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File:Fatquack irl2.jpg
FatQuack, showing off his sideburns. As shown below, this has been shoopd.

FatQuack (real name Robert Dixon; born January 15th 1994, lives in Halifax, West Yorkshire) is a greedy, scamming Britfag who created a worthless program called Wii Game Studio, a PC utility for lazy fat fucks who want to code homebrew for their Nintendo Wiis.

WGS sparked a bit of controversy and drama on both the WiiBrew forum and the forum of WGS itself, questioning the licence and legality rights of the program, but the true lulz came in when one of FatQuack's buttbuddies, Dan3008 (real name Daniel Radcliffe, not to be confused with the actor for Harry Potter of the same name; lives in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire), thought that one particular WiiBrew forum admin who was against WGS, Arikado, a poor, teenage, Alucard-loving faggot who also codes Wii homebrew, was also one of the spammers of the WGS forums in disguise, and proceeded to tell FatQuack this. And he actually believed him.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Super Smash Bros#Hacking.

Once upon a time, a hacker named "bushing" decided to hack Nintendo's latest console (at the time), the Wii, by creating a malformed savegame for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which would exploit a programming flaw in the game and be able to load potential homebrew code. After this, he and a team of l33t hackers created such homebrew code for said malfromed savegame called the Homebrew Channel, a program which could load other potential Wii homebrew from an SD card.

Eventually, Wii homebrew and hacking begun to develop, eventually leading from people making their own homebrew games and applications, to the point where people such as tourneyfags could hack Super Smash Bros. Brawl to edit code, textures and music (leading to shit such as Brawl+), and finally, to the point where they could even mess with the OS of the Wii itself.

However, there's a bit of a problem for newfags who want to code homebrew for their Wiis. You see, programming original Wii homebrew requires you to have a decent knowledge of C or C++ (which are both free to learn). Most people who code Wii homebrew know this shit already, but some people who want to join in on the circlejerk either don't have the time or are extremely fucking lazy (probably the latter) to learn new coding language, and want a fast, reliable, drag-and-drop PC utility that can do all the dirty work for them.

This is where FatQuack's "program" Wii Game Studio comes in.

The Program Itself

An accurate representation of what Dixon is doing to the GPL

Based on Game Maker by Mark Overmars / YoYo Games, Wii Game Studio sets out to do nothing more than rip people off by making them pay $9.99 for a "Pro" version that adds nothing new to the bare-bones utility. Hell, even with the "Pro" version, it still lacks substantial features like multiplayer and support for other controllers, making it not worth the buy.

Further more, proof that this program's a scam can also be found by the lack of licenses. Both WGS and the installer of it violate the GNU General Public License, because the GPL-protected software it uses (7-Zip for the installer; GRRLIB for WGS) are not listed or even fucking credited anywhere on the site, the installer or the software itself. While it has been said that WGS uses the very first version of GRRLIB (the one that doesn't have a GNU GPL), some argue that since the licensing measures of GRRLIB changed, it might also apply even to the very first version of GRRLIB, making WGS (and FatQuack himself) still a victim to lawsuits.

On top of that, Wii homebrew itself is not only free, but open source as well, while WGS is not. Ask yourself this: why the hell would someone create a Wii homebrew creator that costs you money for a "Pro" version, and without any source code made available, when most, if not all, of the Wii homebrew (including the compilers) available is downloadable with ease and free to edit for everyone else?


WiiBrew Forums

File:Wgs promotion.PNG
An example of the WGS promotion.

Sometime in late 2009, Dan3008, and another member of the WGS forums named LordAshes, came crawling into the forums of WiiBrew and promoting WGS. While many were interested in the product, most (including Arikado) were against it, criticizing the fact that you need to pay money for the "Pro" version of WGS, when, as previously stated, you could learn C or C++ for free. It was later found out by other members of WiiBrew that WGS had a lack of licenses, which made people hate WGS all the more. A member of the WGS forums called "WiiFSX" tried informing FatQuack about this, which he responded to by completely removing his post.

Eventually, some people started to spam the WGS forums with all of the issues of WGS in mind, one of which was a person named "Cornell". Cornell was soon banned by FatQuack, and all of Cornell's posts were removed. In addition to this, Cornell (or somebody else) also impersonated as PayPal in a fake email sent to FatQuack. Dan3008 was belived to have later told FatQuack that Arikado was, in fact, Cornell, and FatQuack begun straight away creating a e-mail message to Arikado. However this was not the case. It is still unknown who told Fatquack that Arikado was, in fact, Cornell


On January 12, 2010, FatQuack sent a e-mail to Arikado stating the following:

Will Thompson

I am FatQuack from Wii Game Studio and if you try any more funny business, I will press charges for fraud due to your fake email from paypal. After 01/02/2010 you may return to wii game studio (though I cannot see why you would want to) but further offence will cause a perminate ban a legal action against ths paypal fraud.

-- Robert Dixon - FatQuack


Arikado was shocked and confused about this messege, becoming paranoid about going to jail and even thinking of going so far as to abandon his identity as "Arikado" forever. He eventually responded to FatQuack with a TL;DR message stating that he was innocent and didn't do anything under the alias "Cornell" and that he was underage and couldn't handle lawsuits, in addition to stating that he was not called Will Thompson irl.

