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FastTracker 2 was a popular music creation program used for making really shitty 8-bit chiptunes, like the one that was playing in that flashy Photoshop keygen that gave you AIDS.

omg its a pr0gram

The Tracker Culture

Trackers are used by skript kiddies and basement dwellers who are part of the "demoscene." Fasttracker 2 was the most famous tracker program ever. The kind of people that use Fasttracker 2 are the same people who think computers were better in 1992 than they are now.

How it Works

In FastTracker you load sound samples that you pirated off of LimeWire from your computer and use your keyboard to play the sample at different frequencies. To create music, you press record, then pound your fist randomly into your keyboard. Hard. Then you load up a percussion sound for a beat, go to track 2, and pound your fist on the keys again. This should produce a musical ensemble (and profuse bleeding from the ears and/or other orifices) that you can submit to and gain the appreciation of the most pathetic nerds you've never heard of.

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