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DUDE, where's my animu???!!
Fanart Central made some changes to convenience its users

Fanart Central is the training ground for DeviantART, which infest the site with perhaps some of the worst mindfucks you might never unsee again after laying your poor unfortunate eyes on them. All your favorite tartlets such as Snapesnogger and TulipTori started their e-fame there. It started out as a South Park fanart gallery until in 2004 the weeaboo swarms came over, and thus, FagArt Central was born.

Quality Control My Ass

Fun fact: You're doing it wrong. How 90.5% of the total artwork on Fanart Central is created.

Unlike DeviantART, in which users use the site like 4chan and post whatever the fuck they want, FagArt Central has an "approval queue" which is supposed to stop the shit coming in such as anime screencaps, Sonic recolors and animu traces done on lined paper, but the latter usually gets accepted anyway so it's to not hurt the poor little ones' feelings. Aww. Much butthurt would have occurred otherwise, since 99.9999% of the site's population are weeaboo tweens, along with adults who can't operate a pencil for shit. Also, completely unbeknownst to the suckier artists on FagArt Central, the general rule rule for only three fucking submissions per day is quality over quantity, NOT quantity over quality!

Tracing and recolors are bad and will get baleeted if someone gives enough of a shit to complain about it on the abuse forums (otherwise they get unnoticed, which is usually the case). Copying (which is very different from tracing) is okey dokey, though. Oh, and if it wasn't traced line-for-line, it's not a trace. Sorry.

Site profiles are supposed to be a place where you can tell visitors to your page more info about yourselves, but apparently n00bs and weeaboo fucktards tend to make high use of PhotoBucket and flood up their own profile pages with InuYasha wallpapers and those fucking Gaia avatars which took them probably two seconds to make.

Examples of Average Art Submitted to FAC Daily About missing Pics

The Great Porn Banhammer of 2006

Before that fateful day in 2006, FAC used to be a goldmine of hideous cartoon porn. But one day, CSTDenis decided that there were too many pedophiles ruining everyone's precious childhood memories with their Danny Phantom shota and Foster's Home bestiality, and so laid the banhammer on the porn. Everyone was butthurt, but luckily for them they need not migrate to Furaffinity and WWOEC, for Denis and his hellbitch Layzcarter opened up a new portal to Hell - Hentai Foundry! As for the weeaboo who get butthurt for not being able to pass their screencaps as art, there also opened Anime Vidcaps.

The Fugly Grey Layout

FagArt Central haets adblox!

In May 2006, the shitty old blue and white layout with Times New Roman fonts commited e-suicide, and in its empty space spawned and even fuglier, buggier grey layout, which is most probably a DeviantART rip off. Barely anything was clickable, and timeouts kept the shit off for a while. Meanwhile, the forums crap-flooded with complaints from the under 13 crowd about how fugly this new layout is. Overwhelmed, Denis created a clone of the site using the blue and white layout called FunArt Central which is no longer active because they failed to keep up maintaining it. Whichever path you choose, it was obvious that Denis can't code a decent layout for shit.

The Gay Ass Forums

Nirvana for trolls and animu fucktards!

Like any other fugly art site, FagArt Central has its own forum, complete with a fugly grey layout and a fucking high cat for a logo. Denis decided it was time to replace the old logo, which consisted of a squirrel-cat with STDs chewing on a pencil.

Most of the people who post in FAC's fucked-up forum are n00bs, weeaboo retards constantly obsessing over Naruto or some other gay-ass anime, or trolls. Admins like Stratadrake, cstdenis, Battou, and unfocused constantly patrol the forums and butthurt the people who troll the forums and are constantly locking the best threads.

If, at all possible, troll the forums for lulz. Watch out for dumbasses like aquaeevee, Vhee, Kirbyt, MasterDaniel, Darian, and Timmy. Include Falconlobo in this list because she can't type an intelligible sentence for shit.

FAC is NOT MySpace

A weeaboo's typical profile on FAC. tl;dr

Upon joining Fanart Central, each user is given a space called a profile. In their profile, they can write a few details about themselves and provide a profile picture (not to be confused with an avatar). Profile pictures may range from IRL pictures, fake pictures, animu pictures, or pictures of drawings from actual fagart central's members.

