ever since the dawn of time, when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, all the way to the times of the ancient Incas that lived in the mighty Amazonian rain forests, even now - and forever, there will always be... feelings.

Feelings, as you may want to know, are the little tingles you have in your brain during moments of butthurt and happiness. Sometimes people have a lot of bad feelings and these feelings tend to all explode at you at one specific moment in time and give you more feelings. So then these feelings you are experiencing make you be a faggot/Asshole to everyone around you, causing them to have feelings of the same proportions, (especially if they are kids), thus repeating the whole cycle over and over, again...

List of Feelings

You after your first kiss
Happy nigger
Niggers have no feelings.

These are a few feelings that æ users like you experience, but not me.