FatQuack responded by saying that he was told that Arikado was Cornell from a user of WGS (not specifically stating directly that it was Dan), and that he assumed that Arikado's name was "Will Thompson" from this, all while telling Arikado that WGS isn't illegal without even explaining why. Arikado responded with yet another TL;DR message:


The name "Arikado" was picked for myself because it is one of my favorite video-game characters in the Castlevania video-game series. Literally everywhere I go online the name is taken. I post under the name "OArikadoO" if the name "Arikado" is taken because the O's emphasize "Arikado" strongly. If I have something to say, I will not hide my identity under an alternative name. So, it is certainly not surprising that someone on facebook stole the name before I could :/

The connections between me and Cornell were probably made because whoever your friend is thought, "Hey look, two people who strongly dislike Wii Game Studio, zomg!!! They must be the same person". Obviously this demonstrates the sleuthing tactics of a two year old and I will thank you to in the future to find some form of proof beyond speculation to before accusing anyone of anything.


I certainly don't mind you questioning my activities or pointing out a possible connection, but to falsely accuse and threaten me upon a basis of speculation is simply inexcusable. You clearly must have some form of mental illness if you want to take down this "Cornell" you don't like so badly that you would go to such lengths as to do what you've done to me.

I'm afraid this whole incident has made me feel rather sour towards yourself, your friend who accused me, and even more so towards your product.

I will thank you never to email me again.



Of course, FatQuack, being the pretentious, butthurt jackass he is, didn't take Arikado's advice, and went on to email him once again, trying to once more take him down with a chat log from a WiiBrew related IRC channel.

[...] I would like to call upon the offer:

"I certainly don't mind you questioning my activities or pointing out a possible connection"

Would you mind telling me what is meant by the post "I'll tear his post apart when I wake up tomorrow :p" (refering to my product) on this page:


I am not asking this in accusative way, but just to settle my mind.




File:Letting it go.PNG
Letting it go.

Arikado responded by telling FatQuack that the "post" he was referring to was one created by LordAshes over his confusion over why people don't like WGS. The post in which Arikado "tore apart" LordAshes' post can be seen here.

Arikado posted his conversation with FatQuack on his blog. After this, FatQuack himself posted on WiiBrew, trying to tell everyone that he was sorry for the drama he caused to Arikado and that he will acknowledge the licenses of the programs used for WGS. Arikado, after all of this, decided to let go of everything that happened between him and FatQuack, stating that he hopes that FatQuack legalizes his program for everyone in the Wii homebrew community to use.

To this day, it didn't happen.


...returns to WiiBrew

On February 22, 2010, Dan3008 returned, and instead of promoting WGS once again, asked for help on other ways to update his Wii, since he apparently just gets an error code trying to update. Arikado gave him direct instructions on how to update parts of the Wii OS, but Dan3008 didn't seem to listen. Arikado made a remark that she expected this kind of retarded behavior from Dan, and the topic quickly went offtopic when Arikado started to go out of his way to personally insult Dan3008 and FatQuack once again, with Dan3008 trying to defend himself, only to get pwned once more.

...vandalizes the FatQuack article

On June 25, 2010, Dan3008 somehow managed to quickly find this article, and begun his little vandal spree, being oblivious to the fact that vandalism is pointless. Please note the delicious spelling, as shown below:

"cornell" tried to discreddit the program, in the same fassion as "Mikelle" as as such was given a permenant ban


—Dan3008, refassioning spella

Most people, who weren't aware of who Dan3008 actually was, speculated that it was FatQuack himself. Snaisybelle found out that Dan3008's IP address was from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, and assuming that Dan3008 was FatQuack, added the information onto the FatQuack article. It was later found out that Dan3008 was in fact, as previously stated, a buttbuddy of FatQuack, and the edit was later reverted.


As said before, FatQuack continues to sell Wii Game Studio illegally, despite the advice that was consistently given to him. LordAshes eventually created a "Wii Game Studio" of his own, Wii Construction Set, which he, unlike FatQuack, is giving away for free. However, he still seems to remain loyal to FatQuack and his buttbuddies, helping out on a brand new scam called "Game Gears", which seems, according to this post, to be able to develop homebrew for multiple consoles.

When it's eventually released, we can expect a lot more flaming and trolling.

FatQuack's Family and Friends


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Message from Dan3008

Hi, First off, I am not here to vandalise the artical, Its full of enough CRAP that i dont need to damage it. Whoever made that picture, your photoshoping skills are crap. Come on, My 5 year old sister can do better than that. I just have one question, Where the hell did that picture of "my family" come from?????? Given that none of us even go to church and that is clearly shot at the frount of a church hall, 'Salvation army' if i'm not mistaken. Come on guys, Be real, This is just a mindless artical written by a couple of people because they are jelous that I came up with the idea for WGS before thay did. Yep, I'm fatquack, and a few others. Good look catching me :D

and as for the IP address stuff, Any fool can use a proxy, even cornell