But even the weeaboofags fucked that up. They abuse PhotoBucket and load up their profile with shitty pictures of screenshots from various anime, such as InuYasha, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist, and they also gay it up with those fucking retarded Gaia avatars and/or loads of text about themselves or their "friends list". If they are up to exposing their faces in public internet, they will upload pictures of themselves. Females in fagart central are known to upload pictures of their faces to get all the attention from their friends. In other cases, the picture is purposely for guys to fap for. But for those who are not willing to show their faces turn to image search engines such as Photobucket to find a picture of someone real and pose as them. Most fake posers grab pictures that are stupid gothic and emo people displaying black and white shit and sadness. If they go farther than providing text about themselves, they may actually provide their "phone numbers to you", instant message, social network information, real name, age, location, and their martial status.

This is her 68th account believe it or not; AngelLin is her current account. She has an obsession about editing her profile everyday.

Speaking of martial status, fagart central (like every other website that deals with socializing) is also a specialized dating site for loners who can't get a boyfriend/girlfriend irl thus deprive themselves through long distant relationship just to speak to another fag who may be playing as a 16 year old girl who has big bobs and pretty smile. Not to mention kids as young as 12 years old on fagart will discover love. One example can be a 13 year old boy falling in love with a 12 year old girl. Wow, a perfect match! Two fags in cyber space love making cyber babies without protection because internet is totally sex-safe!

Go back to MySpace if you want to write a novel about yourself and your favorite animu pairings.

Role Playing aka RP

Fagart Central is also known for their constant profile spam called Rawl Puhlay (role-playing). Rawl Puhlay is typically known for weeaboos who like to play as their shitty OC's into an animu they fantasize. Rawl Puhlay is also common for those fags who don't have a life and waste their time on the internet all day just constantly spamming each other with pointless quotes that contains asterisks with cyber action inserted along with retarded OC names. When it comes to hardcore animu fags, they use mostly wapanese or closely related wapanese names for their OC. Most of fagart central's rawl puhlayers OC's are photobucket animu pictures of chicks, dudes, or BOTH which later become re-edited by in MS paint because they can't draw their own shit. They can also use shitty bases found on deviantart. Besides usinganimu pictures, others have a fetish for fursona; a fantasy like creature that looks like a human but appears to have a distinct animal-like appearance. The most famous in fagart central is a cat following a fox and a dog. However, the fursona is not the only OC fagart central people have fetishes about; sonic the hedgehog OC still lingers. Most Sawnick OC's appear to look like Sawnick or any other characters except the new colors and shitty edits of accessories. OC's also come in different color varieties, size, shape, and retarded names too. Most rawl puhlays found in fagart central are from sawnick fags or other retards who don't OR can't draw shit but talks with other fags online.

Typical RP on fagart central, 24/7.

Some rawl puhlays tend to get too far (can be viewed in comment section without removal, big fap for you rawl puhlayers). From kissing to licking, from licking to fucking their own OC's in the comment section. Seriously, stfu and quit being whores you tards.

Some of the constant Rawl Puhlayers on fagart central are:

  • VictoriaZepeda: A 22 year old who is in love with a bunch of animu guys (the most common are Zane, Bankotsu, and Tsubasa). She creates rawl puhlay (5+ on fagart and deviantart)accounts and poses as them in hopes of not getting caught (LOL she already got caught so she deleted them all, FAIL). Probably the most annoying person you'll ever encounter.
  • starhero3: An obsessed Sonic the hedgehog fag who uses his OC for everyday talk under the name Ultragama and Rini.
  • velagirls10: An 18 year old who spends most of her days rawl puhlaying online with a buncha shitty OC's of her own.
  • chibifox: 20 year old who uses erotic role play of her mystical OC creatures.

Be aware that most OC's tend to relate to the actual person's (the creator) personality. So if you see someone RPing sexually, you know they're craving it or they're whores. If you see someone RPing with a shy and timid OC, you know they're shy and timid. If you see someone RPing with intense information about the type of RP, you know they're hardcore fans of whatever they know about.

Please note that on some pictures in fagart, the comments also deal with continuous rawl puhlay scenario that talks about the picture itself.


Not only fagart central is home of the world's shitty arts, it is also home of the world's shitty writers also known as fanfiction. Fagfiction is another term used by everyday weeaboo fags who basically write shit about their favorite animu/manga/videogame/cartoon story plot and add their own shitty twists with it. Along with their shitty twists are their OC's, most commonly known for falling in love with the main character. Most fagfiction written on fagart central are mostly fangirls who swoon for their favorite cartoon guy and they write stories about them and their OC falling in love. Not only fangirls are writing shitty stories, even the Blue fag hedgehog is commonly written but most blue fag hedgehog fagfiction do not consists the characters of it, but rather the OC doing all the shitty talks.

