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An average reader of Fat People Hate

Reddit-favicon.gif fatpeoplehate is WAS a subreddit that, while thinking that the The Internet is serious business, rightfully points out that Fat people and Fat Acceptance Movement idiots are as disgusting as they are ignorant. They "fight" against the Fat Activists who continually perpetuate the idea that being fat is healthy, despite medical research showing that it breaks your dick, makes you piss rocks, gives you ass cancer and makes your liver look worse than that of a 60 year old alcoholic, by posting photos of their disgusting asses and calling them all sorts of silly names. In short, it's just one more big stinky sloppy Reddit cunt-punt mess.


However, despite being a bastion of reasonable logic within Reddit's hivemind of Pseudo-intellectual SJW perverts, it still managed to fuck up a simple concept by rewarding users by "verifying" their lack of a gunt, turning them into Internet Tough Guys. Their regular posts were often just chan reposts, screenshots of them 'totally owning' fatties, screenshots of youtube videos, and totally cool stories about their journeys through waves of fatties at the gym, their places of work, buses, and anywhere else that isn't the basement.

It still ends up being better than 90% of the rest of Reddit (which isn't saying a lot given how shitty the rest of the site is) complete with an automatic banning of anyone with a BMI higher than 25 to keep the population pure, warnings for "fat sympathy" (such as stating that someone would look better if they lost weight), and allowing the open discussion of the basic idea that being fat is a consequence of poor lifestyle, and not your genetics or the fact you probably suffered abuse as a child. These views have caused a few ripples in the Reddit community, and on various other websites where whales migrate to feed on plankton swarms.

Formation of /r/FatPeopleHate

After much frustration with the subreddit Fat People Stories, a spiritual successor of the 4chan stories, that was filled with 100% true stories about earthquake causing fatties and people circlejerking to the 5lb of water weight they lost over the past month, various off shoot subreddits were born, such as /r/Fatlogic, /r/HamplanetHatred and eventually, good ol' FatPeopleHate.

For those who really want to bother reading the tragic tale of how the mods fought tooth and nail to gain access to a subreddit dedicating to stroking their own dicksegos and not really doing anything to combat the real threat of the Fat Acceptance Movement, here is their version of events straight from their Wiki.

Once upon a time there was a user named GummyQueenSarah (GQS). GQS created a place to house posts that didn't belong in /r/fatpeoplestories and named it /r/fatpeoplehate. Everything was good. People were drawn to the uninhibited hate that was allowed and the community grew in number.

One day GQS decided to start removing posts that hated excessively or attacked specific people. It was suggested that the subreddit was created as a joke at first and what it had become disgusted the GummyQueen. Roughly around this same point two things happened. First, the tyrannical GQS set the subreddit to "Private" and second, /r/hamplanethatred was created by /u/PsychoticMouse because FPH had lost much of its allure (see also: cojones).

Luckily for the thousands of victims the First Post Blackout created, /u/The_Penis_Wizard still had moderator status and was able to use those permissions to reopen the doors. Many people didn't even notice the blackout had happened as it only lasted a day or two. Being suckers of scrotal magic, of course.

For awhile GQS tolerated the hate, but not for long. On the first weekend of December 2013 /u/The_Penis_Wizard's mod status was revoked and posting was once again restricted to approved users, of which there were none. More notably the sidebar was changed, now promoting the inevitable sappy "love and acceptance for all" along with the acknowledgement that GQS had no idea how to manage a subreddit.

It seemed hopeless. Once again, /u/The_Penis_Wizard had a plan. Following the First Post Blackout a request was sent to the Reddit Admins to grant top-level moderator permissions to /u/The_Penis_Wizard. While there wasn't enough of a case against GQS at the time (subreddit owners are generally allowed to run the sub as they see fit as long as they maintain a certain level of activity themselves) it did create a record and bring the behavior to the admins' attention. During the Second Post Blackout a thread was started in /r/redditrequest once again. This time there was a better case - GQS's account was inactive aside from the changes made to /r/fatpeoplehate.

At first /u/The_Penis_Wizard was fighting alone. A few days into the blackout /u/MCprofK wanted to submit a post to FPH but found out he couldn't. He then realized the magnitude of what had happened and immediately contacted /u/The_Penis_Wizard to try to get to the bottom of it all. He was informed of GQS's actions and, not being one to lay down to a tyrant, joined forces with /u/The_Penis_Wizard. He made a few posts in the /r/redditrequest thread (despite two of them being eaten by the spam filter) and gave moral support to the former mod. He also messaged many of the sub's recent top posters and commenters to have them vouch for their displaced leader.

At first it seemed as though their words fell on deaf ears. Some users joined /r/hamplanethatred to get their fat-shaming fix. /u/MCprofK continued to make submissions to FPH by messaging them to GQS, but none of them ever got posted.

Miraculously, a few days after Christmas in fact, the admins answered our calls. It appears as though GQS's account was deleted so maybe that's the only reason we got our sub back. I prefer not to question why or how but to just enjoy our triumphant return and the fact we're still growing in number.

They all hated happily ever after.

The End.