Most fagfictionist on fagart central have no education upon writing stories. Some examples include bad grammar, improper formatting of story writing, fragments, run-on sentences, etc. While most do not pay attention to the proper way of writing, they turn to the other way of writing which is called Script Format. Basically what a Script Format is just like reading a play script. Because fagfictionist on fagart central lack a lot of education upon writing, they would rather write scripts embedded with pointless conversations and continuous asterisk cyber action movements. Some others try to format using Visual Novel style that consists more talking and less detailed description. And very few fagfictionist are using original story plot with their own imagination yet they still lack on how to write.

Most fagfictionists can't draw for shit and in exchange for their faulty of not being able to draw, they write.

Here are some a few examples of how fagfictionist of fagart central typically write their shitty stories:

Falconlobo: FAC's Local Jew

An actual photo of the bitch: Falconlobo's true identity!
True fact: Falconlobo is scared shitless of Hitler.

One of the most infamous FAC members is a supposedly-30 year old female whose username is Falconlobo. Honestly that is the most fucking retarded username to have.

Falconlobo, or Carrie Podell, lives in Jewtown, New Jersey Jew Nersey, and she is an epic producer of shitty art. Just looking at her heap of god-forbidden shit will cause one's eyes to bleed and infect you with AIDS.

Evidently this Jew doesn't even bother to try drawing something good -- her art is ALL THE SAME. She draws fanart of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Samurai Pizza Cats, and other dumbass shit you wouldn't care about. Unfortunately she is FAC's most"artist"....with over 3000 pictures. Which is absolutely nothing to be proud of. Obviously she has no social life and spends her days over the Internet.

Falconlobo has been known to immediately block people and report them if they say that her artwork is shitty and she needs to leave FAC.

She is also an epic attention whore, constantly going to her friends' profiles and throwing her artwork out there and making them go comment it.

Fun fact: Most of the people that Watch her, Fave her art, or comment it actually feel sorry for her, so they lie to her to make her feel better. It is also apparent that the bitch has forms of autism and Down's Syndrome because of her lack of skill to type legible sentences.

i draw for fun not try to be a pro or whatever

i just do what i like and i like to draw


—Falconlobo, being a dumbass. She doesn't even attempt to draw properly!

Since she is a Jew, she is easily butthurt to anything mentioning Germany, Nazism, or Hitler. So mention Hitler to her for lulz and she'll immediately block you.

Like the furfag she is, she also happens to have a FurAffintity account: Falconwolf. Flame the fuck out of both of her profiles. Try to get this goddamned bitch to quit FAC for good!

Those of you reading this section please be aware that Falconlobo's minions may flock to this section with their butthurt-ness and try to sabotage this page. If that happens, revert it.

Another fun fact: Falconlobo seems to befriend each and every user slightly related to fufaggotry. An example:

"I like Sonic a bit too"



—Extract from some anon user profile

After only a few hours of creating the account, the user was contacted, by Falconlobo and contracted the visual equivalent to Swine Flu because ha/she/it looked at her "artwork" submissions to see if she was worth adding as a favourite artist, the equivalent to a Facebook friend on FAC. The anon user mentioned in this post is still currently in hospital, but doctors have described the condition as critical, yet stable. Please say a word of prayer for the poor anon.

Examples of Falconlobo's Shit About missing Pics


Challanger Approaching!!
Because trolling the god of trolls results in suicide of said god

TheGameArtCritic is a 16 year old furfag living in California who has an unhealthy obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog. Update: Apparently she has switched to Kingdom Hearts, but that's still not saying much. Disregard that, she was lying.



—The native battlecry of said furry

She normally enjoys submitting pictures of "original" Sonic fan-characters, any other variation of the furry world, and partaking in deep fan-fictions with her many, many E-Friends. Ever since she culminated herself on the site like the fungus she is, she has accumulated a number of underlings who do her bidding in the case of a troll war. One such troll war took place the night of January 15th, 2010 in which two renegade trolls, McSnapple and Coco292, spent several hours spamming her comments section with several pictures and spam of the sort. This in turn brought all of her cronies into a tizzy in which they all sprung into action and began retaliating back with little success. In the end, the two trolls were temporarily banned, but they still return every now 'n then to wreak more havoc.

I enjoy the stories in a Sonic game because they usually end up making me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I'm really glad that the new games tend to beat the message of "friendship" into my head.


—TheGameArtCritic's throughts on Sonic games fully summed up

Her blatant ignorance to anything else but Sonic is unparallel to anything seen since last thursday. Her love for the blue bastard is so unmatched, she totally disregards the fact that nobody even cares that Sonic exists anymore.

If there's one thing that Sonic can do that no other videogame character can (besides running at 600 mph) is running on WALLS at 600 mph. That's hella tight. I mean, can MARIO do that? NO! Can KRATOS or MASTER CHIEF do that? NO!


—In denial that Sonic died in 1999

List of TheGameArtCritic's Top Lackeys:

  • mechadragon13 - Critic's right hand furry. She probably surpasses Critic on the furfaggotry meter
  • ZukoInferno - They actual go to the same school together. Since he sucks at drawing, he resorts to being Critic's E-Body Guard, in which he fails at that too
  • Doomlord1234 - Critic's little fanfiction bitch, also emotionally unstable

Still to this day she plagues the bowels of the site, with no apparent end in sight. Anyone is welcomed to troll her to hell and back to rid the internet of this lolcow.

Edward: The Troll Of A Thousand Faces

One day in 2006, this fucktard named Edward_Elric_1308 (account deleted) decided to impersonate FAC's local asshole, Benk (also known as the user ThomYorke), with the account called "EARTH". That failed when Benk reported Ed for the account and it got banned.

Later on when the Epic Flame War involving KinkyKitten was occuring, two troll accounts were made: IAmAwesome and CutieKitten.

The IAmAwesome account was used to generally troll, while the CutieKitten account was used to impersonate KinkyKitten, then Ed fucked with members' heads by saying it was KinkyKitten's sister (she doesn't have a sister IRL), and much dramaz occured. People yelled at KinkyKitten because they thought she was a liar and how could she be so mean to her poor younger sister?

After both accounts got banned and after KinkyKitten switched to the purplemoonlight006 account, with much encouragement from Horgh (account banned), Edward started making moar troll accounts, some made to impersonate other fucktards.

Then the Advice Invasion happened and Ed was involved in that shit as well as the KOTH invasion.

Last known sock account invasion was that of terrorists, involving Horgh, Edward, and Rebel94 (account banned).

Edward will go down in FAC history as the most epic sockpuppeter to ever hit FAC.

I'm Getting real sick of you fuckers- Once u think their all gone they fuck their fathers and re-populate again! just die already!! Cheeeez!!



—Witch_13888, butthurt

Supposedly [Edward has] only been here for 4 years,yet has had over 1000 accounts.

If that's not godly, I need to think of another defintion for godly.


—LoveYouHateMe, telling the truth

4 the luv of creation make an account and stay with it :/




Edward's Past Accounts:

  • Edward_Elric_1308
  • CutieKitten
  • IAmAwesome
  • BoratSagdiyev
  • Blackzaro6
  • Doomlard1234
  • Horghenferdr
  • Xorgh
  • NaziExtremist
  • AssPirate
  • RickRoll
  • AdviceCat
  • ApathyDog
  • DeragatoryDuck
  • CourageWolf
  • AdviceRick
  • AdviceChihuahua
  • AdviceChink
  • AdviceBorat
  • AdviceSlutface


The Wall of Epic FAIL


While Falconlobo is the most notorious for producing shitty, half-assed crayon doodles on FAC (usually of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends or Samurai Pizza Cats hentai), there are others who follow in her faggotry footsteps. KinkyKitten, the second most horrible artist in FAC and also the most fucking annoying emo bitch in the world. She claims that she is married to an animu character that isn't real. Using her color pencils to draw dumbshit stuff to fill up her gallery, all of her drawings are all fail. Besides the two listed, lets introduce pixiewolf05 (formally known as shadowpiplup and PrincessPixie55). Known for being the youngest member who had joined fagart central as a 7 year old kid, she's also known for the shittest drawings ever. Depriving herself everyday by drawing shitty art which consists of My Little Pony, fail animu drawings, and furry on MS Paint she strives her hardest to make her way to the popular section. And if she doesn't, she will make people feel sorry for her and her untalented works by saying she will never be good compared to her friends who are apparently popular on fagart central; luckylace222 and _ren_tao_fan_.

Kirbyt admits the truth of yami01's shit
I suckz at le drawingz gimme mai comfort and say i so good artist!