Becoming a 'Verified User'

Atomic.gif Warning!
Apparently there is an RES list of 'verified' users, despite the claim that these things would be kept private. It's your own damn fault for trying to join a group to feel special
Reddit: full of normal people

In order to make sure every user on the subreddit is not a fat fuck, the mod's ask that people are 'verified' as such, in one of the greatest displays of Pretentiousness seen on Reddit since the Faces of Atheism debacle.

If you want to amplify your Unwarranted self importance and have 'flair' added to your user name on the subreddit, you must

Once your application has been received, the mods will exercise their vigorous judgement, and will either call you out for being the fat fuck you actually are and Banhammer you, or bestow upon you the most glorious of gifts a mod can give; a feeling of superiority over the other lusers.

If you're not comfortable with sending a picture of your body to complete strangers on the internet, you can instead be an unflaired user and receive ridicule from other users for actually valuing your privacy. Don't expect the mods to verify their own bodies either, just accept as fact that they are most definitely skinny as well, or else face the Cockslap

However, if you really want to go full Retard trying to get verification, you could stick a sharpie goddamn highlighter up your pooper like this faggot. This pathetic display was part of a ploy to gain the mod's trust and be instated as one himself. His plan was to try and shut down the sub or roll it into the Fempire, again, by sticking a highlighter up his ass. This went about as far as you'd think, the mods made him a moderator of /r/picturesoffatpeople to string him along, and then made the sub unusable.

Brigading controversy and spam reporting

Proof the Reddit Admins are fat

Most butthurt fatties (89% of Reddit users) saw /r/FatPeopleHate and used it as a reason to cry out greasy tears of sadness instead of simply exercising and eating slightly less, so this lead to many lulz regarding reporting various posts to the subreddit's own mods (apparently the fat has aidled their brain so much that they can't process how forums work) for fat hate, and reporting the entire subreddit to the Reddit Admin's.

Recent modmail leaks have ousted the Reddit Admin's as being frustrated that they have no reason to bring the Banhammer down on the subreddit, despite repeated attempts by fatties to accuse the users of "Brigading" other subreddits, because their precious Karma is the only thing they have left in this life to treasure.

Also in preparation for the Admin's eventually shutting their subreddit down, the mods created a back up on the reddit clone Voat, in order to make sure they are able to continually stroke their egos under the guise of the promotion of public health.

As of the 11th of June, thanks to the sweet and loving actions of Ellen Pao, the FatPeopleHate subreddit along with 4 others (but she specially called that one out because it had "more than 5000 users") has been shut down. Due to these claims of brigading and hateful acts, sobby sob. Waaahhhh.

The Reddit Community Reaction

The new Reddit Logo
And here we see in the wild, a butthurt fatty and a moderation system that works

After gaining much popularity among Pro-Ana Narcissistss for displaying the amazing quality of having a half decent moderation team, the general Reddit community essentially shit itself in denouncing the place, causing useless drama that in the end, no one really cared about.

While occasionally you will see an outraged fatty on the newer threads, trying to voice their opinion that somehow their disease faux-pas help them live longer and give them better sex lives, they are almost immediately deleted, leaving no room for dissent or lulz within the subreddit itself. These fat-asses don't consider that their words will either fall on deaf ears, make themselves look like complete retards, and even give moar reason to hate fat people even more.

User infighting

One of the particularly lulzy part of the subreddit is watching the circlejerking and infighting between users, which end up boiling down to

LeeLemon is dead?

In a fantastic display of cohesion within the mod group, for April fools day of 2015, link The_Penis_Wizard threw his fellow mod, LeeLem0n under the bus, by claiming that she had died from heart failure. Hundreds of users came out to mourn over a complete internet stranger, but in the end, no one really gave a shit

She came back in a blaze of glory, and The_Penis_Wizard was banned. He now sits as a mod on the Voat back up, showing how important her contributions really were to the subreddit.

I hope no one pulls an April Fool's prank about my death again.


—- leelem0n's twitter


Reddit censorship-Removing harassing subreddits-announcements.png

In what has been a fairly recent development, new feminazi Reddit CEO Ellen Pao decided to announce that the are now banning 'offensive' subreddits that 'harass' other users by making fun of them in isolated areas. FatPeopleHate was banned, along with most of its subsidiaries and metric fuckton of replacements. Each mod has been shadowbanned or totally banned. Lurkers went to go bitch about the bans to either Subreddit Drama or Kotakuinaction. The rest of the butthurt users have flocked to voat.co, ruining the entire site for the 5 regulars there.

The amount of traffic was too much for Voat's shitty servers, accidentally breaking the entire site for everyone. Ironically, something similar happens when you cram too many lardasses into an elevator.

While hating on fat people is now banned, many subreddits sill remain, such as...

...Serving only to prove that the admins of Reddit are clearly cis, white, single lonely SJW's who think that fat hate is worse than racism, sexism and literal hate crimes.

Good Job Reddit?

As these bannings are part of a ploy to 'neaten up' reddit to make it more attractive to advertisers, users have come out in hordes suddenly curious about why calling a fatty a fatty was worse than calling a nigger a nigger, ultimately foretelling doom for the site à la Digg. Most of these posts were given reddit gold, in a display of how amazingly retarded reddit users are in regarding a website they apparently now 'hate'.