Examples of people on FAC who have probably never read an art book or even taken an art class in their entire lives:

As you can see, many of the shittiest artists use MS Paint to make unrecognizable five-second doodles (usually of Sonic the Hedgehog OCs), and get butthurt when someone gives them the slightest critique.

Even Moar Fail

WOW OMGZZZ, there are actually some people on FanArt Central who actually know how to use a computer art program or a pack of colored pencils correctly. These people pwn the little weeaboo fags who can't use MS Paint for shit. These people know how to draw.

Still haven't seen enough shit? Don't worry, there's even more fail to go around!

OMG! Flame Wars!!

Typical FAC thread: Notice LUAjake troll or attention whore? [1]

FAC user is butthurt by trolls.

FLAME WARZ!! Let's Watch! About missing Pics

The Epic Flame War of December 15, 2008

The truth is, everyone wants KinkyFucktard to leave. GTFO!! She even got owned by this fucktard, Edward_Elric_1308.
KinkyFucktard's haters finally achieved victory on the date of December 15, 2008 by getting her account suspended.

This is an account of an anonymous veteran who took part in the epic flame war of December 15, 2008.

It all started on a couple of days ago when IAmAwesome came to FagArt Central and began to flame KinkyKitten, and insisting that she should leave forever. The user even went so far as to flood one of her drawings with ugly pictures of KinkyFucktard herself.

Most people didn't like this "new" user, which was actually a troll account made by an anonymous user on FAC, and the n00bs screamed "Flamer!" and "Stop flaming KinkyKitten!". But the elite forces at trolling KinkyFucktard knew that the n00bs were still fucktards because they defended the lard-ass, and, quite frankly, were full of shit. But still, nothing wickedly awesome happened.

Then, one faggot had enough of KinkyFucktard's fans' whining and wuz lyke "STFU, you dumbass!".

And, thus, so began the Epic Flame War of December 2008.

The good artists and the trolls united in battle, and attacked KinkyFucktard through comments until the 20-year-old weeaboo chickened out and retreated from the front lines and made her profile restricted only to the people on her "Watch List Only". And even though the bitch said so herself blocking was pointless, the hypocrite went and blocked a few people along the way, including her friends that didn't defend her because they weren't online at the time, or chose to stay out of it.

She even blocked one of her best friends. Way to go fag.

well the way u act towards me tells me u hate me, well hated me....i wanted u to block them and delete there comments only to protect u...yes i know its weird and strange. i mean i could care less if i cried everytime i came on ur profile seeing those comments....i really dont talk about meh all i care about is meh friends....and ur meh friend.....


—KinkyKitten, lying out of her ass and trying to make people feel sorry for her

Notice how she talks like a five-year-old.

Finally, KinkyFucktard has had enough. She went so far as to create a troll account called "CutieKitten", and pretend she was the sister she never had. Still FAIL. No one believed her, and called her a fucking liar.

Next, her battle strategies changed. She attacked a group of innocent FAC members, harassing them with annoying and threatening comments of "I'll report you!!", and even accusing two members from the same group of stealing her shitty artwork.

That plan drastically failed as well when two of the members notified the chief commander, Stratadrake, and informed him of KinkyFucktard's bullshit. He whipped out his secret weapon and suspended her account, thus resulting in the victory over evil for the FAC members.

....But, does the story end there? Is KinkyFucktard gone for good? Lulz, no. She's still alive and hiding in the shadows, and her army of fagtards are still licking her wounds.

That's why all of FAC must join together and GET HER ASS BANNED!!!!!

And that is the true story of how the grand battle of December 15, 2008 was fought, and how KinkyFucktard fell from her throne of idiocy and lost, and victory was gained for the members who fought against her in battle.

Invasion of Advice Dog and His Variations

Take the dog's advice.

After the Epic Flame War, things quieted down a bit until about February 2009. A user by the name of AdviceDog waltzed into FAC, looking for lulz and to troll fucktards. Trolls completely loved him, called him a hero, while weeaboos and fucktards hated him.

Another user saw the fame/hate he was getting and was all liek "Hey I should copy that dude as well". So they created an account called AdviceCat and thus caused many FAC members to hate each other even more.

After AdviceDog and AdviceCat were banned, several other Advice Variations came to troll other users.

All these variations were:

So yes they were all troll accounts made to piss off most of FAC's weeaboos and fucktards. Most of these accounts were made by several other trolls.

The lack of screenshots proves that FAC is run by Jews that quickly banned all "Advice" accounts, thus the lack of screenshots.

Invasion of KOTH

King of the Hill invasion? Oh mai.

After the Advice Invasion, some trolls got bored on April 6, 2009 and decided to plan another invasion -- this time, with King of the Hill characters.

It was full of lulz and many people were confused as hell.

The trolls didn't directly flame anyone but they did act like dumbasses on each other's profiles.

King of the Hill Invasion! About missing Pics

SolarisAutism vs Fagart AKA The Great Trolling of FAC

On December 28th, 2009, Edward and SolarisAugmentium decided to spam the Off Topic forum with Ban X threads, causing some lulz for everyone and much butthurt for Stratadrake, one of the head admins. He proceeded to ban both users and lock Off Topic for a few days, causing anti-lulz and SolarisAutism to rage. He used several sockpuppets to complain about the unfair ban based on the fact that the threads were off topic, as the theme of the forum section. Strata merely ignored his bawwing and banned him every time. Meanwhile over in the Roleplay Forum solaris was engaged in some gay ass rp with his friend AdrianChaos and SweetxInsanityxSarah. After his ban he tried to continue with it using moar sockpuppets, but was constantly banned due to his fail. Stratadrake eventually locked the thread and the RP Forum itself on Janurary 3rd, 2010, and kept it locked for a week or so. He did this in an attempt to take away any motivation Solaris had to return. Sadly this did not work, and Solaris soon returned under the name Bigdawg. For a while he went undetected, posting under the guise of a completely different person. However Brianhjh Easily discovered his identity and greeted him with the phrase "Hi solaris" Which caused great butthurt for him, and he was soon banned. He then returned as Litledawg, which somehow lasted even longer then Bigdawg. This account was also banned. solaris gave up for a while, but this time of peace was not to last. Solaris returned once more as SunnyGurlucovich, and descended upon fagart like AIDS on a black person. He unleashed the truth like it was the fucking plague, and caused massive butthurt upon several users, Including Brianhjh, and Stratadrake himself. He was banned and returned over and over, each time fortifying the truth as if it were the word of God himself. This continues to this day. Stratadrake has tried to employ counter measure such as requiring email validation to log into the forums, yet they all fail in the end.

FAC Members' Reactions to This Article

D'awww, little kid got butthurt by the FAC article here on ED.

Apparently, many members on FAC got word of this article here on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Reactions were varied. Some members thought it was funny, some thought it was cruel, and others were actually insulted by it.

Another quality member of FAC has taken a personal vendetta against contributors and viewers of Encyclopedia Dramatica, ignoring the fact that Encyclopedia Dramatica does not make his art suck and that is his fault. Kirbyt had this to say about the quality of his art:

Here's a tip: don't come to this article if you hate it. Big deal. People that BAWWWWWED to Stratadrake and cstdenis to remove the article/ban the people that contributed to it got the standard response:

FAC is not responsible for the happenings that occur on other sites such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, DeviantART, etc.

If you would like to start a general discussion about ED we have no problems with that, but we cannot do anything about whatever occurs on ED. The less you know (and care) about how FAC looks through the eyes of a group of biased editors, trolls, and drama queens, the better you sleep at night.

But like I said, beyond that there's nothing we can do.


—Stratadrake, lecturing Kirbyt in the forums

Mixed Reactions to the Encyclopedia Dramatica Article:

Mixed Reactions to the Encyclopedia Dramatica Article About missing Pics

FAC as of right now

After the epic flame wars and banishing all the trolls that occurred between 2008-2009, it appears that FAC's population had died down after the traumatic incident. At the beginning of 2010, members began to decrease fagart central activity. As of 2012, roughly 1% of fagart central members remain active. 0.1% are newcomers who have no idea what history had occurred in fagart. This draws into conclusion that the rest of the 98.9% either migrated to deviantart, remained inactive and never returned, or simply forgotten about fagart central due to its faggots and weeaboos. While some of the old active users pray for fagart central's revival, there is no hope that fagart central will be popular again.

The only new feature of fagart central is the submission policy which increased. Remember when fagart only allowed 3? Around 2009 they increased the submission 5. But due to high demands from the now-unpopulated fagart community, they have increased the submission to 8. So for those fags who draws most of their days can upload 8 shitty pictures a day instead of 3 shitty pictures.

The staff are currently gathering ideas from the local strays of fagart central to make it more pretty.

Memorable FACers

KinkyKitten in real life. Yes, RLY.

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