When you were not banning any subreddits, you could make the legal claim that you were an open, public forum, and that you were not liable for the user generated content on the site.

Now, you've taken the step of actively censoring content. Therefore it can argued that ANY significant subreddit that you haven't banned is operating with your knowledge, approval, and cooperation.

So you shut down a subreddit that hates on fat people, but you left up the overtly racist subreddits that made national headlines several months ago? Mashable, Gawker, Salon, Dailykos, The Independent, etc... are all major publications that over a span of months have called out reddit for allowing racist subreddits to thrive. Their arguments were all moot until today.

This policy would have been a huge legal misstep even if handled appropriately. But this sloppy execution makes the responsible administrators look embarrassingly ignorant or incompetent at best, and overtly racist at worst.


—user flossdaily laying down some hard logic that admins seem to ignore

This is a horrible and not very well though out idea, here's why.

Use /r/fatpeoplehate as example. Room full of people, door is locked, door says "Room to discuss distaste for obese people". Obviously nobody who is obese would enter that room, right? Everyone in this room loves to rail and make fun of fat people. This is good, because everyone who is fat on the outside of the room can't hear or see what they're doing. You guys over at reddit HQ say "hm, maybe we shouldn't keep all those people in the same room, talking about negative things". You say "ok!" and unlock the door and tell everyone "sorry you can't hang out in this room anymore, but you can go to any of the other rooms"

People from /r/fatpeoplehate room proceed to harass and project distaste for obese people in other rooms and in an uncontrolled manner since there is no place to talk about this without repercussion. In the end nobody is happy. My point is, people have opinions that will offend others, but we can control the chaos by letting these people discuss those offensive opinions in a controlled environment.

Edit: Okay, the door isn't "locked". I get the hatred spread even with the subreddit open. But I do not think removing the subreddit will solve anything. This goes for all the banned subreddits, not just FPH

Thx for gold



—user njbrooks

The standard Reddit tantrum reaction

The 'Fallout'

The entire front page of Reddit for at least a day would have made you think that the entire place had become /r/FatPeopleHate, with people spamming up subreddits such as /r/punchablefaces and /r/pics with content and drama that made the places interesting for once.

So far, Reddit has settled back to normal after its usual kicking and screaming over their strange concepts of Free Speech on a platform that can have whatever rules it chooses, no matter if those rules are completely retarded or not (despite advertising itself as a haven of controversial speech not too long ago. Oops!).

However, according to the rules of ridding Reddit of these 'harassing' subs, there must be evidence and complaints about the users harassing people outside of those subreddits. So while the tantrum continued, the admins only stoked the fire even more by banning new subreddits that had not yet had time to even harass their own users, let alone users of other subreddits.

People who didn't like FatPeopleHate were bemused by its closure, with even fat fucks like Boogie2899 stating that this is a short sighted decision that only opened the flood gates to more spammy, circlejerking. Conversely, several fat fucks on Twitter and Tumblr (usually past "targets") rejoiced in the news that FatPeopleHate was gone forever and didn't just transfer to a different website that lets them do the exact same shit that they did before. Oops again!

Support for the bans

Many clickbaity websites have come out in support for the admins, along with subreddits like /r/ShitRedditSays, whom often commit the same crimes /r/FatPeopleHate was accused of. However, they do point out the super obvious fact that Reddit is a company, and has the right to ban whoever they want.

The Verge has come out with many articles supporting the admins, including Supreme Leader Pao, even when she was in the middle of trying to scrounge up cash to support her fraudster of a husband, Buddy Fletcher.

Supporters of /r/FatPeopleHate, instead of possibly reacting in a positive and productive way, chose instead to respond to these meanie bums in a completely level headed manner, like so...

Reddit, serious business

Reactions from the mods

While some of the moderators jumped ship from Reddit to Voat in order to keep up their egos stroked, LeeLem0n came out publicly with her opinions on the topic. While she usually uses her tumblr to refute fatties claims for the lulz, she instead used it as a platform to try and up her status as an internet celebrity.

Before quitting at the gym to do personal training for free, there was a percentage of clients that wanted me to yell at them and even degrade them. On FPH, I received multiple messages each month either asking for help or thanking me for my help.


Proof that the fatties were asking for it

I don’t feel bad about the hatemail. I am used to being shat on…I was raised that way, in fact. When you hear that you’re a useless piece of shit that is a waste of space all your life, you either start believing it or it stops bothering you


Childhood abuse makes you aninternet tough guy

Other mods have mostly been silent on the matter, having had their reddit accounts shadow banned or deleted, and did not have a public persona to fall back on because they were wise enough to not confuse real life with the Internet hate machine. While at least one, The_Penis_Wizard is known to have moved to Voat, there are still many unaccounted for, including bot casualties

Affiliated subreddits

In order to keep the subreddit posting quality at a nice and steady shitposting level, all OC was shunted to one of the many, almost entirely unused subreddits created in conjunction with, or by the original FatPeopleHate mods. All received a traffic boost, but the real shitlords had already decamped. These affiliates include:

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